This dialog features underage girls. Their ages are never stated, but from the way they talk, there's no denying that they're very much underage (or, at best, adults engaging in ageplay). If that's not your thing, you better steer clear of this one.

There are girls, and they are lost!

So, this is my first dialogue I've ever written after finally trying out this game a couple of weeks ago (which was December 2017-ish). The premise is that you're out wherever, and a young girl comes over and asks for some help. She's lost, you see, and being the awful human being you are, you decide to take advantage of her. However, she's actually very eager to please this nice mister she just met, so it's not all bad.

Most normal outdoors or public backgrounds make sense with this, clothes too. I recommend setting resistance to a high level, and I definitely recommend taking it slow in the beginning, or else you might end up regretting it...

The sequel! The premise is the same, a young girl is lost, and you pretend to help her. But doesn't she look kinda familiar?
I've made use of buttons this time (feature of dialogueactions), so you can choose positions.

As with LG1, you can use mostly all outdoors/public backgrounds and clothes. However, there's no "fail scenario" this time, so go nuts!

This one is all rape. And not the fun kind of rape. You brainwash a sobbing little girl with your cock. You monster.

During the intro there's a bit where you relocate, so feel free to choose any background you like. Maybe don't go for the police station. There's a few blackouts to simulate the passage of time in this one, which I only could make work so well, that is to say, it doesn't really work, but bear with me. There's a position button here as well.

More rape? Oh, the reverse kind! A little girl have taken advantage of your kindness and she's convinced you two are the perfect couple, yet is not entirely up-to-date with the process of getting pregnant. And is she holding a knife (Not really, but pretend she is. I have absolutely no idea how I would mod a knife into her hand)?

Again, most backgrounds and clothes should work well here. This is probably the most straight-forward dialogue of the bunch, so no buttons... except a couple that shows up at crucial moments.

So far all the girls have been fairly innocent... This one isn't. She's been around, and she knows what she likes. But what she likes might differ between each playtrough! Listen to her lines to figure out how to make her loins tremble (spoiler: it's either being held, giving handjobs, being rough with her, cumming inside her mouth or cumming on her face), or you could probably brute force it.

As usual, semi-public backgrounds works, while clothes can be just that little bit too slutty for a young girl, if you want. There's one button for the non-cheat version, which lets you choose between positions. Note: if you're using the sharpshooter mod, you're probably gonna get some schizophrenic lines during cumming when she's into cumming on her face or inside her mouth.

Straying further into anime tropes, we finally get a tsundere! Except she's all tsun and no dere... until you cum (or make her pass out, a more reliable way), then she'll be all dere no tsun. I can't decide if this is the craziest girl I've written, or if 4 is.

For some reason, I really enjoyed testing this one with a confused crowd as background, but you're your own boss and I won't decide which background you should choose. No buttons at all, just enjoy the ride!

This poor girl have some serious confidence issues. This being SDT, you've probably already guessed the best way to cure that... by pressing buttons! Every once in a while, an "Compliment" or "Insult" button will show up, and pressing them will either increase or decrease her confidence, respectively. Letting her make you cum also increases her confidence in a smaller degree.

The clothes and background could be the same as chapter 1.

And now for the DLCs! A spinoff of chapter 1, this one features a girl that is slowly becoming a zombie. Once she turns, you better restrain her somehow, or else she might bite your dick off.

I put this as a so-called DLC because 1) Most of the dialogue is copied straight from LG1 and 2) It was a request by Dio Brando, who also requested the features.

That's clearly an alien of some sort. And she's speaking a weird alien language. Somehow, you manage to convince this colour-shifting alien to suck your cock. That's about it. Don't think too much about it.

  • As of June 2018, I merged all the chapters into a single dialouge file. Select your favorite chapter and if you want to play it the normal way or the "cheaty" way. Normal way is always recommended on your first try, you don't want to miss the plot! Or take a chance with the Random Chapter button. All of the stories work on their own, except chapter 2 which is basically a direct sequel to 1.
  • As of January 2019, there's now a Settings button in the main menu. Here you can select if Auto should be enabled (it's on by default) and at which pace the dialogues should progress. That's where the Random Chapter button is located as well.
  • As of July 2019, the Settings button have been moved to where the Main Menu button used to be. The Main Menu button is now located in this menu.
  • You can now select whether Auto should be dialog-based (default), Normal, Soft, Hard, Self or Off. By default, the dialogues will turn on, turn off and change the Auto mode quite often. If you prefer to have control yourself, you can disable this by turning Auto off in the Settings menu. Note that if you do, you shouldn't turn auto mode on in SDTs menu, as it will most likely break things.
  • Other settings include how quickly the "story" will progress, how much she stops blowing to talk and if cheats are enabled or not.
  • If you want to switch out the positions for some of your own, you can do this by opening Lost Girls.txt, find the initial_settings line, and then exchange the "varPos_x" attribute values to a position file of your choice.
  • loader, can be downloaded here (if you're playing this game without this, you're playing it wrong)
  • dialogueactions, can be downloaded here
  • animtools, can be downloaded here
  • moremoods, can be downloaded here
  • dialogdisplayedit, can be downloaded here
If you're new to the game or just don't want to bother installing the mods manually, I've prepared a SDT bundle with the bare minimum of mods required to play all of my dialogues.

Install the required mods.
2. Unpack your chosen ZIP file into your Settings folder.
3. Done! Start up the game and load the dialogue.

For more information/support, check out my thread in the Dialogue section.
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