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TheCrimsonRisk's Edited IRC Logs

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by TheCrimsonRisk, Aug 19, 2012.

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    This is an RP that was conducted on IRC. I find it difficult to sort through logs filled with timestamps and chatting unrelated to the RP, so I decided to edit out a lot of the clutter and reformat our dialogue. Other than a few typos and some other minor things corrected for the sake of flow, this is our RP warts and all. This reformatting might be against the spirit of RP logs, but I was aiming for improved readability. If you disagree and you think this should be moved to the fiction section, let me know. Thanks to Idoro of course for being my partner in crime on this one. Enjoy!

    Where The Sun Don't Shyne

    Super Maddie.png

    Ryona Master (TheCrimsonRisk)

    "Shyne, thank God you're here!" The fireman looks ecstatic to see you, waving you over to the destruction that you had already spotted from the sky.

    You heard conflicting reports about a gas explosion or maybe some kind of robbery gone wrong. All you know for sure is that there were people hurt and they needed your help.

    "We're tryin' to clear a path down to these lower levels," he says, coughing as soot and dust drifts through the air. "We're sure there's people trapped down there. Any chance you could help us out?"

    Shyne (Idoro)

    Madelyn Amael, known to most by her superhero alias, Shyne arrived as fast as she could, stepping off of her cycle. Long, raven-black hair and delicate bangs hung from her head and she wore her normal costume, grey top, bikini bottoms boots and gloves with indigo trim.

    Amethyst eyes and her famous four-pointed star crest sat upon her head, her full form coming into view and her cape billowing behind her due to the wind and smoke. She looked absolutely stunning, and didn't even know it. But now, she was not concerned with her appearance. Right now, she needed to do all she could to help.

    She had thought about contacting some of her teammates to join her, but decided she could probably handle this one alone. She met the fireman's gaze with a kind smile and walked a little past him, looking to the building. "Is it safe to go through the main entrance?"


    For a moment, the fireman says nothing and it's only after a few awkward seconds that you realize his eyes have been locked onto the cleavage peaking out of your top.

    "Err...uh...what? Oh, yes, the main entrance. Head right on in. We've been trying to access the elevator shafts to get down, but we don't have the kind of equipment that can clear out all that rubble."

    "Just be careful in there."


    Shyne smiled. She was well used to receiving this kind of treatment, and while it used to annoy her, she found it sort of cute now. She even made sure to nod in a way that would make her breasts jiggle a bit before saying, "Thanks, I will!" and walking off to the entrance.

    Shyne thinks to herself, "I'm such a dork sometimes..", her cheeks flushing slightly at what she just did as she opens the door and steps inside.


    You're surrounded by firemen, police officers, paramedics and volunteers doing their best to sort out the chaos.

    They're pulling bodies out in various conditions, occasionally glancing up at you with a desperate look.

    Loose wires hang from the ceiling and small fires are scattered around the area, mostly under control.

    You see some men digging away at the elevator shaft, making a Herculean effort to clear the area but progressing slowly.

    A man sits next to the shaft, exhausted and sobbing.


    Shyne immediately heads to the elevator shaft, doing her best to look to those that are looking to her in desperation and smiling. Once she is there, she looks to those working on the elevator and then to the sobbing man. Something bad definitely happened.

    She places a hand on the shoulder of one of the shaft workers and says, "Perhaps I could be of assistance?"


    The man looks at your skimpy costume and chuckles, looking somewhat unimpressed.

    "Sure. You got a bulldozer in your panties, sweetheart?"


    Shyne chuckles slightly, crossing her arms. "Oh, you're a riot. But in all seriousness, allow me to try this."

    Shyne unfolds her arms, and her hands begin to give off a soft glow.


    The worker's eyes widen and he's pulled back by another man who looks to be more familiar with your work.

    All of the nearby workers seem to sense something is about to go down and they clear out, some of them taking cover. All eyes are on you, waiting to see you do your thing.


    Shyne waits for everyone to clear the way, and then holds both of her arms out in front of her, aiming her palms at the elevator doors.

    The soft glow on her palms begins to brighten.. and brighten.. and brighten.. until finally, it resembles the brightness of a 500-watt work light.. and only then, does she release the pent-up energy..

    ..Directly at the elevator doors!


    Your shining beam draws appreciative gasps from the onlookers, cutting a clean swath through the obstruction. This would have taken them hours to get through and potentially put a lot of men in danger, but your powers make a clear path.

    Unfortunately, you can't be sure how safe it is and the shaft is a long ways down.

    Perhaps it would be best if you went in first...


    Shyne looks to the astonished onlookers for a second. She was very modest, but liked to take in a little bit of the glory from time to time.

    She makes her way towards the destructed shaft and looks down. It looks pretty far, but if one of the cords was still in place, it shouldn't be a problem to slip down.. and even if she fell, she was certain she would survive the fall. Still, better safe than sorry.

    Just to check, she held her hand up, palm facing upwards and formed a small, glowing orb. She then flung it down the shaft to see how far down it would go.


    The worker who seemed to recognize you before comes over with a large rope. "Shyne! Hey, good to see ya! Ya probably don't remember me, but you flew my kid to the hospital one time. There was this accident and...you know what, don't worry about that for now. Just know that I'll never forget it."

    He approaches you and motions that he's going to tie the rope around your waist. "Sorry, I know it ain't the best set-up but we'll do our best to lower you slowly." He gives you a hearty thumbs up as the other men get ready to hold on to the rope.

    When you look down the shaft again you can just make out your orb at the bottom. It's a tiny blip at this point.

    "If you see anyone down there, tell them to come back to the shaft and we'll figure out a way to get them up, okay?"


    Shyne quickly agrees to the plan, seeing the man give his thanks and smiling kindly. She remembered that one. She raises her arms, allowing them to tie it around her. Her cheeks were a little pink once again, not for being tied but.. well, she was a little embarrassed that she couldn't do something that most superheroes were famous to be able to do.. fly.


    They lower you down the shaft as gently as they can, but it starts to get more cramped the lower you go and you're occasionally bounced off the rocks.

    You realize it's a good thing that you're made of sterner stuff, because any normal human would definitely have been injured making this descent.

    As you reach the bottom, your orb fizzles out but you can see the lights from the underground parking garage flickering on and off. The sound of car alarms and the crackle of electricity greet you.

    You definitely hear some people crying for help. One voice seems to be coming from a supply closet and another from a nearby car.


    Shyne wastes no time, her bumps and scratches minor. She immediately heads towards the car, looking it over for its condition and the location of the one calling for help.


    You see a hysterical woman beating against the window of her car, a large rock leaning against it.



    "Oh no!"

    Shyne immediately rushes towards the rock, posting both hands against it and attempting to push it off. She had no idea how heavy it was, but she had to at least try..


    Your determination pays off as usual and you manage to get the rock out of the way. The woman nearly hits you with the door as she falls out of the vehicle.

    She gives you a firm hug and tries to speak, but she's hysterical.



    Shyne smiles, patting the woman's head as affectionately as she can. "It's okay, you're going to be safe now.." She was often the voice of safety in times like these, and liked to think she had become rather good at it.

    She then looks to the supply closet and then to the woman, "I need to see if there's anyone else who needs help in here.. did you see or hear anyone by chance?"


    Your kind nature does a lot to calm her down and she manages to compose herself for a moment. "Yes, most certainly yes. I heard a man in there and he don't sound like he doin' too good. I'm not sure if he trapped or injured or..." She covers her mouth, not wanting to consider the possibilities.

    "What do I do now?"


    "Okay... head towards the shaft and wait for me there.. I'm going to see if I can't help out anymore people." A quick smile and she was off, towards the supply closet.

    Once she reached it, she walked in close, examining it before opening it up.. also trying to see if she could hear any voices. "Is someone there? I've come to help!"


    The woman continues to thank you profusely before going back to the shaft repeating a prayer. You can hear the workers shout down to her and you feel confident they'll take care of her.

    As you enter the closet, it's a little bigger than you expected. Most of the supplies are scattered on one side of the room. Sitting in a corner is an old man wearing grey coveralls. He's balled up and shivering.

    "Who's there? Who's there? Who's there?"


    Shyne looks to the old man, unsure of his condition.. she walks towards him slowly, taking caution just in case he jumps out at her suddenly. Even one as strong as her must take risks.

    "It's me, M- er.. Shyne.. I've come to rescue you!"


    "Shyne...Shine...shining so brightly..." It's unclear if he's all there right now. The explosion seems to have startled him badly and you can't be sure what state he was in before. He looks reluctant to leave, but you have no idea how stable this building is right now.


    Shyne looks around, checking to see if there were any signs of damage or an impending cave-in. As she did so, she walked closer to the man, noting his hysterical condition.

    In an attempt to clear his mind, she raises her hand out towards him, allowing some energy flow to give it a soft glow once more. "Please calm down, sir.. It's okay. I'm going to get you out of here."


    He brightens up immediately. "The glow...the GLOW...YES"

    He reaches out and grabs your wrist harshly. Even though he looks frail, his bony fingers dig in and hurt you.

    Worse, you feel a chilling sensation run through your body. You see a sparkle in his eyes and know immediately that he's affecting your powers somehow.


    Shyne gasps, surprised by his quick reaction, but she initially chalks it up to him possibly being trapped here for a while, unsure if he would ever be able to get out...

    ...And that assumption is quickly dashed as she suddenly shivers.. looking into his face, she notices that the glow on her hand disappears immediately, and his grip starts to hurt.

    "Nnh.." she groans softly as she pulls her arm away.


    His expression flickers between joy and sorrow as the light from your body seems to drain into him.

    "Sorry...so sorry...so sorry...so hungry!"

    There's a small burst of light between the two of you and you’re shot out of the room. The old man crumples to the ground, energy emitting from his frail figure.

    You hear a loud explosion from the direction of the shaft followed by panicked cries. You see the shaft fill with dust and debris again.

    You hear heavy footsteps nearby as the lights flicker on and off again.


    The words spoken by the man unsettle Shyne, her mouth opening in shock... but only for a second.. for she was soon flying in the air, out of the room. "Ayaa!!"

    Shyne lands on her side, unhurt from the collision but a little rattled. She quickly recovers and stands up once more, looking inside the storage room, but quickly having her attention taken from that to the loud explosion from the direction of the shaft..

    The lights begin to flicker, and she can hear footsteps. Whatever is going on, it can't be good.. she turns towards where she believes the footsteps to be coming from and stands her ground, holding her hands out. "Who goes there?!"


    "Hello my dear," you hear from the menacing man standing in front of you. His mask muffles his voice and his accent is of unclear origin.

    He's huge, wearing long black military pants and a black tank top. Tubes extend from a metal pack on his back to his gloved hands. His black mask has a white front with two large red ovals meant to look like eyes.

    You recognize him as the criminal mastermind Bane. You'd never crossed paths with him before, especially since he normally dealt with street level vigilantes but here he was standing before you.

    "Pardon all of these theatrics, but I just had to meet you."


    Shyne does her best to not seem visibly shaken.. because inside, she is. She grits her teeth and assumes a more defensive stance.. She knew Bane well by hearing stories of him from the inner circle of superheroes she often conversed with.. but to see him in person..

    This was someone who had much more experience as a villain than she had as a heroine, but she couldn't help but feel a little prideful of the fact that he was seeking her out... though to what end, she did not know.

    "You.. wanted to me meet me?" she asked coyly, smirking in defiance. "I suppose I should be honored or something."


    "Yes, well..." before Bane can continue, you are attacked again!

    You know it's the old man when you feel his wrinkled paws grabbing you. One arm wraps around your waist, the hand resting against your thigh. The other hand is far more intrusive, reaching up to squeeze your breasts. Again, you feel your powers waning.

    "Eee hee hee! Sorry sorry sorry! Hee hee hee!" he cackles.


    Before she can decipher why Bane trails off suddenly, she feels herself being grabbed in several areas. She gasps once more, being caught by surprise again, and her body immediately stiffens.

    The hand on her breast immediately forces her to open her eyes wide. "Wha... you..!" At once, Shyne protests by putting her hands on the man's arms and attempting to wrench them off of her, feeling her energy begin to wane. She needed to do this quickly! She couldn't leave herself open, especially with Bane of all people.. standing right there!

    "Get.. off of me you creep!" In one forceful tug, she attempts to pull the man off.


    The man lets go, but it's clear that the brief moments he's touched you were more than enough to suck out your light. You couldn't produce the flicker of a candle at this point.

    As you tug on him, he giggles and scurries over to Bane. He continues to apologize to nobody in particular.

    "Ah, I see you've met Dr. Light. Forgive his rudeness. You see, I've had him locked up in a dungeon for the better part of the last...oh, two months and, well, it's been so long since he's eaten."

    Bane glares down at Dr. Light who cowers. The giant man motions for Light to leave and he flies off into the darkness, rejuvenated.

    "The good doctor will continue the chaos up above giving you and I time to become better acquainted down here."


    Shyne pants, hardly having lifted a finger, but feeling tired for some odd reason. 'I feel drained for some reason... like.. I can't use my power..'

    As Bane explains who the old man is, and what exactly it is he was doing, she opens her eyes wide in terror.. her powers over light ARE gone.

    'This can't be..' she thinks, 'how is that even possible?!'

    Gulping, she looked around herself, feeling a cold sweat coming on. She still had her heightened abilities.. but compared to Bane's raw power, they're meager. ...This could be bad.

    Shyne shook her head, putting on her confident face once more. "What do you mean by better acquainted?" She took a defensive stance once more, doing her best to hide her shock.

    (end of part 1)


    When last we left our dear Shyne, her powers had been surpressed by the grim touch of Dr. Light. She had descended into a collapsing building to rescue people, but the whole thing appears to have been a sinister trap.

    Standing across from her now is the criminal mastermind Bane. Without her energy powers, is there any way she can defeat him?

    The cracking of Bane's knuckles echo throughout the underground area. He's big and mean looking, but you've fought bigger and meaner before. Then again, you had your powers too.

    "As you can see, the elevator shaft is no longer an option. Not that you could fly out anyway. The only way out is through me."

    As Bane speaks, you see some of his henchmen emerge from their hiding spots. Several of them seem to be carrying cameras and other recording equipment.

    "Tell my, Shyne. Do you wish to know how you find yourself in this predicament?"


    Shyne looks around, seeing the henchmen gather around.. Not exactly the type of attention she was hoping for down here..

    Gotham was far away from Los Angeles, that was for sure.. but she had heard stories of the villains who plagued the city and others.. Bane was one of them, and she was well-aware of his potential.

    She assumed a fighting stance, feeling not a single ounce of energy within her. This was going to be... very tough. And seeing that video equipment.. her reputation was on the line.

    Shyne put on her gameface and smirked confidently. "Yeah.. why is it that you chose to come so far from where you normally operate?"


    "Money would be the easy answer, wouldn't it?" He finished cracking his knuckles and dusted his hands off. "But I'm a man of particular tastes and that wouldn't be enough normally. It is what you represent that fascinates me."

    He picks up a piece of debris, a long metal bar. "Peace. Hope." He shoots you a salacious glance. "Beauty." The bar looks extremely heavy, but he twirls it in his hands.

    "My employer wants to send a message to all of the costumed heroes...and heroines that prowl the streets these days making life so difficult for us. What better way than to snuff out one of the brightest beacons of virtue and goodness."

    He chuckles. "Even your name...Shyne. It is delightfully optimistic." He bends the metal bar in his hands like it is made of silly putty.

    "So that is why instead of a bomb inside that closet, you found Dr. Light. He has weakened you. I will beat you. I will humiliate you. And then I will break you."


    Shyne tried to hide the discomfort she was feeling right now, inside. So, she was to be made an example of? In her home city no less..

    'No way...' she thought to herself. 'I'm not going to let this guy intimidate me that easily.. I'm Shyne.. I've kept LA safe for months now.. it's not about to end here!'

    Making a quick decision, Shyne grabbed the crest from atop her head and held it aloft like a boomerang. "I'm afraid you're not going to be able to report to your employer then, Bane. Because you won't be seeing him for a while behind bars!"

    "Now, taste this!" she said, tossing her metal crest straight for Bane's chest!


    Your shot is right on target and a shocked Bane drops the bar and falls to one knee.

    "Aaaah...ah...the pain...aaah...ah...ha...ha ha...HA HA HA HA HA..."


    Shyne raises her fist quickly in victory as her attack succeeds... her crest quickly making its way back to her hand, that she catches..

    But as she is about to follow up, she stops when she notices that Bane doesn't seem to be as affected by her attack as she had hoped..

    She quickly attaches the crest to her head once more and points a finger at Bane. "There's more where that came from. We don't have to prolong this, Bane. Come along quietly and you may be let out on good behavior.."

    Clearly, he would listen to reason.. right?


    Your request only makes him laugh harder. "Oooh ho ho, Shyne. Your plucky attitude has exceeded my expectations. Pity that my target audience is not looking for a comedy."

    He straightens up and starts to walk toward you with bad intentions. He's about 12 feet away...10...6...


    Her first reaction would be to back away.. but she cannot show fear.

    'I am Shyne, protector of this city..' she thinks to herself.. 'And no one is going to keep me from my duty!'

    With a yell, she lunges forward once he is in range and punches him straight in the gut!


    Once again your attack is on point, but there's no faking this time. Your enhanced strength has felled many an evil doer in the past, but this time it's like punching a boulder.

    He looks down at you and tilts his head, amused. He raises his hand and taps his mask with his finger as if prompting you to punch his face.



    Growling, she falls for the taunt and launches another punch to Bane's face, putting more oomph behind this one! 'He has to feel this..'


    Your fist pushes his face to the right, but it is more like someone turning to cough than actually registering any damage.

    The goons all "ooh" and "aah" in an exaggerated fashion, but you can tell some of them are getting restless.

    "Please," Bane says. "One more try. Indulge me."


    Shyne looks on in Bane for just a second in amazement.. and then takes a step back.. "Okay.. you asked for it.."

    "Hyaaahh!!" With all of her might, Shyne launches forward, swinging her fist into Bane's face.. By Sol, she hoped it would actually bruise him this time!


    It seems impossible that someone so big could move so quickly, but before your blow can land this time he has a hold of your wrist.

    He holds on tightly, but not enough to hurt you. No, what comes next is what hurts you.

    His thick military boot shoots up and lands square in your belly and as he releases you, you are sent flying backwards arms and legs thrusting forward.

    You only go a short distance as you collide with a support pillar behind you. It shakes from the impact.


    As her hand is thrown, it is suddenly seized with amazing speed. This causes Shyne to gasp.. "Ah..?!"

    She doesn't even see the boot coming, and immediately feels something thick against her exposed belly.. "OOFGH!!"

    He then suddenly seems to become smaller.. no wait, she's just sailing away.. and SMASH!!

    "Aggh.." Shyne falls forward, catching herself on her hands and knees. As she sits up, she places a hand on her belly and rubs it. A normal person probably would have been out by that single blow.. but she was a lot tougher than the average person...

    ...Though she secretly feared that this would actually serve to hinder her in this fight.. meaning she would take more punishment.

    Getting to her feet, she shook her head, and took up a fighting stance once more. That one didn't go so well.. but perhaps he had a weak spot..

    "Not bad.. that actually kind of hurt.." Actually, it hurt plenty, and she was doing her best to hide the pain!


    You notice that he's become a lot less chatty since the fight started. It's unnerving. He moves towards you again maintaining a steady, almost robotic pace.

    With the pillar behind you, there isn't a lot of room to move.

    He throws a right cross, smashing you across the face. He follows with a left cross that sends your head back in the other direction.


    As Bane strides towards her, Shyne begins to quickly think of ways to defeat this foe..

    Before she knows it, WHAM!! Across the face.. She can feel her face glide to the side, her hair waving forward as it follows in the motion..

    She doesn't even have time to make a sound as the next blow strikes her as well.. "GYAHH!" She topples over onto her side, whimpering softly as the pain throbs throughout her face..

    She places a hand on her face in an attempt to assuage it. 'Okay.. that hurt.. and I'm not afraid to admit it..' she thought.


    Bane gets a handful of your cape and starts to pull on it, dragging you across the ground.

    He turns hard, ripping it off of you and sending you tumbling along. His goons cheer and he tosses the garment to their grubby hands before stomping towards you again.


    "Ahhh!" Shyne cries out as she feels herself being dragged, attempting to hold her ground but not succeeding very well..

    She then feels the monster rip off her cape, and gasps... Why would he do such a thing?!

    She tumbles forward a bit and when she finally stops she stands up, looking more angry than ever.. "Alright.. you're going to pay for that one.."

    Shyne begins to run forward, twirling into the air and lifting a leg up, seeking to land an aerial roundhouse kick to Bane's neck!


    "Hrrngh" he doesn't quite speak, but for the first time you definitely get a reaction. Perhaps he didn't expect you to have so much fight left.

    It's only for a moment, then he reaches down with both his hands looking to grab you.


    Shyne lands after the blow, hearing his reaction... she is relieved that he seems to have finally reacted painfully to one of her attacks!

    The only bad thing about that attack.. man, what muscles.. her leg was a little sore. She probably wouldn't be able to make many attacks like th-

    Suddenly, she feels both of the monster's huge hands upon her. She can only gasp as she turns back to look at Bane, completely caught off-guard! "N-no!"


    His massive hands wrap around your throat and he lifts you clear off your feet. For a moment, it feels like you're flying again but instead you're suspended with his fingers digging into your neck muscles.

    He flexes his arms, choking you while at the same time squeezing your throat painfully.

    "Yeeeah!" you hear one thug say. "Kill her boss!"

    Bane starts to shake his arms, causing your body to tremble.


    "Hhgh.." Shyne can do nothing but place her hands on Bane's own, trying to slip them through his thick fingers in an attempt to wrench them off..

    As they tighten around her neck, she makes a desperate gasp, moaning in pain at his terrible grip. Her legs flail about as she is choked... and her eyes dart uncontrollably..


