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Start HD SDT & FrameRateUnlocker 1.3.2

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Updated June 19th, 2023

Available on this page:
  1. FrameRateUnlocker 1.1
  2. [Updated] Start HD SDT 1.3.2

SDT FrameRateUnlocker v1.1 Updated April 11th 2022
Requires the Loader
Can be loaded manually as a swf mod or through $INIT$ at start up
Text guide to installing as a start up mod
This mod when paired with Flash Player v10.3r183.90 For SDT Generally improves Performance and allows for higher than 30fps
Now prints to the loader status console when loaded correctly

Start HD SDT 1.3.2 Updated June 19th, 2023
Screenshot 2022-10-17 001836.png
Screenshot 2022-10-17 001908.png
Screenshot 2022-10-17 001929.png

This is a GUI application that fixes a few issues with SDT and the Flash projector, hopes to greatly improve performance for CPUs with greater than 4 threads, and add some QoL features.
  • Uses an included copy of Flash player 10.3 and debugger version which is the fastest for SDT
  • Now allows you to search your PC for any Flash Player/file location you prefer
  • Sets the Flash player to your CPUs max affinity(threads)
    • This shouldn't matter but I've see the affinity set wrong sometimes. If your CPU has more than 4 threads you might see a performance gain. Your max number of threads is detected and set by default, you can only lower it.
  • Sets the Flash player to High Priority
    • This should generally improve performance
  • Allows you to choose an HD starting resolution
  • Now includes a few more resolutions
    • Previously the flash player's outer window bounds was set, now the inner game area is set to the exact resolution including when Windows 10/11 is scaled above 100%
  • Fixes a Windows scaling issue, when the desktop is scaled above 100%, with the Flash player that caused blurry edges and text
    • This is done by setting the following regestry key: @"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers" "Application path" "HIGHDPIAWARE"
  • Added a toggle for the above in case you are ok with the blur but want to squeeze out a few more frames


~Video demonstration here~ : fixed link

By default and if you reset the settings, the application requires loader.swf and Flash player 10.3 be in the same root folder as the application

other wise you can set either to what ever path you like in the settings drop down

If you are able to contribute a performance report or For more information or to report issues / get support check the thread below:
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The Hacker Known As Snow
First release
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5.00 star(s) 11 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Advice for linux users

    I got to do some testing with a user with linux, and obviously my application doesn't work on...
  2. Security Update

    I was told Windows Defender started detecting v1.3.2 as a Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.b!ml sometime...
  3. Minor Update v1.3.2

    Added a check box for disabling Dpi Awareness in case you don't mind the blur but want to...

Latest reviews

Is there a way to disable the highdpiaware of the program? I like that I can set the starting resolution but at fullscreen on a 1440p monitor my frames drop with highdpiaware on. I wonder if I can set something like a 1080p starting resolution that will give better clarity than default flashplayer but not as taxing as 1440p.
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
I added your request in the latest update
Works great for clearing up the jaggy lines and font! However, I go from 20fps to about 9fps when using this no matter what resolution I use. I'm using Sorrowwws Sin City mod.
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
Thanks for the review! Really glad to hear that the jaggy lines are fixed for you!

For the frame rate it sounds about right, if you already get low frames, setting the DPI awareness might get you lower frames actually.

And I'm not sure if Sin City includes the framerate unlocker which is a separate .swf mod on this download page, so make sure that is installed in the $INIT$ mods.txt, it might get you some frames back.
Very interesting with great potential.

Seems to work well, obtaining variable rates up to 60fps rather than up to 30fps and 1920x1080.


1. Parameterized command line launch option to avoid dialog interaction.
2. Higher resolution options (eg: 1440 for use on 4K monitors).
3. Ability to specify Flash Player path to use (no hardcoded version).
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
Thanks for the review, glad it works for someone xD

For #1 I can add saving your resolution and have the app auto launch the game #2 I have to fix an offset issue so I'll add more resolutions next update and #3 is just as easy as #1
unfortunately i can get it to work. more specifically it doesnt launch after i put it in my root folder
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
Thanks for the review and report!

I've uploaded another hot fix that shows error messages just to be quadruple sure what's going on..
Hi Snow,

fisrt of all: Sorry for those two stars but let me explan why.

I love the Idea but it simply does not work for me. (probably layer 8 problem ^^)

1. FrameRateUnlocker
I tried to load it throgh $INIT$ and manually, itdoes nothing.

2. Start HD SDT
I put the files in my loader folder and tried to start it. Result: My screen flashes and nothing else happend.

If my englisg is hard to read, than I have to apologize, I'm no native speaker.

Best regards,
The Hacker Known As Snow
The Hacker Known As Snow
1. FrameRateUnlocker
This should do nothing if you already get less that 30fps. Though in many cases users have reported performance gains but why is not understood.

2. Start HD SDT
You placed all the files in your loader folder? The program requires the included flashplayer

If you need more help but can't reply here, make a post my thread linked in the overview or you can find me on discord via the SDT discord Server
ive been waiting for this for SO LONG!!! THANK YOU!!

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