blue hair

  1. Perdition

    Mai Natsume Hair 2019-02-25

    Static hair mod of Mai Natsume from BlazBlue.
  2. Perdition

    Labrys Static Hair 2019-02-24

    Static hair mod of Labrys from Persona 4 Arena.
  3. Perdition

    Geecku Static Hair 1.3

    Static hair mod of Geecku's hair, anthro gecko character of Chaodillo Char Code...
  4. Perdition

    Konata Izumi Short Ponytail Hair 2019-01-23

    Based on a static hair mod found on E-Hentai, this mod modifies it to make it actually work though is shorter due to cut off hair from the original.
  5. Perdition

    Suzuna Taki Hair 2019-01-19

    Static hair of Suzuna Taki from Eyeshield 21.
  6. R

    Sirius (My Hero) hair 1.0

    I guess I'll just keep at it; here's Sirius
  7. R

    Chloe Price (Life is Strange) hair 2.0

    EDIT: This has been updated to version 2.0 to be 2D here --------------------------------- Attempt at Chloe; again it's "3D looking" cuz I just lifted it from the reference here. I also think the color balance for this one is subjective (I suck at it / it's not consistent in the LiS game...
  8. Perdition

    Baalah Earless Hair 2018-11-18

    Based on @Anoon's static hair mod 'Baalah', this mod removes the ears.
  9. Hank East

    Queen static hair w/ sunglasses 2018-10-26

  10. Hank East

    Queen Static Hair 2018-10-26

    I re-uploading this after fixing a lot of the issues. Still not perfect, but hey.
  11. S

    Request for Chloe Price Hair mod

    Can someone find the time to create a Chloe Price from Life is Strange Hair mod?
  12. SyntaxTerror

    Melia Antiqua Static Hair 1.0

  13. I

    Silque static hair (Fire Emblem) 2018-02-23

  14. sandman_2010

    Earth-chan Static Hair 2018-01-21

    All of my other character imports can be found here: Sandman_2010's hair imports (80 hairs) Update 01/21/18 (Earth-chan)
  15. sandman_2010

    Luca Trulyworth (02) Static Hair 2018-01-19

    This one has the hair accesory, that's the only difference.
  16. sandman_2010

    Luca Trulyworth (01) Static Hair 2018-01-19

  17. sandman_2010

    Haruna Sairenji Static Hair 2018-01-19

  18. sandman_2010

    Mizuno Ami Static Hair 2018-01-19

    It's only slightly different than the previous version.
  19. Teadium

    Alex Static Hair 2018-01-17

  20. metaleroda

    lapis lazuli static hair 2017-12-09

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