autoclosemouth V8


added a setting for charcode on reset
(very small update to make it consistent with other mods of mine)
autoclosemouthV7by sby

added some compatability fixes in charcode logic
added settings to change default charcode loading

bugfix, now properly updating g.mouthopeness to better calculate breath volume
autoclosemouthV6_2 by sby

bugfix to actually check moremoods moods
added moremoodsV6 moods
changed stop lick bob logic to change timer instead of disabling tongue
autoclosemouthV6_1 by sby

small update to add settings for the new moods from moremoods
autoclosemouthV6 by sby

added communication for animtoolsV28+ to close mouth for non-oral positions.
added setting to stop lick head bob when mouth closed
autoclosemouthV5 by sby

mod adds a button to enable and disable the closing mouth feature
charcode saving for enable/disable added
added setting to provide a distance buffer when to change state

edit - typically setup as init mod, to enable the closing mouth part make sure to toggle the button on
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