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What If? - Velvet Mcintyre (WWF) vs Jumbo Flapjack (Muscle Bomber / Slam Masters)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Pitwar, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Pitwar

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    May 9, 2012
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    "Welcome to tonight's CWA Global Invitational bout! In the blue corner, from Cork County Ireland, weighing in at 162 pounds...Velvet Mcintyre!"

    Raising her arms as she paced around her side of the ring, Velvet Mcintyre began to take off her sheer white jacket. Leaving it on the apron of the ring with her sandals, the long-haired wrestler grabbed the corner ropes and leapt up and down a few times, limbering up as she prepared for the match to begin. Wearing a pink one-piece with black and white kneepads, Velvet bounced on bare feet as she got used to the feel of the canvas. With the CWA opening its doors to any and all challengers, she was quick to sign up and try to find a grander stage than what she could find back home.

    "And in the red corner, from Yellowknife Canada, weighing in at 441 pounds...Jumbo Flapjack!"

    Staring at her opponent as he entered the ring, Velvet saw a mountain of a man, barely contained within his purple ring gear. With a wild beard and menacing facepaint, Jumbo threw aside his cane and top hat before spitting a cloud of colourful mist around him. Then, he held something near his mouth before blowing a jet of flames across the ring. Velvet ducked and rolled into the corner, sitting on the mat and calming her nerves as the referee admonished Jumbo for the display. Getting to her feet, she moved away from the turnbuckle and towards the center of the ring, looking over her enormous opponent as the bell rang.

    Velvet circled around Jumbo, before leaping in with a forearm blow. Jumbo barely moved, looking back at Velvet before she leapt up and threw a forearm into his body again. After another pause, Velvet ran towards the ropes, bouncing off and coming towards Jumbo at full speed. She leapt once more, aiming to deliver a forearm straight into her opponent's face, but he stepped forward and caught her in a bearhug. Jumbo squeezed Velvet's midsection, wrenching her three times before tossing her struggling body behind him. Hitting the mat near one of the turnbuckles, Velvet grabbed the ropes and got to her feet, holding her stomach and looking at Jumbo with a stunned intimidation. He responded by slapping his belly and then raising his arms with a loud hollar, getting an audible reaction from the crowd.

    Moving away from the corner, Velvet decided to dive in and grapple with her opponent. Getting ahold of one of his arms, Velvet went for a quick armdrag takedown. Jumbo did not budge, so Velvet tried again, and then yanked with a frustrated shout. Jumbo's other arm then slid down her thigh, lifting her up and dropping her tailbone onto his knee. Bouncing forward and landing on her knees, Velvet held her aching posterier as she crawled away, getting to her feet just as Jumbo grabbed hold of her bountiful head of hair. Pulling Velvet back to the center of the ring, Jumbo reared back and slammed a headbutt into her skull. She flew back, legs kicking out involuntarily before hitting the canvas. Velvet lay prone, clutching at her head until a purple boot pressed down onto her stomach. Grabbing Jumbo's ankle as she tried to push it away from her body, Velvet then made a sudden wretching gasp as Jumbo stepped forward, briefly pushing over 400 pounds of weight into her gut. She curled into a ball as soon as his boot left her belly, rolling over and gasping rapidly for air.

    Gritting her teeth as her opponent grabbed two handfuls of her hair, Velvet got to her feet and began to grapple with Jumbo as he yanked her towards him. Then, she yelped as he suddenly reached down and grabbed hold of her legs, pulling them out from under her. Her head bounced off the canvas once before her body begin to whirl around. Jumbo span around many times as he executed the giant swing maneuver, finally releasing his opponent as he launched her straight into one of the corner ring posts. Velvet lay in a heap, clutching her head after it had smacked against the lower turnbuckle. Jumbo marched towards her, forcing her to her feet and then shoving her into the corner. An overhand chop and a boot to her chest left Velvet dazed, arms draped over the ropes. Jumbo stepped back, and then charged forward and bodysplashed his opponent, crushing her against the turnbuckles. Grabbing one of Velvet's arms, he whipped her across the ring and into the opposite corner, and then splashed his weight into her once again. Velvet fell straight forward as he stepped away, laying facedown on the mat until her limp form was rolled over by one of Jumbo's boots. He planted a sole on her chest, waiting for the pin, and was surprised to see her jerk to one side to escape it by the 2-count.

    Jumbo hauled Velvet off the mat, taking her over to the nearest corner and before delivering a chop to her throat. As she gagged, Velvet was shoved into the corner. Jumbo prepared to splash her again, but as he charged forward, Velvet ducked away at the last second and caused him to run straight into the turnbuckles and ring post. As Jumbo stagged back, Velvet sprang to her feet and leapt to deliver a one-footed dropkick. Her opponent took the hit but was pushed barely one step back, so she ran towards the ropes to build momentum, and then gave him another dropkick. As Jumbo teetered and waved his arms around, Velvet sprinted away and into the opposing ropes, before running as fast as she could to land one more dropkick. Jumbo turned and fell flat on his face, shaking the ring as his body hit the mat. Velvet strained to roll him onto his back, needing several seconds to move his weight. Then, she bounced off the ropes one more time and bodysplashed her fallen opponent, leaving herself draped over his small mountain of an upper body as the referee began to count the pin. At the 2-count, Jumbo pushed his arms up and shoved Velvet off, actually making her airborne for a moment before she hit the mat by his head.

