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What If? - Makoto Aihara (Rumble Roses) vs Kintaro (Mortal Kombat)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Pitwar, Mar 13, 2016.

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    May 9, 2012
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    "Let our next exhibition match begin! Another champion of Earthrealm Kombat has been brought to Outworld to compete against one of our own. Bring forth the outsider!"

    Stepping out into the arena, Makoto Aihara began to wish she had never studied judo, much less become a black-belt by her eighteenth birthday. All she knew was that gifted martial artists had been abducted with her among them, and their captors wished for them to fight brutal matches against their otherworldly warriors. All she had wanted was to use her skills to find fame and victory in the world of professional wrestling, and now she was stranded on a dragon-symbolized ring that was still stained with much of the blood of her fellow combatants. It was a round surface that felt very solid underfoot, and was surrounded by curved spikes that prevented anyone from leaving until they were permitted to.

    Nervously adjusting the large blue bow that held back her shoulder-length hair, the teenaged japanese girl wore her usual white gi jacket and treasured black belt over a white-frilled blue bra and black shorts. Her bare feet were partially taped on their insteps and up their ankles, and she absolutely made sure to step around a sizeable pool of blood near her edge of the ring as she moved closer to the center and waited.

    "From Earthrealm, Makoto Aihara! And from Outworld, mighty Kintaro!"

    Makoto had already seen some very frightening things in Outworld, but she gaped in fear as she saw a massive four-armed fighter leap into the ring to face her. His feline features and tiger stripes only served to further intimidate her as he roared and bared his fangs. Spikes adorned his shoulderpads, wrist braces, and kneepads.

    "W-Wait!" she cried, fidgeting rapidly with her belt. "S-Surely, he cannot use those...those fangs and claws, when I have none." She bit her lip and then added, "Is this not a ring of honorable combat?"

    There was a moment of tenseness as Kintaro glowered at her. Then, he beat his chest and roared back at her.

    "Mighty Kintaro agrees to sheathe his claws to prove his Shokan superiority, even without his unique gifts of nature!"

    Her heart still racing as she bowed politely, Makoto felt at least a small taste of relief. While the four-armed beast could still beat her with his powerful body, she would not be gutted and ripped open if she got within arm's reach. She clung to the hope that she would either defeat him with her grappling prowess, or put up enough of a fight to satisfy her captors and be released.


    Inching around her advancing opponent, Makoto was crouched in a combat posture while she tried to see the Shokan’s four arms as additional opportunities to control the match. Kintaro’s roar shook her nerves, as did the enormous punch that rocketed towards her face. Makoto dodged and wrapped her arms around her opponent’s, swallowing her fear as she pushed against the monstrous fighter. Using his momentum and her judo skill, Makoto flipped Kintaro over her hips and down to the ground. The thud nearly made her lose her balance, but the teenage judoka held her opponent’s massive limb and swirled herself around it to lock in an armbar hold. Just as soon as she began putting pressure on his joints, Kintaro’s two opposing arms grabbed hold of Makoto’s ankle and wrist, yanking her loose. She cried out in surprise as she was hurled away, tumbling several feet across the ring as Kintaro stood back up.

    Backing away instinctively after getting off the floor, Makoto gasped quietly as she felt a curved spike brush against her as a reminder that she had reached the edge of the ring. The young fighter then squeaked as she saw Kintaro launch himself into the air to land right on top of her. Makoto rolled forward, feeling the ring buckle as her opponent’s feet came down with a loud boom. Thinking quickly, she ran forward with a battlecry and threw her entire weight into a dropkick, aiming to smash into Kintaro’s back in order to knock him into the brutal barrier. Her heels made a satisfying clap against the Shokan’s back, but her body proceeded to bounce feet-first off of his imposing form. Scrambling to get up, Makoto leapt at Kintaro before he could turn around, aiming to lock in a rear choke hold. A startlingly fast backhand blow connected with her in mid-air, flipping the teenage judoka head over heels as she flew back towards the center of the ring.

    “So strong…” thought Makoto, groaning as she stumbled to her feet and began to regain her senses. “I-I...I have to be stronger…!”

    Kintaro stomped towards her, preparing to throw another massive punch. Makoto rolled with the incoming blow, grabbing the arm in order to throw her opponent once again. Two hands grabbed hold of her as she went for the hip-toss, wrestling the momentum away from her. Makoto turned to face Kintaro as he pulled her away from his arm, soon finding herself grappling with four powerful limbs. She tried valiantly to engage him, but none of her judo or wrestling training had ever prepared her for such an inhuman foe. Kintaro held his opponent’s shoulders and legs as he lifted her struggling body into the air, whipping her in an overhead arc before slamming her into the ground. Makoto tried to get away as she felt all four of Kintaro’s hands grab hold of her torso, and cried out as she was pulled right off the ring floor and into another overhead slam. The young fighter bounced off the unforgiving surface, wracked with pain and filled with adrenaline as she crawled to her feet.

    Throwing all four of his arms around her upper body, Kintaro squeezed Makoto against his chest. Her own arms trapped against her sides as her toes barely touched the ground, Makoto moaned as her body was crushed within four powerful limbs. Releasing the hold with his upper arms and maintaining it with his lower ones, Kintaro bearhugged the teenage judoka while simultaneously pounding on her chest and collarbone. Her arms flailing in their newfound freedom, Makoto felt her strength sapping rapidly with each thunderous blow. In desperation, she jabbed a thumb into one of Kintaro’s eyes, drawing a surprised roar from the monstrous fighter. Slipping free of his grasp, Makoto pulled herself over one of Kintaro’s shoulders, wrapping her legs around his neck as she grabbed one of his upper arms and twisted it behind his back. The combination headscissor armlock tightened, forcing Kintaro to one knee as the flow of air and blood in his throat suffered a sudden constriction.

