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Overtop Madness Costumes 1.0 by Iago

Bundle of costumes turned into overtops

  1. Iago
    This bundle include 29 different costumes.
    These costumes work as Overtops, that is, you can combine them with other normal tops but being able to use different colors for both of them.
    They need Loader 5.41 or better and, if you are using it, Moreclothing V4 or better.
    If they're only tops, then they got a Collar piece (even if it is not visible) and use the collar rgb slider.
    If they got a Bottoms part then they don't have a virtual collar and they use directly the bottoms rgb slider.
    In Moreclothing they use the CostumeOverTop modtype (and remember to add the collar part if necesary).
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