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WWE Fiction: Paige - Why Can't We Be Friends?

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by TheCrimsonRisk, May 13, 2013.

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    With Layla being featured less and less on screen, up and coming NXT star Paige has become my latest obsession. And you know what we do to our obsessions >:) This is kind of a long one, so perhaps it's best to read in parts. I don't know. Had to get this out of my system. Mission accomplished. Thanks to meepmeep for the animated gif!

    (And yes, I'm aware that the Husky Harris character no longer exists, but he fit the role.)

    Paige - Why Can't We Be Friends?


    “Dearest Paige...no. Lovely Paige...no. Paige, my dear. Paige...sweet, sweet Paige. Gaaaaah...” The large wrestler stood in front of the mirror with a rolled up newspaper bouquet, rehearsing his lines. It was important that he get them right because today was the day that Husky Harris would ask Paige to go on a date with him. “Would you...? I was thinking...? Hi, Paige! ‘Sup, girl? No!” Why can’t I stop sweating?!?

    The frustrated grappler balled up the makeshift bouquet and threw it out into the hallway.

    “Ow! Hey, watch it!”

    Husky froze. He recognized the voice of his beloved immediately. Paige walked in holding the crumpled paper in her hand. “I know you Yanks take your politics seriously but there’s no need to get so worked up about it.”

    Husky didn’t move. He wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying. That seductive British accent of hers made everything sound like poetry. It was even harder to concentrate as she sashayed towards him, a playful look on her face, her hands idly tugging at the zipper on her leather jacket. “That was a joke, Husky. Are you feeling okay?”

    The way she pronounces those “Os”, God...
    Husky could feel his pants getting tighter. A gentle pat on the cheek brought him out of his stupor. “Uh...wha...a joke! Oh yeah, ha ha!” In his flustered state, he could only muster a pathetic laugh. Say something to her, you dummy! Husky looked right into her eyes and opened his mouth to speak but no words were forthcoming.

    “Um...” Paige blinked expectantly.

    “Gotta go!” Husky said. He hastily gathered his gear. Knee pads and wrist tape fell from his gym bag. “Damn! I mean, darn! I mean...”

    “What’s this?” Paige picked up a set of cue cards that had been on the ledge in front of the mirror.

    With his back turned, Husky didn’t know what Paige was talking about. When he saw, he nearly turned to stone and shattered. “Th...th...that’s just a...a promo I’ve been working on. Give it here!”


    Ack! Those “Os” again!

    Paige began to read. “Dearest...sweet...one and only... would you...oh...oh!”

    “I can explain.” Husky said, knowing full well that people who say that never have an explanation.

    “Husky, I...”

    “Okay, this is just great! Let’s just go and tell everybody now and have a big laugh about it! Geez...”

    The angelic Briton touched his face again, silencing him. “Husky, I...I care about you so much, but I just...don’t think this is the thing to do.”


    “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re such a good friend. Please, don’t take this the wrong way. I really do adore you.”

    Husky’s face reddened and he laughed again, more sincerely this time. “Heh. I...I know. You’re a great girl, Paige. I just wanted to...nothing. Forget about it. It’s cool.”

    “Really? You’re the greatest Husky, I mean that.” She rushed forward and hugged him. His eyes rolled back as her breasts pressed against his chest. “I’ve got to go. I’ll catch up with you later, alright?”

    “Alright.” He said, at a loss for words. Paige twirled and exited the locker room. Husky couldn’t take his eyes off of her derriere, displayed so nicely in a pair of short shorts. That wasn’t so bad, he thought...then the “F” word sank in fully. Friend. Friend? ARRRRGGGH!


    Sara Del Rey was one of the most respected women’s wrestlers in the world and Vince McMahon had hired her as a trainer for the WWE’s developmental territory in Florida. She was doing a hell of a job putting the cavalcade of model rejects and wannabe Divas through the paces, but she missed the thrill of competition. Paige had been one of her most promising pupils. They were familiar with each other from the independent circuit and Sara was impressed how far the girl had progressed by the age of 20. With her athleticism and charisma, Paige was destined to be an enormous success.