    Your tiny fingers barely register, especially through your soft gloves. "Perhaps tickling would be more effective." he taunts

    As that silly option registers for a brief moment, he turns and slams you down hard on the hood of a car. A normal human would be flat as a pancake, but your tough body makes a big Shyne shaped dent in it instead. The glass shatters and you can hear the alarm ringing in your ears.

    Bane raises his fists overhead drawing a roar from the crowd. "Donkey Kong time!" one of the goons chimes in.


    Shyne's thoughts are racing.. is she going to die like this? If he did this long enough, she surely would..

    ..But her fears are silenced as she is slammed on top of the hood of the car, the impact shooting pain throughout her body.. "Huuagh!!"

    Sitting within an imprint of herself, she slowly rolls off of the hood, onto the ground and on her back..

    Panting.. whimpering.. she looks up at Bane as he roars to the crowd.. And for the first time, she feels fearful of him.. no longer able to hide her reservations..

    Her chest heaves up and down slowly as she tries to recover.. hurting too much to move.. "Nnhh.."

    She finally sits up halfway, her head feeling heavy and slightly dizzy as she does so...

    She closes her eyes and places a hand on her forehead..


    In a show of force, Bane brings his fists down on the hood of the car, completely warping the hood and damaging the insides. That was almost you!

    The show of destruction drives his men further into their frenzy.

    Bane reaches down and grabs your hair. You can feel the strain in your roots. He bends over to look you in the eyes.

    "Tell me, Shyne. Do you see how foolish you've been all these years? Do you regret being a superheroine?" One of his goons moves closer to capture your expression and response.


    For a moment.. Shyne feels respite from the constant bashing... as her senses slowly return to her..

    And then pain.. "Ayiiee!!" Her hair is pulled painfully and she winces, opening her eyes to see only Bane's own mask.. her expression quite fearful at this point.

    Panting, she shakes her head.. doing her best to try and look determined, but not succeeding. "...You... it's people like you.. that I am determined.. to stop.. nngh.."

    She reaches up to Bane's hand, in a pitiful attempt at getting him to let go..


    Without a word, Bane takes your head and rams it into the side of the car door, knocking it off its hinges. He makes sure to angle your head so as not to damage your pretty face.

    Picking up the car door, he raises it overhead and brings it down sharply across your back.


    SLAM! "Nngahh!!! uhhh.." Shyne falls onto her stomach, pain ringing throughout her head... and then..

    Another SLAM! This time, into her back. Madelyn's eyes open wide in terror as she feels immense pain in her back, her limps shooting upward at the force..

    "AAYYYIIEEE!!' She screams in agony, her limbs spread out as they fall back to the ground.. she rolls onto her side and places both hands onto her back.. her initial instinct to channel some energy to alleviate some of the pain..

    ...And then she remembers that her powers were gone.. oh, what a terrible day to not have them.. tears begin to fall from her face as she is forced to simply bear with it.

    Worse yet, she can finally feel fatigue setting in...


    Bane kneels down and wraps his arms around you, pinning your own arms to your sides. He scoops you up off of the ground, holding you helpless in his arms.

    You can hear him laugh again under his mask and the way he's clutching you now is almost playful.

    He walks over to one of the cameremen who points the camera at your face. Bane speaks. "Now then, what was that you were saying about heroism? I believe, you were telling everyone how pointless it was, yes? Do continue."


    Shyne heaves a breath as she feels herself being lifted up effortlessly.. she shakes and struggles in his grasp but knows it is in vain.. "No! Let.. go.. ghh.."

    Her toned and sexy legs dangle about as she is carried, and she soon sees a cameraman come and point his device in her face.. In defiance, she turns her head around, her hair swishing to cover a portion of her face. At least her hair was still on her side!

    Hearing his question, she shakes her head. "You're not going to get away with this... nngh.. put me down.. now!" She had to be brave.. no matter how much she hurt, and no matter how much she knew she didn't stand a chance.. she couldn't give up.. she couldn't let everyone down..


    "Did you hear that everyone? We will not be getting away with this!" At their bosses jokes, the goons hoot and holler some more. You notice the cameraman scanning up and down your body, taking in your supple legs and that magnificent chest.

    Satisfied with your humiliation, Bane begins to squeeze your body. He draws his hands in under your breasts, compressing your midsection.


    Disgusted, Shyne attempts to kick out at the cameraman.. how dare he try and.. well, she conceded, her costume was quite revealing.. but still..!

    Suddenly, she feels Bane begin to change his hold on her, and soon she feels herself squeezed.. "No... no don't do thi.. acck..... aaahh...!"

    She kicks her legs out more, and her hands wave futilely as she does her best to brave the incoming pain.. already feeling the breath begin to be forced out of her..


    The masked villain really starts to lean back, lifting you further off of the ground so that you're almost lying on his chest. He increases the pressure and you can see the veins in his arms bulging.

    Even with your limited invulnerability, you can feel your bones shifting and cracking as he crushes you.

    The cameraman who you almost kicked fell back in surprise, but now he's happy to be shooting you from his seated position, his lens perfectly positioned to capture your crotch and your legs weakly kicking.

    Bane squeezes again. "Scream for me."


    "Nngh.. nnh..!!" Shyne whines and gasps in pain as she feels her body finally start to give out.. and this makes her feel very scared.. and helpless..

    As she is lifted further, she turns her head as she gives it one more go in trying to escape his grasp.. tensing her body up with what remained of her strength..

    ..But it doesn't work. His grip is too powerful and she can feel her bones finally begin to bend and crack under this foe's sheer power.

    "Gah... ahhh....... uhhhh..!" She moans and whimpers.. but she would not scream. She didn't want to give him and his men the pleasure...

    By now, her entire body is covered with sweat, and her sexy costume is damp with it. How much longer would she be able to hold out?


    Bane is breathing heavily, but you’re not sure whether it's because he's tired or...if he's just enjoying this a lot.

    You can see disappointment in some of the men's eyes that you refuse to scream. They start to get angry and call for your blood.

    Bane leans forward for a second then explodes backwards with his hips, launching you over head in a German suplex.

    You land badly on your neck and shoulders, folding like an accordian before falling face down on the ground.


    Too much in pain to really be aware of Bane's condition, Shyne continues to do her best to resist screaming for the crowd..

    As he leans forward, she begins to wonder... is he going to stop?

    The answer is soon painfully realized and Shyne screams out as she is flipped over.. "Ahhhh!!!"

    And them, WHAM.. slammed like a ragdoll.. Shyne groans and falls over, face-down..

    By now, the pain she feels all over is beginning to do her in.. She whimpers softly as she tries to move, her body unresponsive..

    Turning her head to the side, she closes her eyes as more tears form in the corners.. "Light.. forgive me.."


    "The rag." Bane motions to his troops who pass your tattered cape back over to him. He starts to rip it, taking a short strip and stringing it through his fingers.

    "Your last chance, Shyne. This can end right now. Tell everyone how embarrassed you are to be doing what you do. Tell them that this is the only possible end for them."

    You feel his boot on your back. "Go ahead."


    Hearing the monster speak, Shyne can only imagine what he intends..

    And when he places a boot at her back, she gasps, moving an arm forward.. as if attempting to crawl away.. "Ah.."

    If she agreed to say what he wanted.. this could all end..

    ..If she continued to resist..

    She looked back at him, fear present in her beautiful purple eyes... Her crest was bent a little, having shifted with all of the roughhousing.

    ...She couldn't bring herself to answer.. she wanted to be brave.. she wanted it to end..



    He stomps down on your back now and you can feel the tracks leaving an imprint on your flesh.

    Bane follows up by sitting down on your back. He must outweigh you by a few hundred pounds and now it's all pressing down on you against the unforgiving ground. You're between a rock and a hard place.

    "I can't hear yoooou."


    "GYAH!!" she screams out, her head falling forward... She squirms a little, attempting to curl up.. but Bane is quicker and sits on her back.. and the pain returns..

    "Acckk!! Ah.. noo..." she whines, trying to move out from under him.. "P-please stop this.. I can't... I... aahh...."


    Bane reaches forward and clasps his hands underneath your chin and pulls back. Your skinny neck is bent backwards and your jaw is squeezed shut. His leather gloves rub coarsely against your cheeks.

    With his full weight on you, there isn't a lot of room to move and your back is forced to bend unnaturally.

    As he leans back and exerts himself to torture you, he croaks out "LAST...CHANCE..."


    She can feel his hands clasp under her chin.. she didn't watch much wrestling, but she knew enough to know what exactly this was.. "D-don't... nnghh!!!!!"

    As she is pulled back in his grip, she whines pathetically, waving her hands about.. clenching her fists at the point that she feels the most pain.. she feels as if her back is about to snap..

    "Noo.. more.." she manages to get out between moans of pain.. "I..giive.....uuhh..."

    By now, she is in too much pain to do anything else other than scream.. and she is losing her voice quickly at that.


    Bane eases up. "Then you admit that heroism is only children and fools. Nod your head if you agree."


    "I.. wha....?" The last amount of resistance in her.


    He pulls back on the chinlock again, this time his hands are under your throat choking you. "Heroism! Is for children! And fools! Nod your head!" He eases up again, allowing you to nod if you choose.


    Shyne cries out again, hot tears spilling over from her cheeks onto Bane's fingers.. Having no will in her left, she begins to nod.. quickly at that.


    "Excellent!" Bane releases immediately, the jovial tone in his voice returning. He turns to address the cameras, almost ignoring you. He uses your torn cape to wipe the sweat off his body.

    "You see, breaking the will. That is the hard part. But breaking the body...that is much, much easier!" As he finishes saying this sentence, he reaches down and lifts you up with one hand on your shoulder blade and the other on your crotch.

    You are raised over his head, your arms and legs falling limply to the sides.


    Defeated, Shyne begins to crawl away.. thinking of how she can recover from this hum-

    And then she feels that beast place his hands on her again.. feeling his fingers slink over her crotch, her eyes open wide... "N-no.. what... nnhh.."... as she is raised into the air, her voice trails off.. her long black hair falling down.

    "No! Bane.. I said what you wanted! Please don't do this....nnnhgh.. h.. have mercy!"


    "Shyne, you played your role perfectly. I'm a man of my word. I assure you...this IS the end of it."

    From at least ten feet in the air, Bane thrusts you down with all of his might across his knee. It comes up perfectly right in the middle of your spine and parts of it are instantly shattered. The sound of it is nauseating and even some of his cronies make disgusted noises at the inhuman backbreaker.

    He pushes you off disgustedly before taking what's left of your cape and ripping it up into more strips. "Prepare the van."


    Shyne continues to plead... fearing that the infamous attack that nearly ended one hero's career was about to be repeated on her! "No! Nooo!!!"

    Like a meteor hurling to earth.. she feels her back land on the monster's knee.. her back shatters.. Her incredibly sexy belly is arched up and she lets out a most terrifying scream.. enough to make even the most seasoned criminal's blood curdle. It's as if seeing an angel getting their back broken. Hard to watch.

    As she is rolled off, she sprawls out.. defeated.. broken.. and still screaming, her voice straining as it starts to give out..

    If she had known that she'd feel this kind of pain in this line of work, she would have kept her powers hidden.. for all time.



    With your body twisted into a wretched configuration, you can barely sense Bane using the remains of your cape to truss you up. He ties your wrists together behind your back and uses what's left to place a makeshift gag around your mouth.

    He points towards a waiting van and the men rush to gather you up. They can't wait to get their hands on you. Bane himself takes one of the cameras and begins to narrate.

    "Gently, men, gently." he says sarcastically. The camera captures your ruined body being clumsily lifted up, the gang's mischievous hands touching you.

    They seem to take forever taking you back, repeatedly "losing their grip" only to have to reach out and feel you up again as you are transported.

    They hold you so that your knees are bent and your legs are spread out. Bane films every second of it.

    They finally get you to the van. Bane hands the camera to one of his henchmen and puts his hands on the doors. "This footage is going to go out to every major news outlet in the world. Congratulations. You've always "shined" like a star and now you will be one."

    "As for you, I promised my employers that they would get to play with the real thing. Do enjoy the trip." He finished by shutting the doors, leaving you in total darkness.


    Shyne finally stops her screaming, her voice too weak to continue... and she feels herself being picked up.. and tied.. Her eyes turn to Bane, eyes that were once so fiery and full of confidence.. now containing only fear and sadness.

    Soon, his men grab her and she begins to shiver as she feels their grimy hands all over her.. her breasts... her face.. her belly.. her legs.. and her crotch. Her only protest at this point is her weak whimpering, with her cracking voice.

    As they fumble with her and have their way, she begins to cry once again.. had she failed so utterly that the divine Sol had abandoned her during this time of greatest need?

    Bane addresses her, noting that footage would go to every major news company in the world. But by now, her spirit was so broken that all she could do was lower her head in shame.

    It wasn't until that Bane mentioned his employers.. shaking Shyne to realization..They... were going to......

    Before the doors could shut on her, she made one last muffled scream before falling onto her back.. she wanted to die. She wanted it all to end.

    Soon, she felt the van moving.. surrounded in darkness, her future seemed quite bleak. She had never been defeated so soundly.. not like this...

    ...And just as despair was about to fully set in on the young heroine.. her eyes opened with a golden glow..
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    Had a lot of fun! I was proud to play the victim in this. :D
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    Another RP between Idoro and I, this time with him as the RM and me as the heroine. I should have mentioned that all these illustrations are courtesy of Idoro and they are also his original creations. This was a long session, so I doubt anyone will want to read the whole thing but if you're curious there's some hand-to-hand combat, tentacles, rough groping and even a little gore (nothing too extreme though).

    Going Solo


    Matta.png Darkur.png Hilliard.png

    Ryona Master (Idoro)

    Thunder.. for a city like Los Angeles, it's not a very common sound.. but on a day that was particularly sunny and bright, it's strange that a summer storm would suddenly brew like this.

    It is hot however, and the clouds have only served to make it more humid, not cooler. As you patrol the dark streets of East Los Angeles, you suddenly hear a grand sound of sirens blaring from around one of the block corners.

    You even see the reflection of the lights on the windows.. but soon, they suddenly come to a strange silence..

    And then they flash and blare no more.

    Psylocke (TheCrimsonRisk)

    I reach my hand out, waiting for the rain drops but there's nothing yet. I brush my hair out of my face, wanting to clear it before the moisture in the air makes it stick to my forehead.

    At the sound of sirens, I spring in to action. The others were never big fans of my night prowls, but the life of the costumed vigilante has always appealed to me. Going about righting wrongs and kicking ass...what more could a girl ask for?

    I traverse the rooftops with grace and precision, covering city blocks in an instant. I go towards the disturbance.

    RM (Idoro)

    As you near the disturbance, you see definitely see the police car, as well as a few civilians on the streets, but more importantly, you see that there appear to be three people near the car, one of them seemed to be dressed in a hat and trenchcoat, looking somewhat like some detective from the 1940's.. and you also see two cops standing and aiming their guns at him.

    Listening closely, you can hear the man in the trenchcoat speak.. "Hm.. it seems your vehicle has run into some technical difficulties?"

    The cops look very startled, but keep their aim pinned on the one in the trenchcoat. "...Alright.. just.. get down on the ground.. nice and slow."

    The man in the trenchcoat seems to consider the request... and then.. he shrugs. "Suit yourself."

    He kneels down and places his hands behind his head..


    I slink along the ledges, trying to get a better view of the three people near the car. I don't want to interfere yet. Maybe the authorities have this situation under control.

    Still, the way the men are comporting themselves...there definitely seems to be more than meets the eye.


    As the cops move forward, the one in the trenchcoat muses, "Oh.. but a fair warning.. you might not want to touch me."

    Seeming to ignore this, one of the cops quickly goes up behind him and places a hand on his back.. "Anything you say can be... be.."

    He begins to stutter.. and then suddenly he raises his gun arm.. "Wh.. what in the hell?!"

    He then aims it directly at the other cop..

    The other cop looks at his partner and says, "..Tyrell?"

    Bang. A gunshot rings out and the officer is struck in the chest.. falling to the ground. Screams can be heard from the civilians standing around.

    Officer Tyrell looks on in horror.. "But I.. I didn't.."

    The one in the trenchcoat slowly rises to his feet, chuckling. "Of course you didn't... that was me."

    He then slams his fist into the cop's gut and sends him flying backwards, making him drop his gun in the process..

    The man in the trenchcoat bends down to pick up the gun, examining it for a second...


    Damn it, I shouldn't have hesitated! I've seen enough!

    I leap into action, jumping down to a lower fire escape and bounding off towards the three suspects.

    I avoid hitting the trenchcoated fellow until I can properly assess what he's done to that cop. I land next to the wounded officer (the one who was shot), checking to see if he's still breathing. The whole time I never take my eyes off of the trenchcoated man.

    With one hand feeling for a pulse, I turn to the assailant, my purple hair whipping around violently. "Don't move!"


    As you check for a pulse, you can sense that this man is still alive.. upon further examination of his wound, you can see that he appears to have been grazed under the arm. No cause for alarm.

    Meanwhile, the man in the trenchcoat looks at you and tilts his head. Staring at you are two ominous eyes, glowing yellow. "..Well this is certainly unexpected."

    He crosses his arms and continues looking at you. "Hm, well Officer Tyrell must just have bad aim.. also, just who the hell are YOU supposed to be?"


    "Thank goodness he's alright," I think to myself. Still, I know what this creep's intention was and I'm not impressed.

    I ignore his question, refusing to give him any information. "The more important question is why have you attacked these men? It's clear that you're not just a common criminal. What is your business here?"


    The man in the trenchcoat laughs. As you listen to him speak, you pick up on a tiny hint of a Russian accent in his voice.. "Why else would someone attack? Self-defense.. my rights were being infringed on.. so I sought to end it the only way I knew how.."

    "As to why they were chasing me.. should that be your next question.. I suppose it was for this."

    The man reaches into his trenchcoat pocket with his free hand and pulls out a very mysterious-looking gem.. looking much like a diamond, but brown in color.

    "Very distinct shading, wouldn't you say?"


    "There was no need for this kind of force," I bark at him, pointing to the cop he punched.

    Discretely, I remove the night stick from the wounded officer and attempt to throw it at the villain's wrist, knocking the diamond out of his hand.


    As you throw the nightstick, the man in the trenchcoat deftly dodges out of the way, ducking down quickly.

    "Hmhmhmhm.. amateurish attempt."

    You then see him raise his gun against you.."And since you refuse to give me your name.. then I suppose I shall just have to treat you as such- An invalid."

    You see his finger squeeze the trigger..!


    I had a feeling that the nightstick wouldn't hit and immediately get ready to evade his counterattack. As I'm still unsure to the nature of his abilities, this limits my options.

    Then again, I perfectly understand what it means when a gun is pointed at me!

    I leap away and look for some shadows to hide in. When I'm properly concealed, I attempt to scan his mind and figure out his intentions.


    The gunshot rings out, but you are nowhere near where the bullet lands. He keeps his eyes on you for a moment, but quickly loses track of you as soon as you leap into the shadows.

    "Too bad for you.. as I always seek to finish my confrontations.."

    You scan his mind and what you see is.. very straightforward... at first. The acquisition of the gem, escaping the museum with sirens blaring...

    But those images are quickly overcome with the vision of s strange place.. a large containment tube surrounded by water..

    An expressionless face..

    BANG! A bullet ricochets near you. "I can trace your odor you know... what perfume is that?"


    [17:53] <Psylocke> I curse myself for being so vain, though I do admit that keeping up appearances is one of my priorities.

    I can tell he means business, so I reach for a small blade that I keep beneath my straps. I fling it from the shadows, aiming for centre mass this time. I stop short of using lethal force, but if my suspicions are correct, this should be just enough to get his attention.


    As you fling the blade, you hear a gunshot ring out, and the blade is sent crashing to the ground. "Whoa! I thought that was you for a second, heh!"

    "But you've given your position away.. and now you're mine!"

    You can hear him moving quickly towards your position.


    I'm not going to wait for him to come to me.

    I create a psychic knife, channeling the focused totality of my telepathic powers!

    Leaping out of the shadows, I land right in front of him and stab my psychic blade right at his forehead, making sure to not make physical contact with him.


    As you swing at him, he growls and parries your blow away with his hand.. just barely. "Bwah! Nice try!"

    He then aims a punch for your head, hoping to catch you off-guard!


    I perform an elegant backflip, letting the punch pass by me harmlessly. As I flip over, my long legs kick up through the air just narrowly missing his head. My spandex covered crotch hangs in the air in front of him for a brief second, teasing him before I'm suddenly a few feet away.

    Staying in a crouched position, I look to sweep his legs out from under him, hoping to make him an easier target for my next psychic knife attack.


    This time your attack succeeds, and the man is knocked to the ground, his hat flying off in the process! "Doof!"

    He lands on his behind and looks at you.. and what you see is sure to be startling.

    A completely featureless gray face with two large and villainous-looking yellow eyes. What you perceive to be simply a disturbing mask is actually.. flesh. With no mouth, no nose and two large holes in the side of his head as ears...

    Nevertheless, he seems to not be able to recover quickly enough to get off a counter-attack.



    I wasn't sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn't that. I find myself hesitating, but I gather my wits quickly and prepare my psychic knife.

    I grab the collar of his trench coat and raise my fist into the air. Without even meaning to, I find myself striking a dramatic, beautiful pose.

    I prepare to incapacitate him with a psychic blow to the head!


    As you do so, he seems to resist little, not even trying to move away from you grabbing his trenchcoat cuff...

    Then, you begin to feel very unsettled by his expression as you raise your fist into the air.. and his thoughts... it's as if he wants you to punch him.

    He doesn't resist at all, simply looking you in the eye as you prepare to land your blow.


    Ha! If only this simpleton could see the powerful energies swirling about my knuckles right now, surely he would pass out from fear.

    I drive the psychic knife between his eyes, looking to shut down his higher functions temporarily.


    As your knife comes down into his mind, he quickly reaches up and grabs your hand, right at the point of contact..

    At first, you hear him let out a pained yell, your attack was obviously successful...

