long hair

  1. P

    Eda - Static Hair (The Owl House) 1.0

  2. C

    Hayase Nagatoro - Static Hair 1.0

    So, that's my first static hair. I made it especially for myself, but with premiere of anime series, I decided to share it with people. charName:Hayase...
  3. AstralHorizen

    Ingrid Static Hair (Taimanin Asagi) 2021-01-02

    (Due note, the long portion of the hair was put on the bottom layer to not clip through the character. So imagine it's just pushed to the side, lol.) charName:SD chan...
  4. AstralHorizen

    Scheherazade Static Hair (Fate/Grand Order) 2020-12-28

  5. R

    Shin-Ryeong D.Va (Overwatch) 1.0

    Hairstyle from D.Va's 2020 Helloween event skin "Shin-Ryeong". Have fun.
  6. R

    Raven (Gravity Rush) - Static Hair 2020-11-05

  7. Hank East

    Genshin Impact - Fischl 2020-10-14

  8. L

    Tyrande Whisperwind Static Hair 1.0

    This hair mod based on a Mineur's Young Tsunade Static Hair mod. Use this charcode to have skin and hair colors as on screenshot:
  9. SyntaxTerror

    RGB Dynamic Long Hair (08) 2.1

    This is the hairstyle of Mari Setogaya from Itadaki! Seieki, originaly drawn by @Teadium (his version is available here), edited a bit. RGB adjustable colours code is due to the Action Script programming skills of ModGuy. Predefined colours code has been designed by the almighty sby. Notes: To...
  10. Teadium

    Mari Setogaya (Itadaki! Seieki) - Static Hair 2020-09-21

  11. AstralHorizen

    Kyouka Shiraishi Static Hair (Energy Kyouka) 2020-08-18

  12. AstralHorizen

    Derieri Static Hair (Seven Deadly Sins) - Both variants Included. 2.0

  13. Masterdragon

    Nitocris hair (Semi-Dynamic) 1.0.1

    Semi dynamic hair (meaning it moves, but only a little), for Nitocris from the Fate series. Caster version. Tried to make the the pigtails more dynamic, but then they look like they broke cause I couldn't get the rotation points to look smooth. PS: Yes, the is that long. Requested by @Hank East
  14. T

    Lysithea von Ordelia Static Hair (Academy Phase) 2020-04-21

    Static hair for Lysithea (Academy phase). UPDATE: Fixed the bangs! First time doing long hair edits, so feedback is appreciated!
  15. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Celtica Dire Hair Bangs Removal

    Hey fellas, I'd like to ask for the removal of the black bangs and metal headband underneath the bangs on the Celtica Dire Hair mod by dantethedarkprince. I've tried it myself, the bangs and headband can be removed, as they are separate layers. Unfortunately I am not versed enough in Adobe...
  16. Perdition

    Aya Hair 2019-04-28

    Static hair mode of Aya Toyomori from hentai game, Chijoku no Seifuku.
  17. Weak for Aqua

    Aqua from anime konosuba

    I recently seen the anime Konosuba. And there is a character namned Aqua . I totaly gone obsessed with her as my new ryona crush. The anime has a few vore scenes and the character often is humiliated and useless and dumb. Aqua also has a outfit and thigh high boots and long blue hair . All...
  18. FauxNom

    Amida Arca Static Hair 2019-03-21

    other version; with earring:
  19. FauxNom

    Mikoto Kiba Static Hair 2019-03-19

  20. FauxNom

    Goryuu Static Hair 2019-03-16

    2 versions- with veil and without veil. The ponytail isn't done very well; didn't have much to work with on that front. Outfit mod from here - Rangiku Shinigami Outfit 1.2