Coco Adel Outfit

Coco Adel Outfit 2017-10-29

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This mod requires the Loader and Template Extension to run.

The hair mod used here was made by me and can be found here: Coco Adel Hair ("Regular")
Several variant versions - 'Beret only,' 'Glasses only,' and 'No Accessories' - can be found in my post here or on my main imports thread, which can be found from the "Find More Info" button in the top right.

A pre-set folder for the mod can be found here: MEGA
The above folder download includes not only the usual named folder that all my other pre-set folders do, but it also includes a folder containing all 4 versions of the Coco Hairstyle that I've made available. Enjoy.
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Great detail and work done here. The only thing you may have missed was coco's belt. Great job though. I would suggest the Malachite sisters next.
I attempted to have her belt included - it's the brown stripe below the gold-ish "studs" near her waist. I think from the angle we view it the most I could have done additionally would have been a small disc at the front to represent a side-shot of her belt buckle. I may have to go take another look to see if anything else would even be visible from the side view SDT uses.