    ...But at the same time, you suddenly feel searing pain throughout your body.. inside of you.. almost as if your blood was on fire. What's even more strange though, is that you begin to feel immense pain as well in your own head.. as if your attack was hitting yourself as well!

    Whatever is going on, you may want to separate yourself from him as soon as possible!


    I swivel around and deliver a hard kick to his chest, more intent on pushing myself away from him than doing damage.

    As I pull my hand free, I reach back and instinctively grab my skull, looking to make the pain stop!

    I lay on the ground for a moment, my hands massaging the sides of my head.



    The man is knocked away, and the link between the two of you is broken. You can quickly feel your body return to normal and the burning fades, as well as the pain to your head.

    The man slowly gets to his feet, seeming to be rattled from the attack as well.. and picks up the gun, turning towards you.

    "Ha.. I don't know what manner of attacks you are using, madame.. but I must say, they are rather impressive."

    "No one has inflicted such pain on me since large dog and light-woman.."

    He aims the gun at you once more. "But enough of that. I believe you have a meeting with the great boss down below, hm?"

    Chuckling, he prepares to shoot you once more!


    I hate to do it, but he's more formidable than I expected and I have to make sure these two law enforcers are alright.

    Putting aside my pride, I focus a direct telepathic attack on the villain, looking to disrupt his thoughts and paralyze him.


    As soon as you begin your attack, the man seems to realize this and quickly gets a shot off.. Bang!

    Your right side is grazed.. luckily, he wasn't very good with his aim. Soon, you hear him groan as his yellow eyes open wider.. and he falls over backwards!

    Struggling with the attack, he begins to convulse.. but soon, he stops making sounds.



    He was a lot tougher than I expected, but it looks like he's down for now.

    Having confirmed that the shot cop is okay, I move over to the cop who was punched. That bad guy seemed to have superhuman strength so there's no telling the effect it had on him.

    "Are you okay, officer?" I kneel down next to him, offering a warm smile.


    As you examine this officer, he turns his head towards you, coughing.. his vision dazed. He narrows his eyes at you and mutters, "...Shyne?"

    He seems to be pretty dazed, but no permanent damage.


    *hmph* That other girl always gets all the press in LA. I knew I should have stayed in New York.

    "Actually, it's Psylocke." Might as well start working on my brand out here. As I tell him who I am, I stand up and arch my back, showing off my firm belly and fantastic breasts. Shyne's not the only hot superheroine around these parts anymore.

    "Now, a regular cell obviously isn't going to hold this guy so if you could call whoever you call for these things, I can help you transport the suspect."

    I turn and move back towards the fallen baddie.


    As you mention your name and show off to the cop, he chuckles. "Well.. I suppose she's going to have some pretty stark competition, eh?" He seems to eye you for a second, but suddenly averts his eyes away, his cheeks a little flushed. He's young and sort of handsome.. and from what you gather, is married.

    As you mention the man on the ground, the cop says, "Matta, yeah he's a shifty one.. never been able to.. huh?"

    You turn to look upon where Matta was, and find nothing.. but you hear him chuckle... above you?

    It seemed as if his voice was coming from the rooftop.. but how?!


    I curse myself for the second time today. I know better than to take my eye off of my opponent. This California living has made me soft.

    I leap on top of a car, doing my best not to dent the hood. I squat down, sticking out my cute butt. From that position, I vault onto a nearby lamppost and head towards the rooftops looking for Matta.


    You easily spot him atop the foor of a building directly in front of you and he stands very arrogantly, playfully tossing the gem a few inches in the air and catching it every few seconds.

    "You've.. an interesting makeup, miss Psylocke. I cannot tell if you were made that way like myself, or.. no.. perhaps you were born with it, yes?"

    "Intriguing." He pockets the gem and places a finger on his chin. "But as much as I'd like to learn more about you, I really must be off."

    He waves casually to you and then with startling ability, leaps away from rooftop to rooftop.. seemingly effortlessly!


    I follow in hot pursuit, doing my best to keep an eye on him. I won't make the same mistake twice!

    The rooftop chimneys and other constructs are like apparatus to me as I vault over them, the wind blowing through my hair. I find the thrill of the chase exhilarating!


    "Not bad Psylocke!" you hear him cry out as he jumps from rooftop to rooftop...

    "Now, let's see how you handle another obstacle!"

    You see him suddenly spin in mid-air, his coat spreading out dramatically as he flings several iron spheres at you..... ...GRENADES!!


    My eyes open wide as I immediately recognize the hazards in front of me. I twirl majestically, avoiding them and attempting to get as far away from them as possible.

    Unfortunately, explosions are unpredictable and I am sent hurtling through the air as the grenades go off.

    My world spinning, I reach out looking to grab onto anything and avoid falling to my death. At the feeling of concrete I stab my fingers in for dear life and as things settle down, I realize that I'm dangling from a ledge.


    The explosion rocks the area, and you can hear a few startled screams from below..

    And then, the return of that ominous chuckling...

    You suddenly see the eerie face of Matta re-appear as he looks over the ledge at you, his foot just above your hand..

    "Oh, but of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this.."

    He rises his foot into the air and is about to stomp on your hand.. when suddenly, you hear someone shout, "I DON'T THINK SO!"

    And suddenly, WHAM! Matta is hit in the face with some sort of shiny object and falls backward!


    As I struggle to pull myself up, I see Matta overhead getting ready to stomp on me. I close my eyes, pinching my face as I await the impact...

    There's an impact alright, but I feel nothing and when I open my eyes I see Matta laid out. Newly energized, I scramble up onto the roof and quickly scan my surroundings to figure out what the heck is going on.


    On the rooftop behind you, you spot the city's famed heroine- Shyne! Quickly raising her hand into the air to catch her returning crest, she sets it back on her head and gives you a re-assuring smile. "Hey, how's it going?"

    Meanwhile, Matta stands up, rubbing his head. "...I really.. really hate that damn thing.."

    After seeing two heroines, his eyes open wide and he says, "Oh.. crap."

    He then turns away and bounds off once more!


    I'm happy to be saved, but I have to admit that my pride is hurt a little. "I had him right where I wanted him," I say, snarkily. "No time for pleasantries, he's getting away!"

    Turning away from Shyne, I continue my pursuit of Matta, this time being extra watchful of any surprises he might have.


    By the time you turn back, he has a good lead on you, and you can hear Shyne following you as the two of you pursue him.

    As you gain on him, you suddenly hear him laugh as he drops over a ledge.. is he crazy?!

    ...No, just smart.. a few seconds later, you see a helicopter rise up from the side of the building, Matta hanging on by a rope ladder!

    ..Pretty elaborate. You then hear Matta cackle and call out to you, "Ha, perhaps next time, ladies? Or if you wish to continue.." He looks to Shyne. "You know where to find us!"

    And with that, the helicopter suddenly takes off towards the large towering buildings of Los Angeles..


    Damn it!

    I grow tired of these games and I look over to Shyne, clearly aggravated.

    One look at her soft, kind face goes a long way towards calming me down. I'm not mad at her, I just feel helpless right now.

    "Shyne...it's nice to meet you. Thanks for saving me back there. I didn't mean to be rude, but I can have tunnel-vision sometimes, you know?"

    I reach out an arm looking for a handshake.


    The heroine smiles kindly and reaches out to shake your hand. "Oh, I know how that can be.. and it is nice to meet you as well, Psylocke. X-Men, right?" She says, glancing at the belt with the X-shapred buckle on your waist.

    "I don't know what he was up to, but I responded to the police report as soon as I caught wind of it... I've a good idea where he's headed but I wouldn't dare go it alone, too dangerous."

    She tilts her head. "I think you know what I'm about to ask, the only question is.. are you up to it?"


    "I prefer to work alone, but there's a lot more to this than I know, isn't there?" I nod to her. "Any assistance would be greatly appreciated."

    I look at Shyne again. I can see why she's so popular. I can only imagine how it would look if anyone saw us standing together. It would be a lucky day for the paparazzi and really any male with working eyeballs.

    "You seem to be more familiar with the situation, Shyne, so I'm all yours."


    Nodding, the heroine smiled as she turned her head towards the direction they would be heading, her hair following as she did so. "Great, that's what I like to hear! We'll be heading to a nightclub downtown.. though it won't be to have a good time.."

    She looked to Psylocke again, her expression serious. "It's just a cover for the boss of Matta's hideout.. and we won't be entering from the front."

    Soon, the two of you are off, and about 15 minutes later, you are both standing atop of a very trendy, very popular nightclub with dozens of people waiting outside to get in. Luckily, none of them saw either of you move through the tops of buildings, making your way to the top of the nightclub.

    The area around the roof is empty, save for the massive neon sign advertising the club, a glass sunroof, and a door that would seemingly lead to inside the building.

    Looking at your options, Shyne looks to you and says, "Hm.. I'm thinking.. one of us can enter through the sunroof.."

    "And another through the door here."


    I scratch my chin for a second, trying to decide which way to enter.

    "Alright Shyne, I'll go in through the sunroof. Stealth is my specialty and that seems like the best point of entry for me. Is that okay with you?"


    The heroine nods to you, winking. "Probably better than me at least.. but alright!"

    She then heads through the door. "Be careful now!"


    I approach the sunroof and run my hands along it, gently tugging at it to see if it will open.


    The sunroof is weakly attached, and seems to give way quite easily.

    Below it, you can't make out a thing however..


    I lift up the sunroof and drop down, hanging on to the edge of my entry. I'm avoiding touching the ground (or anything) in the room, so as to avoid setting off any alarms.

    I look around waiting for my vision to adjust so I can get a better idea of my surroundings.


    As you look down, you get a much better view of what's in this room.. it seems to just be some sort of storage.

    You can hear the muffled sounds of the nightclub below, the heavy bass vibrating heavily against the building, making it shake a little.

    But as you continue to gaze about the room, you feel a sudden tug at your leg, and you are pulled down!


    "Oof!" I fall down on my bum and immediately start to rub it.

    I use my telepathy to scan the room for minds...how many...what are their intentions..."Stupid!" I think to myself. "Should have done this before you jumped in."


    Your mind latches on to a thought very quickly- "Grab her!"

    You then feel an arm wrap around your neck from behind and pull you up from the ground. "Hey now, no free entries miss!"

    "What, did you think you could skip the bouncer by coming in this way?!" The man's hold on your neck tightens as you are pulled up..


    "Hrrrggk!" Just before I'm grabbed, I try to take a breath. I kick my legs out wildly. I hate to be caught off guard like this!

    Both my arms come up, clawing at the arm around my throat. "Let...me...go!"


    "Yeah, sure.. after I bring you to the cops.."

    The man then chuckles... and you feel his other hand spank you against your ass! "Nice costume though, didn't realize it was dress-up night..."

    He then begins to drag you towards one of the doors. As powerful as he may seem, he has no idea who you really are!


    I realize he probably just works for the night club, so I will resist using lethal force here.

    Though it's tempting to want to break his neck after I feel his hand on my bottom. Bastard!

    Instead, I use that perverted moment to shift my weight, making myself very heavy. As I do so, I shift forward maintaing my hold on his arms looking to flip him over me.


    The man is very heavy, but you manage to perform your attack, and he lands on his back in front of you. "OOgh!"

    As he sits up he rubs his back.. "Agh.. just my luck I run into the girl who knows karate.."


    "Judo actually, chum." I snap a front kick to his jaw before he can get up.

    "That's karate."


    The man's only response is a weak "Oh..heheh.." before he slumps over, unconscious..

    As you gaze around the room, you can see that there are two doors. One of them is slightly ajar, and leads to a stairwell heading down.

    The other door has a strange black symbol upon it, with a plaque underneath saying, "CEO ACCESS" with no handle on it, seeming more like an elevator door.


    "I might not be the world's greatest detective, but that looks like it could be something."

    I bend over and place my hand on the goon's head, preparing for a deep scan. Perhaps he knows how to open the door with the black symbol on it.


    As you scan his head for answers, you see an image of viewing the door at an angle..

    A man dressed only in black appears by the door, which it opens automatically for.

    As the man in black turns to face you, his features obscured, he says, "Remember, please only use this access in times of great emergency... I do not like to be bothered." His voice is calm.. ominous.

    The vision then fades from your view.


    I walk over to the door and start to feel around, searching for some kind of button that might open it.


    The door simply opens once you are in its range.. and you see before you an elevator compartment.

    Directly in front of you, posted on the wall of the elevator is a blank monitor.. currently seeming to be turned off.


    I scan the room for controls. Both for movement and if there's someway to operate the monitor.


    There don't appear to be any controls in the room, not even buttons to press to select a floor.

    The room itself is idle, not presenting any threat.


    "Feh". My impatience starts to grow again and I exit the elevator. Noticing the partially open door, I enter and go down the stairs.


    As you walk down the stairs, you suddenly hear a strange 'PING!' sound from above you..

    It seems as if the elevator has activated, either by itself, or...


    I creep back up the stairs, taking a position behind the door.

    I listen closely to see if anyone enters the room.


    You hear shuffled movement against the ground, and then..

    Someone's voice. "...Interesting."

    It sounds just like the man from the guard's vision.


    I peak through the crack on the door to get a better look at him.

    I also give him a quick brain scan.


    As you scan him... you.. suddenly begin to regret that decision.. very, VERY much.

    Complete and utter darkness begins to cloud your mind.. and you envision a deep, deep black void..

    A dark voice enters your mind as you plunge into this man's psyche.. "THE VOID.. HUNGERS... GIVE.. YOUR..LIFE..YOUR BLOOD.."


    I clutch my head, as I did when I touched Matta. "NOOO!" I cry out by accident.

    I stumble backwards away from the door, tripping and falling down one flight of steps.

    When I finally stop, I moan, rubbing the various parts of my body that were just bouncing off of the stairs.


    As you try to gather yourself back up, you see a dark figure approach you.. a man with deep violet hair that is slicked back, a small goatee and oddly-colored eyes.. one grey, one red now stands over you, his arms behind his back.

    He smirks, walking down the steps until he is at your feet. "I knew I recognized that outfit.. quite a ways away from home, aren't we Miss Psylocke?"


    I slink over to the wall and press against it, using it to stand myself up.

    "Can't say I recognize you, pal." I talk to him, hoping to buy myself some time. What the hell did he do to me?

    "But I'm glad you seem to know me. So what's your story?"


    The man watches you with a cold gaze, not even flinching at your words as he takes another step closer.

    "Ah.. so you must've picked up on my thoughts I assume. Tell me, were you able to get very far?"

    He walks even closer, now only about two feet from you. "A brave venture, at any rate."


    I sneer at him. "I can tell you that you've got a pretty sick head on your shoulders. Might want to get that checked out. Here, let me help you.

    I spring off the wall, executing a thrusting martial arts kick looking to take his face off.


    As you lash out against him, your leg is suddenly seized by a strange black tendril, sprouting from this man's back!

    Your foot is only inches from his face.. and the tendril induces a strange sense of dread in you as it raises you into the air..

    "Quick.. I had to use my dark senses to pick up on that one.. a failing on my part, really." He looks up as you dangle..


    "Whooa!" As my world turns upside down, I try to reach out and grab on to the man. As he holds me just out of reach, I dangle like a flawless trophy.

    Letting my arms go limp, I gather my energies into a psychic knife, trying to avoid him noticing my efforts.

    "So...nice club you got here. Just down these steps, is it?"


    "Indeed.." He says, closing his eyes. "Perhaps you'd like to see for yourself?"

    You then feel your body move quickly as the tendrils toss you to the ground, forcing you to roll down the steps!


    The pain in my sides and limbs flare up again as I'm sent down another flight of stairs. "Oooh...not again..." I groan.

    Rather than turn to attack, I continue to roll until I reach more stairs. Then I spring up and sprint down, looking to get away and find out what's down there!

    As you continue down the stairs, you hear a strange sound cutting the air..

    "Don't be rude now.. shouldn't you wait for your company to join you?"

    Do you dare look back?


    I keep going down the stops, not turning around. Am I...am I afraid? No, I erase that thought from my head. He wants to stop me from descending, so I must continue!


    As you spot a door, from where the sounds of the club grow louder.. you feel something slimy and rubbery grab at your ankle!


    "Shoot!" Just as I reach the end of the stairs, I feel my ankle trapped and I fall face first to the ground. My ninja reflexes save me from smashing my face, but my boobs are uncomfortably squished flat. "Oweeee...."

    I turn and kick my leg violently, trying to shake it free.


    As you kick at it, you notice the tendril is sort of only weakly attached, as the distance between you and that man seems to hamper his ability to keep the tendrils strong.

    But as you flail, you notice the tendril is becoming stronger as the man descends the stairs after you..

    "Don't run off too far, I won't be able to keep up with you.."


    Not wanting to let this get any worse, I wrap both my hands around the tendril and tear away at it. If that's succesful, I stand up and go for the door.


    As the tendril is ripped, you hear a pathetic squeal, and it withers into nothingness.

    Whatever that was.. it's.. alive?!

    You definitely hear the club on the other side of the door, so this must be the entry into the club.


    Ugh, I wasn't looking to enter such a crowded area but I've got to get away from this guy. Maybe I can lose him.

    I open the door and step though, making sure to shut it as I do so.


    As soon as you turn from shutting the door..

    ..You come face-to-face with none other than Matta!

    "Going somewhere?" he muses, delivering a punch straight to your face and forcing you back through the door as it topples over, the force of the punch enough to knock over a METAL door..


    I don't even have a chance to look surprised as the faceless jerk from before stands in front of me and delivers an amazingly powerful blow to my face.

    The metal door gives, but not easily. I'm hardly heavy enough to knock down something like that on my own, so I can't even measure how hard that punch was.

    I lie back, my eyes clenched in pain. I want to get up, but I'm hurting bad...


    As you lie on the ground, you suddenly see two figures loom over you..

    "Excellent work Matta.. and as for the other?"

    Matta responds, "She is being handled by the others. I suspect they will be kept busy for a while."

    "What would you want done with this one, Lord Darkur?"

    The man in black, now known to you as Darkur looks upon you with hungry eyes. "I never intended for this one to show up.. perhaps.."

    "We can use her as a test subject for our new.. project?"

    Matta begins to chuckle.. "Ohohoho! I like that idea!"

    Darkur responds by chuckling himself.. "I do as well.."

    You then see a mass of black emerge from his back.. and a dark tentacle wraps around your neck and torso..


    I tense my muscles and kick my legs trying to get free, but this close to him his darkness is as thick as titanium. I wear a look of stark fear, eyes closed and teeth clenched...I try to look away from my captors.

    "You won't get away with this."


    You can feel your body hoisted into the air as Darkur walks back up the steps, the tentacle around your torso begins to tighten considerably..

    Following behind you is Matta, with a pistol pointed right at you.. in case you try to make any sudden movements.

    "That may be true.. however, you won't be getting away either.. at least not for a good while, Miss Psylocke." He then chuckles arrogantly as you both enter back up into the supply room.

    That door that you tried to go through is sitting open, and the tendrils immediately fling you inside, the two villains laughing as you're tossed in like trash..

    The doors close tight behind you.. and you see the monitor come to life!


    I grunt and try to stay active as the breath is squeezed out of me. The feeling of these tentacles all over my body makes me...ashamed.

    As they compress my mid-section, my breasts start to bulge stretching out the front of my costume.

    Desperate, I send out a psychic distress call: "Shyne...Shyne...Shyne..."

    My concentration is broken as I'm tossed into the elevator. I lean against the wall, catching my breath. As the monitor turns on, I pay close attention to it.


    Suddenly, a feed of the area just outside is broadcasted, Darkur standing with his arms crossed behind him and Matta by his side, like a dutiful lackey.

    "Miss Psylocke.. as you may have already guessed, you are trapped inside my special elevator."

    "In the next few moments, you will be incapacitated... and when you come to, you will have been initiated in as one of my very own test subjects."

    Matta chuckles behind him, and Darkur continues, an evil grin forming on his face.. "I hope you enjoy your rest.. oh and.. i wonder how long you can hold your breath?"

    The feed is suddenly shut off, and you see a strange gas expelled from the upper corners of the elevator..


    The floors below are rocked with the sounds of battle as Shyne fends off multiple 'bouncers'..

    Panting, she quickly picks up Psylocke's distress call and her eyes go wide... "Oh no, Psylocke! Hnngh!!"

    She is suddenly grabbed from behind and punched in her gut.. "Oof.."

    It was going to be a while before she could reach her..


    I continue to send messages to Shyne even though it's hopeless. "Shyne! Shyne! Shyne..."

    I find myself worrying for my ally, even though we just met. If I'd done better, maybe I could have helped both of us.

    I try to hold my breath, but I'm still reeling from the punch and those crushing tentacles. It doesn't take long for the gas to enter my system and I slump the floor, face first, my hair falling down my sides.

    My rump is stuck up in the air, slightly shivering as I lose consciousness...

    (end of part 1)
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    Wow, that was way too long. The continuation...


    As consciousness fades.. your last feeling is of your face against the cold floor..

    ...and like nothing you slowly awaken.. to find yourself lying on the floor.. in a strange, large metal room about 100x100x100 feet. shaped like a perfect cube.

    On one end of the room is a series of what appear to be black windows, and on the side right next to this one a single rectangular outline that seems to be some sort of shut-off doorway.

    The other sides are blank, and a dim light shines from the ceiling..


    I get up slowly, holding my hand to my head as I shake out the cobwebs.

    The whole thing reminds me of the Danger Room, but I'm fully aware that I'm far from the safety of the X-Mansion. That familiarity does not fill me with confidence.

    This isn't my first time being captured, so I know how this will play out. My supple legs are extended as I stretch out my groin muscles and I extend my arms behind me, poking my boobs out while I crack my knuckles and shoulders.

    "Okay, not that I've had a minute to freshen up...I know you can hear me."

    "What have you done with Shyne?"


    There is no response.. for several seconds.. and finally you hear Darkur's voice. "Ah, you are awake. Good."

    "As I said before, you have now been initiated in as one of my test subjects. I hope you feel honored to be bestowed such a title."

