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White Lotus vs. Zaeron El Volume 1: Unknown Threat

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by pittdirk34, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. pittdirk34

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    May 23, 2011
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    This is a rp Mah and I began. White Lotus takes on a new threat, Zaeron El! He plans on destroying her in front of all of her fans. Hope you enjoy. Volume 2 coming soon

    WL: This is a beatiful day in metropolis, blue sky a good temperature, the persons appears be happy. sometimes I fly low and can say hello from some of them
    ZE: I look at my henchmen. hurry up boys let's get moving. I look up at the sky to see if our guest has arrived. Not yet. but she will be soon
    WL: I realize that in a bank a ver strange situation is occurring
    ZE: "There she is!" one of the henchmen yells. I was in the shadows waiting for your approach.
    My men start firing their guns at you but they had no chance against you...
    They look at you but then they begin to smile as a shadow approached from behind. I grabbed you by the shoulders and threw you across the road into a car.
    WL: AAAAhhh who dares to attack me?
    ZE: I stand up straight and look down upon you. "I am your end, White Lotus." You lunged at me but I swatted my hand across your cheek sending you to the ground
    Who are you? How can you be so strong? How can someone be so strong that can hit me and tear me down?
    ZE: "Why spoil the fun, White Lotus?"
    WL: I lunge at you ready to attack...
    Using my speed I avoid your attak.
    Look I don´t know who you are, but, you chose the wrong girl to disturb.
    I fly in your direction trying to attack you with a punch.
    ZE: the punch landed and I was sent backwards, smashing into the cars behind me. I rub my chin and look as you were preparing to attack me again. "You think you can fight me White Lotus?" The crowd began to look at the battle...
    WL: Fight with you? I will destroy you.
    I run to you and prepares a kick.
    ZE: You miss me but only by an inch as I send my fist barreling into your belly
    "We'll see"
    I fall back.
    you are resisting a little longer thatn I thought.
    I prepare a strong punch and run once again in your direction
    ZE:Your punch connects to the right side of my jaw sending me to the floor once again You leap at me and I prepare for another counter attack
    WL: I avoid your counter attack
    I keep some distance from you.
    It´s that you aren´t a normal man, nobody resisted my to my attacks before, without say in hits me.
    WL: well im not like most men, nor are you like most womenn White Lotus. I attack again aiming for you head
    I receive your attack and give some steps behind.
    You are so strong that can force me back and worst I CAN FEEL THE PAIN OF YOUR PUNCHES AND KICKS
    I don´t want to show surprise and try to give you a punch.
    ZE:"oh how precious" I say as I catch your fist in midair. I grab you by the throat and lift you into the air. "Here I thought you were supposed to be the mightiest heroine?" I squeeze your throat and hold you up high
    WL: AAHAA Whaaat, how can this be?
    I kick you trying to scape.
    ZE: what is this? I look at you and I take the white lotus flower from you. "this looks important" i say laughing
    WL: Noooooooooo, give me back!
    I try to reach my flower in your hand.
    ZE: You reach for the lotus flower but I fight it off easily, your power was draining fast. I placed you back on the ground. You continued to reach for the flower. "Tell me, do you still feel special?" I leaned into you and brought my knee up between your legs with incredible force
    Thinking to myself: I can´t let he know about my weakness.
    I try to roll for scape of you.
    ZE: was of no use, i repeatedly punched you in the stomach, the breasts, your pussy. laughing as i did so
    I strugle to scape from that drubbing, but is useless, now you are stronger than me
    ZE:i smiled as i beat you down. I noticed as the crowd looked. faces of shock as I hit you over and over again.
    I grab you by the throat again. "Soon you'll be nothing to these people. you will be defeated by me
    WL: Noooo...o, this will not happen, I ca...n defeat you
    ZE: defeat me? i slap you across the face. you think you can defeat me? You head hung back as your body absorbed the blows. Your nothing without your little flower
    WL: I still have my force of will, I will defeat you and save these people,
    I give some kicks in your body.
    ZE: ooff, the blows caught me off guard as i threw you to the ground. I stood over you. You tried to punch me but I shoved your hand aside. I stood over you. "Why don't you save them?" I mocked as I looked down at your figure.
    WL: despite my little reaction I still weakned by your attacks and mainly by the absence of my flower.
    I am strugling to keep myself stand, but, can´t let you see my weakned state.
    I decide try to fight and launch a kick
    ZE: your kick lands in my stomach, as I reeled back you stood in front of me. "well come on then? come at me!" i mocked
    WL: do not mock me
    I try to give a punch on your face
    ZE: I grabbed your hand and twisted it behind your back.
    "You are weak, white lotus, you aren't worthy to protect these wonderful citizens."
    WL: Yes, I can do it
    I try to attack you using my elbow
    ZE: your elbow lands against the side of my head, enraging me more. I grab your cape and I hurl you across the street. You crash into a light post
    I stand up again and walk weakned and slowly to you
    I can´t permit myself lose that fight.
