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Him Switcher/Randomizer

Him Switcher/Randomizer 1.1.1

This mod adds a hotkey (default key = 220 = '\') that allows the user to somewhat simulate two Hims switching places through some effects and timers and controlled randomization of all Him features.

The option to disable the switching effects and to 'randomizeOnly' are available in the settings file, as are controls for the ranges of all random factors. The mod also contains a 'preset' feature, which will cause chosen colors, hues, or modifiers to be applied under certain settings.

If 'randomizeOnly' isn't enabled, after pressing the hotkey, switching will only occur once the penis has been out of her mouth for a set amount of time.

This is compatible with sby's cumRGB and stuntcock's Him Sizer and contains settings for randomizing the functions of both aforementioned mods.

Note: If running sby's breastexpansionplus with any of the following options enabled:
- randomizeFemaleSkin=1 WHILE using a female Him body
- randomizeHimSizer=1
- randomizeCumRGB=1
you should probably set resetexpansiononpersistcharchange=0 in breastexpansionplus, as belly/breasts will otherwise reset on switching.

Also, I haven't thoroughly tested many of the features or settings so just let me know if anything's weird.
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  1. Fixed some stuff

    Fixed some stuff
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    Cleaned up a little bit, mostly just renamed a bunch of stuff for consistency
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