RGB Dynamic Long Hair (03)

RGB Dynamic Long Hair (03) 2.1

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This is the basic game hairstyle made by konashion (Nami).
RGB adjustable colours code is due to the programming skills of ModGuy.
Predefined colours code has been designed by the almighty sby.

  • To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab.
  • This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader.
  • To change the colour of the fill, use the left Headwear or Collar RGB slider (depending on the version used).
  • To change the colour of the shade, use the right Headwear or Collar RGB slider (depending on the version used).
  • Pressing the V key changes the hair colours to 9 different presets (blonde, redhair, brunette, etc.).
  • If you are a modder and want to make RGB adjustable hair mods, look at this tutorial.
  • Other RGB adjustable hair mods are available.
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Latest updates

  1. 2.1

    Now compatible with moreclothingV8.
  2. 2.0

    Added predefined colours by pressing the V key.

Latest reviews

This is really a review of the entire series of conversion from the various originals to RGB adjustables by ST. The execution is perfect. Unless you use both collar and headwear this is a strict upgrade from the original.

I chose this one to give the review to because it allowed me to finally - after having found it impossible earlier - get my favourite character just right.
Thank you.
The goal is actually to allow people that are not looking for a particular character to get the hairstyle they like with the colour they want.