    "Mm.. but as for Shyne.. well, that depends. Do you wish for her to be at your side in this?"


    "How about this? You let her go and I promise not to tear this whole place down after I'm through with whatever 'tests' you've got planned for me." I smile widely, letting them know I'm serious.

    "Trust me, you don't want both of us ruining your little...experiment."


    "Idle threats, Miss Psylocke" Darkur responds, nonchalantly. "Regardless of what is planned for her, the choice is yours. If you refuse, we have other experiments planned for her.. the kind that require restraints."

    You can hear Matta chuckling in the background..


    The quicker I get out of this, the quicker I can help her...

    "Enough talk! Bring it on! I'll apologize in advance for ruining your work!"


    There is no response... and you are left in silence for at least a minute..

    Then suddenly, you see a man pushed through the rectangular block and he lands on his side, grunting in pain.

    The block then slides shut again and the man struggles to get up. He is very muscular and stands at least 7 feet tall.

    He looks around himself in confusion and spots you, blinking. "..Huh?"

    "Where.. he says, taking a look around. "Where is this now?"


    Normally I would scan his mind, especially considering how confused he seems, but time is of the essence.

    I close the distance between us as quickly as possible and execute a flying axe kick, looking to cave his skull in.


    As you launch your attack against this man, he rolls to the side, taking the attack rather well..

    In fact, his jaw seemed to be made of iron.. your foot may hurt!

    He manages to sit up, rubbing his chin and looks at you.. "...Wh.. What the hell was THAT for, lady?! I don't even know you!"

    "Geeze.." he says, rubbing his face still, and getting to his feet. "What did they do to you huh, inject you with bitch venom or something?"


    I do a short hop backwards on one leg, holding on to my sore foot. "...the hell?"

    "My friend is in danger," I say sternly, "and I'm afraid fighting you might be my only way out of this."

    I load up another attack, this time directing a double palm strike to his torso.


    Your attack succeeds, and the man doubles over in pain.."Hooargh.."

    He quickly shoots up however, and from his position, speaks.. "I don't know what you're talking about, but if it's a fight you want.."

    He then lunges at you with frightening speed!


    Seeing him hurt, I prepare to finish him off with a psychic knife attack but I'm surprised by how quickly he recovers.

    Before I can even form my weapon, I find myself instinctively dodging back trying to get out of his range but my move lacks fluidity.


    He crashes into your toned legs, tackling you to the ground!

    He then shifts his weight over and sits atop your chest, and you can see from his size and position.. this guy may have been a former UFC fighter..

    He then begins to rain blows on your head! "Nice costume by the way!"


    I try to land gracefully, in some sort of position to defend myself but this guy is strong and he clearly has some sort of wrestling background.

    Before I know it he's mounted me and his fists are coming down hard! I move my head and raise my arms up in front of me, doing my best to deflect his blows but even the ones that are blocked hurt me.

    I buck my hips wildly and turn, trying to get him off of me or at the very least moving my face away from him.


    "Heheh.." he then stops his assault on you, and rolls off to the side..

    He then lifts his leg into the air while at your side and drops his heel onto your crotch!!

    "I don't fight fair either.."


    As the heel of his foot hits my private parts, I shoot my hands down to protect them but it's too late. I bite down hard on my lip trying not to cry out.

    I roll as far away from him as I can, still in too much pain to actually stand up. "Come on, get it together Betsy!" I tell myself.


    The man gets to his feet and smiles.. "That all you got eh?"

    He chuckles and puts his hands on his hips, clearly satisfied with his work..

    ...When suddenly his expression quickly changes.. to one of fear.

    ...He then stumbles back a bit...until he is against the wall..

    "the hell is.. wrong.." he says, quivering..


    I rub my crotch until the pain goes away, feeling slightly embarrassed but it looks like my opponent has other things to worry about.

    There's a noticeable change in his demeanor, a distinct sign of weakness and I know I have to capitalize.

    I charge him again, unleashing a flurry of strikes to his body and head, ending with a leaping roundhouse kick.



    As you strike him, his body is as hard as rock.. and each blow you inflict only serves to hurt you more than it would him!

    Your last kick connects with such force that it sends vibrations through your entire body..

    But the man looks as surprised as you might be right now, for he suddenly drops to the ground and begins to scream in pain..

    He quickly falls to the side and then gets on his hands and knees.. and you suddenly see his body start to enlarge.. his shirt and pants busting apart..

    "Ah, a delayed reaction to the serum.. but nonetheless, it seems it is finally kicking in.." you hear a voice speak over the intercom.


    "Damn it!" I attacked without thinking and paid the price. I fall back again, rubbing my arms and my legs. I'm sore all over, but there's got to be something I can do.

    As I see the man drop and start to get bigger like the Hulk, I realize I need to stop playing around.

    I close my eyes and concentrate, looking to connect with his mind. "Stop...be calm...control..."


    As you look into this man's mind, you see all sorts of thoughts.. mostly questions of fear.. "Am I going to die?" "What's happening to me?!"

    "What did they do..." "What did.. they.. do.."

    "What did.. th......they.. do...... wh.."

    As he begins to change shape more, his thoughts begin to dwindle.. and become harder to understand..

    "do.... what.. do... rage... anger..."

    You can see his skin is starting to change to something.. slightly less.. fleshy.. and more rock-like in appearance..


    I intensify the strength of my psychic commands, but I can feel our connection breaking. "STOP...CONTROL...PEACE"


    You hear one last message before your link is forcibly broken.. due to a terrible emotion ringing out.. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!"

    Before you, you see a massive figure standing where the man used to, humanoid in shape but completely made up of brown rock.. As he stands up straight and roars into the air, he easily stands at least 9 feet tall..

    "RAAAAWWWWWWRGH!!!" He roars, making the entire room tremble..

    "Miss Psylocke, meet Hilliard. An escaped convict that came into our custody just a few days ago."

    "I am sure you two will make great friends."


    "Nice to meet you, Hilliard," I deadpan. I start to flank the creature, creating distance while attempting to get an idea of how fast it is, how it moves. Looks clumsy, but looks can be deceiving.

    As I see it fully erect, I think about how small and weak I must look in comparison. My sweaty hair is falling down in front of my face, concealing a look of concern. My big, round eyes look up and down the monster in front of me.

    I keep an open stance, ready to move and avoid an attack at any second. My costume has moved around quite a bit during all this action, revealing significant portions of my tense, muscular body.


    The creature turns, seeming to contain the speed it had before, if just a little slower. It turns to look at you and growls, and you can see strange glowing eyes from under its menacing visage.

    As it keeps its glare focused on you, you can feel your feet suddenly tense up.. and they soon begin to feel very.. heavy..

    Meanwhile, Hilliard takes his time walking towards you, and you see that one of his hands has been replaced by a maul-like appendage.. Great!


    It doesn't look that fast, so this should be...wait...what's this? I try to move my legs, ready to make an agile escape from my attacker but they're not responding properly.

    I do my best to anticipate an attack, but my confidence is quickly fading.


    As Hilliard steps towards you, his motions become quicker.. and quicker!

    "Rawwwrrghh!" Once within range, his maul-fist slams into your torso painfully and sends you flyyyying, flyyyyyyying into the air..


    Like a wounded butterfly, I drift through the air...only instead of drifting I seem to be moving at an alarming speed. Perhaps it's just the illusion my mind conjures to deal with the immense pain I'm feeling

    I try to roll with it, but the best I can do is complete the rotation so I fall on my face and chest again as oppoed to fracturing my neck.

    I push up on my elbows, peeking through my hair to see how close Hilliard is to smashing me again.


    The creature is bounding towards you once more.. and you hear Darkur's voice over the intercom..

    "Ah, how interesting. So it seems that the stone vision has carried over from the last Elementer. Make sure you get this down, Matta."

    Hilliard makes his way for you still, raising his maul-arm into the air.. "Crrruuushhh!!"


    Hnnh...not sure...if I can survive another one of those...

    Even in my weakened state, I won't give up and I attempt to crawl between his legs. It's a pathetic sight as me, a renowned heroine and ninja is scurrying across the floor like a frightened puppy.


    His arm comes down slowly this time, and narrowly avoids smashing you..

    You do feel the force of the blow as it hits the ground though, with a loud crash!

    Hilliard growls, attempting to reach for you.. and you suddenly feel a rocky hand clasp around your left arm!


    I stumble as a shockwave ripples through the floor. "Damn it!" I curse again as I can't seem to get anything going.

    Hilliard's grabs me and I let out a short scream before stopping myself.

    "Let me...GO!" I make a fist and beat down on his arm in a futile attempt to break his grip.


    You are suddenly lifted into the air, much to the amusement of the creature as he lets out a dusty chuckle.. "Huh..huh..huhh!"

    You see his maul-hand shift into a normal-looking hand.. and he grabs your right leg with it, grasping your ankle..

    And then.. he begins to stretch you out like some rubber chicken... "Huh...HUHHHH...HUHH.."


    "W...wa..wait...Hilliard...no!" I start to panic as he gets a firm grip on my leg as I realize what he has in mind. Before I can say anything else, he starts to literally pull me apart.

    "AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEE!" I scream, not a heroic scream, but one of sheer agony.

    The shape of my vagina starts to become very obvious as the thin fabric barely contains it. I can feel my muscles being tortured all the way from my ankle through my groin, through my abdominals and all along my arm.


    "Ah, typical of a newly risen Elementer. Toying with their prey."

    "Lacking higher brain function, they've been reduced to nothing but a mere beast. Psylocke, what you are seeing now is history in the flesh!"

    He chuckles.. "No pun intended of course."

    Hilliard meanwhile, tired of stretching you laughs at your screams, setting you upon the ground and grabbing your torso with both hands.. lifting you into the air.

    "..Crush.... or.. squeeze...?"

    "A good question, Hilliard!" Darkur responds through the intercom. "I shall leave that choice up to you."


    "Huuuh...oooh..." All I want to do is massage my damaged body, but the beast is unrelenting. His massive hands are upon me again and I'm suspended like a puppet once more.

    "Hilliard, you don't have to do this." I'm trying to stall him, but no useful tactic comes to mind. Physically, he's too powerful. His mind...I can't focus enough...is there even a mind there..."Hilliard...Hilliard!"


    Hilliard.. seems to be thinking about this more than you thought.. but you soon feel his grip around you start to tighten...


    "It's an easy choice now, Hilliard. Don't think too hard about it.."


    As the monster hesitates, I continue trying to reason with him. "It's okay...I'm sorry I attacked you. This is wrong. Something is very wrong here, Hilliard and I..." as I feel his grip tighten I close my eyes and work on emphasizing my words.




    You feel his grip begin to loosen..



    "Hilliard? Come now, do not hesitate. Perhaps a ittle push will help."

    You hear a squeak from above.. and a tube extends from a ceiling panel..

    It suddenly shoots a stream of water directly downward at Hilliard and the creature roars in agony..

    And with you in his grip.. he begins to squeeze you as he tries to bear with the pain!



    "Okay...it's okay..." My voice is calm and soothing as I notice it seems to be working.

    As the panel opens above our heads and water starts to come down, I can tell that it is not a good thing. Hilliard's violent reaction confirms my thoughts and before I know it, he's crushing the life out of me.

    His stony hands dig into my sides, "H...Huuhll...huhhlll" My attempts to say his name become inaudible as his inhuman strength comrpesses me. "HUUULLLLLHHHH!"


    After squeezing you for some time, you hear a startling crack.. was that a rib?!

    You are then released and dropped to the ground... and the beast strides out of the stream of water, smashing the ground in pain.. "RAWWWWWGGHHH!!!"

    The stream of water is suddenly turned on you, splashing you with steaming hot liquid.. not only does it hurt him, but it was hot too!

    "Oh Matta.. stop playing with the controls, would you?" Darkur chuckles..


    *crack* "OOOOOOOooooohhhh..." my cries actually die down as I'm squeezed more and more. There's a sharp stabbing pain and then I feel oddly relieved.

    When he drops me to the ground, the pain comes rushing back and I let out a pained cough, a small spatter of blood coming out. "That's not good..."

    I lay on my side, writhing, totally unprepared for the steaming liquid that covers my body. I roll out of the stream, curling up into a ball and shivering.


    Hilliard stomps around in fury.. and you can feel it, as the ground shakes underneath you..he then stops.. and you hear him scream, "...Crush... CRUSH.... CRUSH GIRL.."

    You cannot see him, but you can hear his steps coming closer..

    "I seem to remember you telling us that you would destroy whatever experiments we put before you.. is that correct, Psylocke?"

    You then hear a terrible scream over the intercom.. "..Matta, how did the sound from the Shyne feed find its way into this one? Oh.. nevermind."


    "You bastards! When we get out of this, you're going to pay!" Still suffering, but spurred on by the sounds of Shyne being tortured I move aggressively towards Hilliard.

    "Crush this, you creep!" I focus my rage into my telepathic powers, creating a psychic knife different than the others and throw an uppercut punch looking to fry Hilliard's brain!


    As you launch your attack, the creature roars in pain and stumbles back.. tiny bits and pieces of his head being chiseled away..

    As he regains his footing, he growls.. pounding his arms into the ground and forcing it to crack..

    The entire area shakes around you as he creates an earthquake.. and suddenly, a spike of earth shoots up from the ground behind you, digging into your back and splitting your costume apart whilst also grazing against your flesh!

    The attack continues, and the ground beneath you cracks, making you lose your footing..


    "Aaarrrrrgggh!" My cry of rage turns into one of pain as I feel the earth shaking. Something stabs into my back, partially shredding my costume.

    I try to keep my balance, but it's getting way too shaky and I topple over. I feel a mixture of metal and dirt as I lay on the ground, clutching my back, a lot of my skin now showing.


    "The Earth Spike! My, he is learning quick. Make sure you include this, Matta."

    Hilliard then makes his way for you, the ground still shaking..

    You suddenly feel yourself flipped over onto you back, the rough and coarse ground digging into your exposed back wound painfully..

    "What's this? Is he.. oh, goodness. How very perverted of you, Hilliard..."

    Before you know it, you can feel the beast's giant fingers brushing across your breasts.. poking one of them painfully..

    "Girl..... erhhh...."


    As I'm flipped over, I try to stay calm but I'm breathing rapidly, causing my chest to heave up and down, up and down, up and down...

    As the monster starts to paw at my boobs, I can only imagine how alluring they must seem to him.

    I wince at his touch, which is anything but soft. My hands come up and make a weak attempt to push his digits away.


    As you reach to paw away at his grasp... he suddenly grabs hold of one of your supple breasts..

    ...And begins to crush it in his grasp!


    "Mmmmmhhhhhaaaaaa..." I moan and try to scream, but all that comes out is an ultra high pitched whine.

    I try even harder to get him off of me, but the pain I feel as my fleshy mound is brutally kneaded makes my attempts even less forceful.

    I look into Hilliard's eyes pitifully, searching for some signs of humanity.

    My legs kick up and down aimlessly, slowly losing their vigor.


    Hilliard releases your breast... only to move to the next.. and do the same to that one..


    "Such odd behavior.. perhaps it's some sort of repressed memory that is causing him to inflict such odd ways of pain onto her?"

    You hear another wail over the intercom.. "Matta, I thought you had turned that off."


    The activity in my legs has gone from kicking to just twitching as I'm becoming resigned to what's happening.

    I want to initiate some kind of psychic attack but my thoughts are completely scrambled. "Stop...please...hurts...Shyne...help..."

    I arch my head back, my mouth hanging open silently as my other breast is mangled.


    Hilliard finally releases your breast... and you can feel his rocky finger tracing along your torso.. downwards.. until it is over your crotch..

    He then presses his rocky finger against your soft flesh..

    You hear his growls begin to quiet.. and soon, even his heavy breathing begins to quiet..


    I shake my head and look up to him again, tears starting to form at the corner of my eyes.




    .................You feel his rocky grip press against your vagina painfully....

    ...And he roars in triumph.. "CRUSH..... GIRLL!!!! RAAAWWWGGHH!!!!!!!"



    My agonized wail bounces off of the walls of the big empty room, creating a haunting effect.

    What do they want from me? Why are they doing this? How do I make them stop?!?

    I renew my efforts to escape, digging my nails into Hilliard, scratching the skin off my fingertips...anything to be free from his grasp!



    The creature then lifts his arm into the air and swats you away, as if you were just a crumpled up piece of paper..

    "Hilliard.." you hear Darkur say over the intercom..

    "..Do you want to kill her?"

    The creature hesitates.. looking down at you..



    I just lay on my back, fighting tears. The most strength I can muster in my extremities is to raise my hands up (my wrists hanging limply and my hands shaped into deformed claws) and lift my knees, creating a squeaking noise as my costume rubs the floor.

    I'm only vaguely aware of what's going on and I just keep shaking my head, wanting this to be over.


    "Do it then, Hilliard.. if you so wish.. kill her. End her misery.. end YOUR misery.."

    Boom. Boom. The sound of his steps as he wanders closer...

    Boom.. boom. if you dare to peek out.. you can see his massive rock foot by your side..

    You feel him grab onto your torso with a single rocky hand..


    As I'm lifted up, I offer no resistance. All I can think of is how I've let down Professor X and my teammates...and Shyne...

    But I don't want it to end here...dipping into my telepathic reserves I try one last gambit. Attacks have been futile, so perhaps a different tactics.

    I present the image of Charles Xavier into his mind. A figure who is all loving, understanding, who embraces outcasts of all kinds...could that describe Hilliard?

    I continue to project these images of warmth...acceptance...love...drawing upon my personal relationships...

    "Don't give up." Is the one phrase I manage to convey with my thoughts before the strain is too much and I go limp.



    The creature raises your limp body up and into the air.. "Cr......eerrgh......."

    As you are hoisted, you feel the creature hesitate..


    "What's this? I wonder, what could he be doing..."

    Hilliard continues mouthing... "....wh...whaaaggh..."

    "...Wh...what.. what!!"

    "...Is he speaking? Come now Hilliard, do not keep us in suspense..!"

    You feel yourself dropped to the ground..

    Hilliard meanwhile, looking quite confused.. looks at his own hands.. "...What am... I doing...?"

    "What.. am I...?"

    "...I see" Darkur says over the intercom. "It seems he has finally begun to take over the primal instinct to destroy.. this is good."

    "Hilliard.. stay where you are. I will be out shortly to meet with you."

    In a few more moments, Darkur emerges from the rectangular doorway.. walking towards the both of you.

    Meanwhile.. Hilliard appears to finally be gaining control over his senses.. looking to you on the ground and gasping.. "..."


    I muster all the strength I can and try to crawl over to Hilliard. "Are you...alright..."

    After that last telepathic effort and all of the abuse I've taken, even this small gesture takes a lot out of me.

    As Darkur enters the room, I do my best to create a psychic knife, but it like a spark with no lighter fluid. I'm spent.



    "Uh..' the creature says, turning to Darkur..

    As the evil man comes within speaking distance of the creature, he stops.. smiling. "Hilliard.. my dear man. Congratulations."

    "You have passed your initiation. I now grant you full status amongst my retainers."

    "You are now part of the Shadow Collective, a group of Elementers who wield the powers of the elements for what they are truly meant for.."

    He looks towards you, the evil smile still upon his face. "Galactic Conquest."

    He places a hand on Hilliard's arm endearingly. Hilliard meanwhile.. can only look upon the man.. seeming to be confused.. "...."


    I hear Darkur spout some cryptic phrases and I do my best to remember them, but my head is throbbing. Everything is throbbing.

    I grab on to Darkur's pant leg, giving it a tug. "I have friends...we'll stop you..."


    Darkur doesn't even give you a glance as a tendril sprouts from his back, sharpening to a point and stabbing you in your hand..

    He looks to Hilliard, smirking. "As you can see, those who oppose us do so at their own peril."

    "This is your chance Hilliard.. this is your chance to get revenge.. to release those repressed emotions.. this is your chance.. to start over.."

    "Start over with us. Use your power for what it is good for.. amassing more power!"

    Hilliard hangs his head.. closing his eyes..

    He speaks.. slowly, but clearly. "I've seen what I am capable of.. I know now that such power.. cannot simply be repressed."

    "I never wanted to hurt anyone... I never wished to inflict pain.. but.. I see.. after a life of crime.. and hurting others... I can see I am.. only good for that purpose."

    "I have no other meaning in life.."

    He then utters words that makes your heart sink.. "Lord Darkur.. I shall join you. Use me.. as you see fit.."

    He turns to look at you, his menacing glare seeming somewhat melancholy..

    Darkur meanwhile merely nods in agreement. "A wise choice."

    "Now come.. we've much to discuss."


    As the dark tendril penetrates my hand, I immediately retract it and pull it close to my body. It wasn't just a stabbing sensation...I could feel pure darkness in my nerve endings.

    "Hilliard, no..." I squeak out as he seems to have joined forces with the evil Darkur. I redouble my efforts to stand up, making it up to a knee. The effort nearly makes me pass out.



    Hilliard pauses as he turns to face you.. but instead of anger he seems.... shocked..?

    Darkur turns to face you as well. "I think she was referring to me, Hilliard. Please, exit through here. I will deal with her."

    The creature nods, giving you one last reproachful look before disappearing behind the rectangular door.

    Darkur now wanders over to you, smiling that evil smile. With a light press of his foot, he knocks you to the ground once more.

    "You have something to say before I release you, my dear?"


    "Umph." I fall forward, staring at the blank floor. Release me? After all that...freedom is so close...

    But I refuse to give him any satisfaction.

    "You've already lost...I've...seen into his mind...whatever you've done to him...you didn't change the man...inside....I know what he's capable of." I look up at Darkur defiantly. "You are a sad, pathetic thing."


    Darkur laughs, walking over to you, until he is over you. "Pathetic, empty words.. from a loser."

    He then places his foot to your head and forces it into the ground.. pressing against you painfully.

    "You are just like Shyne.. in so many ways. So arrogant. So boastful. Only, she isn't as lucky as you.. for we're going to keep her here a bit more longer."

