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Guessing game 2019-02-10

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This dialog features an underage girl. Her age is never stated, but from the way she talks, there's no denying that she's very much underage (or, at best, an adult engaging in ageplay). If that's not your thing, you better steer clear of this one.

Finding yourself all alone with your cute niece, you get the brilliant idea of playing a game where she tastes different kinds of candy while wearing a blindfold and tries to guess what kind it is. The candy in question is your penis, but I'm sure you already figured it out. The dialog consists of 4 acts, with act 1 and 2 using Soft Auto, act 3 using Normal Auto and act 4 using Hard auto.


  • She's unable to pass out. Magic!
  • For act 1, I wanted to use the Twisted Lollipop mod, but I don't seem to be able to just load it trough dialog triggers, so the strapon will do as a candy replacement for now.
- I change the penis size trough charcode loading. I haven't found a way to restore the original size of the penis, so it will reset to SDT default size (1,1) at times. Fixed
  • The game will remember the eyewear she was originally wearing when starting the dialogue. Which includes blindfolds, so beware of that.
  • The reason for animtools being required is that I made a quick facefuck position where he's hidden for act 1. Just so the guy doesn't have what's supposed to be actual candy strapped to his groin.
- Sometimes during the transition from act 3 to 4, she might start swallowing instead of saying her lines. If that happens, turn on auto (or move her yourself a couple of times) to enable the trigger that starts the transition again. Fixed
- If anyone knows how to solve these issues, please let me know.

  • loader, can be downloaded here (if you're playing this game without this, you're playing it wrong)
  • dialogueactions, can be downloaded here
  • animtools, can be downloaded here
  • moremoods, can be downloaded here
  • moretriggers, can be downloaded here
  • dialogdisplayedit, can be downloaded here
If you're new to the game or just don't want to bother installing the mods manually, I've prepared a SDT bundle with the bare minimum of mods required to play all of my dialogues.

Install the required mods.
2. Unpack your chosen ZIP file into your Settings folder.
3. Done! Start up the game and load the dialogue.

For more information/support, check out my thread in the Dialogue section.
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