Belts & Bands for ThickerThighs

Belts & Bands for ThickerThighs 2.0.2

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Requires ThickerThighs:

All belts/bands have individual left and right leg versions
ThickerThighs Belt-R-L Preview.PNG

ThickerThighs Band-R-L Preview.PNG

Thigh squish versions, these do not require ThickerThighs as they load a custom version of TT themselves when loaded.
ThickerThighs Belt-R-L Squish Preview.PNG
ThickerThighs Band-R-L Squish Preview.PNG

ThickerThighs Band-R-L StudSilver Squish Preview.png

ThickerThighs Band-R-L StudSilver .png

ThickerThighs Band-R-L StudRGB Squish Preview.png

ThickerThighs Band-R-L StudRGB Preview.png

ThickerThighs Band-R-L StudGold Squish Preview.png

ThickerThighs Band-R-L StudGold Preview.png

RGB Adjustable
-RGB Slider 1 for LegwearB controls the color of the Belt/Band.
-RGB Slider 2 for LegwearB controls the color of the Buckle/Studs for their respective versions.​
First release
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Latest updates

  1. (2.0.2) Tan & Squish Fix

    Fixed some errors with the squish on the wrong leg and the Tan not conforming properly to the...
  2. (2.0.1) 1.1 ThickerThighs

    Bands updated to use ThickerThighs 1.1.
  3. (2.0) Studded Bands

    Studded versions of the Thigh Bands added in Regular and Squish configurations, comes in Gold...

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