Dokkaebi Static Hair and Beanie

Dokkaebi Static Hair and Beanie 1.0

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This is really good. You even went above and beyond with creating multiple versions, well done! :D I'd definitely be interested in seeing more, if you're interested in making it. :)
It's awesome!!! I like it! And I want more! Could you make an Ela static hair? Thank you, friend...
Very nice, and I wondering if you were gonna do more hair of every female operator from siege nd maybe try to do some dynamic hair
Thanks for the reply; glad you liked it!

I'm considering doing more, namely for operators with shortish hair that I/other artists have a decent guess of what it looks like under their headgear (off the top my head, Ela's hair and her goggles/hat would be rather easy to do). I'd probably work on improving this hair first though. As for dynamic hairs, it's a distant possibility but don't expect anything soon.