    But Sara didn’t think that success was earned yet. Maybe it was jealousy or maybe it was just the veteran’s own definition of “paying your dues”, but seeing Paige win match after match and becoming a star seemingly overnight rubbed Sara the wrong way. She’d been in the business for over a decade and she’d never been given that kind of opportunity. Some tough love was in order.

    After Paige’s matches, it was customary for her to go around ringside chatting up the fans and signing autographs. It was a good way to keep the crowd involved between matches. Paige was posing for a picture with a group of tourists when Sara came out of the crowd and blindsided her. She stunned her with a forearm to the back of the head before tossing Paige into the steel steps by the apron. Paige was completely unprepared and she nearly dislocated her shoulder.

    Sara rolled her back into the ring and put the boots to her. Then she applied the Royal Butterfly, a standing submission hold that put further pressure on Paige’s neck. Before Paige could pass out, Sara bucked her hips and delivered a suplex that left her opponent arching her back. She was stepping through the ropes when she decided that Paige hadn’t had enough yet.

    “I’m doing this for your own good, kid.” Kicking her onto her stomach, Sara sat down and put Paige in the LeBell Lock. The painful crossface hold threatened to rip Paige’s head off. She moaned and slapped the mat in submission, but this wasn’t a match and there weren’t any rules to follow. Her feet kicked until her shins were sore. Sara only pulled back harder. As soon as security got near the ring, Sara let go. She dusted her hands off. “It’s not your time yet.” Sara said to Paige, over and over again. “Not yet.”

    Paige could only lie in the ring clutching her aching joints. It hurt her neck to look up at her attacker, her former ally and mentor, but the desire for justice gave her the strength. She stared as long as she could before closing her eyes and lying down so the medics could examine her.



    Staff and wrestlers alike scattered as Paige stormed into the building. “Where is she?!?” Paige demanded. “Where’s Sara?!? That jealous bitch is going to get what’s coming to her!” She grabbed an intern by the collar and yelled at him, demanding to know where she could find her nemesis. The sheer ferocity in her voice petrified the young man and he had no choice but to point Paige to where he saw Sara last. Paige stomped off, fuming.

    Just around the corner, Sara had heard the ruckus and she waited for Paige, flanked by a half dozen security guards. “Whoa whoa, settle down there Mary Poppins!” Sara made sure that the burly guards were able to get between the two women before she began her taunt. “What is all the commotion? Are you upset about something?” The smirk on Sara’s face was almost enough to motivate Paige to charge right through Sara’s protection.

    “You know bloody well why I’m looking for you! Stop playing games and let’s settle this! Here, in the ring, in the parking lot, I don’t care. You’re going down!”

    “See? This is exactly why I had to put you in your place last week. You think you can just run around backstage and make demands. I’ll have you know that I have the night off and I’m here to watch the show. In fact, my boyfriend is here to watch with me. You might have heard of him. Antonio Cesaro?”

    Paige had heard of him alright. He was one of the WWE’s rising stars, six and a half feet of chiselled muscle. He had a reputation for being as effective in the ring as he was arrogant. Paige had only met him once or twice. She didn’t like him. “Another one for you to hide behind? What are you so afraid of, Sara? Maybe you’re not as tough as everyone says you are.”

    “Hey!” Sara was irritated now. “You can’t talk to me like that. And speaking of hiding behind things, where is your boyfriend? Husky, is it? I bet his fat ass could block out the sun!”

    Boyfriend! Paige was caught off guard. “We’re...we’re just friends...I...you can’t talk about him that way!” She advanced and Sara grabbed on to one of the guards and pulled him in front of her.

    “I tell you what,” Sara said. “Since you want to have a match with me and I want to spend quality time with my guy, why don’t we compromise?”


    “A mixed tag match. Antonio and I against you and your boyfriend.”

