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Tobal/Dragonball Z Fiction: Chaco - Wrong Galaxy

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by TheCrimsonRisk, May 15, 2012.

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    I'm not a Dragonball Z fan by any means, but I was always fascinated by the violence in it. The dormant ryona fan in me always wondered why there were never any strong female characters that could mix it up as well. Other than that one savage beating Videl took (and she looked kind of boy-ish), there wasn't much female fighting in the series. I was particularly obsessed with this one scene in Bojack Unbound (US title), where Gohan is nearly killed by the main bad guy. Suffice to say, I always fantasized about how sexy that scene could have been with a female character. Since it's probably never going to get animated, I figure I'd do it myself. I wanted to stick with a Toriyama design, so I decided to dig up the obscure character of Chaco from the equally obscure Tobal series. She was one of the originators of the boob bounce (oddly titillating at the time, believe me) and I'd always had a fondness for her.

    Chaco - Wrong Galaxy


    "...h...anyone out...bzzzz...Hera...supplies low...emerg...kzzzrrrt...Galaxy..."

    The distress signal was weak and the message wasn't getting any clearer no matter how close the ship got. A red light on the panel blinked, incessantly. Feeling exhausted, Chaco leaned back in the pilot's seat and brushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes. Little was known about the planet Hera. It was not part of any trade routes, nobody of significance originated from there and there had not been any major updates regarding its status in decades. Somehow a beacon had been activated there and The General decided that it would be Sergeant Chaco Yutani's job to investigate. She was the only officer near the sector, but she highly doubted that anything on that remote planet could be worth anyone's time. For a moment, she fantasized about some lost prince stranded on this planet waiting to be saved and taken back home where he would marry the beautiful and intelligent space policewoman who found him. "Knowing my luck, it'll be some crusty alien pervert," Chaco thought to herself glumly.

    A screen above her head displayed various atmospheric and geographical data. She stifled a yawn. Only when it warned her of the impending arrival did she get up from her pilot's chair. According to her sensors, the planet was habitable by 90% of humanoid species so she wouldn't need to wear anything special. She stripped off her compression suit and opened up the compartment containing her uniform. She'd long ago ditched the plain Galaxy Patrol togs. She spent so much time away from HQ. What were they going to do, track her down and force her to wear the some dumb helmet?

    Chaco's customized outfit was comprised of a simple pink one piece with various metallic flourishes. Two white loops extended from the top of her leotard, forming an arch just above her shoulders and another piece of white fabric covered a small section from her belly button to the underside of her breasts. Lastly, she slipped on her white elbow length gloves and matching boots. Those last two items actually did serve a purpose, providing some protection during hand to hand combat and when travelling in harsh locales. It was the combat element that always seemed to come up in her adventures. Chaco was regarded as the finest martial artist in the entire Galaxy Patrol. While she enjoyed showing off those skills, she hoped that wouldn't be necessary today.


    As the mini-speeder skimmed across the desert sands, Chaco could see a city up ahead. She'd had to park her spaceship some ways off as it was against galactic law to potentially expose unfamiliar alien races to major technology.

    Before she even entered the city it was clear that something terrible had happened. The buildings were all nearly obliterated, covered in dust and soot. All the windows were blown out and it looked like every structure was on the verge of collapsing. Corpses lined the streets and hung out of doorways in various states of decay. Mercifully, the usual stench that would accompany such sights was absent. Everything had been scorched. Chaco tried to block out what she was seeing.

    Finally, she found herself in a clearing near the middle of the city. It looked like it used to be a park or forum. Wrecked machinery lay nearby and Chaco went to investigate.

    "...h...anyone out...bzzzz...Hera...supplies low...emerg...kzzzrrrt...Galaxy..."

    She fiddled with some of the instruments until the clarity improved.

    "Help. Is there anyone out there? I've crashed on the planet Hera. My supplies are low. This is an emergency. Do not come near the planet without backup. Beware: The Galaxy Soldiers..."

    The message cut off there and looped back to the beginning. "The hell? Galaxy Soldiers?" Chaco scratched her chin. "So this wasn't meant for the Galaxy Patrol at all...who are the Galaxy Soldiers?"

    "That would be us."

