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Absolutely no diving! 2019-02-14

This dialog features an underage girl. Her age is never stated, but from the way she talks, there's no denying that she's very much underage (or, at best, an adult engaging in ageplay). If that's not your thing, you better steer clear of this one.

I'm struggling with writer's block for Lost Girls. So I decided to make a dialog without having to write any lines myself. Almost every line in this dialog is ripped straight from a loli hentai manga called "Absolutely no diving!" by Yuzu Machi, currently one of my favorite ones. It doesn't follow the manga panel by panel but the progression is still there.

You're a lifeguard for a public swimming pool. There's a little brat who keeps diving in the pool even though the rules clearly states this isn't allowed. So you bring her into a secluded place to give her a good scolding. With your penis.

There's two scenes in this dialog, one blowjob scene and one sex scene. Once the blowjob scene ends, the sex scene begins, and once the sex scene ends, the dialog loops and you start with the blowjob scene again. There's also buttons at the beginning if you wanna skip ahead.

The background can be a warehouse or gym storage or even an alley, just as long as it's a place that could be comfortably near a public swimming pool and secluded. She needs to be in a swimsuit or bikini, naturally. For him, he can be in swimming trunks but naked works fine too.

  • She's unable to pass out, since it never happens in the manga.
  • For the sex scene, I use the position called "ATV_doggy_angled", which is included with animtools by default.
  • To make sure he doesn't cum unless the "story" has progressed far enough, I use a function of dialogueactions which blocks him from cumming, and then make him cum during certain lines. If you unload the dialog, the "cum block" function will still be active and he won't cum at all until you reset or restart the game. So beware of that.
  • I'm still unsure of the pacing of the sex scene. If it sucks, please let me know.
  • loader, can be downloaded here (if you're playing this game without this, you're playing it wrong)
  • dialogueactions, can be downloaded here
  • animtools, can be downloaded here
  • moremoods, can be downloaded here
  • moretriggers, can be downloaded here
  • dialogdisplayedit, can be downloaded here
If you're new to the game or just don't want to bother installing the mods manually, I've prepared a SDT bundle with the bare minimum of mods required to play all of my dialogues.

Install the required mods.
2. Unpack your chosen ZIP file into your Settings folder.
3. Done! Start up the game and load the dialogue.

For more information/support, check out my thread in the Dialogue section.
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