    “He’s not my boyfriend!”

    “Whatever. You go track him down (which shouldn’t be too hard) and if he agrees to team up with you then maybe you’ll get your chance to face me tonight. Not sure why you want that, but it’s your funeral.”

    The proposition stunk and Paige knew it. She didn’t want to drag Husky into this and she hated having to do this on Sara’s terms. Her emotions got the better of her judgment and she couldn’t wait another week for a shot at Sara. “Fine. By the time this night is through, you’ll be looking up at the lights with my boot on your chest.”

    Sara rubbed her hands together. “We’ll see about that.”


    “...so that’s the situation, Husky. I’m really sorry to spring this on you, I know it’s not your problem, but I just thought...” Paige trailed off. She was embarrassed about having to ask her friend for help and she sheepishly avoided eye contact. Her pleading voice was irresistible to him. Paige didn’t mean to use his attraction to win him over, but being charming and captivating was something that came naturally to her, especially for Husky Harris.

    He gave her a serious look and didn’t say anything. Then he chuckled and stood up from his chair. “Of course I’ll be your partner tonight!” He gave her a hardy slap on the back, which made her relax. “Besides, you know what a win over Antonio Cesaro could do for my career?”

    “Thanks, Husky! I really appreciate it. I owe you one.”

    “Don’t mention it, Paige. What are friends for? It’ll be fun.”

    Paige smiled and nodded enthusiastically. She skipped out of the men’s locker room, humming. Husky pretended not to be pleased with himself as some of the other wrestlers looked on with jealous eyes.


    The match started off well for the team of Paige and Husky, with Cesaro grossly underestimating his rotund opponent. Cesaro might cream him in a bodybuilding contest, but Husky was a third generation wrestler and he knew how to throw his weight around. He was wrestling circles around Cesaro, eventually planting him on the mat with a shoulder block that sent the European scurrying back to his corner to recover. When Cesaro tagged in Sara, Husky faked going after her before tagging in Paige. The fans popped as they sensed the villainess was about to get her comeuppance.

    Paige went right after the larger Sara, pouncing like a hellcat. She took her by the hair and ran her across the ring before driving her head into the top turnbuckle. Then she followed up by stomping away at Sara’s midsection before the ref stepped in to separate them. It wasn’t the most technical attack, but Paige didn’t care. She wanted some payback and she was just getting started.

    Sara attempted a sneak attack from behind the cover of the referee, but Paige saw it coming a mile away. She sidestepped and transitioned into a drop toe hold planting Sara right on her face. Paige followed up with a quick elbow drop to the back that caused Sara to release an embarrassing yelp!

    “Get her off me ref!” Sara whined. The referee ignored her. He knew Paige wasn’t doing anything illegal. While Sara complained, Paige dropped down and applied a side headlock. She was in complete control and it was Sara who looked like the rookie.

    “Not so easy when you’re not attacking from behind, is it?” Paige remarked. She took a second to brush a few strands of her hair out of her gorgeous face. It was never good for her to be so cocky, but she couldn’t help herself. She was loving the match so far.

    Sara used her size advantage to get back to her feet, but she wasn’t able to shake Paige and the youngster was a step ahead on every move. When she tried to lift Paige into the air for a back suplex, Paige held on and used their momentum to roll forward. She ended up on top of Sara with the headlock still applied. A frustrated Sara didn’t notice that her shoulders were down and she nearly lost the match right there after the ref began to count the pinfall!

    “Focus, Sara! What are you doing in there?” Cesaro yelled from the corner.

    “Shaddap!” Sara yelled back. “Urrrggh...I got this...”

    The next couple of sequences only made Sara look even worse. She managed to slip out and push Paige towards the ropes, but Paige easily avoided Sara’s lunging clothesline as she rebounded back. When Sara turned around, she was met with a dropkick, two black boots smacking her in the mush and flooring her. Enraged, Sara shot up and charged her opponent but she was soon back on the mat courtesy of a hip toss. Paige held onto the arm, making sure there was nowhere for Sara to go.

