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Eyelid Limit v1.0 by ModGuy

Provides a hard limit for eye animations.

  1. ModGuy

    This mod was requested by @klendathu

    Sets a hard limit on her eyelid animations.
    The default lower bound is 0, this is a full blink animation (0->150, fully open -> fully closed) and full wince animation (151 -> 200).
    It is important to remember that the animation limit is a lower bound, since frame 0 is a fully open eye.
    By setting the lower limit, it becomes possible to have her eyes open partially or not at all.
    The settings file contains only this value.
    This mod does not persist and resetting should remove the effect.

Recent Reviews

  1. hugedicknick
    Version: v1.0
    Not really a review but IDK where I could ask this question so, when I load the mod it works but then the eyelids just remain closed regardless of what value i assign in the doc eyelidLimit.txt so could you possibly help me with it?