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To Slay a Tyrant

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by neosushi, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    This is my first endeavour in creative writing. I never really did it before thinking that I sucked at it, but that's a crappy attitude to have. Can't ever get good at anything until I go ahead and do it and improve myself, so what the hey, guess I'll give this a shot.

    Criticisms about my writing would be appreciated. Pointing out grammar mistakes is also appreciated but please keep that to PM. The main thread doesn't really need that.

    NOTE: This takes place in an alternate universe where Sony was hacked by N Korea and N Korea openly admits it. Sony decided not to take N Korea seriously and to just air The Interview with no plan to withdraw it from theaters.

    To Slay a Tyrant

    Chapter 1: Guarded Chamber

    This was the day that a tyrant will be dethroned. A God will be slain and peace will return to the world.

    The young Korean assassin, Mindy walked through a dimly lit hallway. Originally named Min-Ji, she decided to take on a more Western name when she moved to America. She wore a black robe with black hood that covered her shoulder length hair. The walls were covered with fungus, and the doors looked like they could fall off the hinges at any moment.

    The doors were shorter than what she was used to back in America, but they suited her petite 5'3” stature. She was always made fun of in middle school for being undersized. Things did not get any better later in her life, when she attended the International Academy of Superheroines.

    The International Academy of Superheroines was a facility for talent, children and adults, to train their skills and to get involved in operations that the government dare not touch. Her peers there would always be skeptical of her ability to combat evil. She was not very strong and her combat abilities were average. But eventually she found a place for herself.

    Mindy had spent the last half year working for – spying on – the North's dear leader, developing their security systems. She had spent the entire time planning His assassination. She had observed all of his behaviour and habits, and knew the security system inside and out. She knew exactly when He would retreat to his secret hideout and knew how to disable all of the security cameras.

    Today was finally the day the great nation will be free from His oppressive rule.

    At the end of the hallway was a set of giant, steel doors, slightly ajar. Mindy slipped through the doors, which led to a cave area, lit by torches hanging on the wall. She was close to the dear leader's chamber.


    She heard heavy footsteps coming from behind her. She found the darkest corner of the cave to hide in. The giant doors that she came from suddenly flew open, both of them falling off the hinges and making a loud THUD as it fell onto the floor. She saw a giant, hairy ape-like figure, probably around 8 feet in height staring in her general direction.

    “I can't see ya, but I can smell ya,” the giant ape growled before charging towards her. A fight was unavoidable, and she had to put her special powers to work. The fingernails on her right hand started transforming into long, sharp claws. Mindy was prepared to do battle.


    The ape, being unable to see the little girl, smashed both his fists into the wall, causing the entire cave to shake. Mindy rolled to his right side. She lunged quickly towards him and plunged her right claw into his gut. The blood spilling from his gut painted her robes red. As the ape was flailing his arms about, Mindy mounted on its back, both arms around his neck and short legs wrapped partially around his body. She raised her right hand, ready to stab the ape's shoulder, but before she could inflict the wound, he grabbed her left arm and tossed her against the wall.


    She fell face first into the dirt, grimacing in pain with her left hand on her back, the black hood covering her face. The ape pressed his left hand against her back, pinning her to the floor.

    “Let's see what you look like underneath that.” His gargantuan right hand gripped her hood and ripped it off, revealing her shoulder length hair. He flipped her over so that she was now facing the ceiling. He raised his oversized right arm into the air, fist clenched. He slammed the fist down, but before it was able to land on her stomach, she quickly went into a hand-stand. The ape's chin slammed into both her feet and he fell backwards.

    From her hand-stand, she flipped back onto her feet. Still dizzy from the throw, she stumbled backwards, trying to regain her bearings. The soreness shot across her back. She heard some noise behind her, but had yet to regain her composure and realize what it was.

    She felt a hard impact from the back of her neck. From behind her, a second giant had joined the fight, clotheslining her from behind. The wrestler was not quite as large as the ape, but at 6'4”, he still towered over little Mindy. He wore nothing but black shorts, exposing his ripped abs.

    “Need a hand?” he said to the ape, as he pulled Mindy up by her hair. He pulled her towards his body and put her in a sleeper hold with his left arm. She wasted no time, elbowing the wrestler in the stomach. She grabbed his left arm with both of her hands, bent forward and flipped him over in front of her. The wrestler's body was lying between Mindy and the ape.

    Mindy stepped on the wrestler's face and leaped towards the ape's head, shoulder first. She knocked the ape back, stabbed her claws into his chest and propelled herself onto the giant's shoulders. The ape roared in pain, loud enough that it shook the entire cave. She was now sitting on the ape's shoulders, her left hand grabbing the back of the ape's head, right claw pointed towards the ceiling.