    He then kicks your head away and chuckles, walking away from you. "Feel free to leave her at any time.. Matta will open the doors for you."


    "Unnngh..." I bite my lip as my head is ground into the metal floor. I become even more frustrated when he mentions Shyne.

    As his foot connects with my face, I spit out some more blood. He's walking away, turning his back to me...

    Having been down on the ground for so long, I've been able to save some strength and I muster up the last of it launching myself off of the floor trying to leap on his back.

    "Let her go!" I cry out as I attack.


    As you leap onto his back, you see him stop..

    And once you are onto him, he does not even budge.. not even with your weight on his back.

    He turns his head to the side slightly. "Go on.."


    I hang off of him, unable to maintain a steady grip. My feet drag along the floor as I wrap my arms around his neck.

    I reach my hands towards his face looking to claw his eyes out. It's a graceless, ugly attack, but I don't care anymore.

    "Release Shyne now!"


    As soon as you reach for his face, he raises a hand to easily knock your hand away. "Sorry, not interested in your proposal."

    "Now, release me before I involve my friends."


    "Tell me where she is!"

    I hold on even tighter, going as far as to yank on his stupid goatee.


    You hear Darkur sigh as his head is pulled downwards with your yank. "Why do these fools never take my gracious offers.."

    You suddenly feel dozens of tiny tendrils wrap themselves around different areas of your body, wrenching your grip away from Darkur and pinning you to the ground.

    "You will notice, Psylocke.. that I rarely become angry."

    "I always do my best to hide emotions, because if I don't.."

    The tendrils begins to engulf you completely, squeezing your body and threatening to suffocate you as they filter into your mouth..

    "People.. DIE."


    "Rrrrraaaahhh!" I yell as I'm pinned down. My normally cool disposition is completely gone, but I can hardly be blamed considering what I've gone through today.

    As Darkur boasts of his fine temperament, I prepare to insult him again but it looks like it was unnecessary as he unleashes his power on me.

    I gurgle and gag as the tendrils force their way into my mouth. My whole body spasms as he uses his powers to squeeze my already broken and bruised body. I've held on for as long as I can, but the tears are flowing freely now and if I could speak, I would be begging him to stop.


    Darkur's eyes glow ominously as his tendrils lift you into the air... the casual smirk he seems to always possess is gone now.. replaced with a simple frown.

    "Trust me, this is a side of me you never want to see.."

    You then feel the tendrils release you.. and you crash to the ground, for the 100th time. They are all return to the position of wildly flailing behind his back.

    "Or perhaps you want more.. is that it?"

    The tendrils begin to grow... and the darkness he begins to emit starts to engulf the entire room..

    Your vision becomes clouded.. as you see the flailing shadows on his back expand into gigantic size..

    "You want to die.. is that it? You want to SUFFER?!"

    The tendrils begin to move across the ground towards you.. "TELL ME!!"


    I prop myself up on my elbows, just enough to get my back off the ground. My vision is blurry, but the entire room seems to be turning pitch black.

    I can make out Dakur vaguely...is he getting bigger...his tentacles...coming closer...no...NOOOOO

    "Nooooo!" I scream. "No more, please!"

    I throw my hands up in front of me, my palms outward in a flimsy blocking motion. There's little else I can do at this point...


    You suddenly feel the tentacles engulf you.. and the voice you heard earlier begins to resound out.. quite loudly..


    Your entire vision is overtaken by black.. and then, you feel no more..

    ....When you open your eyes.. you are back in the room..

    The ground before you has been repaired..and the room.. wait.. no.

    This room.. it's not the room that you were in before at all!

    Oh no.. this is the Danger Room!



    I...I don't understand. I get up and look myself over, checking to see the condition of my cuts and bruises.


    You appear to be in just fine condition. No pain, no rips, no cuts.. nothing.

    There doesn't appear to be anyone around either.. the exit to the room is all that stands before you.


    I rush to the exit, needing a change of scenery badly.

    "Professor? Anybody?"


    As you approach the exit, you don't hear a sound. But the door itself seems to open easily enough.


    I exit and look around. Could I back at the mansion?


    You are indeed back inside the mansion. And it seems oddly... empty.

    The only sound you hear appears to be the dripping of a faucet.. somewhere.. the silence being enough to allow you to hear even far-off sounds.

    Something is definitely odd about this place... it all seems.. normal enough.. but there is no noise, no birds, no wind, not even the sound of vehicles outside..


    Something is wrong here. I do a psychic scan of the area, searching for any signs of life.


    You pick up no signs, but suddenly, and quite sudden at that- someone walks out in front of you..

    And it's.. Darkur!!

    But as you scan over him, nothing is returned. Not a single thing. He looks you in the face and smiles..

    "We meet again."


    I rest one hand against a mansion wall, feeling it's distinct texture. For the first time in what seems like forever, I find myself laughing.

    "This isn't real, is it?" I stare at Darkur intently. "Do you think I have no experience beyond the physical plane. You've made mistake bringing us here."

    I speak confidently, but in truth, I remain unsure of the situation.


    Darkur smirks. "As you may have realized, this isn't real, and neither am I."

    "Because of your foolish acts against me, as I offered you freedom, I've placed you here as another test."

    "You're in a virtual world that is similar to our own, save for the various horrors and demons that inhabit this realm, who I have allowed to enter this place."

    He smiles wider, his eyes narrowing. "In time, they will pick up on your lifeforce and.. well, you will most likely become their source of sustenance. For they have none in this realm."

    "And they are very hungry."

    You see him begin to walk away from you. "I'll be here to answer any questions you may have. Of course, I am only an echo of my true self, so I really only exist as a figment of your imagination."

    "Use your time well, Miss Psylocke. It was nice meeting you."


    "You'll regret this!" I almost shout, but I remember what he's said about being a figment of my imagination. I've got to stay on task here.

    The first thing I do is head towards where I know the exit of the real mansion would be. I expect their to be some adversity, but if I do come across any perhaps that means I'm on the right track.


    As you head towards the exit, you don't notice anything out of the ordinary, except for the silence.

    The image of Darkur appears to be following you, keeping his hands crossed behind his back. "Planning to leave the mansion, are we?"


    "Don't try to stop me. I'm going to break out of your wicked world and come find you. Then this will all be over."


    Darkur merely grins widely. "Okay!" He then stands there, looking directly at you..



    I reach out and open the door, prepared to leave...


    As soon as you open the door and glance outside..

    You see a very hellish landscape, grey sky with black swirling clouds.. strange winged creatures soaring across the skies.. what appears to be a colossal mass of flesh far out in the distance with hundreds of eyes upon its body.. giant worm-like creatures boring through the ground,

    And right outside, a few feet away from you, a quadripedal beast with large scythes for arms that shrieks as soon as it spots you and rushes directly for you!


    I slam the door shut and grab the nearest piece of furniture, using all of my strength push it against the door. I brace it with my body, doing everything in my power to keep the beast out.

    I look at the Darkur avatar in front of me. "You knew that would happen, didn't you? So what should I do now? Wait for these monsters to come knocking at my door?"


    Darkur shrugs. "You could. Or you could leave this place, and come back to reality."

    "Really, the choice is yours. This is the path of your defiance."

    "And if you so choose to remain here, and if one of those beasts ends up feasting on your entrails, well, you won't be waking up from that."

    He chuckles to himself and paces to your side.


    As Darkur moves closely, I repeat his words. "Reality...reality, my foot. I'm not scared of this low budget creep show."

    I take a swat at him and move away from the door. I attempt to create a psychic blade, curious how it will manifest itself in this realm.

    "Do your worst."


    As your blade forms, Darkur looks to you and his eyes widen, just a little.

    Suddenly, you hear a terrible screeching from outside as hundreds- no perhaps thousands of creatures begin to cry in unison...

    There is a pounding against the door.. and you suddenly hear a rush of movement from outside.. the ground begins to tremble.

    "Perhaps I should have told you.. they pick up on energy discharges very easily."

    "Especially when they are hungry."


    "Then I'll give them something to feed on!" I create another blade, now wielding two glimmering katanas.

    My eyes dart around the room, identifying potential entry points. I'm ready for anything...


    "Then perhaps, we should up the stakes a little?"

    Darkur snaps his fingers, and suddenly, the walls of the entire mansion just.. vanish!

    The furniture, appliances, and other freestanding objects are still there.. but the walls and ceiling just simply disappear. As you gaze above you, you can see beds an furniture simply hanging in the air above..

    "How long will you last with no walls to protect you?"

    the creatures from outside, of varied appearances and grotesque figures spot you.. and close in on you. Some slither, some fly, some crawl..

    But they easily outnumber you, even with two blades.

    "Happy feasting, my friends."


    I won't go down without a fight!

    With a sly grin on my face, I begin an acrobatic display worthy of Spider-Man himself. Whirling and twirling, I aim my blades at every creature that comes near me

    I use the furniture to move from space to space, even jumping up to the objects suspended in the air.

    It is a breathtaking display, or it would be if there was anyone else here to see it...and if I weren't surrounded by Hellish demons


    As you begin to assault the creatures, they appear to go down as easily as any fodder you've faced in the past..

    ....But as you down each one, you notice that their replacements come at you in larger numbers.. and are larger themselves.

    "So, how long do you think you can keep this up?" asks Darkur, sitting on a suspended couch.


    "As long as it takes," I boast...but even as I'm slashing down what seems like my hundredth foe, it seems like there is no end in sight.

    I continue to fight, but time has lost all meaning. I don't know how long I've been battling, but I can feel my pace slowing and my body is covered with perspiration (or so my mind perceives it to be).

    "Is...is that...all you got...?"


    The creatures grow larger.. and more menacing..

    As your senses fail you, you don't even see the creature come from behind you, drilling its claw into your shoulder.

    Dark red blood spurts out, and the pain you feel is very real..

    "Nasty business, but I suppose no one is more deserving of such a fate as you."


    I fall to my knees, but stab a katana backwards into the offending creature with my good arm. I let the bloody one hang uselessly and continue to fend off the creatures with my remaining weapon.

    "It's not real, it's not real, it's not real" I repeat to myself as I see the blood running down my arm.


    Another creature digs its fangs into your side, and you see more blood spurt out as it locks on to you with its jaw..

    "Mm, I would've seen that one coming from a mile away, to be honest." He now seems to be reclining back, watching you with mild interest.


    "Fffaaaaa...uuuuuuhhh..." Deeply wounded, I still refuse to give in. I form a small psychic dagger and stab it into the skull of the creature biting into me.

    "After I'm done with this...I'm coming after the real thing."


    The creature releases you and retreats, black blood spurting out of its head..

    As you gaze into the distance.. that gargantuan creature with the eyes.. it's a lot closer now..

    Other creatures begin to surround you, and you suddenly see a few spines shoot into your leg..

    "Those are poisonous. Might want to remove them quickly."


    I reach for the small spines in my leg, trying to get them out before they burrow deep into my skin. I get as many as I can.

    Not sure what the poison does exactly, I get up and attempt to fight, whipping a psychic dagger at the nearest creature.


    As you stand up and fight once more, you suddenly hear a roar from your side..

    And in the next second, you're hurdling through the air as it tackles you, and you land on the ground.. before a large, bulging creature probably about ten feet tall... all mouth and teeth.

    It bellows at you, the force of its voice nearly blowing you away. It then whips its tongue out, as it begins to curl around you.


    I attempt to slash at the the tongue surrounding me, but I can only muster a small dagger at this point and the creature is much bigger than the others.

    I feel it's saliva against my skin and I can feel the hairs stand up on my arms.

    With one hand slashing I use the other to try and pull at the tongue to loosen it's hold on me.


    As soon as it slashes you, it releases you, pulling its tongue back and roaring in pain..

    The force of its tongue leaving you sends you spinning in the opposite direction, only stopping when one of the scythed creatures impales your thigh to the ground, narrowly missing one of your major arteries..

    Still, blood begins to spurt out once more.. and you see Darkur wander over towards you.

    "I normally don't compliment women in such a way, but I must say, you have very nice legs."

    "They'll make for a good meal I suppose."


    I didn't expect it to let go so easily and I'm sent twisting along the ground. That should give me time to recuperate...


    The scythe stabs right through my leg and I almost go into shock. "THISISNTREALTHISISNTREALTHISISNTREAL!!!"

    I look at the creature and try to project the pain at it. I still can't gauge the effectiveness of my powers here, but I want this thing gone.


    The creature then painfully removes its scythe from you and you begin to project your attack..

    It seems to succeed initially, as it pulls back and retreats..

    Only for it to return, rising its scythe, still bloody with your own blood, and screeching into the air.

    "Keep saying.. whatever makes you feel more comfortable as you face death."

    "No, really, do it. It makes it so much easier to accept!"


    "THIS...ISN'T...REAL!" I punctuate my sentence by kicking my one good leg into the air, attempting to strike the creature in whatever it has in place of a neck. I want to snap it.


    Your kick is well-placed, and while it doesn't kill the creature or snap its neck, it forces it to the ground with a whimpering sound..

    Then all of a sudden..

    The sound of the creatures begins to die down..

    And as you look around, they all seem to make a hasty retreat..

    ....initially you don't notice anything that would make them do this...

    ..But as you glance to your right, you see the hundred-eye demon is now only about twenty feet away..

    Its grotesque body, at least one-hundred feet tall begins to focus its eyeballs on you.. each one a different size..

    "Oh no, well.. this is probably it."

    "Once this one has you in its sight.." he chuckles.

    "I've actually never watched him devour something before, It'll be interesting to watch."

    You see a jagged tentacle extend out from the creature's base.. then another.. then two more.. then four more..

    Soon, dozens of jagged, sharp tentacles are making their way for your prone body.


    I try to create another psychic weapon, but at this point all I can do is create a bright pink glow around my one good arm.

    *deep breath*

    With my hand in a knife edge position, I chop away at the nearest tentacles, while attempting to slowly move away from the creature.

    I've come this far...can't give up now...


    That's one..

    Meanwhile, several others begin to wrap around you, digging their piercing edges into your skin... easily drawing blood from your already bleeding body.

    As the edges dig into your skin, you can feel them digging in.. deeper..

    "Yeah, this one can actually sprout thousands of those things out. Those that survive the impalement are soon dragged underneath it, and slowly digested by an agonizing liquid that slowly burns away at you, eventually dissolving your skin tissue, veins, organs.."

    He grins. "And bone."

    You feel yourself being pulled slowly towards the demon..


    My psychic energy dissipates as the monster starts to go to town on me with its seemingly infinite tentacles.

    Multiple puncture wounds cover my body and I can feel the creature entering...worming its way inside of me...

    I writhe in agony, my hips gyrating and my upper body shaking uncontrollably at this new, indescribably torturous feeling...

    Darkur's commentary fills my mind with awful images of being immersed in a vile goo, my costume stripped away, my naked body disintegrating...

    I try to look away, but even in my pained haze I'm able to see the many eyed creature getting closer and closer as I'm pulled towards it...

    I'm afraid that I can't speak anymore, but I have to try. With my mouth and my mind I call out: "Darkur...reality! Take me back to reality, I beg you!"


    Darkur follows close behind, blinking his eyes and looking at you with a sarcastic surprised look. "What's that? I couldn't hear you over those digestive juices beginning to churn.."


    My body convulses as I feel the creatures many edges crawling under my skin.

    "Take me back! Please! Anything but this!"


    Darkur seems to be getting a kick out of torturing you.. "But it's so nice here.. don't you think?"

    Grind.. grind.. you can feel one of the tentacles in your leg painfully mash at your bone...


    "NOOOOO PLEEEEEEASSE!" I'm not even sure if he can hear me anymore. My vocal chords must be destroyed by now.

    The pain in my leg is unreal, but I'm starting to believe now...what if this is real? What if he was lying before and I've actually been transported to another dimension and there is no other reality?


    Darkur smiles, rolling his eyes. "Oh fine.. just give me a few minutes."

    Grind.. grrriiiind.... crush.. your bone is shattered quite easily..

    ..But eventually, amidst the terrible pain you feel.. your vision turns to white..

    ...And soon, you are back in Darkur's testing room, presumably upon the same spot that he had engulfed you with his tendrils from before.

    He now stands before you, looking down upon you with that same, smug look. "So, are we ready to accept that we are defeated.. and retreat in shame?"

    "I hate to rub it in as much, but you know it to be true."

    "Except if you refuse this time, I'm taking you right back to Mister See-it-all. And you'll die. Slowly."

    His grin turns into a frown. "My kindness only goes so far after all."

    As you examine yourself, you note that you have your injuries from before.. you were engulfed. The rip at your back.. pain in various places around your body..

    ..better than having your bones shattered though.


    As he begins his latest tirade, I'm prepared to fill myself with righteous indignation...I'm prepared to shut him up once and for all...I'm...I'm...I'm afraid. I'm beaten.

    "No! No!" I say to him with far too much urgency. "Don't take me back there. Please, don't..."

    I get up slowly. It's easier than before because I don't have any plans to attack Darkur. Not on this day.

    With my head hanging low and my arms wrapped around my own body, working to keep my battle worn costume from falling apart, I meekly make my way to the exit.

    I can't even bring myself to swear revenge, afraid of what might happen. I only think to myself, "Shyne. I'll come back for you, I swear." And I leave.


    Darkur smiles, needing to say no more, his part in this game fully played out.

    As soon as she is out of earshot, Darkur calls out. "Matta, good job with those Shyne recordings.. I think they really gave her the impression that we held her within our grasp."

    "Only the best for you sir," the grey-skinned man replies. "Should we contact Mandarin and give him the recordings?"

    Darkur looks around the wrecked room, examining his work. "Why not? After all, I got far more enjoyment out of this than I thought I would.. we really do need to run into this Psylocke again."

    He chuckles to himself as he exits the room.
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    This was an RP between Raden and I. It's an alternate version of one his his stories. We both decided to play in the 3rd person, making this almost like a collaborative fiction piece rather than a role-play. As you can see, Raden was the table setter while I was primarily responsible for Tina's reactions.

    Tina's Retirement (Supplemental)



    Tina Armstrong is in the ring, training for her rematch against La Mariposa.

    She's just finished a set of situps, and she's working on her pushups, when a couple of figures file in to the gym, trying to step lightly. Their combat boots would make heavy thuds on the floor if they walked normally.

    As she finishes her situps, she pushes back to a standing position, stretching her powerful legs out.

    She raises one and puts it on the top turnbuckle, stretching. It is quite a magnificent display.

    He decides not to engage in false civilities. He simply climbs into the ring and while Tina is stretching, swings a kick into her stretched out leg, where the knee bends.

    *THWACK!* the kick to her knee lands hard and unexpected.


    "Ah! What's the big idea?" Tina says, rolling over to see who's attacking her.


    "Well, we just thought we'd see how tough the oh so legendary Tina Armstrong is..." Bayman replies. They waste no time. They both grab a leg, and quickly yank them in opposite directions, wishboning her.


    Seeing two large men standing over head, Tina gets a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Oh sh..."

    Before she can even say anything, they're upon her. Taking one leg in each hand, they execute a textbook wishbone split badly straining her groin muscles. If she hadn't just been stretching, that could have been serious.


    Bayman nods to Leon. They both grab one of Tina's legs and instead of giving a quick jerk, they fall in opposite directions, holding her legs. It's like an armbar, but much more embarrassing. And painful, as her thigh muscles stretch to their limit already. They clearly aren't messing around.


    "Guuuuys! Urrrrgggh...what the f...what are you doing...?"

    Tina's pelvic muscles continued to be stretched out, but now it felt like her whole leg was being forced to extend.

    She thrust her head back and closed her eyes, beating the mat with her palms.


    "You're not submitting already, are you? Some wrestler you are!" They continue stretching out her legs farther than she had been.


    "S...submitting...ow...to you chumps?"

    Tina tries to lean forward to grab one of her attackers or create some sort of position where she can slip out, but it only causes more pain. "Damn!"


    "Sooner or later, anyway... after all, don't you have previous experience?" Leon sneers. He's referencing the fight with Mariposa where she hooked Tina into a Romero Dragon hold and knocked her unconscious with it, but not before she tapped out a submission.

    They pull harder on her legs. She's nearly doing a split now. Her thigh muscles start to twinge with the pain.


    Tina starts to pull on her hair, anything to distract her from the pain in her thighs and groin. "I...I won't...NO!"


    "Leon... on three."

    These words chill Tina

    "One... two.. THREE." They both push upward on her legs, tearing groin muscles.

    They REALLY aren't messing around.


    "AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Tina can only scream, unable to articulate anything else.

    Her long, smooth legs are torqued badly and her vagina strains against her shorts.

    Tears start to form at the corners of her eyes.


    The Sambo practitioners release Tina from her torment. Groin muscles are already strained and pulled. They give her little reprieve, though, as Bayman puts Tina into a figure four lock, hooking it up with his arms. Leon gets behind her, sitting her up and putting her in a Dragon Sleeper. They then stand up, racking out Tina in this double submission hold.

    Bayman notices the smooth, sultry feel of Tina's legs wrapped around his arms, and takes note.


    As Tina is released, she goes to massage her thighs but her legs are taken away again. Bayman twists them into a standing figure four, a hold she'd rarely seen used and certainly never felt...she only wished she could say that was the case now.

    She tries to reach forward again to grab Bayman, but Leon is quick with another hold. With her mouth against his armpit, Tina nearly gags as her neck is bent in the Dragon Sleeper.

    When the two holds are locked in, Tina shuts her eyes tightly. Her screams are only muffled by Leon's muscular arm covering her face.


    Bayman throws an upward kick, nailing Tina directly in the back with it, while the two submission holds are cranked mercilessly.

    Bayman enjoys the feeling of Tina's legs, definitely planning something.


    As Bayman's thick military boot connects with Tina's back, she arches her stomach upwards.

    Leon realizes that he's actually got an amazing view of Tina's cleavage from his position.


    As Tina's body is stretched out in this horizontal suspended position, her arms flailing wildly, she feels a hand on her... Leon is running his hand across her chest. It's absolutely humiliating, and she can't believe this is happening to her... but she's starting to suffocate and pass out. She only hopes they release her soon.