    Feeling her opponent’s hands prying at her legs, Makoto tightened the pressure as hard as she could. She felt a satisfying crack within Kintaro’s captured arm, while his third free hand began to grab at her gi jacket as it reached behind him. Holding on as long as she could, Makoto’s finally had to let up the pressure. Even in his weakened state, Kintaro quickly threw her off of his back, once he got ahold of her ankles and jacket. Rolling onto her knees, Makoto breathed heavily as she blinked sweat from her eyes. Her skin was glistening, and as she saw her opponent begin to get off of his knee and turn to face her, the teenage judoka’s cheeks grew flush with tired and panicked frustration. Charging forward, she reached for Kintaro’s body and legs as she cried out, “Galaxy Tornado--!”

    As her arms wrapped around thin air, she sputtered, “--M-Makoto…?!” Looking up as she realized Kintaro had leapt straight up and out of the way, she saw the soles of his two-toed feet before his entire weight came down onto her shoulders. Makoto was flattened face-down beneath her opponent, who immediately grabbed the back of her neck and scraped her across the ring floor as he threw her forward. Quivering in pain as she crawled to her hands and knees, Makoto stared at the ground as she tried to regain her senses. Kintaro grabbed hold of her head with one hand, forcing her to her feet before launching her into the air with an uppercut. An arc of spittle sprayed from the teenage judoka’s mouth as she took flight. The Shokan leapt after her, grabbing her body out of the air and driving it down over his knee as he landed. The crack of the backbreaker was immediately followed by a dull thud as Kintaro’s other arms brought fists down onto Makoto’s outstretched body. She was still howling in pain as her body was pushed away and onto the ground, shuddering and curling into a ball.

    A firm grip around one of her ankles filled Makoto with dread, before Kintaro threw her over onto her back. The young fighter tried to lift her head, and then began to scream as she saw her opponent falling from the sky. Kintaro landed on Makoto and stomped on her body four times, with four deafening booms. Makoto flopped with each stomp as she made a long and dreadful scream, feeling terrifying crunches within her chest and waist. Kintaro threw his arms out and roared to the sky, his earthrealm opponent crushed beneath his feet. Spasming softly after the Shokan stepped off of her, Makoto only had moments before Kintaro stomped the ground hard enough to bounce her up into the air. Crying helplessly as she began to fall, Makoto found herself caught by one thigh. Kintaro raised her up like a trophy, both of her arms and her free leg dangling.

    “S-so strong...and I am so w-weak,” thought Makoto, “I-I am nothing compared to him…” The young fighter felt humiliated, blushing rapidly as she gasped for uneven breaths. She was barely conscious, wishing that she could just mercifully pass out.


    Makoto’s heart skipped a beat as a final surge of adrenaline kept her suffering body awake. She immediately remembered the spikes and the blood, and realized what those words meant. As Kintaro took hold of both of her legs and held her upside-down in front of him, Makoto rapidly began to beg for mercy.

    “N-No, please!” Tears began to fill her weary and frightened eyes. “I submit! I submit! I sub-MUUUOOOOUUUGH!!!”

    Kintaro’s fists slammed together with her midsection in between them, forcing a crunch from Makoto as her pleas were cut off. Tossing her over in his hands like a ragdoll, Kintaro grabbed one of the young fighter’s shoulders in one hand, and both of her ankles in the other. Raising her overhead as she shook her head desperately and whimpered, Kintaro stretched her body out before ramming both of his lower fists up into the small of her back. Makoto coughed up some spit as her spine cracked, squawking with the impact. Kintaro began pulling her down as he pushed his fists up, and his opponent’s body shivered as it began to bend and crunch.

    “NUH-- NO-- NAWWKKH!!” Makoto’s eyes bugged out as Kintaro’s fists rammed through her body, protruding messily up out of her midsection. The Shokan released her ankles and shoulder, letting her body spasm freely as it was held up by the fists that had punched through its back. Makoto saw a chunk of her spinal column slowly sliding off of Kintaro’s knuckles, tears and sweat running down her face as she pitifully reached a quivering hand up to take back the bloodied piece of her body. Her vision grew dark as she wished one last time to escape to the safety of a wrestling ring. The teenage judoka’s glistening eyes rolled back as she finally went limp, spasming softly as her tongue protruded from her gaping mouth, a final spurt of blood shooting out of her rattling throat. Kintaro let her body drape down over his forearms, before whipping his arms down and throwing her onto the ground. Makoto lay sprawled and facedown at his feet in a growing pool of blood, a violent hole rended in the back of her gi jacket.

  2. noche

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    Mar 3, 2012
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    Pretty solid story man, plus is rumble roses and mortal kombat enought said
    I am no one special but i approve this fic!
  3. Kargan3033

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    Aug 10, 2015
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    Lovely story Pitwar you have defiantly improved since your last story the action was solid and well paced also you gave insight as to what Makoto's thoughts are and her over mind set given that she knew she was outclassed but yet she kept on fighting right up to the end of the match and her life..
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