    She thrust her right claw towards the ape skull. Expecting a swish, her sharp claws were instead met with a donk, as the ape's head was much harder than expected. The ape's giant hands grabbed her by her armpits and raised her high above him. She was held in the air for a few seconds, her feet feebly kicking his chest. She was then slammed onto the ground. A sharp pain spread across her back. She had tears of pain racing down her cheeks, her breathing very heavy.

    The wrestler grabbed her wrists and spread them out across the floor. He pressed his knees against her arm, pinning her arms onto the ground. His right arm was in the air, about to punch her in the belly.

    She attempted to respond by raising her legs, but before that could happen, the ape grabbed her ankles and pinned them to the ground. The wrestler's fist slammed down into Mindy's belly. Her head bounced up and she started coughing.

    The ape grabbed her robe and tore it open, exposing her sweaty, slim body and a white bra. She had very small breasts. Both of her opponents smiled. “Do you even need that bra, flatty?”

    The wrestler raised his hand to the sky again and slammed his fist into her exposed belly. Her head bounced back up, spit flying across the air.

    “Your turn,” the wrestler said to the ape, as he pulled the girl to her feet. He grabbed her arms from behind, kneeling behind her. She was so much smaller than the man that he had to kneel, not stand, behind her.

    The ape was standing in front of her, smirking. He winded up and punched her in the belly. Twice. Three times. She spat and coughed with each blow. Her head was hung down, her arms and body limp. The wrestler felt no resistance and no fight left in her. “Why don't you finish her off with your favourite?” the wrestler said to the ape.

    The ape then took several strides back. He put his head down and started stomping the ground. He was ready to headbutt her belly with his hard skull.

    This is the chance!

    As ape charged towards Mindy, the wrestler felt strength returning to her limp arms. Her head sprang up, staring at the charging ape. The wrestler felt Mindy's entire body tensing up. He had a very bad feeling about this. He was on his knees. He wasn't able to maneuvre in the same way he would if he was on his feet. There's no way this tiny little girl can break free from my hold, he kept telling himself. It'll be OK. But he couldn't help but feel uneasy.

    Moments before the ape's head was able to impact her stomach, she leaped into the air as high as she could, dodging the blow. The ape's head smashed into the wrestler's stomach, ripping a big hole through his six-pack.

    “OOOOOGGHHHHH,” the wrestler keeled over, both hands over his stomach, blood gushing onto the ground. The ape's head was smeared in blood. The ape let out a terrible howl, flailing about.

    Mindy slowly crawled away from the carnage, breathing heavily from her mouth. She looked up and noticed the wrestler unconscious on the floor and the ape swinging his arms around. She stared for about ten seconds. She was dazed, panting and couldn't really see straight from all the beating she received, but from what she could tell the ape was not moving towards her.

    She then recalled what the ape said. I can't see ya, but I can smell ya. She initially assumed this was because of the darkness of the cave, but realized it could be because the ape was actually blind. She suddenly slowed down her breathing. The wrestler's blood that was smeared all over the ape's face must have disoriented him, rendering him unable to use his sharp sense of smell.

    She slowly got to her feet, the ape still not seeming to notice her. She moved tip-toed towards him, his arms still flailing. She quietly moved behind him and stabbed him through his heart.

    “AHHHHHHH,” the ape screamed, but before long he fell to the ground, dead.

    She went over to the wrestler and plunged her claw through his skull.

    She continued walking across the cave, breathing heavily, her black robe ripped down the middle, her sweat drenched body exposed. She held the ripped portion of her robe together, hiding her exposed body.

    Despite the unexpected security, the assassination was proceeding as planned.
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    Like it!....can not wait for the next part....Enjoyable to read.......
  3. neosushi

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    CHAPTER 2: Assassination

    It did not take long for Mindy to arrive at her destination. At the end of the tunnels were a set of doors. The dear leader's chamber lies ahead. She gently opened the doors and stepped into the chamber.

    Beyond the doors was a dimly lit chamber with concrete floor, walls, and ceiling. In the distance, she saw the back of a very wide and tall chair. Past the chair, there were sets of computer screens showing various things. Some of them showed various music videos. Some showed Korean dramas. Some showed sensitive information about Sony employees. Some showed the most disgusting ryona porn that Mindy had ever seen.

    "Errrm, ErrrHrrrrrrm" she heard a man clear his throat loudly.


    The large chair started rotating until the man sitting in the chair was facing Mindy.

    Hideous, Mindy thought to herself.

    On the chair sat a chubby, ugly man. The one the entire nation called God. He wore a neon green bathrobe with pink polka dots. This is it. This is tyrant himself, Kim Jong Un, and he was alone in a little cave in nothing but a hideously ugly bathrobe, fapping to Wonder Woman porn.

