SDTL 2 0.1.1

Version 0.1.1

New Extensions:


This is a new tab in the sidebar that is much like character menu in-game. Just like the other tabs it has better performance than the menus in-game, so it is more pleasant to use (especially on older machines). It also has a field at the top which shows the current path.



This is a new tab in the sidebar. It allows you to get and set the current animation by text.


Both of these extensions will receive future updates. Let me know if you have any suggestions! : )
Here comes the first real release of SDTL 2!

As promised it is open source and comes with documentation and examples!

It has all the features from the original SDTL, but also some new ones such as Extensions ("mods" for SDTL) and Automatic "CharacterFolders.txt" files!

More info can be found in the docs/ file inside the download!

(sorry for the boring update message, hopefully the release makes up for it!)
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