    “RRRRAAAAAAHH!” Sara growled. The veins on her head bulged. She couldn’t figure out how this upstart was getting the better of her. She looked back to her partner for advice, but he was avoiding eye contact and shaking his head in disgust. Paige forced Sara to stand, looking to set her up for a more damaging maneuver. The cagy Sara took advantage and grabbed a handful of Paige’s hair, forcing her to relinquish the headlock. The referee noticed right away, but Sara had the opening she wanted. She reared back and punched Paige right in the face, drawing another warning. “That was a slap, ref!” Sara argued.

    Off-balance, Paige wandered over to another corner to recover. She wasn’t even sure what she’d been hit with. She could vaguely make out the sound of the crowd...and the referee...and Husky...Husky was saying something...

    “Look out!!!”

    At the last second, Paige dodged to her side and Sara went crashing chest first into the turnbuckle. The adrenaline helped Paige regain her senses and she was ready to make her next move. Her partner was close but Sara was closer and the whole point of this match was to prove she could defeat her. She chose to attack, leaping onto Sara’s back and clamping on a sleeper hold. The crowd cheered on Paige’s aggression, sensing that the end could be near. Sara stumbled around drunkenly, having to carry the weight of Paige while at the same time defending against the dangerous submission hold. “I won’t...no way...” Sara was fading and the referee got ready to check her arm.

    There was a loud “thwack” and Sara was suddenly freed from her predicament. She had unwittingly managed to walk the two of them over to her team’s side of the ring and Cesaro hopped in to interfere. He drove the point of his elbow into a squishy spot on Paige’s back forcing her limbs to loosen. She was lying on her side, a hand massaging her bare flesh. The ref admonished Cesaro, but he had to let him back in after Sara made a legal tag.

    “Don’t go easy on her, Antonio.” Sara said.

    “No chance.” Cesaro replied, never taking his eyes off of Paige.

    When Paige heard Cesaro’s heavy footsteps, her first thought was to tag out but her corner seemed so far away. It seemed even farther when Cesaro put his hands around her neck and lifted her into the air. “Hrrgggk!” Paige gagged as Cesaro’s thumbs dug into her carotid arteries, cutting off her breathing. Her legs straddled his waist, kicking feebly. Cesaro took a couple of steps forward before throwing her down to the mat with a loud choke bomb! The fans gasped and then booed intensely. He responded by giving the crowd a classic Italian “chin flick”, which only made them more outraged.

    Paige wasn’t expecting such a steep drop. Her head banged against the wood under the canvas. She saw nothing but spots. Her vision cleared, but it felt like the room was spinning...as it turned out, it was Paige who was spinning! Cesaro had captured her legs in his arms and begun to revolve until he’d built up enough speed to get Paige flying through the air. The giant swing was an impressive move and Cesaro completed at least a dozen rotations of increasing speed before sending Paige hurtling across the ring back into his team’s corner. She bounced and skidded before her ribs collided with the bottom of the ringpost.

    “Ouch!” Sara said. “That had to hurt.” She hopped down to ringside so she could look Paige in the eyes. The brave fighter looked like she was going to be ill. Sara made a pitying face, then she turned Paige around so that she was facing the inside of the ring. She placed one hand under Paige’s chin and took one of her boots in the other, positioning her so that she was wrapped around the post. Sara planted her boot against it and tugged, using the thick metal to bend Paige’s back.

    “Nnnnnaaaah! Aaaaaggggh!” Pained cries were Paige’s only response.

    Husky pointed at the injustice, but the referee was occupied by Cesaro who was holding onto the official’s shirt, feigning dizziness and asking for support. “Come on, ref, get in there!” Husky yelled. When he tried to step in and intervene it only made things worse as the referee went over to stop him.