    As Leon's fingers caress her belly, Tina manages to adjust her head to get some more air and release a scream. "Aaaaaah...uuuhh...no...stop..."

    Her arms shoot up to defend her body, one pulling at the arm around her throat, the other attempting to fend off the more mischievous hand.


    Bayman delivers another kick to her back, arching her again. At the same time, they release her, after what feels like an eternity.

    She drops to the canvas with a thunk.

    Again, reprieve is minimal, as Bayman drives a combat boot into her hard stomach, testing its defenses.


    As Bayman's boot comes down, Tina tries to curl up but her legs are badly damaged and they only twitch. Her arms do their best to cover her exposed midsection.

    "Nnnggh...Bayman, why?"


    "What do you mean, why? I thought I told you that... we want to see how tough you are. You're not as good as everyone says you are..."

    Bayman grabs Tina's legs again, her wrestling boots covering them up halfway up her calf. He roughly unbuttons her tight jean shorts, and yanks them off her, revealing her American-flag-printed panties. At least when she matched an outfit, she went all out.

    He smirks at her as he steps over, crossing her legs over his, and rolls her over on her stomach. He squats on her back, wrenching her with a Sharpshooter.

    To make it that much more painful, and to get a better grip on her legs, he hugs her legs closer to his body, so it's more of a Texas Cloverleaf style hold.

    Leon watches in amusement, taunting Tina with "tap out" gestures.


    Tina tries to kick her legs as Bayman takes her clothes off, but there's just no strength in them. And when he forces them to move it hurts like hell.

    Bayman sinks in the Sharpshooter, raising her legs and forcing her flawless butt off the ground.

    She bit into her leather glove to fight crying out and submitting. "Ffffff...you..." she mumbled as Leon taunted her.


    "Well, have you had enough yet?" Bayman asks her, as he leans back further.

    "All you have to do is submit and this will all be over..."


    "Ffffffff...nnnnnooooohhh..." Tina refused to give, even as she her teeth tore the material off of her glove and tears rolled down her cheeks.


    Bayman grins heartily. "Good, good... because I haven't had enough of this either..."

    He drops her legs, and she falls to the canvas. Leon and Bayman both pick her up, and in concert, they whip her over the top rope. She falls to the outside, screeching on her way down, landing with a thunk on the gym floor.


    When she feels her legs drop, Tina spits on the mat, chunks of leather mixed in with her saliva. Her body is heaving, but she only manages a few breaths before she's tossed out of the ring unceremoniously.

    Under the best of circumstances, going over the top rope is dangerous but in her weakened state it is nearly fatal. Tina manages to brace herself just enough not to land on her head, but the impact still shocks her.

    She gets up on her elbows and starts to crawl away, her legs still unresponsive.


    Leon steps through the ropes, and dives off the apron onto Tina with a huge elbow drop. It lands on her spine, rattling her and flattening her out.

    Leon hauls Tina to her feet by her blonde hair, and wraps his large arms around her. He walks over to the ringpost.

    Smirking at Tina, he says "That's a pretty face you've got there... and I'm gonna fuck it up..."snapping backwards, he launches into a belly to belly suplex... but the ringpost cuts it off. Tina slams facefirst into the post, and drops to the floor, a cut on her head opening up.


    Tina's attempt to get away is cut off cruelly be Leon's elbow dropping down on her. As she was laid out, you could almost see the hope getting squashed out of her.

    As Leon hugged Tina, her bubbly breasts pushed up against him, almost brushing his chin. As much as he might have enjoyed that, it seemed like it was secondary to punishing her.

    As Tina was suplexed into the ringpost, it didn't make a loud sound. There was short and flat thud and then she just fell to the floor, twitching.

    Her eyes were eerily open and she could feel her forehead becoming wet with blood.


    Bayman looked on in mock horror from the inside of the ring. "Oh, MAN!" he exclaimed. "Geez, Tina, are you all right?"

    Leon picked Tina up by her neck and under her leg. There wasn't much clothing to grab on to. He "accidentally" got a handful of her crotch picking her up. He rolls her dazed and limp body back into the ring, to a waiting Bayman.

    Bayman picks up her damaged legs yet again, and twists her up into a figure 4 again, but this time applied traditionally. As he lays back and Tina jolts upwards reacting in pain, he grabs a handful of her hair, and pulls her head forward.

    He grabs her around the neck with a guillotine choke, and begins cranking both holds at the same time.


    As Leon brutishly places Tina back in the ring, she winces in embarrassment as he his hand grips her private parts. "You piece of crap..." she slurs out.

    As soon as Bayman locks on the figure 4, Tina can feel one of her knees pop out of place and she lets out a pathetic squeal.

    When she reaches forward to grab her damaged limb, she falls right into Bayman's trap. He captures her head in a guillotine choke and Tina immediately starts to black out.

    Her face starts turning purple as she weakly punches Bayman's arm.


    Leon rolls back into the ring as Bayman locks up the choke and figure 4. Leon begins teeing off on Tina, kicking her in the back. Each blow feels like a sledgehammer blow.


    As Tina fades, she offers no resistance to Leon's kicks. In fact, it's only the power of the kicks that cause her arms to flop up and down like a marionette.


    Bayman realizes she is passing out.

    He lets her neck go, and pushed her backwards. She falls to the canvas.

    He unentwines her legs, and the study her thinking about what to do next.


    Tina continues her laboured breathing, doing her best to focus and recover but it's difficult. Her knee is shot, her head is throbbing and her back feels distorted.

    "Mmmmmuuuuuhhh..." She turns to Leon. "Thanks for getting the kinks out." She gasps, struggling to even speak. "You want me to leave so you and your boyfriend can have some private time?"


    Bayman and Leon look at each other, and grin... it looks sinister. Tina's always been brash and boastful about her abilities, and why not? She's excelled at everything she's ever done. Modeling, singing, wrestling. She'd done it all, conquered it all. Anyone with her credentials would brag, and maybe rightfully so.

    Still, it can also get her in trouble.

    Bayman and Leon both picked her up by an arm, so she was standing. They got under her arms, and they lifted her into the air, and slammed her down with a double chokeslam.


    "Ulp!" Just as soon as she was starting to get some life back in her, the two sadists each put a hand on her throat after standing her up.

    The double chokeslam knocked all the wind out of her again and as she arched her back to try and lessen the pain, she found herself unable to speak again.


    The pair hoist her up again, and again Tina heads up... and again, the ring shakes and makes a sound like a gunshot.


    As she's slammed a second time, Tina's limbs straighten and shoot out in all directions as if threatening to detach from her body.

    Laid out in her patriotic bra and panties, she looks incredibly sexy and vulnerable.

    Her eyes are shut tight and her mouth hangs open with only an aching moan coming out of it.


    Leon motions to Bayman. Bayman follows the firection of his pointing, and his eyes light up.

    Bayman quickly leaves the ring, while Leon simply rolls Tina face down on the canvas, with no resistance.

    Bayman retrieves the object he saw: A steel chair, propped up against the wall some 40 feet away. As he returns with it, he clacks it on the ringpost, as if signaling to Tina that he has something planned.

    He rolls into the ring, and raises the chair over his head. He brings it down on Tina's back, like he were swinging a sledgehammer crushing rock.

    The chair makes a loud CRACK sound as it smacks off Tina's hard body... which is quickly wearing out.


    As Tina is rolled over, she speaks. "Okay...aooww...I think we can stop...playing around now..." Leon can't tell if she's being sarcastic or if she's gone delirious from the beating she's taken.

    When the chair goes down across Tina's back, her body seems to shrivel up, her fingers bent weirdly and her face just twisted in pain. She rolls over again with her back arched and her breasts pointing out. She seems to be unable to straighten up anymore.


    Leon grabs ahold of her and forces her to straighten out, and rolls her face down again. Bayman raises the chair again, and drives it down flat across her back again. Bruising is definitely forming now.


    As Leon straightens Tina out, multiple creaks and groans come from her busted form. Being forcefully returned to a neutral position probably wasn't safe, but Leon doesn't seem too concerned.

    As the second chair shot lands, Tina's whole body shakes but doesn't move much. Leon's impromptu chiropractic treatment seems to have her locked into this position now.


    "Not yet, you don't." Bayman's voice is cold and uncaring, much like the man who wields it.

    He discards the chair and steps over Tina's broken body.

    He pulls her into what looks at first like it is going to be a camel clutch, but he places a hand on the side of her jaw. With a quick twist, he yanks her head to the side.


    Again, Tina is forced into another position and her body continues to rebel, sending intense signals of pain to her brain. "Hnnnnngggh...hnnnnnnggghh..."

    When her head is jerked to the side, it stays there. It's a miracle that her neck hasn't broken, but there's definitely something wrong with it now.


    Bayman has absolutely no heart, no morals, no compassion. This man is devoid of everything that would classify him as a man.

    He callously reaches down, picking Tina's limp, nearly-bare body up yet again, and then he pinwheels her and slams her across his knee with a windwill backbreaker.

    Tina slides off his knee to the canvas, bleeding from both the forehead and the mouth.


    With her body having been put through the wringer, Tina almost feels lighter than before. It certainly looks that way as she's flipped over effortlessly by Bayman and brought down on his knee.

    There's a sharp stabbing pain inside of her and she coughs out some blood as Bayman connects with the backbreaker.

    As she falls to the ground, she finally considers submission but it's hard to put the words together. "I g...I g...guh..."


    With Tina beaten, broken, bloody and bruised, Bayman continues to heartlessly torment this poor young woman. He takes hold of her leg - the unsocketed one, naturally - and steps through, wrapping his arms under her chin. He flexes his body, and applies a tight STF. Tina's neck, ribs, back and knee are all being wrenched on hard.


    "I guh...give...giiiiaaaAAAAMMMMPPPH" Tina's submission is interrupted by Bayman's arm clamping down on her face.

    Her knee is ripped by the toehold, moving irrevocably out of place.

    Her body tries to go with the hold, but it can only stretch so far before things start breaking and tearing.

    "Oooooommmmhhhh...." She is crying and screaming non-stop.


    Bayman holds her in that hold as the hours tick away.

    Wait, they're not actually hours, they just feel like that to Tina.

    Damage is accumulating everywhere. Her knee is already possibly beyond surgical repair.

    Finally, after what feels like forever, she is released from the hold.

    Salvation is short lived, as Leon hikes her to her feet. Bayman has to help prop her up.

    Lord knows she isn't going to be standing on her own now, or in the foreseeable future.

    Leon puts an arm around her neck and sweeps forward with her, knocking her off the ring mat again. Then he arches his back, pulling on Tina's neck and arching her back as well. With his other arm, he pulls her free arm behind her on a 180 degree angle, her shoulder nearly breaking and popping.

    Only on virtue that it hasn't sustained damage to this point does it remain intact.

    Bayman kneels down looking unmercifully at Tina as Leon chokes her and wrenches her in this Hell Hazard Lock, a hold they both share.

    "Well?" he asks. "How about it?"

    He punches her in the face a couple of times.

    "Have you had enough?"


    Tina continues to shake and quiver while trapped in the STF. She can't even remember if she'd given up yet. She could swear she did, but then why was he still doing this?

    When he finally lets go, everything still feels so messed up that she doesn't even realize she's been picked up and grabbed by Leon. It isn't until he slams her down to the mat that she's jolted back to some small degree of awareness.

    That small degree is more than enough to register the suffocating chokehold and sadistic arm lock that are now being applied to her.

    Bayman's punches further open up the wound on her forehead and a steady stream starts to run down her nose and over her mouth.

    "Mm hm...y...y..." Tina tries to submit verbally, but the choke is cutting her off. She tilts her head slowly, which is as close to nodding as she can manage and taps her hand wildly against Leon's hip. "Suh...mi...suh...mi..."


    Bayman nods to Leon, who loosens up the choke a little.

    "I couldn't hear you."




    Bayman smiles. "I'll take it."

    Leon drops Tina on the canvas.

    Her back is already a dark shade of blue from those chair shots.

    "But you know..." said Bayman.

    "You don't deserve to be in this ring. So please, get out."

    Bayman and Leon pick her limp body up, and as they get a running start, they launch Tina over the top rope. The two of them lobbing a 123 pound woman over the ropes is more than enough force to send her flying, and her flight path is interrupted by a stationary bike as she raps off of it and is left laying in a heap on the cold floor.

    With that, Bayman and Leon leave Tina on the floor as they exit the gym. As an insult, they turn the lights out on their way out.

    It will only be matter if Tina manages to wake up before anyone finds her, as her lights were out a while before that.
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    An RP between Raden and myself. A recent discussion in the zako forum rekindled his obsession with Nora, a bad girl from Streets of Rage. Wanting to see her get thoroughly humbled, he asked me to come up with something and I decided to invent the "Muscle Bomber gang" composed of characters from the Muscle Bomber game ("Saturday Night Slam Masters" in North America). I was always bummed that that first game never had any female characters so I figured the boys could use some entertainment. The premise is that there federation went bankrupt, so some of the ex-members have turned to a life of crime. Nora is their newest recruit...

    (I decided to use a mixture of American and Japanese names, strictly based on which ones I liked better)

    Gang Justice

    SMAlex.png SMBiff.png SMTim.png JumboFlapjack.png 1252603-smscorpion.png SM2Ortega.png

    Ryona Master (TheCrimsonRisk)

    "What the hell happened?" Ortega yelled, slamming his fists down on the table. The flimsy furniture smashed into several pieces, causing some of the gang members to take cover.

    "Geez, boss," Jumbo said. "I don't know! We barely had time to search for the shipment before the cops were all over us!"

    Biff chimed in next, his thick Russian accent making his words seem very cold and deliberate. "They knew we were coming. Somehow they knew."

    "A rat!" Ortega continued to yell. "Nora! Get over here Nora!" He looked over to you with a furious look on his face.

    Standing in the corner with one leg raised, foot against the wall, whip in hand, everyone turned to look at you. They'd been hesitant to add a female member to the group, but you'd proven yourself to be as tough as any man and much easier to look at.

    With your gorgeous features and confident attitude, you quickly earned Ortega's trust and you became his unofficial right hand woman.

    Nora (Raden)

    "What? You can't seriously think I am a rat? Tell me Ortega, how many heists have I helped with? How many would have failed if not for me?"

    "Look, I know as little as any of you do about this. The fact is I am a very loyal member of anybody's gang. Mr. X and his Syndicate recruited me for the same reasons. I excel at what I do."

    I strut over to him, attempting to placate him and calm him.

    In a rather sultry way, I attempt to defuse him. "Now look... if you calm down, I'm sure we can figure this out, as we always do..."


    He laughs heartily. "Nora...Nora...of course I'm not accusing you!" He places his hand under your chin, then caresses your cheek gently. "But I need use of your...unique interview skills." As he says this, he stares at your whip.

    "Titan and Scorpion have already secured the traitor...our own Sheep. I would have thought him too stupid to betray us but somehow he's done it."

    "Take the men to the gym and make sure you bring that whip of yours. I have some other business to take care of."


    "Hmm. Very well." I smile in a sultry manner at him, knowing he melts and calms down every time I do it. I know how to handle him.


    When you get to the gym, Sheep is kneeling in the ring flanked by Titan and Scorpion. Biff and Jumbo file in behind you, doing their best to act like they're not staring at your ass.

    Sheep appears to be panicking. "Boys! What's all this about? A rat? I ain't no rat? Who am I gonna rat to?"

    Scorpion smacks Sheep in the back of the head. "Shut up!" he says, muffled by his mask. "When the boss gets here, we'll...oh, Nora! Where's the boss?"


    "Ortega sent me to do the questioning, honey. He had other matters to take care of." Everything I say exudes sensuality, something I've learned to perfect over time. I know what it does to people, and I'm not shy about using and abusing it.

    "So then... this is the captive, is it? What has he told us?"


    Titan is mesmerized as you step between the ring ropes. Your long, athletic body is impossible for him to take his eyes off of. As he notices you noticing, he blinks quickly and looks up at the ceiling.

    "Nora, babe!" Sheep looks up at you with desperate eyes. "You know me! Tell 'em I didn't do nothin'! Tell 'em!"


    I grin knowingly at Titan

    "Sheep, honey. What are these fellows saying you did, then?"

    "And guys, do we have any proof he did it? After all, I wouldn't want this to become a huge issue..."


    Scorpion yanks on his hair, forcing a yelp. "He was the only one who couldn't make it to the site," the masked grappler says. "It's obvious!"

    "There was a big game on television! I had three grand riding on the game! You gotta believe me, babe!" Sheep says.

    Biff stands beside you and taps on your whip. "Perhaps he is needing this, yes?"


    I chuckle at Biff. "We'll see, we'll see. Well, this should be easy enough to verify, fellows. All we have to do is verify there was a "big game" on TV at the time he said there was. It shouldn't be too hard. Let's check that out, shall we?"


    You hear the gym doors open and slam against the walls as Ortega enters holding a brown folder. "Don't worry about his stupid game. He'll have no more excuses after this."

    The folder is tossed to your feet. "Nora, if you would do the honours."

    Sheep starts to shake his head, eyes wide. "N...now wait a minute! I ain't done a damn thing! Nora, please!"

    As you open the folder, you see pictures of yourself talking to a mysterious, trench coat wearing figure. There are also transcripts of you talking with members from other gangs. This isn't good.

    "Nora..." Ortega says, his face in his hand. "How could you do this to us?"

    Sheep is helped back to his feet roughly. Titan looks at you in shock. "Nora...what's goin' on?"


    "Look, fellows. You could say I've... been around in the criminal business. I maintain a high profile. It's the risks I take."

    "I was merely keeping in good standing with some old buddies. They have valuable contacts there. In fact, I have used those contacts to help us already."

    "However, once the data is out of my hands and in their paws, I clearly have no control over what they do with it. I can honestly tell you that I had no intention of ever betraying the Muscle Bombers. I only wanted to maintain my contacts."


    "Uh..." Titan looks dumbfounded, not sure what to do. "Boss?"

    Ortega stands at ringside, barely containing his rage. "You...disloyal...BITCH"

    Jumbo and Biff climb onto the ring apron, on opposite sides, but don't enter yet.

    Scorpion snatches the documents from your hands. "I don't believe it."

    Sheep is the only one who seems to know what he wants to do. "Well, fine! I'll take care of this. Nearly got me killed ya stupid bimbo!" He grabs on to your arm, pulling you over to him. "Come on, Nora, don't make this hard on yourself."


    I knee him in the crotch for that... plus the boss never actually gave him permission

    "Okay, first of all, you don't touch me like that. I'm sure you know better."

    "Second of all," I look back to Ortega "listen, honey. Surely you know the value of having good contacts. They've been very useful to us in the past... even if they didn't necessarily know it."

    I chuckle a little.

    "Believe me when I tell you... if I were going to double cross anyone... they would never know it. Would I really be that careless? I don't know what they were doing, but I didn't do anything willingly that would harm us."


    He looks at you and you're somewhat surprised to see genuine remorse in his eyes. "If only you know how badly I want to believe you." He motions for his men to exit the ring, but stops Sheep.

    "You both deserve to be punished for your incompetence. It is the Muscle Bomber way that we decide things in the ring. Nora, this may not seem fair to you but if you are honestly loyal then that should be enough to carry you to victory."

    Jumbo rings a bell. "Whoever wins," Ortega declares. "Can stay in the gang."


    I suppress my indignancy, but a little of it is still visible

    I spit out. "Me? Incompetent?"

    I narrow my eyes at him

    "I have never done a single incompetent criminal act, nor would I ever start. As I told you, if I were to betray anyone... they would never know it."


    Sheep starts rubbing his hands together. "Come on, that don't sound so bad darlin'. You know you've always wanted to wrestle with ol' Sheep."

    Ortega looks up at you, but doesn't say another word. He simply shakes his head and turns away. The others wait around the ring on the mats.


    I snort at Sheep.

    "Ha. Don't think I haven't seen the way you stare at my ass. Or legs. Or breasts. You can't honestly think you're that sly?"

    I look out at Biff, Titan and Jumbo

    "That goes for all of you, by the way."

    I look back to Sheep

    "So if I am not mistaken, it's you who's wanted to get your hands on me..."

    "Well then, let's do this."

    "Just don't cry when you're out the door."


    When you start talking about your body, they all react differently. Biff has almost no reaction. Titan looks embarrassed. Jumbo just smiles and laughs to himself. Scorpion...wears a mask.

    Sheep starts to stretch out and adjusts his junk. "God damn it Nora, why'd you have to go and do that? I always thought we got along just fine."

    He stomps his feet and looks over to Ortega. "Boss, I just want you to know that whatever I do to your girl here ain't personal."

    "So what do you say, girl?" Sheep reaches his hand out to you. "How about a shake for old times?"


    "Sure, why not."

    I shake Sheep's hand, but as I grab his hand, I turn, bend, and flip him over my head with a judo toss. I know he felt my ass on his body.


    "Whooop!" As soon as you grabbed his hand, you could feel that he was also planning some sort of sneaky maneuver, putting him off balance.

    He's a lot bigger causing your muscles to strain considerably, but because he sort of stepped into it you're able to give him a pretty convincing toss.

    He flips over and lands on the flat of his back, only stunning him for a second. "Why you sneaky little..."

    As he insults you, he rolls over and dives at your legs looking to trip you to the mat.


    As he comes in, I look to knee him in the face, hoping to end the fight right then and there without any muss or fuss.


    Your knee only manages to catch the meaty part of his shoulder and while it clearly hurts him, it doesn't stop him from barreling into you and knocking you over.

    As he crawls over on top of you, his right hand covers your face, smushing your cheek and pressing your head against the mat.

    With his left hand, he reaches out to pin down your right arm. Some spittle falls from his mouth, landing on your chest.

    "Got ya now, girlie!"


    I grab the hand on my face, and pull it into my mouth, biting down as hard as I can


    Sheep gets a wide grin as he gets a hold of your right arm, but his expression quickly changes as your teeth sink into his flesh.

