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Working For Your Cash

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by wilhitewarrior, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Jan 7, 2013
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    Okay so this one is a request from yuigx1. Hope you like it. :) As always, comments and criticisms welcome so long as its not just flaming. lol

    Working For Your Cash

    “Welp,” Cash said to himself, donning his cowboy hat, “Time to get to work.”

    He had followed his target halfway across the country. She wouldn't be expecting an attack here. She had proven to be one of the most slippery marks he had ever gone after, but for one million pieces in gold he wasn't about to give up any time soon. He was slippery too.

    Who was his mysterious employer? Why did he want her dead? Who cares? The thought of a million gold pieces quickly drove those thoughts away.

    He hid in one of the trees outside the massive house where his target was staying. Shortly thereafter he spotted her through the window in her third floor reading room. The house was huge with at least thirty guards he could see. She was definitely expecting trouble. Still, if that was all the guards she had then this would be easy. They had the eyesight of bats, the intelligence of dogs and for some reason there only seemed to be two or three distinct faces among them. All the rest looked exactly the same.

    He began making his way toward the house. He'd go in through the roof, he thought to him self just before he felt a faint tap of metal against his shoulder.

    What the- Cash thought as he turned to find a young girl of maybe 17 years old at best standing behind him with a rapier in one hand, the other on her hip and staring at him with a smug grin. The girl's long, purple hair was decorated with cat ears, her clothing barely existent. The light metal, also purple getup curved around her crotch and ass, not touching her legs at all, allowing for more mobility. There was a large hole, exposing her belly button and the area around it. The outfit stopped just above her breasts and exposed her cleavage,leaving her completely vulnerable at the chest and up, no sleeves or straps. There wasn't much reason for that, he thought to himself,other than her wanting to look sexy. It was working, but not the best priority if you were intending to kill someone.

    “Sorry,Mr. Assassin! You want to kill your target, you have to go through me!” She said with a cocky smile.

    “Who the hell are you?” He said with confusion. She wasn't one of the targets guards. Not dressed like that.

    “Name's Leixia!” She answered happily, “And I don't like assassins! You haven't been easy to track, you know that?! I've been chasing you for four hundred miles. I'm tired! Still, you're one of the best and getting you will look GREAT on my resume!”

    Cash just blinked. What was she, a vigilante? Maybe just a girl who read too many comic books?

    “I ain't got time to play with kiddies,” Cash finally responded,turning his back on her, “Go home and play with your action figures.”

    His reflexes kicked in as he heard the displacement of wind from her swinging sword, ducking just in time for it to miss him, having been aimed straight for his neck. On his way back up, Cash's uppercut connected with her chin, putting a few steps between them.

    “Just why are you doin' this anyway, kid? People who stick their noses where they don't belong end up getting' people like me sent after them and end up dead.”

    “We can talk afterward!” Leixia replied, swinging her sword around with flair, “Let's fight!”

    “Well,this will be easy.” said Cash dismissively as he drew his massive sword from his back.

    Cash dashed at her, swinging his huge sword upward at it, her blocking it with her sword but the impact so strong, it sending her flying back acouple of steps. As Leixia reeled from the attack, shortly after the hilt of Cash's sword found the side of her head.

    “OHHH!”She screamed in pain as she clutched her head. Cash did not relent,taking the opportunity to deliver a hard kick to her ribs. Leixia moaned in pain as one of them broke.

    Leixia surprised Cash, however by sidestepping the downward slash of his sword, delivering an uppercut to him with her own. Cash went flying into the air where she leaped into the air and delivered a high kick to his back. Still, he was far from beaten. The cut was superficial,his armor vest having absorbed most of it. Rolling backward, away from Leixia, Cash sprang back to his feet.

    Cash raised his sword, parrying the next few attacks which Leixia sent his way. She was good, but Cash was patient. She was not. Soon, Leixia left a wide opening, Cash answering with a wide upward slash.

    “AAAAAH!!”Leixia screamed as the slash cut her from belly to chest. Her cut was less superficial. Without medical attention, she would die. Still,she refused to give up, rolling back to her feet, she breathed rapidly and deeply, holding her belly as her blood formed a pool on the ground below her. She was hurt far too badly to stand any chance against him now, but she'd fight nonetheless. Cash had to admire her tenacity, if not her intelligence.

    She charged him one final time. Cash responded by slashing his sword at her ankles, cutting one of them deep. “Ungh!” Leixia screamed as she fell to her knees. She couldn't stand anymore. She merely sat there, moaning in pain and whimpering in fear, certain that he was going to finish her off now.

    “Keep yer nose outta other people's business, darlin'.” Cash responded one final time as his foot collided with her face. She moaned as she was propelled backward to the ground below.

    Leixia felt her warm blood trickling down from the large gash in her forehead that Cash's foot had made. She moaned softly as her consciousness began to slip from her. She saw Cash approaching, putting his sword back in its place. He stomped on her breast, causing blood to squirt from her wound, her body to spasm and a loud moan to escape her lips as more bones cracked. Cash knelt at her bleeding form, feeling around on her body, his hands working his way into her outfit and groping her breasts. Her consciousness finally slipped away just after seeing him tip his hat to her with an oddly polite “Obliged to ya, ma'am.”

    Leixia's eyes fluttered open some time later, it becoming clear what he had meant. Her jewelry, everything she had on her that was worth money was gone. “Oh, poo!” She exclaimed at this realization.

    Cash had beaten her, it was probably safe to assume his target was dead but she didn't have time to find out for sure. Somehow, she hadn't bled to death yet but if she didn't get to a clinic soon she would.She had some more training to do and the next time they met, the outcome would be different, she told herself as she limped away.
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    Thanks for fulfilling the request! The fanfic have a sense of humour & contains hilarious phrases like "go back and play with your action figures." Well, girls usually play with barbie lol
    I see u also used a lot of similar quotes from the game which appears to synchronize, that's the advantage from soul calibur games.
    Also, viewers can watch the animated match below.
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