    This gave Sara more time to work Paige over. Knowing the ref could turn around at any moment, she gave a nod to Cesaro who knew what she was thinking. He sized up the helpless Paige and delivered a vicious soccer kick right into her exposed ribcage. The violent spasm caused Sara to release her. Paige’s body curled up tightly and she coughed up something dry and sticky. “Ew!” Sara said, disgusted. “I don’t think she’s feeling well, Antonio. We better stop messing around with her.”

    “Alright,” Cesaro said. “Let’s get serious.” He picked Paige up like she was nothing and cracked her back across his knee. Then he did it again. And again. And again. And again. There were a few savage members of the audience who were counting along with each one. After the seventh or eighth backbreaker, even they were repulsed by the sight of Paige’s porcelain body being smashed to bits. It looked like Cesaro was never going to stop, but he eventually changed it up and flipped Paige over his shoulder so that she was facing the ground. Even taking into account how light his victim was, Cesaro’s strength was truly awe inspiring. He flipped her back the other way hurling her down to the mat with a thunderous power slam. The ring shook and it looked like the ropes might fall off. Paige’s supple behind quivered from the collision.

    Cesaro dusted his hands off and winked at Husky before placing a single finger on Paige’s chest. He made sure to get right between her sequined sports bra, poking into her soft breast.



    A manic Husky stormed in and bull rushed Cesaro, breaking the count! The referee had to restrain Husky once again. Cesaro seemed more amused than angry. He and Sara wanted to dole out much more punishment and this was all part of the plan. With the referee distracted, Sara climbed up to the top turnbuckle as Cesaro prepared another submission move. He picked Paige’s legs up again, but instead of a giant swing he turned Paige over and sat down on her back. It was a textbook Boston crab that put severe tension on Paige’s spine.

    Paige had become known for her trademark screams that intimidated her opponents; on this occasion, it was strictly a scream of defeat. “AAAAAIIIEEE!”

    “Enough! Have some dignity at least.” Cesaro said. He leaned back so that he was almost sitting between Paige’s shoulders. Her voice was muffled as her face was pressed into the mat.

    The referee was finally able to calm Husky down just as the double teaming was reaching its end. He turned around to see Sara getting ready to leap off of the top rope, but it was too late to do anything. Cesaro adjusted his position again so that he was sitting on Paige’s butt, making sure that her upper body was open for Sara to attack. Like a vulture, Sara dropped down on Paige from above, targeting the young wrestler’s neck with a diving knee. There was nothing Paige could do as bone collided against bone. The referee was able to get Cesaro off, but the damage was done. Paige lay writhing in agony as the shock overtook her senses.

    The referee went to go check on the fallen warrior and he was tempted to wave it off. Paige dug her nails into his wrist and whispered: “Don’t...you dare...”

    “That’s what I like to hear.” Sara was in now. She shoved the referee to the side and sat down on Paige’s aching back, facing her head. There were all kinds of nasty things she could do to her from this spot, but sometimes the simplest moves were the best. Sara clasped her hands under Paige’s chin and yanked, contorting her upper body at an unnatural angle. She didn’t bother to secure the arms for a camel clutch since Paige only had enough strength left to weakly paw against her captor’s grip. The simplicity of the hold made it easy for Sara to maintain and for her to focus on drawing out the torture as long as she could.

    The sadism of the heels was almost as grueling for the audience, who suffered along with the fan favourite. Sara and Cesaro were a well oiled machine, tagging in and out and keeping Paige glued to the mat with seated chinlock variations. Sometimes they’d trap an arm or switch to a dragon sleeper or sit on her legs so she couldn’t move. Everything was designed to humiliate her and wear her down. They knew she wouldn’t give in easily and that just made her predicament more delightful. Paige could hear the fans calling out to her, but she couldn’t tell if they were saying “don’t give up” or “just give up”. She’d never been dominated like this before.

    It was impossible for Paige to get her bearings. She could feel Cesaro’s weight on top of her, then his stiff, club-like forearms banging against her temples. The referee checked to see if she was unconscious, but Cesaro applied yet another chinlock. The strain of the hold brought Paige back to reality. “Mmmmmnnnh...” she moaned.

