High-Waist Tucked Tops

High-Waist Tucked Tops 7.1

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Firstly, thanks to Huitznahua for letting me use the adjustable breasts from his Midriff Cleavage Top Tank, the shirt wouldn't be breast slider compatible without it.

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This mod works with all of my High-Waist bottoms, examples below.

Looking where the shirt is tucked, you can see it's much cleaner and still looks just as good with the High-Waist Shorts/Jeans.

Preview 1 Comparison.png

Preview 1.png

Preview 2.png

Preview 3.png


Sweater New.PNG


Tank New.PNG

TuckedTankClosed Preview.png

TuckedLongsleeve Preview.png

TuckedLongsleeveClosed Preview.png

TuckedTurtleneck Preview.png

TuckedTurtleneckLongsleeve Preview.png

RGB adjustable
-RGB slider 1 controls the tops color.
-RGB slider 2 controls the secondary color for the sleeves of the long-sleeve sweaters.

The download contains the shirt only, the shorts/pants must be downloaded separately.
Sweaters that cover the forearm require the loader.
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Latest updates

  1. (7.1) Wider Turtleneck Variants

    Added some slight variations of the turtleneck tops, come in long-sleeve versions as well. These...
  2. (7.0) Turtleneck Sweater & Long-sleeve

    Added a new turtleneck sweater, and a long-sleeve version, a super original idea that I 100%...
  3. (6.0) Long-Sleeves and Closed Tank Top

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Latest reviews

Heey Billy. Just a heads up: whenever i try to download the 7.1 file it says: Failed- File not complete
That's an issue with the site, I haven't touched the file since 2021.
very nice mod, i am just wondering what hair you used?
It's a hair from dantethedarkprince that I made some adjustments/improvements to, I can post it, I just didn't think it was enough to be worth posting.
I think I love this one a bit too much. Looks fantastic. :D
Is there a particular reason why their separate mods? Can't it just be one?
I haven't exactly nailed down how to merge separate mods yet. Like I said in the overview, the breasts are from Huit.
The shirt looks nice displayed here in the download section, but for me it doesnt load properly. It only loads the shoulder-part and lower-part but not the breast-part. Tried it in loader too but had the same result. Not sure what do to about it.
Now the high-waist mods can truly shine at accentuating her bum :)


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