1. UknownChaos10111010

    Bully dialogue 2020-01-03

    A very short story that is re-playable for role-play. I was inspired by the Lonely Teacher v3 - by Delev (improved by NoctSoul) dialog here and wanted to make my own with a similar structure. (download the animation pack) To get this to run smoothly: -Do not press the buttons until story is...
  2. YourNightmare

    [One Piece Pirate Warriors 3] Tashigi Sexy Demonic Mod/Akatasuki

    Hey guys, here is my new mod for Tashigi's Shambles outfit. You find some Screenshots below. As you can see, there is a version with her glasses and one without. On her back is written "Akatsuki" in Japanese and I gave her red demonic eyes. The rest is clear I guess. Just drag&drop...