    Throwing barefooted stomps and wild forearms into Jumbo as he got up, Velvet was unable to keep the big wrestler down on the ground. Desperate, she ran back towards the ropes and charged towards him. Jumbo suddenly span around, spitting a cloud of mist that blinded her and caused her to fall to one side. The referee did the same, rubbing at his eyes as the cloud wafted into his face faster than he could anticipate it. Seeing the official on the floor, Jumbo quickly pulled Velvet up to her knees before pulling at the tape around his wrist. Planting a boot against her back, Jumbo slipped some tape around her throat and yanked back, choking his opponent brutally as she made loud gagging noises. Clawing at the tape across her neck, Velvet was helpless as her face grew red and her tongue began to protrude from her gasping mouth. The referee cleared his eyes and began to stand up, so Jumbo ended the strangling by booting Velvet in the back of the head hard enough to snap the tape and send her down to the canvas. The referee gave Jumbo a loud and final warning for the mist cloud, while Velvet gulped down mouthfuls of air and began to crawl away.

    A blubbery pair of arms suddenly closed around her waist, and Velvet cried out as she was suddenly lifted off the mat and into the air. Jumbo held her up for a few moments before finishing the backdrop suplex, barely letting his opponent bounce off the canvas before laying into her head and chest with rapid and heavy stomps. Then, he lifted a massive leg and dropped it across her throat, forcing Velvet to flop into a spreadeagled and stunned position. As she lay staring at the ceiling through glazed eyes, Velvet thought she heard a growing rumble. Jumbo bounced off the ropes and ran towards her, before jumping up and splashing her with his gigantic belly. Velvet made a loud noise as her arms and legs flopped again, her body otherwise pinned down beneath Jumbo's. The referee began to count to three.

    Just before the final call, Jumbo yanked Velvet's limp form up by the back of her head, cancelling the pinfall himself. She slumped back to the canvas with a dazed and confused look on her face, and then was slowly helped to her feet by her opponent. Walking Velvet to one side of the ring, Jumbo then whipped her towards the opposing side and ran after her. Just as she hit the ropes, Velvet was blasted by Jumbo's flying elbow smash and flew head-over-heels out of the ring. Jumbo stepped through the ropes and down onto the arena floor, collecting Velvet off the floor and scooping her up before bodyslamming her onto the unforgiving surface. Her expression was frozen in quiet, stunned agony, and the impact left her stunned and helpless as Jumbo quickly yanked her up to and off her feet into another massive bearhug. As the referee's count reached 6, Jumbo pumped his arms and crushed Velvet against his massive stomach, bending her spine and squeezing her ribs as she struggled and squirmed. Pounding her fists against her opponent, Velvet began verbally submitting, but the referee was both in the ring and busy reaching the number 12 in his count-out call.

    Wringing his opponent left and right as her arms and legs grew limp, Jumbo then tossed her to one side and right onto the ring apron. Velvet tumbled under the bottom rope and into the ring, coming to a rest facedown and clutching her spine. She was mostly unmoving as Jumbo re-entered the ring before the 20-count, pausing to slap his belly and raise his arms with a victorious roar. Jumbo pulled up on Velvet's head, raising her up onto her knees as she continued holding her back and gasping in pain. She made a loud noise of frightened frustration as Jumbo scooped her up and held her across his chest, carrying her slowly around the ring. Velvet's legs kicked weakly as she was then taken to the center of the ring. Jumbo waited for a moment, and then slammed her straight down, simultaneously splashing his weight into her stomach as she hit the canvas. With Velvet laid out at his feet, spreadeagled and staring at the ceiling, Jumbo circled around her briefly before a cruel look came over his face. He then began jumping and stamping his boots into the mat, shaking the ring and causing Velvet to jostle in place. Jumbo ran back and forth, bouncing off of opposing ropes twice before leaping into the air and landing in a seated position on Velvet's chest. With a loud gutteral noise, Velvet's legs flopped violently. She barely managed to kick one foot weakly against the mat as the referee counted to three and then called for the bell, signalling her loss by pinfall.

    "Here is your winner, Jumbo Flapjack!!"

    Jumbo stood up, nodding as his win was announced, and then suddenly ran the ropes again before leaping and sitting down on Velvet a second time. Her body spasmed beneath him, as she coughed up some foamy spittle and shuddered. Once Jumbo stood up, Velvet weakly raised an arm to reach for ropes that were very far away, writhing softly as her chest raised and lowered unevenly. She was barely aware of what was happening as Jumbo ran the ropes one more time, but felt an agonizing crunch inside of her as Jumbo's third crushing Earthquake Splash drove his weight down hard enough to crack several of her ribs. Velvet coughed up some more foamy spit, now flecked with blood. She spasmed irregularly, otherwise completely unconscious and flattened on the mat. Jumbo stamped a boot into her chest, flopping her body one last time as he posed for the crowd, and taking his time as medical personnel prepared a stretcher for her outside of the ring.
  2. TheCrimsonRisk

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    Fat guy vs. smaller woman, one-piece classic gear, bone breaking hugs and slams, and one of my favourite finishers being done on a female wrestler?

    So much like.
  3. Kargan3033

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    Aug 10, 2015
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    Nicely done Pitwar, short sweet and savage all though I would have love to seen Velvet take an even worse beating the action in the story was well thought out and well executed.