    He rolls off of you immediately, shaking his hand and blowing on it. "Aaaah! You dirty bitch! What'd ya do that for?"


    I spit.

    I get to my feet

    "Tastes terrible!"

    "Why did I do that? Well, you see, we're kind of fighting to see who remains in the gang... and you wonder why I never wanted to use you on missions."

    I crack the whip at his feet, intending to just scare him a bit

    "And how dare you call me that, you boor."


    At the crack of the whip he crab walks backwards, positioning himself in the corner. "Nora, darlin'...let's just put that whip down. Let's have ourselves a nice little wrestlin' match here."

    He stands up in the corner and with his palms in the air. "Friendly match."


    "Call me a bitch again, and" knowingly inserting the double entendre here, mainly for the guys outside the ring "you'll find out exactly what I can do with this whip."

    "But fine."

    I coil it up and drape it over the ring post opposite from the guys, hoping they don't get the idea to grab it.

    "Now then... where were we..."

    I raise my hands in a fighting stance.


    Sheep proposes a more traditional collar and elbow exchange, twiddling his fingers before locking up with you.

    As you lock up, he's surprised by your resistance. You'd been training with them for a few months and your grappling had improved dramatically; still, it's not enough to overcome his power advantage and he manages to maneuver you into a standing headlock.

    It's nothing too painful, but he flexes his arms putting some pressure on your head and jaw.

    The worst part is really feeling your face squeezed against his bare mid-section, just below his stinking armpit.

    "Got ya now," he says, grinding your face a little.


    "Haven't you ever heard of soap?" I manage to get out, a bit muffled against his side. I fire punches not into his stomach as would be typical, but into his back, hoping to cause a small shock to his spine so he will let me go. If that works, I push him into the ropes with my foot so he bounces off them, if we are close enough.


    "You know what, I never liked this stupid hat neither!"

    He rips your hat off your head, throwing it across the gym. Unfortunately, loosening his grip allows you to get enough leverage to land some stiff punches to his back. "Ow! OW!"

    Your able to get free just enough to kick him towards the ropes. He turns and hits the ropes back first, shooting back at you with a big lariat lined up...


    I see him telegraphing his lariat. He never was the subtle type. Another reason I didn't care much when using him on a mission... sometimes I used him specifically hoping he would get killed. It never happened though, much to my chagrin.

    I easily duck his lariat as he swings. As he does, I trip him with a drop toe-hold.


    Your legs entwine with his and Sheep starts pinwheeling his arms cartoonishly trying to maintain his balance. You hear some of the others laugh as he slams into the mat.

    He slowly gets up, shaking with anger.


    "Had enough yet? All you have to do is say I won and you can leave... with whatever dignity you have left." I flash a huge sexy grin at him.

    I become aware of my missing hat.

    "Now, that's not very nice of you..." I pout a little.

    I watch to see if he comes running in again. If he does, I do the same thing. Maybe he will be too mad to formulate much of a plan.


    He doesn't run, instead remaining on his knees and raising his hands in the air proposing a test of strength. From this position you stand slightly taller than him.


    I take a hold of his hand, but as I do, I spin behind, hook my other arm up under his, and use my hip for leverage (as I'm not going to outpower him) putting him in a cobra clutch. The idea is to try to manuever it so I have him trapped using my body as kind of a vice. A properly applied choke hold doesn't require a lot of strength... but how effective it actually is, given the strength disadvantage is another thing... it's a gamble, but one I figure I have to take.


    You are easily able to maneuver him into a hammerlock, but getting your other arm around to choke him proves a lot more difficult. He's so much bigger!

    At the very least, you're able to get your hand around his chin, which he doesn't seem to enjoy.

    He grunts painfully, but just as you start to get the hold in he stands up with you on his back! The effort causes him to grunt louder than before due to the hammerlock almost dislocating his shoulder, but he is able to take a couple of huge strides back before slamming you into the ringpost.

    You're squashed between him and the turnbuckles and he lays there for a second, partially to recover and partially to feel your breasts against his back.

    He removes himself from the corner, letting your body finally relax. "Nice one!" Jumbo yells out in support.


    I realize I made a huge mistake as soon as he starts to stand. That is why they call it high risk.

    I desperately cling on, hoping I can cinch the hold in, but it's too late. He's managed to brace himself, and now he's moving. I can't extricate myself in time...

    The crushing force is nothing I haven't felt before, but that doesn't mean you have to like it or ever get used to it. The wind is driven out of me in one big breath outwards. My cry of "OOOFFFF!!" echoes throughout the gym.

    When he finally pulls himself out of the corner, I have to hold myself up on the turnbuckles with my arms draped over the top rope. I try not to show too much pain, but it hurts more than I want to let on.

    I hang there and breathe heavy, trying to recover.


    "Heh heh heh." He takes a hold of your wrist and prepares to Irish whip you over to the ropes.

    Instead of letting go, he pulls you back and sticks his arm out, levelling you with a short arm clothesline across your chest.


    I think I'm going to have at least a few seconds to try to form a game plan, but my mind is wrenched out of its decision making process by a sharp pull on my arm, almost hauling it out of its socket. I barely have time to register what happened when a huge clubbing blow slams across my neck and chest, driving me to the ring mat.

    I feel the texture of the mat on my body for the first time. It's not too coarse, but I still wouldn't want to slide on it.

    I get up, but slowly, shaking my head as if to clear it.


    He lets you stand, maneuvering behind you. With surprising quickness for a man his size, he starts to apply a submission hold.

    He reaches his right arm around yours, hooking your shoulder under his armpit tilting you to the side. Before you can fall over, he steps over your left thigh with his right leg, posting it on the mat.

    Bringing his hands together behind your head, he starts to wrench back in an abdominal stretch.


    I scream out in pain. It echoes off the walls again. I try in vain to escape.


    He wrenches back again, testing the limits of your well exercised abdominal muscles.


    "Aaahhhh!" I scream out, the muscles tightening, threatening to go past their tolerance levels. I flail my free arm, trying to find something to grab onto.


    He leans further into the hold. The height difference between you increases the pain even more as it feels like he's trying to make you taller!


    "Guuuhhhhh!" I scream through clenched teeth, my eyes screwing shut as I try to tolerate the pain and not submit.


    The hold is effective, but not an easy one to maintain. Sheep is drenched with sweat at this point and he has to ease up the pressure a bit. Just as the pain starts to drain from you, he slides his right arm between your legs taking your free arm. Stringing it through, he uses his grip to flip you up and horizontal to the mat.


    Sheep splatters you with a pump handle slam. Some of the other wrestlers make an "oooh" sound.

    Holding on to your right arm and leg, Sheep starts to drag you back to the corner.

    "I'll see you boys at the bar later! Drinks are on me!" The others cheer as he starts to climb the turnbuckle, stepping on to the second rope with his back to you.

    He bounces once, twice and then launches himself into the air! His shadow starts to get smaller and smaller as it falls across you...


    As I begin to actually contemplate the merits of submitting, I finally feel a reprieve from the pain that was shooting through my abdomen

    As I am hoisted on to his shoulder, I kind of wish he had kept me in that hold. I flip forward, my body slamming hard into the canvas ring mat.

    I'm dazed and winded for a moment and then I am moving on my own... I'm being dragged to the corner, it seems.

    As I lay there trying to get my wits about me, I see him step over me and onto the turnbuckle. I breathe heavily, trying to recover enough.

    I see him leap off the turnbuckle. The only thing I can think to do is raise my legs so he lands on my knees. Maybe he'll crack a rib or two.


    It looks like Sheep took a bit too long up there because he doesn't notice you recovering and getting your knees up.

    He's a heavy bastard so you still feel some of the impact as he lands on top of you, but it's much worse for him as the points of your knees dig directly into his ribcage. With the force he was coming down with, you wouldn't be surprised if there was a bruised rib.

    Putting your legs between the two of you also causes him to get pushed off as he makes contact. He is rolling on the ground, clutching his belly, unable to even speak properly.

    "Get up, ya pussy!" Jumbo yells.


    I roll onto my side after the large sack of crap bounces off my legs. As much as that hurt me, it obviously hurt him worse

    I pull a knee up under me, and pull myself to my feet using the ring ropes

    Not wanting to waste my opportunity, I start laying into him with soccer style kicks, anywhere I can get him. If he doesn't manage to counter me, I try to get him into a figure four neck lock.

    I'm looking to end the fight with it, but perhaps if he enjoys my legs around his neck too long, he will forget himself and then it will be too late.


    Your kicks slap loudly against his skin and you notice the other wrestlers wincing.

    You can already see welts forming on his body.

    As he starts to turtle up, his head is completely exposed and your able to wrap your legs around it easily. Unlike the cobra clutch hold before, your long legs are perfect for this sort of thing.

    "Hey now, this isn't so...hurrrggk!" Before Sheep can show his appreciation for your legs, they're strangling the life out of him.

    He kicks his legs against the mat, trying to break free, but he doesn't give up yet.


    I reach back and pull up on my foot, bending my legs in further to tighten the hold.

    "All you have to do is say "Nora is the winner" and this can all be over" I coo gently at him.


    He grits his teeth. "Nnn...no! No! How about...ah...how about I give you a little kiss down low...would that make it better...aaah!"


    "You never know when to just quit, do you?"

    I start trying to punch him in the face for that comment


    "Ah! Ah! Shit!" You feel his hands run along your legs, searching for some sign of weakness. Eventually, he takes two big fingers and pinches your thigh hard.


    "Ouch!" I yelp. I grab his hand with both mine and try to bite his fingers again.

    He is pretty strong, but he is also in a bad position. Maybe I can outpower his one arm with my two from here.


    Your teeth dig in again and he has the same reaction as before. "AAAAAAARRRGGH! Seriously?!?"

    Somehow during all this, he's able to maneuver into a better position. Your legs are still around his head, but he's able to get to a knee, partially lifting your lower body off the ground.


    Not wanting to fall victim to this trap again, I let him go. I push him through the ropes with both legs so I can get up.


    He's a big dude and you're only able to push him towards the ropes. He catches on the second one, dangling halfway out of the ring. "Whooooa!"

    "Get back in there," Scorpion says, pie facing his fellow gang member. Sheep stumbles backwards landing on his back in the middle of the ring, breathing heavily.


    I deftly leap onto the top turnbuckle, using my strong legs to propel me up there. I actually almost overshoot it, but I manage to cover the botch well enough that it isn't noticed

    After taking a moment to reposition and steady myself, I fly off the top rope with a huge elbow drop

    I don't weigh much, but even that should be felt. Doubly so if he really did bruise or crack something

    And if he didn't before, he just might now.


    Your elbow lands precisely where your knees struck him before and he cries out, spittle flying everywhere.

    His arms and legs shoot out for a moment, shaking, before falling to the mat unmoving. The gym is silent.

    "Holy shit," Jumbo says. Titan starts to clap, but Scorpion quickly slaps his hands away.

    "Well done." Biff says.

    Ortega finally turns around. His back was turned to all of this and never reacted during the whole thing.

    "And she stands victorious." He enters the ring, but doesn't move towards you, instead putting his foot against Sheep's unconscious body, roughly rolling him to the outside. "Dispose of him. He's out of the gang."

    Scorpion stands with his arms crossed as Titan and Biff carry Sheep out of the gym.

    "Nora...you've made me so proud." Ortega walks around you, putting his hands on your shoulders warmly. "I knew you would defeat that slob. Our gang simply won't operate without you these days. And I know..."

    Scorpion slides into the ring and kneels in the corner.

    "I know you only had the best of intentions."


    I half-drape myself onto Ortega's arm, sort of hanging off of him

    "I would never intentionally hurt the gang. I came to you to join, remember?"

    I caress his cheek

    "You remember that day? Everyone laughed at me...but then the laughter stopped awfully quickly when you saw what I was capable of"

    "And you took me on immediately. And I've paid dividends ever since."

    "Perhaps you should reconsider getting rid of Sheep... after all, he is good cannon fodder..."


    He puts his arm fully around you and holds you close, but doesn't look at you. "Sheep was never worthy of being part of this group. He outlived his usefulness a long time ago."

    Jumbo walked up the ring steps, taking a spot on the apron.

    "Jumbo, tell me...do you feel that, after what you've witnessed today, Nora here is essential to our gang?"

    Jumbo looks unsure of how to answer. "Er...yeah, definitely boss. I ain't never seen a dame fightin' like that."

    "She is something, isn't she?" Ortega runs his hand through your hair. "A genuine member of the gang."

    Titan and Biff return and make their way to ringside, standing beside the apron.

    "And as a full fledged member of the Muscle Bomber gang, this means you must answer...to gang justice!"

    He punctuates his statement by yanking on your hair and looking into your eyes with a furious gaze. Then his forehead is rushing towards you, colliding with your own in a sick headbutt.


    "Gang justice? But I.. aungh!!" I cry out in pain as I am greeted with a headbutt I was totally unprepared for. My head whiplashes back hard. I see stars and fall onto my butt on the canvas.

    I sit there dazed, confused and with a splitting headache.


    Still seeing stars, you sense the light steps of Scorpion behind you. He props you up and delivers a wicked kick to your back, similar to the ones you gave Sheep.

    "Just know, Nora." Ortega continues. "That I forgive you."


    The kick lands on my back with a dull "thrunk" sound.

    The force jerks me forward a little.

    I gasp in pain as my spine jolts

    My upper body stiffens momentarily in response


    Not wasting any movement, you feel Scorpion grab on to your wrists and pull your arms behind you. As he sits on the mat, he sticks his feet into your back putting you in a surfboard stretch.

    Jumbo steps forward now and looks to Ortega for a sign. Ortega just nods his head.

    Jumbo turns to his side and grabs a handful of your hair, driving your face into his right butt cheek, smothering you!


    I feel my spine bent backward. There is a little pain, nothing I can't manage though, as I am rather flexible.

    But then the giant sack of crap shoves my face into his ass cheek! Yuck!

    I scream, but it is muffled. Still, "YOU DISGUSTING PIG" can be heard


    "You're the pig, rattin' us out to the feds." Right or wrong, you can't really think about that now as he rubs your face back and forth. His dimpled butt rubs harshly against your skin.

    At the same time, Scorpion starts to kick his feet, beating a rhythm into your back as he pulls back on your arms.


    "Ugh! You stupid asshole, I had nothing to do with that! And get your crater marked ass out of my face!"

    As Scorpion pulls back on my arms, I squeal in pain. I just hope he isn't trying to pull them out of their sockets!


    Jumbo stops his attack and looks at you, seemingly hurt. "Crater marked? Why I oughta..." he rears back to punch you, but Biff has appeared in the ring and he gently holds Jumbo back.

    "Please, allow me." The Russian says. He sits down in front of you and smirks, the most emotion you've seen from him all day. "Back in Russia, I used to help my fellow athletes stretch." He kicks his legs out, planting his feet on your inner thighs.

    "The gymnasts especially." As he is talking, he starts to spread his own legs while pushing in on your thighs causing your legs to spread out. Despite having good flexibility, it gets to a point where your muscles start to burn...


    Even though I am flexible and can do a split, everyone has limitations.

    Mine are threatening to be exceeded right now.

    I grit my teeth, trying not to let on to how much it burns.


    "This one girl, Katya, she could stretch so far...I swear to you, it was like she had no bones or something." He slides a little bit close and presses deeper, spreading your legs farther apart.

    "I never liked Katya. Arrogant and stupid. Like you."


    I grit my teeth hard. How I'm not cracking them, I'm not sure.

    At this point I could probably bite through a steel plate, the pain is starting to get excruciating

    I lower my head and look away, hoping they can't see the pain etched on my face.

    As I look away, I flip my hair slightly, to help cover my face


    Both men let go and you're allowed to rest for a moment. Seconds, at most.

    The ring starts to rumble and you know that can only mean one thing. Titan is coming in.

    "Titan. I'm so sorry, I know how fond of Nora you are." Ortega says. "You must be heartbroken."

    Titan shrugs his shoulders. "A little. But she hurt the gang and when you hurt the gang...uh...I gotta hurt you."


    My eyes bug out a little at this line. "No, wait.."


    Like you're stuffed with feathers, Titan reaches down and picks you up. Bending you over with his arms around your waist, he flips you effortlessly so that you lie backfirst across his shoulder.


    "No, wait Titan, no- ack!"


    There's a brief moment where you're able to keep your posture, but it takes too much energy and as your body relaxes you are bent across his massive arm.

    "You hurt the gang! I gotta hurt you!" As he says this, he bounces up and down sending crippling waves up and down your spine.


    "Aaahhh-hhhhh-hhh-hhhh!" every bounce cuts my shriek of agony into its own little piece

    I uselessly flail around... how can any human being he this strong? He's holding me up with just one arm!

    I kick my legs to try to get out of the hold, but it's no use. How he manages to hold on to me with only one arm is a marvel

    I am sure if I weren't on the receiving end of this, I would share in that feeling but right now the only feeling is the pain shooting down my spine and into my legs as my back is bent at what feels like a godless angle backwards

    I scream in pain, but I still have my pride, for now. I refuse to beg


    His arms are now placed between the top of your ribcage and the underside of your breasts. His massive fists squeeze your mid-section as he breaks your back over his shoulder.

    As you hang upside down, you see Ortega come into view. He motions for Titan to stop bouncing you for a moment, giving you a tiny respite.

    "What is it about a woman in pain that makes her even more beautiful?" As he says this, he places his hand against your face. He slips your mask off and takes it in his hand, crumpling it. "Why would you want to hide such a thing."

    He walks away, tossing your destroyed mask to the outside. As he exits your vision, you see Scorpion standing on the top turnbuckle.

    Through his mesh mask, you see a faint smile. He flies into the air and delivers a karate chop to your throat while Titan drops you face first to the mat at the same time.


    The burning, crippling pain in my back stops, finally. I panic momentarily, fearing I may have become paralyzed.

    The fear is almost as crippling as the physical pain was

    I am relieved beyond belief when I notice the pain stopped because Titan was commanded to. Ortega has used a physical cue, not a verbal one, and I had missed it from my vantage point

    He slips my mask off! It's basically who I am, it's me, it's my... my thing, so to speak.

    The Muscle Bomber gang... or anyone for that matter... has never seen me without it.

    As I contemplate whether I should be angry, hurt, scared, humiliated, or some mix of all of them, I am brought back to the real world by a sudden sharp strike to my throat

    I have trouble breathing and I cough, choke and gag.

    I drool slightly, unable to swallow for a couple moments.


    "Titan, there seems to be something stuck in her throat. Help her with that, won't you?" Ortega commands.

    Titan's gigantic mitt wraps around your throat, pulling you up and off the floor. "I gotta do what I gotta do, Nora." He says dumbly before raising you up in the air. He holds you up effortlessly and the others watch, enjoying your helplesness.


    I am too wrapped up in trying to massage feeling back into my throat to fully process the words I've just heard, but it all becomes clear to me when Titan wraps his massive hand around my throat

    It's so big, he almost palms my whole neck! How big can one guy be ANYWAY?

    I feel him grab my tight-fitting spandex uniform by the hip with his other hand, and then he lifts me up into the air and holds me by the throat... I feel like I am being hanged with one hand

    I try to frantically bounce a couple punches off his face, but I can't even reach him. I fall way short. How high up am I anyway?

    I try to get a bearing for how high up I am. If he is 7'6, and the average person's arm span is about two and a half feet... then he is not the average person, so add another maybe 8 inches... I'm almost eleven feet in the air?? By the neck? Oh God... oh God...



    He drives you into the mat and for a moment you feel like you're going to go straight through. Your arms and legs shoot out, but your body isn't allowed to bounce as he maintains his grip on your throat. Instead, the entirety of the impact is absorbed by your body.

    Were it not for your years on the streets hardening you, your bones would be liquid by now.

    "Again," you hear Ortega say.

    Titan looks up quizically. "Boss?"



    I start my descent. I know immediately this is going to hurt like hell.

    I impact the ring mat so hard it's a damn wonder how I'm still alive, much less conscious.

    I've been thrown and slammed before, but I have never felt anything like that

    It feels like my ribs are broken. I'm not sure

    Shattered might be the more correct term.

    Wait, did I just hear what I thought I did?

    He repeats himself. I was right.

    I am not entirely sure I can be slammed any harder... or that I'll even survive it!


    Titan compresses your throat and gets a handful of your leotard, lifting you up off the ground again. Everything is much quicker this time as he mercifully skips the hanging phase of this maneuver.

    Instead, you seem to go even higher as you are brought up sharply. He almost loses his grip on you and instead of driving you down he simply throws you from the peak sending you down on the back of your head.


    I'm ripped up off the canvas again. Peeled off, maybe. I feel like I hit so hard, I might be a part of the ring.

    I can only manage to moan out in pain...

    "Uuunnghhh,,," I pitifully moan. It's not the sound you'd expect a street thug to make.

    He decides to skip all the formalities, and I am hauled into the air, even higher than before. How is that even possible...he pushes downward as hard as he can...

    I slam into the ring again, with a release chokeslam.

    I was wrong... I could be slammed harder

    There is a loud CRACK sound that rings out...at first I am scared I broke something... and then I realize I was right

    I did break something...

    I broke the ring!

    I slam into it so hard I leave a crater where the wood underneath breaks.

    It's a shallow hole and the ring mat didn't tear, so I didn't go completely through but I am laying in this shallow hole with my legs up over my head in an awkward position

    I can't take it anymore, and I black out from the agony.


    As you start to come to, you can make out some dialogue. It sounds like Scorpion. "God damn it Titan, that's coming out of your share."

    "Sorry Scorp," Titan says.

    You feel yourself being dragged to the opposite corner with one arm, the rough mat rubbing against your bare back.

    "I'll just take her over here. Don't want to totally destroy the ring, right fellas?" It's Jumbo and it doesn't sound like he has anything nice planned for you.

    As he sets you down in front of the turnbuckle, your head pointed to the corner, he starts to climb it like Sheep did earlier. Unlike earlier, you don't feel like you can move an inch.

    You see his big rump above you, then it starts to bounce up and down and then it starts to get very big...