    ZE: I look at you and I could tell that you seemed ready to fall. "Oh i have something special planned for you Lotus," I pretend to strike your head, but then lift my foot and send it crashing into your crotch...
    I bow and kneel before you
    ZE:the crowd looked on with fear in their eyes. "Well on to our next adventure Lotus, I'm sure you'll enjoy it."
    I clenched my fist and delivered a vicious uppercut underneath your chin, intent on knocking you out...
    WL:the force of your uppercut makes my body up and fall back.
    everything is becoming black I almost can´t see the face of the persons around and you.
    I faint.
    ZE: Once you were out we bound your hands behind you and I slung you over my shoulder. Time to go gentlemen. We leave with your unconscious body to the arena...
    I am groaning while trying to wake up. Oh My what is this. I observe some persons around, some cameras around the place. I try to move but I am chained.
    ZE: "hello again, white lotus, soon you'll make your way to the center of the arena." I placed my hands on the chain that connected to the neck collar. "After tonight, everyone will know my name as the one who defeated white lotus."I tugged on the neck chain, choking you
    Wha...aa...aaa...t are you planning to do?
    ZE: i will defeat and humiliate you in front of all your loyal fans do you see them? I pointed out the hostages i held. "they're all dying to see you completely defeated and me standing over your destroyed body." i snarled. well then on with the show. I grabbed the neck chain and dragged you towards the center of the arena
    WL: I can´t even resist, I feel like a puppet
    this is not fair, I am not in conditions to fight
    ZE: every protest I yanked the chain harder. "it doesn't matter if you're ready." we arrive at the center of the arena and I remove the chains and your hands and neck were free
    the cameras were rolling the petrified hostages looked on with some bit of hope towards you. I smiled as you approached me
    WL: you are insane, is not enough make these persons watching this, you also wants to film this, is not enough for you? you want to film this horror show?
    ZE: "haha why of course!" I need evidence of your defeat!
    I rushed at you with my fist clenched aimed at you...
    WL: The force of your fist makes me turn and stagger.
    my arms are down I am so weakned that I can´t even defend myself.
    ZE: I follow it up with another hook to the side of your face
    then one to your gut
    and another vicious uppercut
    the sounds of each impact echoed throughout the arena as the hostages turned their heads away in horror.
    WL: ooooooohhh
    I fall on the ground.
    Why? How can you beat me so easily?
    I can´t even defend me.
    I stand up.
    ZE: "fool, you are now the victim of Zaeron El, the one who defeated the "great" White Lotus!" I picked you up and raised you over my head. I brought you back down, back first onto my knee.
    WL: uuuuuooooaaaaaaahhhh
    pleeeeeaaaaase, don´t do this
    please, don´t hurt me
    don´t make these persons watches this
    ZE: I grab you by the throat. "They will all watch you suffer? And were you begging me to stop? the great white lotus? HAHA. "you're pathetic. you could never defeat me."
    I slap you across the face
    WL: my face turns to the side of your slap
    How can you do this?
    I am weak and defenseless
    ZE: I pick you up and drag you in front of one of the hostages. I place you in front of him as I remove your bra. He looks at you with fear in his eyes as your breasts are exposed. "Maybe he'll save you now Lotus?" I rub your bra in your face
    stop please
    give me back
    I try to reach my bra.
    ZE: i continue to laugh as you reach for your bra. I pick you up in my arms, my breasts were crushed underneath my arms as I picked you up in a bearhug and swung you back and forth
    WL: aaaahhh
    please stop
    ooooohhh go....ooooo....d
    ZE: I set you down in front of me and as you stood up i knelt behind you driving my fist between your legs crushing your pussy. the impact knocked you to the ground in agony. the boy looked terrified...
    WL: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    I place my hands on my pussy trying to ease the pain
    ZE: "ouch did that sting a bit? you're not gonna cry are you, in front of the boy? i taunted as you cupped your crotch in your hands. "Get up!"
    WL: a tear trickles, but, I dry.
    I can´t accept that fact of these persons are watching her heroine being destroyed in front of their eyes.
    I stand up one more time.
    ZE:i look at you and smile
    I lunge at you punching you in the face, the stomach, as the hostages plead with me begging me to stop beating you. "please stop beating Lotus!"
    I laugh it off as I continue to destroy your body
    It´s terrible. The pain together, begging for me, and the worst part is the fact that I can´t do nothing... unless take this beat.
    My spirit is being broken.
    ZE: I place you in front of me. You were only in your bikini, which was now beginning to fall apart from the beating. "let's get you out of this." I pulled off your bikini and you were completely naked in front of the hostages
    i threw you in front of them. You landed on all fours, crawling trying to pull yourself up
    WL: I talk to the hostages: pleee...aaaseee, don´t look at this
    Please close your eyes
    turn your heads to other side
    bbu bu bu bu bu bu...t please, don´t look at me at this situation
    ZE: I see you pleading with the hostages and I go over to where you had fallen. I grab your left breast and pick you up. I place you in front of one of the hostages.
    "you don't wanna see this? are you kidding? this is the main event!" I began to punch you repeatedly in the breasts, the stomach, your pussy all while the guys and girls turned their heads disgusted
    WL: ple
    don´t make them watch a scene like this

