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DA_sbyAddons V2_1

bugfix - used same pleasure calculation as percent tracker that incorporates maxPleasureTimer

removed da.l.loadCharString, there was another mod that was much more mature already available that did this. (i think moretriggers)

'ProgressivePleasure' dialog lines feature added, this is to act as an easy way to have dialog progression based on his pleasure without a ton of checks and line management.
these come in the form 'ProgressivePleasure000','ProgressivePleasure001','ProgressivePleasure002', going up to 'ProgressivePleasure100'
these are triggered in order based on his pleasure percentage.
these are dynamically called depending on if they exist in your dialog or not, so you do not need to have them all in a dialog, you can simply use every other 10 or even just a few of them.
if his pleasure has gone up fast and the dialog lines haven't gotten a chance to play out, they will still be triggered in order from lowest to highest.
these lines will continue to be built, so they will not expire if waiting to talk. (didn't test situation if no lines playable due to failed checks, those will probably be skipped)
once the line is played, that level will not be played again until the pleasure variable is reset, see 'pleasurelinereset'

added dialog variable 'pleasurelinereset'
use this to reset the pleasure tracker for the 'ProgressivePleasure' linetype back to 0.
note that if his pleasure is still high, this could trigger the lower lines to start playing.

example usage:
ProgressivePleasure100:"resetting pleasure cycle"{"set":{"pleasurelinereset":1}}

there are some delay settings in the settings file
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