Feedback LED (Detroit: Become Human)

Feedback LED (Detroit: Become Human) 1.0

This mod adds the feedback 'LED' from Detroit: Become Human to her temple, that will change colors depending on certain conditions and flash intermittently. Rate of flashing will also be influenced by said conditions.
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There are two versions of this mod for two color calculation options ('totalPercentage' is represented as a decimal, and what it does will be explained after this section):
  • 'Vanilla' - color is dependent on vigor, breath level, and pass out factor
    • Formula:
      • totalPercentage = her.vigour / 1050 + g.breathLevel / g.breathLevelMax + her.passOutFactor / her.passOutMax * 2;
      • totalPercentage += Math.max(0, (1 - her.eye.ball.highlights.alpha) * 3.2 - 1);
  • 'Blush Based' - color is dependent on current blush alpha (meant for use with dynamicBlushing)
    • Formula:
      • totalPercentage = her.blush.alpha * 2.6 / (her.eye.ball.highlights.alpha + 0.2);
      • totalPercentage += Math.max(0, (1 - her.eye.ball.highlights.alpha) * 2 - 1);
  • Note that both versions take into account eye highlight alpha. This is a lazy implementation of compatibility with progressiveExhaustion:
    • If using progressiveExhaustion, assuming the eye highlight decrease effect is enabled, this will add a bonus value to the 'totalPercentage'
      • For the 'blush based' option, color will still be accurate even while blush decreases due to exhaustion
    • If not using progressiveExhaustion, this should have no effect
Blue - default
Yellow - totalPercentage > 1, or just woke up
Red - totalPercentage > 2, or passed out
Grey - while 'flashing', or breathing is off

As 'totalPercentage' gets closer to the threshold of the next color change, flashing rate will increase moderately.

The LED appears under vanilla eyewear and most vanilla hair but I haven't tested it with other mods.
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