Long-sleeved sweaters and a closed variant of the tank top added.

The end of the sleeves on the new sweaters are adjusted by RGB Slider 2, if you want the secondary color to be the same then paste the color from RGB Slider 1 to RGB Slider 2.
All shirts now are all tucked the same, the straight tuck is now present on all shirts; as an indirect result, the older shirts can also cleanly be worn with my Yoga Shorts and mod.
NoBeltLoop & Closed version added.

"Closed" began as an experiment with tweening in order to train myself with making dynamic breasts slider capable shirts, instead of using Huitznahua's own. NoBeltLoop has no outline for the belt loops on my HW pants/shorts mods, instead the tuck is straight, they were intended to be used for my High-Waist Pencil Skirt mod, although they do still look reasonable on the pants/shorts, it only slightly cuts off the top of their belt loops.
Added sweater and tank-top versions.
Once again thanks to Huitznahua; this time for lending me the .fla file so I could properly merge the breasts and the shirt. Now only one .swf needs to be loaded, just like any other mod, and both the breasts and the shirt will appear.
Actually added the breasts to the shirt, forgot to add it.
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