    "Who dares interrupt?" His voice thundered across the chamber. He squinted. "Yoouuu..."

    He reached over to a phone on the wall and started dialing.

    "It's no use," Mindy told him. "I cut off communication. You have no way to contact the outside."

    Jong Un turned around and started typing on his computer.

    "That too. I disabled all the security systems. It's just you and me right now. Any last words?"

    "YOU!!!!" Jong Un roared, slamming his fist against the wall. "I gave you everything. Shelter. Security. Power. A place by my side. Everything you could have wanted. And THIS is how you repay me?"

    Jong Un started charging towards Mindy in what is the slowest, most pitiful run she had ever seen. He stumbled around, tripped over his own neon green robe and fell on his stomach. Mindy couldn't help but smirk. She had never seen the great leader enraged. He looked... silly.

    He got back up on his feet and started to undress.

    Better put him out of his misery fast, Mindy thought, This really isn't something I want to see.

    With a swift motion, Mindy leapt towards the great leader, right claw in front of her, aiming straight for his face. The ripped up front of her robe was flapping through the air, and her flat body and white bra were in plain sight.


    Her claw pierced right through Jong Un's forehead. The chubby God barely reacted. He just looked at her, and started to smile.

    "What... What are you?" Mindy exclaimed.

    "I should ask the same of you. What kind of fingers do you have? How unsexy." He smirked and grabbed her neck with his left hand and started pounding her exposed belly with his right.

    "Ahhh." She had never felt such force in her life. The blows felt like a truck ramming into her stomach repeatedly. The tyrant tossed her onto the concrete ground, her long claws swishing out of his forehead.

    "Ah yeah, before I was so rudely interrupted." He took off his bathrobe and threw them to the side. He wore nothing but tight, undersized, bright blue briefs.

    She didn't want to, but Mindy looked up at her adversary. Kim Jong Un's body was far more terrifying than she could have possible imagined.

    His legs were covered in thick brown hair. There were holes across his chubby belly and manboobs. Spikes of various sizes started emerging from them, and very thick tentacles started extending from his back. They seemed to be able to grow and elongate indefinitely.

    One of the tentacles lunged towards Mindy and wrapped itself around her neck. She immediately grabbed the tentacle with both hands. She felt gooey slime dripping onto her neck.

    The tentacle raised the little girl into the air. She was gasping for breath. The slime from the tentacle had drooped down to her chest. The tyrant walked slowly towards her. As he walked closer, he decided to retract the spikes on his body. Traitors are not allowed the mercy of swift death. Her treason must be met with slow, eternal torment.

    He grabbed her black robe and ripped it off. Threw the clothes to the ground. Then ripped off her black pants. She had no way to hide her body. All she had on were white bra and panties and black running shoes with black socks.

    Three more tentacles wrapped around her, one around her waist, and two around her two legs.

    With the girl lifted high in the air, Jong Un got on his knees and started taking her shoes off. As he took off her socks, he started licking her little feet.

    She tried to struggle and kick her feet, but the two tentacles, wrapped almost entirely around her legs prevented any movement at all. He put one of her toes in his mouth, feeling every nook and cranny of the toe with his tongue.

    He then proceeded onto the next shoe. Took that off. Took off her socks, except this time, instead of sensually feeling her feet with his tongue, he grabbed the big toe and twisted it to the side until it made a 90 degree with her foot.

    "AYYYYY" She couldn't bear it the sharp pain in her toe as it bent the in the wrong direction. She struggled futilely, trying to swing her body around, slipping free of the hold of the tentacles. But it was no use. The tentacles were firmly around her body and her legs, white gooey liquid spreading all over her body and legs.

    As Kim Jong Un got back on his feet, the tentacles around Mindy's neck and legs loosened its grip and started to let go of Mindy. She was being held in the air only by her waist. The tentacle suddenly raised her up higher into the air and then slammed her into the ground, her arms bracing her face from the concrete floor. The pain of the impact spread across both her arms.

    Without warning, the tentacle suddenly whipped up and tossed her towards the ceiling. Her back whammed against the ceiling, and she dropped back down onto the floor.

    As she tried to get up on her feet, a tentacle wrapped itself around her left foot. She quickly slashed the tentacle with her right claw, releasing her foot from the tentacle's grip. A tentacle shot towards her right claw trying to restrain it but she reacted quickly and sliced the tentacle off.

    All the tentacles are coming from his back. I need to get behind him to get rid of his most dangerous weapons.

    She sprinted towards the tyrant and rolled between his legs. As she turned around, she found that she could no longer move her left leg. It had been wrapped completely by some thick strands of hair. She saw the long hairs coming out of the tyrants legs, waving around as though they had a life of its own.

