Breath Hack

Breath Hack 1.1

followed instructions and the launcher didnt allow me to upload the .mod file so the mod didnt work
i didn't really "use" the instructions, i threw it in a loadable folder thingy(character selection screen) and it works good, easy to edit, i can see me using this a lot.
Great work!
Like the idea to stick unique parameters to specific chars.
Unfortunately this doesn't work in my case.
I have to change the settings in the breathHackV1settings.txt and than reload the mod.
If this works properly, I'd rate this with 5 stars. :)

Kind regards, German Prince
If you're loading the charcode via dialogueActions then you'll need to use [LOAD_FULL_CHARCODE] or [LOAD_CHARCODE2]. The standard trigger [LOAD_CHARCODE] will ignore any "extra" parameters.

If you're using a Character Folder (or loading the charcode manually by copy-pasting it into the textbox) then it ought to work fine. In that case, we're probably looking at a mod interaction -- there's something else which is pre-empting or modifying the game's handling of an incoming charcode. Please create a Help thread or send a PM so that we can investigate the problem.
Just downloaded the update today, and I'm getting the same error as Nameless. Please update the zip.

Otherwise, this file is amazing! I had now idea that the sweat function was connected to her breathing counter. Now that I can change that, I can fuck the model and have her sweat while doing so. Great Mod Stuntcock! :)
Please ensure that you're downloading the 4963 item. This should happen *automatically* if you're clicking the big blue button, but it you visit the "Version History" tab then you might download the botched ZIP file by mistake.

Aside from that, I don't know what to tell you. I just re-downloaded the ZIP, deployed it into a fresh copy of ModGuy's Loader package, and it loaded correctly. The source code in the ZIP package is correct. I can't fix an error which I can't reproduce, and I don't want to release a fake "1.2" version merely to fix an upload mistake.

If you're still having trouble then contact me by PM and I can prepare a new ZIP file just for you.

Better yet: suggest some new features and then we can compile a proper 1.2 version which buries all of this 1.1 nonsense :)
I keep getting an error even when I restore the original settings file. it says breathHack invalid setting: passOutGainMultipler and PassOutLossMultiplier
Did you download the file a few days ago? I made a mistake and included an outdated *.mod file in the ZIP.

So you might have downloaded a file which was labeled as "1.1" but which was actually just the 1.0 version of the mod. If you re-download the mod then you'll see that the current version then is also labeled "1.1" ... but it's actually the correct file (and shouldn't generate any errors).

And if it turns out that I've screwed up the file contents *again*, then there's always the option for you to manually compile the *.as source file :)
Great mod, Thank you for this!! definitely a must have
Really appreciate you sorting this out SC, great stuff.

Works perfectly as intended!
I didn' t even think about this until this point! This would definatly be immersive as fuck! I'm definatly going to use this, and I'm definatly truly appreciative. Thanks again!
Great mod, however whenever i tried changing the settings in game i was unable to do so even with the special parameters in the char code.
What a great idea!
What a great mod!
And last but not least:
What a great DOCUMENTATION!!!

In short words: a true stuntcock!
Thank you very much!
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