1. cubedh2o

    Dokkaebi Static Hair and Beanie

    Hi all, There's no mods for Rainbow Six Siege characters (understandable since most of them have their head or face covered up) but Dokkaebi didn't seem too bad so I gave it a shot. The front part of her hair (the part with the white highlights) was referenced from @dantethedarkprince...
  2. Dokkaebi Static Hair and Beanie

    Dokkaebi Static Hair and Beanie 1.0

    Static hair mod of Dokkaebi from Rainbow Six: Siege with and without beanie.
  3. Borderlands 2 - Lilith hair

    Borderlands 2 - Lilith hair 2016-05-27

    Lilith's hair, from Borderlands 2.

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