    “See? She’s still with us.” Cesaro said. Without a definitive submission, the referee had to let the match continue.

    Paige was losing hope when out of nowhere, the attacks ceased. She didn’t know how or why, all she knew is that for the first time in what felt like ages she wasn’t being assaulted. Need...to get back...to my corner...need to...help me...Husky...

    Paige was a foot away from Husky. He leaned as far as he could over the top rope to touch her hand. At the last second, Sara (who had been hovering around her the whole time, unbeknownst to Paige) grabbed onto Paige’s leg and dragged her back into the middle of the ring. With a twist of the knee and a wrenching of the neck, Sara took Paige from the brink of salvation into yet another cruel hold, this time an expertly applied STF. Laying across the length of Paige’s body, she could feel the pretty girl breaking both mentally and physically. Then it happened...



    Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

    The crowd came to life, their support swelling just as it looked like Paige might tap out. She heard them. They gave her the strength to block out the pain, to fight the urge to quit no matter how badly she wanted to. Cesaro stood on the apron, gesturing for the crowd to be silent but there was no quieting them now. The clapping was loud and frequent and Paige began to shake a fist along with the sound. She pushed up off the mat and Sara lost her balance. Paige crawled towards her corner but Sara scrambled and latched on to a leg.

    “You’re not goin’ anywhere!” Sara said.

    Paige got up onto one foot and she was hopping lamely as Sara tried to bring them back to Cesaro. Paige wouldn’t be able to pull herself free, so instead she turned towards Sara who was more focused on reaching her partner than whatever Paige was up to. It was a big mistake as Paige executed a dazzling enzuigiri kick that smashed into the side of Sara’s skull. Both women fell to the mat exhausted. Fortunately for Paige, her emphatic attack created a roof raising pop and her fans were cheering louder than ever.

    I can do this...for them...so close...
    Paige didn’t look back to see how Sara was doing, she just kept moving towards her partner. Almost there...almost there... Husky bobbed up and down on the ropes, his welcoming hand just inches away.

    Paige made one last lunge to complete the hot tag...and found nothing but air.

    “Whaa...” She face planted, utterly confused. The stunned reaction of the audience drew her attention to Husky Harris who was on the outside walking away. Her heart sank. “Husky...” she pleaded. Her voice was on the verge of cracking. “Please...don’t leave me...not like this...” It began to dawn on her that she would soon be at the mercy of Sara and Cesaro. There was no limit to what they would put her through and she didn’t know if she could take anymore.

    Husky stopped and stared at her. He mouthed the words “I’m sorry”, but did not go back to their corner. Paige was left to the wolves. They wasted no time devouring her.

    Cesaro was now the legal man and he scraped Paige off the mat. He shouted at Paige while taking her roughly by the hair. “Don’t you ever disrespect Sara again! Understand? She’s the best female wrestler in the world and you’re nothing.” There was no reply, only a look of dismay on Paige’s face. She was still in disbelief that Husky had abandoned her. It wasn’t until her cheek was being rammed into Sara’s outstretched boot that she was reminded she was fighting for her life. That attack was only the beginning of the onslaught.

    First, the power couple joined forces for another double team maneuver. Paige was whipped towards the ropes and Sara was there to meet her on the rebound. She hoisted Paige straight up into the air with a flapjack throw. As Paige descended, Cesaro was there to greet her with a European uppercut. His bicep came right up and blasted her in the jaw. Paige collapsed like she was shot. People in the crowd gasped. Some were covering their eyes. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Sara said.

    Sara started with a traditional suplex lift, using it to take Paige up into the air. All her weight training paid off as she was able to suspend her victim upside down for several seconds. The blood was rushing to Paige’s head, which became a non-issue when she was dropped straight down on it. Her neck was compressed awkwardly by the brainbuster. Cesaro tagged in.