    ZE: the humiliation was perfect but i wasnt done yet. i grabed your hair and led you to another male hostage while you were on all fours like a dog. "let's go. i think he wants to see you too!"
    WL: aaaaahhh, no please, stop
    don´t do this
    ZE: i stood you up again. "throw a punch at me Lotus, you weak girl!"
    WL: I am suspicious, but, follow your command, because this can be my chance to change the destiny of this fight
    my punch was totally useless, I feel like my hand is broken
    ZE: i spun you around facing the male hostage as i punched you repeatedly in the back
    you cried out in pain but i didnt let up
    WL: aaaaaahhh
    Thinking to my self: This can´t be happening, I don´t belive, I am white lotus the super heroine, the powerful girl, how can this guy defeat me so easily?
    ZE: i watch as you collapse to the ground your arms and legs spread apart. you re breathing was heavy. i placed my hand on your belly
    i smile. is there anything i havent destroyed yet? i ask

    WL:wha... wha... what kind of question is this? have you done yet? you punished me, tortured me in front of my fans, what more do you want to do?
    ZE:"I want you to admit that I am better than you!"
    and im sure these fans enjoy themselves seeing your suffering!
    WL: noooooo way
    I...I...I can´t do this.
    ZE: you will! I picked you up by the hair and led you over the the male hostage. I reached between your legs and viciously grabbed the tender area as the man looked on horrified. "it looks like he doesn't want to see you suffer anymore" I mock
    "let her go man! you're evil!" he yells pleading with me to release you
    WL: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
    how can you be so bad? don´t you hear them? they want that you stop this situation
    ZE: i release my grip on your crotch as you crumble to the ground. I stand over you and grab you by the throat. "must this continue? just say what i want to hear and your suffering will be over
    WL: no
    ZE: i picked you up and hurled you across the room
    Before you had a chance to react i sent a right hook to your jaw then another. then a brutal knee to your lower belly
    WL: aaahhh
    I.....I...I wiiiiiiii....lll not say
    ZE: I pick you up and i fling your body over my head and hold you up high so the hostages take a good look at your naked, defeated body. "take a good look ladies and gentlemen at your heroine!"
    WL: pleeeeease, don´t look
    ZE: I pick you up and I place you near a male and female hostage. I place you with your face on the ground and butt in the air and I point to you. "This is your superheroine now!If you don't surrender to me, I will kill them now!
    WL: all all right
    I talk
    ZE: I grab you by the hair and lead you to the center of the ring. You stumbled there as your body was badly destroyed in the onslaught. I'd like all these cameras to capture this moment if you will. "bow before me!" And acknowledge that I am your superior!
    WL: I raise my arms as a signal of surrender and kneel before you
    I White Lotus recognize Zaeron El as my superior, he defeated me, tortured me, humiliated me, stripped me and I didn´t have any chance against his power. I surrender for him and place my destiny at his hands
    my face is down by the shame, but I still knelling and with my arms raised.
    Now I begin to cry
    ZE: HAHAHAHA Feast your eyes, see for yourself you're precious White Lotus is defeated! I, Zaeron El, am her better. I smile as you cry and and I approach you I look into your eyes, red and raw from crying
    "I wonder how they will receive you back in Metropolis?" i hissed
    "Now tell me..." I took out your precious Lotus flower. "where did you find this?"....
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    Amazing RP, Mah and pittdirk34, congratulations, great work
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    Thank you prince
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    Nice RP