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World Without End(Story Wolrd Setting)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Kargan3033, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Kargan3033

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    Aug 10, 2015
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    Hello everyone here is the rough draft from a story world I am working on, basicly this world is a blending of modren day Earth 1st edtion Advanced Dungeons&Dragons and 3rd edition Gamma World.

    Basicly I am making this world as place for others here to creat their own Raynona/Zako stories.

    I will be working on this seting for awhile before it is done and I'll be doing my own stories in this world.

    Anyways here's what I have so far, try not to mind the spelling errors they can't be helped even with a spell checker due to my brain injury unless some is willing to do some editing for me.

    Name:Hickory Grove
    Nation:The Northshield Empire(Formerly Canada)
    Status:Special District
    Population:Estimated to be a 120,000
    Racial Brake Down:

    Persons of note:

    Name:Grayson Frost
    Hair:Short buzz cut light gray
    Eyes:Light gray
    Marital Status:Single

    Name:Freena River
    Height 6'4
    Hair:Long silver white in a ponytail that reaches below her ass
    Eyes:Light red
    Cup size:21C
    Profession:Chief of police
    Marital Status:Single

    Name:Mishalla Venomblood
    Hair:Long bone white
    Eyes:Dark green
    Cup size:34E
    Marital Status:Unknown
    Legal Status:Wanted for questioning

    Name:Ale Whore(real name unknown)
    Weight:275lbs(pure muscle)
    Hair:Long dark blood red
    Eyes:Light jade green
    Cup size:12H
    Profession:Arena Fighter
    Marital Status:Single

    Places of interest:

    City Hall:
    City Hall is a fortress unto it'self due to the chaotic nature of Hickory Grove that can withstand a year long siege, here the head office of every department that keeps the city running can be found here.

    There is a permanent detachment of Hickory City Police as well as a platoon of Northshield armed forces on call 24/7/365 a year with their own armoury and support staff as well as a small fleet of 36 light to medium land based combat vehicles.

    The Order Hospitaller is the city's main hospital that can house 75,000 people at maximum capacity with a full range of technological, magical and psionic medical treatment for humans and most demi humans.

    The Arena Of Sport

    This is the city's main stadium for sporting events for the city ranging from ice hockey to bloody gladiatorial games and all things between.

    The maximum seating capacity for the arena is 95,675 with multiple concession stands as well as medical staff to threat any injured sportsmen or fans who come to watch the games as well as animal and monster handlers to maintain the health and control over the animals and monsters for the arena's more exotic and bloody games.

    Security here is extremely tight due to the unstable situation in the city and the Northshield Empire.

    Sir Alphosarina Highschool

    This is the main highschool for the city and it houses 775 students juring the school year.

    The Sisters Of Repentance all girl's privet school

    This privet school is for the daughters of the rich and shameless of Hickory Grove and most of the students are steroid abusing body building lesbian freaks who have a not so friendly rivalry with the female students of Sir Alphosrarina Highschool due to their humiliating defeat in the inter school wresting tournament a year ago.