1. Wither

    Gagged Reactions 3.1

    "Gagged Reactions" is exactly what it says on the tin: A dialogue designed to be used primarily when "she" is gagged with a ring, dental, plug or other open-mouthed gag, for fans of bondage and/or breathplay. However, this also includes normal dialogue if you want the submissive to speak or if...
  2. stuntcock

    Breath Hack 1.1

    This mod requires the SDT Loader. It cannot be used with the vanilla game. Background SDT tracks the girl's endurance using an internal variable, g.currentBreathValue. Air deprivation (due to deepthroating) causes this value to increase. The value recovers automatically (decrements towards...
  3. S


    Just a part of a 5 part serial story I did. This was the only section that involved a female victim, so I figured I may as well throw it up here. General idea is 2 ninjas (a male and a female) are infiltrating an office tower for unknown reasons, disposing of inappropriately attired security...