everyday clothes

  1. [RGB] Apron [LDR][DHE]

    [RGB] Apron [LDR][DHE] 1.1

    Based on Iago "Apron", make it listening the overtop color slider and add DHE 5.91
  2. Towel Wrap

    Towel Wrap 2.0

    A breast size adjustable towel wrapped around her body and one wrapped around her head
  3. A

    VS pink thong request

    This thong I have found out is pretty rare as I could barely find references for it. But I would like it to be as the picture but make everything except the Waistband color slider adjustable please References: Here, Here, and Here
  4. edgelord 3000

    Tube/tank tops

    I can't seem to find a whole lot of tube or tank tops for SDT, especially not with support for the breast slider. So I figured I might as well try to ask for for some. In total the are actually five different tops I want; one tube top, two short tank tops (one with straps, one without) and two...
  5. RGB Strapped Heels

    RGB Strapped Heels 2018-04-06

    RGB adjustable strapped high heels
  6. Better Striped Panties

    Better Striped Panties 2018-03-18

    Striped panties that are RGB adjustable
  7. Shorter thighhighs

    Shorter thighhighs 2018-02-05

    Thighhighs that's shorter than the default ones
  8. Shorts (Denim Micro Kinky)

    Shorts (Denim Micro Kinky) 3.0

    Denim Shorts with pockets showing. RGB.
  9. RGB Dress Over Knees

    RGB Dress Over Knees 1.0

    RGB, Breast slider adjustable dress Over Knees
  10. RGB Alt Dress Top

    RGB Alt Dress Top 1.0

    RGB adjustable breast slider adjustable top
  11. RGB Dress Bottom Over Knees

    RGB Dress Bottom Over Knees 1.0

    RGB Adjustable Dress Bottom Over Knees
  12. RGB Dirty Bobby Socks

    RGB Dirty Bobby Socks 2.1

    RGB adjustable short socks with top rolled, dirty version
  13. Strapless Top Pulled Down

    Strapless Top Pulled Down 3.0

    rgb Adjustable strapless top, pulled down
  14. Football Outfit

    Football Outfit 1.0

    Rgb adjustable pants, T-shirt and helmet for a football outfit.
  15. Basketball Outfit

    Basketball Outfit 1.0

    rgb adjustable shorts and different numbered tops for a basketball outfit
  16. University Jacket (Him)

    University Jacket (Him) 1.0

    rgb adjustable jacket in two colors
  17. Jeans(Him)

    Jeans(Him) 1.0

    rgb Jeans for Him with optional socks
  18. Basic Top with Short Sleeves (Him)

    Basic Top with Short Sleeves (Him) 1.0

    rgb Top for Him with short sleeves
  19. RGB Bobby Socks

    RGB Bobby Socks 2.0

    RGB adjustable short socks with top rolled
  20. Sandals (Tied)

    Sandals (Tied) 3.0

    rgb Sandals.

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