    Chaco whipped around, brandishing her laser pistol. She quickly assessed the targets. On one flank was a tall, muscular, goateed man and on the other was an attractive, slender woman with long hair that ran down to her thighs. They both had teal coloured skin, orange hair and wore vests and baggy pants. In between them was another impressive figure. From his stance, Chaco could tell he was their leader. He was dressed in similar attire, but wore a bandana that covered his rough looking shoulder length hair. The leader threw a lifeless, armored body down to the ground. Chaco raised her gun to point it at the leader's head. "I am Sergeant Chaco Yutani of the Galaxy Patrol. Identify yourselves, now!"

    The leader seemed amused by the diminutive brunette. "Ha ha, of course. You may call me Bojack. These are my partners, Bido and Zangya. We're known in most parts as the Galaxy Soldiers. Bido, would you care to elaborate?"

    The goateed man spoke up. "Yeah, that's right. Galaxy Soldiers! We've wrecked cities and crushed armies from Kuhn to Karnassa! We seek and destroy, serving the highest bidder!"

    "But sometimes just for kicks," Chimed in Zangya, the female.

    The leader gestured for them to be silent. "And you're with the Galaxy Patrol. You thought that beacon was meant to bring you here. Now you see: It was a warning."

    Sweat began to collect around Chaco's brow, but she steeled herself. "I can only assume that this man you've assaulted is responsible for the distress signal. Explain yourself or be prepared to face arrest."

    Bojack raised his arms up in surrender. "My dear, it would be my pleasure to explain. But why don't I just show you instead?" He glanced over to Bido. The brawny alien turned his palm upwards. Soon, there was a large ball of red energy hovering above his hand. Chaco wasn't sure what was going on, but she knew it couldn't be good.

    "Drop it, now!" She turned her weapon towards him. "I will not warn you again!"

    Bido shrugged his shoulders. "If you say so." He let the ball drop out of his hands and it sank into the floor. The ground lit up and it looked a like a crimson lightning bolt was streaking towards Chaco. The ground exploded behind her and she was sent hurtling through the air. Her pistol flew out of her hands. She landed face first on a nearby rooftop and travelled some distance before skidding to a halt.

    The three soldiers flew into the air and followed their victim. They levitated in the air above her. "Whoa, I think she actually survived that," Bido said.

    "I hoped she might," replied Bojack.

    Chaco tried to shake the cobwebs out. As her vision cleared, she looked around and saw that she was surrounded. Zangya bent down and placed her hand under Chaco's chin. "Aren't you a pretty thing? Listen, if you tell us where your ship is so we can get out of here, we might let you get back on your junky bike and ride on out of here. What do you say?"

    Slapping Zangya's wrist away, Chaco shot her head forward smacking the top of her skull against Zangya's nose. The Heran recoiled in anger and frustration.

    "How dare you! Bido!"

    Bido reached out to grab Chaco from behind, but she deftly back flipped over his head landing in a crouch behind him. She thrust her shoulder into the back of his knee and he came crashing down. As he tried to get up, Chaco kicked her boot into his face. "Arrrrrggh!" As tough as he looked, Chaco now knew that she could hurt him. She sprang up ready for the next attack. Zangya was charging at her looking to take her head off with a straight punch. Chaco ducked under while simultaneously rotating her body. As she turned, her leg extended into the air and landed on the chin of the attacker, temporarily standing Zangya up on her tiptoes. Chaco followed that up with a double palm thrust to the chest that sent Zangya hurtling back. With her opponents on the defensive, Chaco assessed the situation. She needed to get back to her vehicle, but first she had to take care of Bojack.

    Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She whipped around with a spinning back fist. It felt like her arm smacked into a boulder as Bojack deflected the blow. With one swift movement, he threw a snapping crescent kick that caught her right in the jaw. The kick lifted her off her feet and she flipped head over heels onto her stomach. With one blow, Bojack had nearly knocked Chaco unconscious. He looked at his humbled allies. "Are you two done playing around?"

    Bido and Zangya looked pissed. They dusted themselves off and stalked over to the fallen Galaxy Patrolwoman. "Me first," said Zangya. Chaco wobbled to her feet and Zangya took her time sizing up her prey. Straightening her fingers out, she began to stab at Chaco with knife-like precision. A jab to the midsection made her knees go weak and it was followed up by a poke at her left breast. Zangya's fingertips dug in, sending an electric shock through Chaco's chest. A sharp kick to the leg sent Chaco to one knee and Zangya finished her attack with a well aimed chop to the neck. Chaco fell to her hands and knees.