    She sliced the hair off of her legs, but that bought enough time for the tentacles, coming out of Jong Un's back, to wrap their way around her neck and waist. Mindy slashed the tentacles frantically, slicing atleast half of them off Jong Un's back. Eventually one of the tentacles gripped Mindy's right arm and she was unable to continue her tentacle slicing rampage.

    "Ahh, was that supposed to hurt?" The tentacles that Mindy had sliced off had started to regrow themselves.

    A tentacle wrapped itself around both of Mindy's feet, bounding them together as the other tentacles unwound themselves from Mindy's neck, body and arms. Before Mindy was able to start slicing again, she was whipped into the ceiling, into the ground, into the ceiling, into the ground repeatedly. After three repetitions, the tentacle let go of Mindy. She was lying on her back, heaving, barely able to move.

    Jong Un turned around to face her and stood over her. Mindy lay there, helpless, in awe at the terrifying sight of the demon that stood before her. Chubby baby face, round body splotched with holes, tentacles emanating from the back, bright blue tight briefs, furry legs.

    "You should be thankful." His hands reached for his bright blue briefs. "I will make you my goddess." He tore the briefs in half, revealing a thick tentacle coming out of his crotch. White liquid was constantly oozing from the tentacle penis.

    The tentacle penis extended over her body, the white ooze dripping onto her legs, her body. The slime coming from this one was different. It burned. The tentacle penis shot towards her mouth. Before she could react, two tentacles pinned her arms to the ground. Her mouth remained closed, with the tentacle penis up against her face, kissing her, spilling acidic goo all over her face and lips, trying to invade.

    "Come on now." The tyrant knelt down and took a seat on her belly.

    "Mmmmph" she gasped, desperately trying to keep her mouth closed.

    He moved his hands over her face and forced her mouth open. The tentacle penis slid into her mouth. Forced to accept the thick tentacle, her mouth was open as wide as she could manage. Her screams were muffled by the large tentacle, her struggles useless. The tyrant could feel her belly rubbing up against his butt, as she tried to squirm her way out. With tentacles pinning her hands to the ground and an oversized tyrant sitting on her stomach, it was no use. There was no way to escape, no matter how much she struggled.

    He reached for her right claw. He took her thumb claw between his thumb and index finger and snapped it off. Her scream was barely audible, but he felt her biting into his thick penis. This only made him harder and the tentacle penis started expanding, stretching Mindy's jaw to the limit.

    He had repeated this for each of her fingers, declawing her one finger at a time. Blood was gushing out from her fingernail-less fingers. Declawed, the assassin was nothing more than an average girl. Sitting over her was an invincible God. There is no longer any hope, and there will be no mercy.

    He reached for his tentacle penis and started to stroke it. The tentacle started enlarging and Mindy felt as though her jaw was about to snap off. The inside of her mouth, already all gooped up by the acidic burning of the slime, felt a sudden burst of slime being shot into her mouth.

    As he was ejaculating, he retracted the tentacle penis from her mouth. The white slime gushed all over her face. It almost looked as though his penis was a hose, except it was white slime instead of water coming out. The tentacle penis waved around erratically, hosing down her entire body. The pain from all the little cuts she had accumulated from repeatedly being thrown around was accentuated from the burning acidity of the slime.

    "AIIIIIIIEEEEEE," she was finally able to manage a scream, but within seconds she had lost her voice, unable to muster up the energy to scream.

    Tentacles flipped her onto her face, the tentacle penis still gushing out slime. After a few more seconds, when the ejaculation started slowing down, her entire body was already drenched completely, white slime dripping from her hair and her body.

    A tentacle lifted her up by her neck. She breathing heavily, her chest heaving up and down, but she was otherwise unmoving. White goo was dripping from her drenched body.

    Kim Jong Un gave her a bear huge from behind, wrapping his fat arms around her arms and body. His hands groped her small little breasts, but she was too exhausted to resist.

    "The tentacles on my back... The hair on my legs... My long, thick dick... You had the joy of experiencing all of those." The Great Leader could barely contain his laughter. "And now, please enjoy the conclusion to the show."

    Mindy felt a sharp spike penetrating her back. The piercing pain was only accentuated by the white, acidic goo seeping into her wound. She let out a feeble scream, but had lost her voice. Her situation was so helpless that not only was she unable to fight back, she was even unable to scream.

    One by one, the spikes penetrated all the way through her body. Jong Un took great care not to penetrate her vitals.

    No longer hugging her, the vile tyrant had her impaled against the eight spikes. He bent over and the little girl slid off his spikes and onto the ground. There she lay, on a pool of his goo and her own blood, miraculously still conscious.

    "I'll keep you around, toy. This is only the beginning. You have much to answer for, treacherous filth." He slung her over his shoulder and started walking out of his chamber.
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