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Miaya Gekkogahara static hair mod 2017-11-13 by Every_Tuesday

Static Hair mod for Miaya from Danganronpa 3

  1. Every_Tuesday
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Recent Reviews

  1. Joe Barbaro
    Joe Barbaro
    Version: 2017-11-13
    Awesome! Love the amount of detail you put into these Danganronpa characters.
    Can you maybe do Chisa next or some of the Danganronpa V3 girls?
    1. Every_Tuesday
      Author's Response
      Yes Chisa is next on my list aswell, the same goes fr Natsumi. I would love to do Maki, Angie, Miu or some other Danganropa V3 chars but the problem is that all of their concept art is in front view and not in side view. But well see ;)