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Koneko Hair + Ears + Wings 1.0 by Calla

Character mod for Koneko Toujou of High School DxD. Adds hairstyle, cat ears, and wings

  1. Calla

    The ears and wings are hidden by default. To make them appear or disappear, you simply left-click on their location. This can be tricky (due to overlying clothing and other SDT layers) so the recommended approach is to press Tab until a highlight bracket appears in the desired position, and then press Spacebar to make the item appear or disappear. Left-clicking anywhere else (e.g. background) will make the highlight bracket go away.

    The ears and wings are animated. This is not a physics-based effect and does not require the Loader. Both animations are hand-drawn loops.
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Recent Reviews

  1. (deleted member)
    Version: 1.0
    awesome character... import? mod? whatever, it's good, the animated wings and ears really add another dimension