BasicTop(Him) 1.0

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This mod requires the Loader.
It is rgb adjustable. It cannot be added to moreclothing.
This mod has been made using Faceless Loader Template .
To change the colors of these mods:
-Go to the Loader tab of the game.
-On the left side you'll see a box, if you have already loaded an appropiate mod, some labels will show on the box.
-Click on one of the labels.
-Click, or click and drag on one of the different bars to change the color.
-Repeat the procedure with every label of every mod loaded.
-Once you are done, if you want to save your changes, click the save button and save your changes on a file named HueData.txt.
-Place the HueData.txt file into the character folder in which you are loading those mods (add the mods to the Mods.txt file as usual). Next time you load that character, the Him mods will load with the saved colors.
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It's a pretty nice mod. I'm really glad someone's decided to ad more clothing to him. Though I've found a bit of an issue with this: I can't change the colour. The RGB works for the rest but not the top for me.
It works for me. Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but I asume you are using the rgb sliders from the Loader Tab rather than the Scene one and that you are cliking on the BasicTop label before trying to change the sliders, right? (no mod in the Loader tab is selected by default).
Hey ! At last someone decides to make some clothes for him ! Many thanks Iago ! This is cool and will surely add some variety to dialogues !

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