1. Striped Pantyhose

    Striped Pantyhose 1.0

    Made for use with the "Feet4Heels" body mod
  2. Striped Choker

    Striped Choker 1.0

    Choker necklace with stripe pattern
  3. Striped Overknee Stockings

    Striped Overknee Stockings 1.1

    Made for use with the "Feet4Heels" / "BetterFeet" body mods
  4. Tenryuu Shoes

    Tenryuu Shoes 2019-01-20

    RGB adjustable high heeled shoes worn by Tenryuu from Kantai Collection
  5. Side Tie Striped Panties AOL

    Side Tie Striped Panties AOL 2018-04-23

    Striped side tie panties around one leg
  6. Striped Arm Warmers

    Striped Arm Warmers 1.3

    RGB adjustable arm warmers
  7. Better Striped Panties

    Better Striped Panties 2018-03-18

    Striped panties that are RGB adjustable
  8. Princess Whats-Her-Name

    Princess Whats-Her-Name 1.0

    Hairstyle and costume for Princess Whats-Her-Name, the love interest in the Earthworm Jim video game
  9. Mynxie Xmas Outfit

    Mynxie Xmas Outfit 3.0

    Skimpy christmas-themed (red and white) outfit for a sexy elf
  10. Black Rock Shooter - Black Gold Saw top

    Black Rock Shooter - Black Gold Saw top 2016-05-27

    Long sleeved jacket worn by Black Gold Saw from Black Rock Shooter
  11. Mrs. Doe Costume

    Mrs. Doe Costume 2016-05-26

    Sexy outfit worn by Mrs. Doe of 3D G-Spot
  12. Striped Socks - Thigh High

    Striped Socks - Thigh High V1.0

    Striped Socks - Thigh High
  13. Striped Panties

    Striped Panties 1.0

    Underwear with a Stripes pattern.
  14. Striped Low Sleeve Top

    Striped Low Sleeve Top 1.0

    T-shirt with long low sleeves and a striped pattern.
  15. Striped Long Sleeve Top

    Striped Long Sleeve Top 1.0

    T-shirt with long sleeves and a striped pattern.
  16. Striped Top

    Striped Top 1.0

    Striped short-sleeved t-shirt with both stripe colours adjustable.
  17. Thigh-high sports sock

    Thigh-high sports sock 1.0

    Thigh-high striped sock
  18. Overknee sports sock

    Overknee sports sock 1.0

    Overknee striped sock
  19. Knee-high sports sock

    Knee-high sports sock 1.0

    Knee-high striped sock
  20. Nami Glorious Island Bikini

    Nami Glorious Island Bikini 1.1

    Nami bikini from One Piece: Glorious Island

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