    She was harshly jerked backwards as Bido grabbed a hold of her leotard. His thick arm wrapped around her throat. She found herself suspended in the air with her windpipe being constricted. "Think you're tough, eh copper?" Chaco clawed at the massive limb that was suffocating her, but it was no use. With his other arm pressed behind her head, there was no way she was getting out of the sleeper hold. He laughed as her groans gradually became a pathetic gurgle. She was close to passing out when Bido let go. There was no strength in her legs and she fell on her face again.

    Bojack looked on in disgust. "This is the mighty Galaxy Patrol? Ha! I know guys who got taken out by these space pigs. I'll remember to spit on their graves next time. Losers. Come on, let's go check out the speeder and see if it can tell us where the ship is." As the three villains turned away, Chaco willed herself to stand up.

    "Stop...right...there..." She was trying to sound strong, but every word was a struggle. "You are now under arrest...for murder...and assaulting a police officer..." Chaco's reputation as one of the Patrol's most relentless and dedicated officers was on full display. She raised her fists up and entered a fighting stance. Bojack raised a curious eyebrow, but none of the Soldiers moved. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Chaco lifted her arms over her head and felt the mystical forces of the universe coursing through her body. Bright, yellow energy began to crackle overhead and as it reached its peak she thrust her arms forward shooting a powerful ki blast right at Bojack. The blast struck him square in the chest and he flew off the rooftop.

    "Bojack!" Zangya looked stunned. "You pesky bitch!" The two thugs gritted their teeth and prepared to attack. Chaco motioned for them to bring it on. The potential conflict was interrupted by a loud boom and a blinding flash of light that projected from the streets below. Bido and Zangya turned to see their leader rising up into the air. Chaco noticed that he looked different, bigger than before. His vest was gone and his chest bulged out, rippling with ferocity. His teal skin was now a leafy green, his hair blood red. He looked furious.

    "You have my attention." The Soldier leader dove down and landed in a crouch in front of Chaco. She threw a combination of kicks and punches that he didn't even bother to block. They had no effect. A twirling thrust kick connected solidly with his stomach, but it felt like Chaco just bounced off. As her attack slowed, Chaco began to sense that this was a fight she might not be able to win.

    Bojack threw a powerful right hook that smashed Chaco's pretty face, spinning her in a circle and causing her to tumble over the edge of the building. Before she could even began to fall, Zangya leapt into the air above her and came down across the back of her neck with a double-axe handle blow that flipped her over. Chaco stared blankly at the sky as her body approached the ground. Bido was waiting for her. He leapt up and timed his flying knee perfectly so that it collided with her spinal column. Her mouth hung open in pain as her flexible form wrapped around his knee. As both fighters landed, her back was wracked with pain a second time and she began to twitch uncontrollably. Bido shoved her down disdainfully.

    The three Soldiers studied their prey. Chaco lay face down on the pavement, her body slowly rising and falling in rhythm with her breathing. "This is one tough little cookie," Bido remarked.

    Bojack nodded. "Uh huh. Better bust out the Psycho Thread." Chaco had recovered enough to catch that last bit and she knew it couldn't be good. Bido and Zangya walked several paces in opposite directions before turning to face each other with Chaco's prone body between them. They both clasped their hands together and pointed at their target as if shooting an imaginary gun. Thin wires shot from their fingers, looking like glowing pink spider silk. In an instant, Chaco was wrapped in the psychic energy and jerked off of the ground. She was on the tips of her toes with her arms trapped against her sides.

    The Psycho Thread was cleverly designed; the more the entrapped fought, the quicker they weakened. Even if Chaco had known this, the psychological effect of being bound so tightly would have made it hard not to panic. She kicked and strained her muscles, but her efforts were futile. Bojack roughly grabbed her hair and delivered a head butt that dazed her. He began to tee off on her, whipping her head left and right with vicious haymakers. Bojack noticed that Chaco's pain threshold was unusually high and he began to scratch his chin, contemplating what to do next with his plaything. He clinched her head between his forearms and shoved it downwards as he thrust a knee up. The impact of the Thai knee was devastating and for Chaco, it felt like a thermal grenade had detonated at the front of her skull. Her head shot back instinctively and looked like it might fall right off her shoulders. Bojack admired her smooth belly and placed his palm against it. Chaco could sense the brute's fingers running over the skin tight uniform. It was revolting. Whatever she was feeling would seem like pleasure compared to Bojack's next move.