    Not once, not twice, but three times Paige was picked up and power bombed by the Swiss Sensation. The first bomb caused her to go head over heels and land back on her stomach. The second bomb nearly made her knees touch her nose as her legs kicked up. The third one just looked like it splattered her, leaving her spread eagle in the middle of the ring. Sara tagged in.

    When Sara cupped her hands around Paige’s neck to pick her up, it felt like it was dangling from a thread. There was no resistance at all. She placed Paige’s head between her legs and set her up for a piledriver.

    The referee warned her not to do it. “She’s finished Sara, just pin her and let’s go.”

    “I’m not doing anything wrong, ref. Do your job.”

    “I’ll throw the match out, Sara!”

    “Should have done that five minutes ago. No saving this one now.” With that, Sara dropped down, completing the move. Paige’s head and neck were spiked for the umpteenth time and Sara let Paige sag against her, almost cradling her enemy as her body shook. Cesaro tagged in. The referee called for the bell.

    Sara grabbed the referee. “How could you do that to her,” she said. “She was just about to mount her big comeback! She’s going to be mad as hell when...er, if she wakes up.” Sara snickered.

    “Just get the hell out here. You...hey, Cesaro, no!” The referee had called the match, but Cesaro was still making his way over to the fallen angel lying face down on the canvas. It looked like he was going to destroy Paige with another piledriver, but instead he laced one hand over her thigh and joined it with the other between her legs. He lifted her upside down and pressed her against his chest. With her shoulders resting on his own thighs, he did a couple of squats to show what an easy time he was having. Then he fell forward, crushing Paige with his finishing move, the Neutralizer. The front of her body was smushed into the ring and it was only made worse by Cesaro’s muscular frame coming down on top of her. He took his time getting up. Unfortunately for Paige, she could still sense what was happening to her and she squirmed as the bulge in Cesaro’s tights rubbed against the back of her neck. Mindful though she was, she still couldn’t lift a finger to stop what was happening.

    “Ahem!” Sara interjected, interrupting Cesaro’s impromptu dry hump with a tap on his shoulder. He smiled sheepishly and got up in a hurry, putting his arm around the impatient Sara. “I believe we said I’d get to put this baby to bed,” she reminded him.

    “Of course, darling.”

    In a replay of when she had ambushed Paige before, Sara got down next to her and clamped on a LaBell Lock. Paige’s arm was extended and trapped between Sara’s legs. Sara made sure to rest her body on top of Paige. With her prey immobilized, she joined her hands around the jaw and jerked backwards, shredding the vulnerable neck and shoulder muscles. Paige tapped out immediately, but neither that nor the constant ringing of the bell convinced Sara that she should let go. The British bombshell’s bones clicked and clacked. The back of Sara’s hands pressed against Paige’s mouth, reducing her screams to an unintelligible squeaking. Sara could tell she was trying to beg and give up. Sara didn’t care.

    To everyone’s surprise, Husky Harris finally slid back under the ropes into the ring. Cesaro backed off immediately and he motioned for Sara to do the same. Reluctantly, Sara stood up and joined her partner. They raised their arms and showed their palms, indicating that the fight was over, as if they hadn’t already gone too far.

    “She’s all yours, lover boy.” Sara said.

    Wary, Husky never took his eyes off of Sara and Cesaro as he went to check on Paige. The crowd booed him for abandoning her, but maybe he’d realized the mistake he’d made. Paige was getting a brief respite at least.

    “Paige, I’m sorry.” Husky said as he raised her to a sitting position. He took her hand and held it close to him. “I don’t know what I was thinking. Forgive me, Paige.” He got her up to her feet and hugged her. “Forgive me for what I’m about to do.” His hug suddenly tightened. He bucked his hips and bent backwards, tossing Paige over his head with a snapping uranage throw. She fell on her head, neck and shoulders in another nasty landing.

