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LookLock v1.0 by ModGuy

Locks her gaze to a provided position.

  1. ModGuy
    This mod was requested by @Corgalas

    Locks eye direction to a specified point.
    The settings file accepts the X and Y (pointX, pointY) components of a point which her gaze will point towards.

    If the "hidePassout" value is 1, the movements associated with passing out (eye "trembling" and angle relaxation) will not be applied.
    Use this if the angle is to be strictly enforced.

Recent Reviews

  1. DrZombi
    Version: v1.0
    I've tried to add a LOOK_UNFOCUSED Trigger to my mod some time ago but I never managed to do it since the eyes unfocused variable in SDT did not seem to work well. I think I'll have a look at your code to see how I can make a trigger for it since there should be people who may want this in their advanced dialogues :)