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Ryonani Teamster
Jan 13, 2010
Small scene, but I really liked those downed kicks :-)
The whole feature film is available for free on youtube, and it's pretty much a complete reshoot of the original reservoir dogs movie except with female actors, and that said, the movie did have an interrogation scene as well (with a female police cop), but I thought that it may be too gory for the regular viewer's taste (though I'm aware that there is a section dedicated to it). However, the only gory scene was a tit being mutilated, lol =D

LINK: Reservoir Cats - Feature Film - YouTube

@40:08 interrogation scene starts
@40:10 belly kick
@40:15 belly kick
@40:27 tied arms overhead
@40:34 face punch
@40:37 face punch
@41:12 tied to chair
@41:15 face punch
@45:19 face punch
@45:59 torture scene starts
@46:55 face slap
@52:25 torture scene ends

PS. I've updated the first post with a second clip featuring the scenes from 40:08 - 41:15, and decided to just post a screenshot from the torture scene below

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