    Cocking his hand back, Bojack shouted out "Galactic Blow"! To Chaco, it sounded like a weapon charging up. A sphere of green energy began to form in Bojack's palm and it rapidly grew to the size of a basketball. He suddenly thrust his palm into Chaco's belly, immediately causing a searing pain to course through her midsection. The look on Chaco's face was one of fear and bewilderment. The ball continued to expand and Chaco let loose a high-pitched scream. Finally, there was a large explosion and the valiant heroine was sent flying about thirty feet away where she crashed through the wall of a dilapidated building.

    The Galaxy Soldiers took their time hovering over. "Geez, boss," Zangya said. "We might need her to fly the ship. How's she going to do that for us if she's blown to pieces?" The leader smirked as they surveyed the area where Chaco landed. The Galaxy Patrol officer was splayed out amongst the rocks, her arm raised up grasping at the air.

    "I can't believe it! I know just the thing for dealing with pests like this." Bojack reached down and pulled Chaco out of the rubble by the front of her suit, stretching the material. "Any last words?" Bojack asked. There was no response. He released her, but instead of collapsing Chaco found two muscular, green arms wrapped around her. Her feet dangled far from the ground. She didn't know why, but she fought to open her eyes. There was a pitiful look on her face as she looked right into the face of her destroyer. He had a vile, toothy grin. Her lips curled into a slight pout, an involuntary request for mercy. Bojack began to squeeze.

    The first thing that Chaco noticed was that she couldn't move her arms at all. It felt like they were pinned to her body. As the pressure quickly increased, Chaco immediately felt something in her back go. She didn't fight the urge to cry out. As soon as she screamed, Zangya and Bido started to laugh. Bojack's arms shook with the power that he was putting into the hold. Chaco's ribs started to shift and it was a miracle that they were holding together. The tremor running up and down her spine was unreal and the air was filled with the sick sound of her back breaking. Her feet instinctively kicked up behind her and her heels came up to her butt. Her head started to lilt. Taken all together, her lithe frame became distorted into something grotesque and twisted. Finally, one of her ribs snapped and it felt like something inside might have been punctured. Bojack began to squeeze harder and sure enough, the next time Chaco's mouth opened a trickle of blood came out and ran over her cheek. Chaco was fading fast and all she could think was "Please...let this end..."

    The petite brunette had been locked in the torturous bear hug for what seemed like an eternity. She could only muster a wretched squeal. Another rib had been fractured, maybe two. Her back was an absolute mess as there were vertebrae out of place, muscles torn to shreds and bones that were shattered into multiple pieces. Still, Bojack didn't stop squeezing. He didn't stop as thin streams of blood coursed down her jaw. He didn't stop as he heard joints grinding against joints. He didn't stop as her body stopped moving. It wasn't until Chaco hung on the edge of death's door that he finally let her slip free. She crumpled to the dirt like a pile of wet laundry.

    Bojack was breathing heavily and even his henchmen were in awe of the brutality they'd witnessed. "Bido, take the girl. Zangya, check the speeder," he ordered. "We're getting out of here."


    The teal fingers ran over the control panel, searching for just the right button. "Ah, this should do it." Zangya entered a short set of commands and looked through the glass at the prisoner. A warm mist fell over Chaco's body, causing her to awaken. "Excuse me, Miss Galaxy Patrol lady! Good to see you're awake. We threw you in the recovery booth for a few hours and it looks like you're doing a lot better."

    Chaco wanted to get up and run, but her body wasn't responding. It was clear that she was still seriously injured.

    "We figured out how to get the ship off the ground, but it's sure nice to have you around just in case anything goes wrong. I'm sure you won't mind helping us out, right?" Zangya's mocking voice echoed inside the spacious cell.

    Chaco crawled over to the nearest wall and worked to pull herself to her feet. "And if I refuse?"

    Zangya frowned. "Well...I'm sure we can find some use for you. In fact, Bido thought you might be able to help us exercise."


    The cell door opened and Bido walked in. His menacing glare let Chaco know exactly what kind of "exercise" she was in for. The Galaxy Soldier cracked his knuckles. "I knew this wouldn't be a boring trip."
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    You sir, need to write more often. I was just waiting for the spinal destruction and I was just starting to say "huh, it should be any time now" and then sure enough, knee to the back. lol.

    I have no idea who any of these characters are but you did a pretty good job describing them. I could see them in my mind.