The tag line says it all pretty much. The head is my custom version of Cmdr. Shepard from when I played the game. As you'll notice from comparing the screenshots the mod has a blinking animation.

This requires the Loader. To get anything out of it having a head (unlike most Him mods) you'll need Animtools.

If you like Mass Effect you may want to look at Jack's Body Tattoos, Jack (ME3) Dynamic Hair, Samara's Hair and Liara's Hair.

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  1. New animated head

    - Now includes a very detailed head with a blinking animation - Legs now reappear when you Reset

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Great work! You really nailed the level of detail on this. I really like that blank expression on him, as though he just doesn't give a crap about anything, or is in some really deep thought. XD
Thank you! Heads on Him mods is almost uncharted territory but I think it's important that the face isn't too expressive since you're stuck with whatever expression there is constantly. I've experimented in the past and expressions of personality (angry/friendly) work fine but any kind of reactive expression just looks ridiculous or creepy when used in game.
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