    Whether it was because he was conflicted or just savouring the moment, Husky took his time setting up his finisher, the “Sister Abigail”. He took Paige in his arms again and dipped her forward, as if they were doing a dance. He planted a sloppy, wet kiss on her lips, devoid of any real affection. It wasn’t anything like he thought it would be. He shrugged his shoulders and fell to his back rapidly, sending Paige face first into the canvas. The whiplash effect snapped her head back and her whole body stiffened up, except for the occasional twitch. Husky was sitting next to her, a blank look on his face.

    “You done yet?” Sara asked.

    Husky shook his head. He walked over to Cesaro and whispered something to him while pointing to Paige. Sara and Cesaro worked together to flip Paige over. Paige’s eyes flickered as they were bombarded by the arena lights shining down on her. Her wrists and ankles were secured as her body was straightened out in the middle of the ring. She could only shake her head pitifully in anticipation of what was coming.

    The ring rumbled. The audience booed and implored Husky not to go through with his next attack. He bounced off the ropes and jogged to the middle of the ring before leaping up to an astonishing height for someone his size. At his peak, he kicked his legs out so as to land with the width of his back on his intended target in a senton splash. Paige was eclipsed by the massive Husky. He dropped on top of her like a meaty anvil right across her unprotected belly. The senton splash looked and sounded like a car wreck. With her limbs held down, Paige was unable to move to alleviate any of the pain and the impact reverberated through her being. She coughed up violently, spraying saliva on the canvas. When her convulsions subsided, Sara and Cesaro released her. The three glared down at her, admiring their handiwork and soaking in the audience’s contempt.

    Cesaro stamped his foot down on Paige’s face, grinding the heel of his boot against her bruised skin. “Are we finished here?”

    “This pipsqueak needs to learn respect. I want you to break her.” Sara said.

    Husky nodded in agreement. “Do it.”

    “My pleasure.” Cesaro answered. It was frightening to think what someone like him could do to someone like Paige if he unleashed his full strength on her. Everyone was about to find out. He cupped her chin and brought her to her knees, caressing her cheek to revive her. Paige moaned and even managed to get a hand up to grab on to Cesaro’s tights in protest. “Good.”

    Cesaro turned Paige around and lifted her up across his shoulders into a human torture rack. His right hand snaked up and over her crotch and thigh while his left hand was wrapped around her chin. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he pulled down on both ends with all of his might. Paige’s flexibility was pushed to the limit. Her howling could be heard all the way in the cheap seats. The ring began to fill with garbage as the fans protested this public display of cruelty. Cesaro alternated between rapid bounces and doing squats. Every action was designed to methodically ruin Paige’s back. Sara clapped, seeing the girl’s flawless figure break against her man’s unforgiving deltoids.

    Tough as she was, Paige was human and she was reminded of this as she felt a pop in her spine. Cesaro could feel it too and it only made him put more strength into the torture rack. Paige’s arms and legs were limp and her fleshy parts jiggled as she was stretched out for minutes on end. The muscles in her back and neck gave out. Cesaro racked her relentlessly, wanting to reduce her bones to powder. With every vile crack, Paige’s career was put in greater jeopardy.

    At last, Paige started to black out. The pain had overcome her, soon to be replaced by a chilling numbness. The last thing she saw was Husky’s face. As the light in her eyes dimmed, his conflicted expression warped into a wide grin.
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    Brutal. Well done. Love Paige, and love seeing her incessant beginner's luck in the ring tempered with a little agony.

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    I'm pretty sure this is what's known as a "career ending match"... even if it wasn't a match stipulation. Great job, I loved it. Even if I'd like to see it happen to AJ. :P
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    I don't think Paige/Britani can be described as a beginner.
  5. meepmeep

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    I meant it more in terms of her relative youth compared to people who have devoted their adult lives to it. I understand she's grown up around it her whole life and has undoubtedly put in a lot of effort, but I've never really been interested in the mechanics of the performance as much as I am having an excuse to ogle half-naked women.


    And back on topic, again, superb story TCR. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the gif, meeper, I actually missed that on RAW! HOOOOOOOOOOT
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    Wow, great story Paige is one of the hottest.