1. scachU7

    coco bandicoot request

    hi I am a new member and I want to see if I can get a coco bandicoot from crash bandicoot static hair for sdt. I will put links to the picture reference if you guys need it. also I want to see her nose and ear and eyelash thank you...
  2. Samoth

    Coco Adel Outfit 2017-10-29

    This mod requires the Loader and Template Extension to run. The hair mod used here was made by me and can be found here: Coco Adel Hair ("Regular") Several variant versions - 'Beret only,' 'Glasses only,' and 'No Accessories' - can be found in my post here or on my main imports thread, which...
  3. Samoth

    Coco Adel Hair ("Regular") 2017-10-17

    The outfit associated with this hairstyle can be found here. Several variant versions of this that I've made (aka removing one or both of her head accessories) can be found in my post here or on my main imports thread, which can be found from the "Find More Info" button in the top right.
  4. Mineur

    Coco Static Hair 1.0

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