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Rape on a train! 2019-06-15

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This dialog features an underage girl. Her age is never stated, but from the way she thinks, there's no denying that she's very much underage (or, at best, an adult engaging in ageplay). If that's not your thing, you better steer clear of this one.

A little girl misses her usual train home, and have to take another train during rush hour. This of course leads to her getting her mouth full of cock.

There's two stages in this dialogue, at first she's unable to deepthroat, but after a pause there's no problem.

The background should be a crowded train, naturally. Her clothes should be something she could reasonably wear to school.

- This dialogue uses some custom animtools positions. They're "calibrated" to a girl that's smaller than what you can get in vanilla SDT, which is why AnySizeHer is required. The dialogue automatically sets her to the required size when it's loaded.
- The custom positions involves the penis not actually leaving her mouth, which can freak out SDT a bit. I recommend setting a keyboard key for Auto Hold in the Shortcuts file, or just extract my copy of the file into your SDT folder. Then, when you open the game and press R, it will make sure his hand stays on her head no matter what happens.

  • loader, can be downloaded here (if you're playing this game without this, you're playing it wrong)
  • dialogueactions, can be downloaded here
  • animtools, can be downloaded here
  • moremoods, can be downloaded here
  • moretriggers, can be downloaded here
  • dialogdisplayedit, can be downloaded here
  • AnySizeHer, can be downloaded here
  • penisrange (required by AnySizeHer), can be downloaded here
  • himnotletgo, can be downloaded here
Install the required mods.
2. Go into your Settings folder, open "AnySizeHer_v1_4.txt" and change the value for "bendKneesAuto" from 1 to 0.
3. Unpack the ZIP file into your Settings folder.
4. Done! Start up the game and load the dialogue.

If you're new to the game or just don't want to bother installing the mods manually, I've prepared a SDT bundle with the bare minimum of mods required to play all of my dialogues.

For more information/support, check out my thread in the Dialogue section.
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uh, when i loaded the dialogue it just says "pick an option", and i saw one of your replies from this exact problem saying that there's buttons on the lefts

i don't see any? at least nothing that is clickable
edgelord 3000
edgelord 3000
Have you made sure that all the required mods are installed correctly, and are running? If yes, try a different version of the flash player.
Is there supposed to be something beoynd dialogue and changing of dialogue box to this? I installed all required mods yet I only get the dialogue and the slight changes to the dialogue box.
edgelord 3000
edgelord 3000
I'm sorry if you consider my dialogue to be "only" a dialogue.
I charge the game as you say, and a message appears in dialogue interface : "Select an option". How can I do with this issue ?
edgelord 3000
edgelord 3000
There should be some buttons on the left. Pick one of those.
Dialogues like this really need to be packaged as pre-made installations. Since the user would have to risk breaking their current installation just to run the script. I shouldn't need an hour of tinkering to get a download to work.

Thanks btw!!
edgelord 3000
edgelord 3000
I agree. Expect a complete package with every requirement included later today.