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Lucky Pervert 2019-06-22

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This dialog features possibly an underage girl. Her age is never stated, but she's explicitly described as a high school girl, which if I'm not mistaken could go both ways. If that's not your thing, you better steer clear of this one.

Another dialogue I didn't write, this one is based on the prequel part of Maron Maron's "Lucky Dosukebe!" | "Lucky Pervert!" series. The story is that a guy gets some sort of lucky charm which gives him unnatural luck with the ladies, as evidenced by a high school girl literally falling onto his dick.
I've copied the lines page for page, so there's no randomness, it's just a story told from A to B (except her moaning sounds and whatever the Auto mode decides to do). I've cut out some lines that didn't really work in SDT.

The background should be a crowded train station, and her clothes should be something she reasonably could wear to high school. I recommend a school uniform but that's my go to for everything.

- When you load the dialogue, the screen will go to black, and some curious sounds will play. This is just to make sure that she's able to properly deepthroat when the story begins.
- The intro is loooooooooooong. In fact, it's so long I had to split it into two parts, one with the flashback and one with the rest. If you don't care about how he got the charm and how he got where he is, clicking the "Oops" button will skip ahead to where the action starts.
- The custom positions involves the penis not actually leaving her mouth, which can freak out SDT a bit. I recommend setting a keyboard key for Auto Hold in the Shortcuts file, or just extract my copy of the file into your SDT folder. Then, when you open the game and press R, it will make sure his hand stays on her head no matter what happens.
- Sometimes the penis fails to enter her mouth properly. If that happens, turn off Auto with the A key and try to move the mouse around a little until it's properly secured, and then turn on Auto again. The story shouldn't progress until her mouth is filled with cock.
- This dialogue makes extensive use of the dialogdisplayedit mod, with the colors set to match what I want. There's actually three "think" modes, one with the narrator looking back at the situation we see in the dialogue (white), one where the narrator is thinking right there and then (blue) and one with her thoughts (pink). Use my settings file for that mod for best results.

  • loader, can be downloaded here (if you're playing this game without this, you're playing it wrong)
  • dialogueactions, can be downloaded here
  • animtools, can be downloaded here
  • moremoods, can be downloaded here
  • moretriggers, can be downloaded here
  • dialogdisplayedit, can be downloaded here
  • himnotletgo, can be downloaded here
Install the required mods.
2. Unpack the ZIP file into your Settings folder.
3. Done! Start up the game and load the dialogue.

If you're new to the game or just don't want to bother installing the mods manually, I've prepared a SDT bundle with the bare minimum of mods required to play all of my dialogues.

For more information/support, check out my thread in the Dialogue section.
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Lot of great material, but getting started from the intro (or any other point) is a no-go for me. All dialogue options constantly come up with "please select option".
edgelord 3000
edgelord 3000
There's an issue with dialogueactions where clicking buttons doesn't react very quick, and sometimes even fail to register the click at all. Just try clicking the button until it works.
You should do more non consent/reluctance dialogs this was pretty good.