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What If? - Luisa Morra vs Pumola (Bloodsport)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Pitwar, Jun 16, 2015.

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    (I made up a Bloodsport fanfic character, LOL)


    When Ricardo Morra went to the Kumite, it had brought elation to his family and his home town. When word got back that he had been beaten, not even by the champion, but by a fighter who was taken out of the running by the semi-finals, there was quiet disappointment. When he arrived home with an injured back and barely able to walk, many wanted to put the event behind them.

    Not Luisa Morra. The sight of her defeated and deflated older brother filled her with the manic fire that had since left him. She put everything she had into becoming the fighter Ricardo was, learning to embrace the animal within her. It took months for her to crack her first coconut with her bare hands, and many distanced themselves from her once they realized the little girl would not listen to their dissuading words. She spent the next 5 years slowly becoming the wild forest-dweller her brother had once been, foraging supplies for her village and soon facing other young fighters from the area. Luisa put all of her heart and soul into earning her keep and training her skills.

    And it all paid off as she received the invitation that would once have gone to her brother. She would represent her kin at the Kumite, and regain her family's honor. Setting off in a boat with a small satchel slung over one arm, Luisa travelled to the otherworldly city of Hong Kong.


    It was the second day of the tournament, and Luisa Morra had two victories under her belt. She fought harder than she ever had before, pushed on not only by her desire to win, but her status on the roster as well. She was not only a rare female combatant in the Kumite, but its youngest entrant to date at 17 years of age. She knew that at least one match had gone her way within seconds due to her opponent underestimating her, but she also knew that she had earned her entry into the tournament through her own blood and sweat.

    She also knew that the man who defeated her brother had returned to compete, once more. Luisa watched the powerhouse known as Pumola decimate his opponents, and felt a quiet rage as she envisioned him doing the same to Ricardo. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the next match go up, as her name was placed right next to Pumola's. Licking her lips and slapping her shoulders, she slowly crept off the bench, and then sprinted and rolled onto the fighting platform.

    Luisa's small dark-skinned frame was thin and wiry, much like her brother's at his peak. She wore his yellow sash belt proudly, along with a simple black top and briefs, and her messy dark hair brushed the back of her neck and across her brow as she crouched low and eyed her opponent. Pumola was an enormous asian man in a simple loincloth, who swung his arms and cracked his neck as he waited to see what Luisa would do next.

    Using her bare hands and feet to move around the mat, Luisa circled her opponent. She rolled forward past Pumola, then leapt up and chopped at his head. After the impact, Luisa jumped back as Pumola swang an arm back towards her. She hopped forward with another chop to his head, followed up by a spinning kick to his face. Luisa stared back at Pumola as he stood his ground, and then dove between his legs as he reached for her body. Popping up behind him, Luisa jumped onto his back and began chopping repeatedly at his head. Pumola turned from side to side, trying to grab at his opponent as she laid into his skull, and eventually got ahold of one of her arms. Yanking forward, Pumola hurled Luisa off of his back. She tumbled into a messy landing a several feet away, getting up onto her hands and feet and bouncing back another few inches. Luisa stared at Pumola once again, trying to figure out how to topple the large wrestler as he slowly lumbered towards her.

    Finding herself cornered, Luisa went to roll to one side, but found herself caught under one of Pumola's arms. She wrestled with him for a desperate moment, managing to kick one of her feet up behind her and into his face. This staggered her opponent, but also forced her back towards the nearby edge of the ring. As Pumola advanced again, Luisa went to dive forward between his legs. Just as she tried to hop up behind him, she realized he had a firm grip on one of her ankles. Clawing at the mat, Luisa tried and failed to escape before she was pulled straight up off the floor by her leg. Pumola collected the struggling little fighter under one of his arms and turned around. Luisa beat rapidly at his body, unable to get free. Pumola lifted up a knee as he threw Luisa's back down onto it, causing her body to bend upon impact before he threw her into the center of the ring. Luisa screamed as an agonizing pain suddenly shot into her spine and spread across her back. She writhed and twisted on the ground, trying to get up and finding it very difficult to do so.

    Barely on her knees, Luisa realized that Pumola was right in front of her, and looked up just in time to see his hands grab hold of the sides of her head. The little fighter was slowly forced to stand, pawing at Pumola's wrists and trying to keep her unsteady footing. Seeing the confident smile on her opponent's face, Luisa's own resolve began to crumble. The man who crushed her brother now had her at his mercy, smashing the fight out of her after just one false move on her part. Desperate to continue the fight, Luisa threw a kick into the side of Pumola's gut. There was no effect, so she threw another kick. Seeing no reaction from the large grappler, Luisa yelled loudly and threw one more kick. As she went up on one foot, Pumola yanked her forward and snapped his arms around her body. Stamping her foot back down to the ground, Luisa immediately began to squirm and shake her head, protesting in grunts and yelps as she found herself trapped in a standing bearhug. Pumola squeezed her ribcage in his arms, nodding at both his captive opponent and the cheering crowd as she slapped and chopped at his head and shoulders.

    Though she gripped her toes onto the mat, Luisa could not stop Pumola from heaving her wiry frame up into the air, before he re-tightened the bearhug around her belly and back. Everything Luisa had trained for came crashing down as her opponent began crushing her body in his arms, forcing frightened and agonized shrieks out of the little fighter. Her last attempt to fight back quickly devolved into the useless flailing of her arms and legs, while her head bounced back and forth in time with the grinding pressure around her back. Luisa knew she had failed herself and her brother, and only had the painful moments of her defeat to look forward to. Her warrior spirit evaporated, leaving only a terrified teenager who felt like she was about to be broken in the Kumite ring.

    After a loud crack came out of the little fighter's spine, Luisa's body flopped and slackened a little as Pumola continued to punish her. She had made a loud noise as tears ran down her anguished face, and then began to gurgle. Pumola swang her to one side, letting her slip down a few inches within the bearhug, and then began squeezing her upper body once again. Snaps and pops came out of Luisa's ribcage as she spasmed and choked, spitting up saliva a few times as her eyes rolled back and half-closed. Pumola ground her body brutally in one last show of strength, baring his teeth as his opponent bounced limply in his grasp. Once a few flecks of blood coughed up out of Luisa's throat, Pumola opened his arms and let the little fighter slump back. Luisa flopped onto her back, spreadeagled and utterly defeated, breathing unevenly as her crushed body shuddered softly every few seconds. Ring attendants quickly confirmed that she was not dead on the mat, and dragged her off the canvas like a sack of meat while Pumola was awarded another victory.
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