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Billy's POS Pack 1.1

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This .zip includes all of the custom positions I've made over the course of about 5 months. None of them are super drastic, so they shouldn't bring on any weird graphical problems.

Extract this into your settings folder, or take the .txt files out and put them into "animtools_positions" in the settings folder yourself.
Don't forget to add the names of the .txt files to your animtools positions settings file.

Below is a key to understanding the names of the position files.
Dual = Both guy and girl move and meet somewhere in the middle
Frce (Force) = Guy is dominant
Dmnt (Dominant) = Girl is dominant
UT = Up Thrust
DT = Down Thrust
No 'UT' or 'DT' = Going somewhat straight forward
S (Short) = Standard distance from the guy
L (Long) = Further from the guy than usual
All positions come with an 'S' and 'L' variant
Previews show the 'S' versions

POS-DmntDT = Girl starts below the guy and does most of the moving.

POS-Dmnt = Girl does 99% of the moving, guy thrusts very slightly but no distance travelled.

POS-Dmnt-SS (Short Short) = Same as above, but closer than regular.

POS-Dual = Both Guy and girl move equally and more or less meet in the middle.

POS-DualDT = Same as above, but guy starts above the girl and thrusts downwards.

POS-DualUT = Same as 'Dual', but guy starts below the girl and thrusts upwards.

POS-FrceDT = Guy does 80% of moving and starts above the girl. (2).gif

POS-Frce = Guy does 90% of the moving, like 'Fcfk' but not a variation of it. (3).gif

POS-FrceUT = Guy does 80% of moving and starts lower than the girl, thrusting upwards. (1).gif

POS-Vanilla1 = Vanilla position, very slightly tweaked values.

POS-Vanilla2 = Second vanilla position, very slightly tweaked values.
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Some of these are what I've been looking for for ages, nice job!
Those animated previews are excellent. Some don't bother doing that. You went the full mile and put effort into this.

The positions are looking solid, and its a great addition no less. Thank you for the share and a big thumbs up from me :-D
Thanks, I wanted to make a good first impression with this. Although I don't really know if I have anything else to post that is download worthy.
These are great! Much thanks for these positions. They're perfect for my upcoming dialogues.
Glad to hear it! Thanks for the rating as well, this is my first mod post so I didn't really expect it to blow up like this.