    Jumbo's big ass comes crashing down on your chest, temporarily reviving you before sending you to the brink of consciousness again.


    I must have blacked out. I came to face-down... so I must have shifted, or they did something to me while I was out

    Either way, time passed and I wasn't aware of it

    I hear them say something, but I can't make out what it is. There's a slight ringing in my ears from the huge slams I took.

    I feel the coarse material of the ring scraping at my back. I can only gather that I am being moved, and not on my own accord.

    I see Jumbo climb the turnbuckle... I can't move at all

    Even if I could, my knees in the way would simply destroy my legs as well

    He jumps off the turnbuckle, and I feel like I am nearly flattened

    I exhale hard, the wind not only being driven from my lungs, but my lungs almost flattening out too

    I drift off into the sweet release of unconsciousness again. I can't feel Jumbo sitting on my chest this way.

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    It was slightly over the character limit, so here is the second part of "Gang Justice":


    * Nora flutters her eyes open slowly.... painfully... weakly


    You start to stir and you don't know how long you've been out. Several factors contribute to your resuscitation...the rumbling of the ring as they surround you like swarming vultures...

    ...water being splashed on your face and down your open mouth...

    ...and the feeling of a boot rubbing against your crotch...


    "Unh... what.. what the hell.. get off me!"

    "What the hell, why are you doing this to me?"


    "My apologies for the crude gesture, Nora." You can tell from the Russian accent that it's Biff. He takes his foot off of your private parts, but you notice that you're on your back and he's holding your legs straight in the air. "That's always been a fast way to get people's attention."

    His apology seems less meaningful as he takes your legs under his arms and starts to turn you over in a Boston Crab.

    "Just know that in Russia, gang justice is much worse than this. This is a gentle spanking where I come from."


    "Gentle spanking? My back feels like one huge bruise!"


    He's a big guy, about 260 pounds of muscle and now he's sitting down firmly on your back.


    "AAAHHHHHH!! mmmfmmmffffff.... Let me go! Stop doing this to me! You're going to shatter my spine!"

    I beat my fists against the mat in pain, but not in a gesture of submission... it just hurts!


    "Nora please, I am a professional. I would never cripple one of the gang."

    Biff was always known for his precision and sure enough as he rises up and down, up and down, up and down, he somehow knows how to take you as far as you can go without causing any serious injury.

    Still, you feel like your spine is about to tear in half at any moment.

    At some point, he leans back so far that you're sure your toes are about to touch your head, but then he stops and actually sits up. He's still holding your legs and there's still some pain, but it's definitely less than before.


    I have no idea how my spine hasn't shattered like breaking glass at this point. It feels like it's been superheated, the burning sensation is so bad. I can't even scream. I open my mouth but nothing happens.

    Suddenly, I feel a reprieve and again, I'm not sure whether he's let up or if I've just become paralyzed, and that little mini panic attack hits me again.

    I try to feel for my legs, to see if I can still feel them or not.


    As Biff holds on to your legs, he gives you more than enough time to survey the damage. Everything is so sore, but the fact that you can feel your aching muscles and all of your extremities is a good sign. Biff definitely knows what he's doing.

    "Okay boys, I will hold her. Do what you like."

    Out of the corner of your eye, you see Titan bounce himself off of the ropes before seeming to fall down...in your direction!


    * Nora braces herself... this isn't going to feel good

    With his elbow extended, he comes down across your upper back and neck. With Biff holding you in the Crab still, there's nowhere to go.


    Crunch... I take the full impact of his elbow drop. My back already feels like I've got something broken, or a huge bruise, due to the two chokeslams earlier. It hurts so bad, I still can't yell in pain. My eyes glaze over as I begin to drop out of consciousness again.

    Something's got to be broken at this point, it just has to. It hurts too badly for something NOT to be. I can't even believe I'm suffering this kind of pain. I almost wish I were beating beaten up by Blaze or Axel. At least they stopped at some point!


    Before the pain from the elbow drop dissipates, you feel an even bigger rumbling. Now it's Jumbo springing off the ropes


    Again, several hundred pounds of weight come down across your upper body, this time in the form of a Jumbo leg drop. Your head is nearly engulfed by his thigh.


    I'm crushed again by another even bigger man this time. My face bangs off the canvas from the legdrop to the back of my head, knocking me dizzy. I lay limply there, moaning softly in agony.


    Biff finally lets go of your legs and you feel the others back off, at least momentarily. They're trying very hard not to kill you.

    Jumbo gets down on all fours and takes a hold of your hair, pulling your head up to look in his face.

    "You had enough yet, you little snitch?"


    I look at him, eyes only half open, fluttering and cloudy

    They cross and uncross as I try to focus

    "I'm like you... at a buffet... never.. had.. enough..."


    "You...!" Jumbo rears his fist back ready to take your head off, but Scorpion stops him.

    "Allow me," the luchadore says cryptically.

    Jumbo reluctantly steps back as Scorpion circles around you. You're sprawled face down on the ground leaving you open to any number of maneuvers.

    Two light feet come down on the back of your knees and your feet are lifted off the mat and trapped in front of Scorpion's legs. He leans forward and grabs your right arm, but he doesn't pull it back. Instead he laces it under your chin, choking you with your own arm. He does the same with your other arm, locking you in a human straight jacket.

    With your legs locked with his and your arms criss crossed in front of your own throat, he begins to rock back and forth slowly lifting your upper body off the ground with each tilt.

    Finally, he leans way back and you're lifted off of the mat, horizontal to the ground.

    "Mexican Ceiling Hold. Impressive." Ortega says.

    "Japanese Stranglehold!" Titan exclaims.

    "Two great tastes that taste great together!" Jumbo says, laughing at his own ingenuity.

    With the hold comfortably applied, Scorpion starts tensing his muscles torturing...pretty much every part of your body.


    "There's Jumbo, talking about things that taste good! Big surprise..." I manage to get out, before my entire body feels like it's being squeezed, stretched, tortured... I try to shriek, but again, I'm unable to. I try to stay strong, but I've about had all I can take at this point, and tears begin to drip from my eyes.


    Scorpion gives you another jolt and with the way he's holding you, your body almost makes an upside down V.


    It feels like another electric shock. Maybe being electrocuted would feel less painful. I begin to pass out from the torturous pain, being suspended in the air entirely by him.


    It's a difficult hold to maintain and Scorpion decides to emphasize maintenance over punishment.

    You can almost breathe again as his grip on your arms loosens.

    He transitions to a more traditional Romero Lock so that he's no longer strangling you but you're still raised up.

    "Another crack about my weight, huh? You're so smart, huh?" Jumbo grabs your whip that had been sitting on the apron. "I'll show ya!"

    Ortega tries to stop him. "Jumbo, don't." But Jumbo doesn't listen.


    Jumbo clearly has no idea how to use a whip and instead of hitting your vulnerable belly, the lashes come down across your upper body and face. You feel a small cut along your forehead that starts to bleed immediately.


    I'm able to breathe suddenly, and I inhale greedily and deeply, as if trying to claim all the oxygen in the room for my own.

    It isn't over though, as he grabs my arms and pushes me back up, parallel to the canvas. This still hurts like hell, with my back arched like this.

    My mouth gets me in trouble again, as I feel a nasty sting on my chest and my face, and then something wet run down the side of my head. I don't immediately make the connection, in my state of stupor.

    I do know it hurts badly, and I scream out in pain from it.


    "Idiot!" Ortega says, seizing the whip from Jumbo and giving him a smack on the head. "You're lucky you didn't take your own eye out, you clumsy oaf!"

    Ortega tosses the whip to Biff, before walking over and looking down on you. "Pick a number, Nora."


    "I would pick Jumbo's weight but I didn't want a four digit number... so I'll just go with zero..."


    Jumbo almost leaps up again, but Ortega holds him back. "I was hoping you would be more contrite, Nora. Let us go with the customary ten lashes, then. Biff, if you would."


    "But... but I picked zero... damn it..."


    A man with many talents, Biff wields your whip expertly, almost as good as yourself. It hangs in the air for what seems like forever before snapping down across your mid-section.

    You can't even recoil in pain properly, with Scorpion holding you in the ceiling hold.


    Some people never learn, I must be one of them. I may be getting killed with this beating and I continue spouting off at the mouth. I can't help myself, it's how I learned on the street.

    The lash of the whip cracking down on my stomach heels like a firecracker going off. This is what I've been doing to other people? Now I understand, having it happen to me.

    The only part of my body that can really move right now is my head. It snaps forward with the crack of the whip, and I squeal in pain. My stomach muscles all tense up hard in reaction.



    The second strike comes down, Biff's face unchanging.



    I jolt again. It feels sharper and sharper as the welts form, and the same area gets struck, again and again.


    Another strike and you can feel some small cuts opening up under your outfit.


    "That's four, Nora." Biff says.

    "Let me try again, damn it!" Jumbo begs, but he is ignored.


    Tears fall from my eyes at this point. I'm doing all I can not to beg, but it is getting harder and harder. I grit my teeth, expecting the blows.



    Luckily (?), the next three blows come in quick succession. However, the increased velocity is enough to shred the front of your costume a bit. You feel the cold air of the gym on your reddening stomach.


    With your skin exposed, Biff rips into your skin mercilessly with his weapon.


    On the seventh blow, I begin to cry just a little from the electric, fiery pain in my stomach. Toughness only gets you so far. I may be tough, but I am still just a human, and I've almost reached my limit. That doesn't stop the eighth one from landing.

    "Please... please, no more.." I'm not begging yet, but I'm finally showing signs of cracking.


    You are counting the seconds between blows and the last one is a long time coming. "The waiting..." Biff starts. "Almost worse, yes?"


    "Please, don't..." I finally realize what the wet sensation is on my face, now that I feel it on my stomach too.




    "STOP, STOP!" I scream. I can't take this anymore.


    At the ninth lash, you feel like you've been disemboweled and your intestines are going to start pouring out. You have to tilt your head up slightly to make sure that that's not the case.

    "All in the wrist." Biff says.

    Scorpion is straining to hold on, sweat beading on his forehead. "H...hurry up with that...last one...buddy..."

    "Is finished. Jumbo's lash is number one. Clumsy, but still counts." Biff says.

    "Clumsy!" Jumbo is enraged now. Between your taunts, his own gang mocking him and that trickle of blood coming from your forehead...he can't contain himself.

    "Let me get that off your hands, Scorpion! Old buddy!" The fat man rushes out of the corner and grabs you around the waist, freeing you from the ceiling hold and placing you in a bearhug.

    His round belly rubs against yours, aggravating your welts and cuts. His chubby arms wrap tightly around you.

    "Any last words?"


    "Yeah... roll-on deodorant doesn't mean you roll on the tube..."


    For a second, it looks like Jumbo is going to kill you...but then his face softens. "Ah huh...ah ha...AH HA HA HA!" His hug turns into more of an embrace as he lowers you to the ground, his arms still around you.

    "That's what I always liked about you, kiddo. You got a great sense of humour."


    "Unh... wha?" I can't stand on my own. If he lets me go, I'm falling to the mat.


    "I like a funny girl. You know, I'm glad you're still part of the gang."


    I am totally confused at this point. It must be obvious by the expression on my face.


    His eyes narrow angrily again. "Maybe you can be my number one...SQUEEZE." His arms constrict around you and he lifts you off of your feet. The flab in his arms starts to jiggle as he shakes you in his bearhug.


    I was expecting that at first, but his switch tactic confused me. Confusing me isn't hard in my current state I guess.

    Already in a lot of pain, I arch backward in the bearhug immediately.

    The only thing I can do is hope and pray I don't get killed at this point.

    Or maybe being killed wouldn't be such a bad thing... it would be a sweet release from this torture session.

    I'm flung from side to side, being shaken like a ragdoll. My eyes begin to roll into the back of my head as oxygen eludes me.

    I dangle there in his grip lifelessly.


    As you lose consciousness, Jumbo stops shaking you. He's just pumping the hold, enjoying watching all of the air leave your body, not to mention his head is nestled in between your breasts.


    I'm starting to slowly pass out. I can feel the big brute just tightening and relaxing the hold. On one of his pumps, I feel a couple ribs break with a rapid-fire CRACK-CRACK sound. I burp, and blood begins to seep out my mouth and down my chin, my throat, onto my chest.

    I can't tell if a lung has been punctured or not. I can't tell a whole lot of anything, being almost unconscious at this point.


    As your eyelids start to close, Jumbo releases you and gives you a hard slap across the face. Some blood sticks to his hand and he licks it off, making quite a show of it.

    "All done, boss?" He asks, spitting on you. You feel a massive loogie land in your hair.

    "Almost." Ortega says. He points to his four henchmen, who each take one of your limbs.

    "I want you to know, that I am going to take no pleasure in this, Nora."


    I barely even hear his words. Everything sounds like I am underwater.

    I am vaguely aware of hands on my arms and legs.


    If you didn't know better, you'd swear that four little angels were picking you up and carrying you to bed.

    But you know that it's actually four wrestlers taking your limbs and carrying you to the centre of the ring.

    In your muddled haze, you're able to make out Ortega in the middle of the ring, on bended knee. He has no expression on his face.

    The Muscle Bomber gang place you across his shoulders, gently. Scorpion slaps you lightly a couple of times to bring you around. He flips you the bird. "How many fingers am I holding up?"


    I make a grab for his hand. If I can, I try to bite his finger as hard as I can in what may be my last act of defiance.


    "Aaaah, fuck! Again with the biting!" Scorpion pulls his hand back quickly. "Okay, I think she's awake. Christ..."

    "Nora, I just want you to remember that we all forgive you. Gang justice is just business." As Ortega says this, he places a hand between your legs and over your thigh and another one under your chin. Then he stands up.

    You feel the pressure from the torture rack immediately and he hasn't even started pulling down yet.


    "Ortega... please... Victor..." I have been able to call him that, but I'm not sure if I still have the right. I take the chance,

    "Please, Victor... you don't have to do this. I didn't mean to do anything. Please... I'm sorry..."


    "I believe you." As he says this, he starts to pull down. He's almost as tall as Titan and the gravity alone is enough to nearly split you in two.


    I scream an ear-splitting howl of pain. It reverberates off the walls of the mostly empty gym.


    Ortega starts to bounce up and down and your back, which has been through the wringer today already, offers little resistance. Muscles start to give out and your bones are in positions they weren't meant to be in.


    I scream louder as vertebrae begin to crack, shift and break.

    I can't take it anymore, I've finally had all I can handle. I start to beg.

    "Victor, please! Please stop! I can't... I can't take this any more! Please!!"

    I tap a submission on his chest, as if I think it is going to do any good.


    "You jeopardized our entire operation." As Ortega says this, he pulls down again causing another vertebrae to break. Scorpion sits in the corner nodding his head.

    "Broke poor Titan's heart." He pulls down again and there is a loud snap. Titan is just shaking his head, looking disappointed.


    I try to scream but it comes out more like an animal's howl.

    I begin to outright cry. My back is breaking, the pain is unlike anything I have ever felt.


    "You mocked poor Jumbo." More pressure this time and it feels like your spine is in multiple pieces now. "Poor, dumb Jumbo."

    "Hey!" Jumbo says.

    Ortega falls to one knee, jarring your entire body once more.


    "Jumbo the Dumbo!" I scream out before my back takes another fiery jolt. The pain in my spine starts to overwhelm me...


    "But despite all that..." Ortega straightens his arms, raising you above his head. "Know...that we forgive you!"

    As he finishes, he leaps into the air and brings you down hard across his shoulders. You are bent at an extraordinary angle and if there was anything intact in your back, it is surely ruined now.


    My head nearly touches my feet. There is a sharp, knife-like pain that shoots through the entirety of my body, but I only feel it for a second or so, as I lose all feeling below my neck and I become paralyzed. I'm fearful it's permanent, I pray it's only temporary. If I make it through this and recover, I promise, I promise, I will turn my life around...

    I let this thought bounce around my head as I black out, unsure I will even wake up.


    Ortega lets you down gently, cradling you in his arms before placing you down on the mat. He brushes your face, hoping that you'll regain at least some semblance of consciousness.

    Through blurred vision, you seem him pressing some buttons on a cell phone before handing it to Scorpion.

    "Gang justice is done! Do we all accept Nora back into the Muscle Bomber gang?" As soon as Ortega is finished asking, the others all agree heartily.

    "Very well. Nora, having been through that ordeal your honour and place in the gang is restored. However, this location has been compromised and our ring has been damaged. We'll have to torch this place and move on."

    He points to Scorpion who is standing at the top of a stairwell about thirty feet away. Scorpion places a phone at the top of a stairwell.

    "I've programmed one number into that phone. The people who answer will be able to nurse you back to health, burn this place to the ground and set us up with a new hideout. Your first task now that you've been reinstated is to just pick up that phone and call that number."

    He kneels down and brushes some hair and blood out of your face. "You have 6 hours, then I call the number myself. Good luck, Nora."

    With that, the gang exits the gym. The cell phone awaits, only thirty feet away...
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    Blair Dame is one of my favourite video game characters and I was asking some of the others why they thought she never caught on with fans. We all came to the conclusion that it's because Street Fighter EX sucked. I love her anyway. Here's another RP with Raden and I featuring Blair, Karin and my new favourite group of heartless thugs, the Muscle Bomber gang!

    Home Invasion
    karin_sfa-63.jpg 1252603-smscorpion.png JumboFlapjack.png SMTim.png

    Blair Dame (TheCrimsonRisk)

    * Blair is warming up and flexing provocatively

    Ryona Master (Raden)

    The black limo pulled up to Blair's mansion, stopping outside the gate.

    "This the place, boss?" asked Jumbo.

    "Yes.." said Karin. "There's no mistaking that gaudy eccentric mansion..."

    Titan, who had to lay down to stretch out comfortably, got out of the limousine.

    He took hold of the gate sealing off the mansion and began to pull on it, forcing it open with a loud metallic squealing sound

    "Good work, Titan." said Scorpion. "You are one of the most valuable members of the gang."

    "Hey! I'm standin' right here!" said Jumbo. "I got feelings, guy."

    Scorpion ignored his outburst.

    "Now then, gentlemen," Karin said. "We simply bust in and knock her around some. Feel free to break or steal anything you want."

    They got up to the door, and Jumbo looked at it. "Hah! This looks like a cheap piece of cardboard!"

    Jumbo took half a dozen steps back, and took a running start at the door. He plowed through it, knocking the door off its hinges and sending it into the main hall.

    It made a loud clatter.


    * Blair notices the disturbance and goes to turn off her workout music


    Blair's butler heard the commotion and went to check it out. As he stepped out of the kitchen, Titan grabbed him by the head and mashed it into the wall, knocking him out immediately.

    They tossed him to one side out of the way.

    "Looks like a pretty fancy hut!" Jumbo remarked.

    "I hope the bitch is in," remarked Karin. "Trashing the house might be fun, but it would be so much better if she were actually here..."


    I carefully walk over to the door of my private workout room and press my ear against it.

    I don't want to make too much noise, unsure of who or what is out there. My guests are not as concerned with that and I hear loud, boisterous, male voices. They're unfamiliar to me.

    There's a softer female voice too and that one I do recognize. Karin?

    I open the door a crack and peak out.


    You only hear the voices on account of they are so loud and the sound ricochets off the walls. The door is designed to cut sound, so the fact you can still hear them at all means they have no qualms about who hears them or not.

    Jumbo picks up a vase, turning it this way and that, looking at it. Then he shrugs and tosses it over his shoulder. It smashes against the kitchen counter up against the wall.

    "Didn't like the colour," he remarked.

    They continue looking around, having no idea where to look or even to begin.


    I hear the sound of glass breaking violently. The ruckus they're causing tells me that they're no friends of mine. The fact that Karin is with them only confirms that suspicion.

    I think about calling the authorities, but then I turn and look in the full length mirror beside me.

    My family and friends laughed when I told them I planned to be a fighter. Too soft...too delicate...but I trained and studied and trained some more and now all of that baby fat had turned into hard muscle.

    I prided myself on my fit body and sexy outfit. There wasn't much too it: A one piece leotard with a generous view of my cleavage, black arm straps and matching fingerless gloves.

    My thigh high boots provided some protection for my lethal legs, but they also accentuated the lithe limbs underneath.

    The choker was strictly superficial, but a girl's got too look good, right?

    I ran my hands through my blue hair and took a deep breath. "Whatever Karin is up to, I'm going to put a stop to it."

    I exited the room and made my way in the direction of the intruders, doing my best not to be noticed.


    In the spacious living room, Jumbo has another delicate in his hands, poring over it. He breaks that too.

    "Didn't like the colour of that either." he said

    "It was CLEAR, you fucking idiot..." said Scorpion.

    Karin simply buried her face in her hand, rethinking her decision to hire these thugs.

    Titan piped up. "Ha! Even I'm not that stupid."

    Jumbo turned to him. "Listen you freak of nature! You callin' me stupid?"

    Scorpion stopped short. "You're calling him a freak? Have you seen yourself in a mirror lately, or have you not been able to find one big enough?"

    Jumbo gritted his teeth, but didn't say anything else.


    At the sound of another valuable being destroyed, I decide it's time to intervene.

    I step in to the room and clear my throat loudly. I stand tall with my hands against my hips. "Karin! What is the meaning of this?"


    Everyone turns to face you.

    "Blair!" Karin says, a big smile on her face, in mock kindness. "SO good to see you, old friend!"

    "I'm glad you're in tonight. Were you just preparing to go work the nearby street corner?"


    Karin's insult bounces right off of me. She's always been envious of my fighting ability and my...generous proportions.

    "Ooooh," I say, extending my arms above my head and jutting my chest out, "just exercising. Staying in shape is how I stay one step ahead of slobs like yourself, blondie."


    Karin being called a slob clearly sets her off, but she does her best to hide it.

    "Listen, gigantor, I am plenty in shape. I just can't match up physically to your big fat ass.

    "Your ass probably weighs more than I do, anyway."


    I do a slow turn, keeping my eye on the group as I go all the way around and face them again. "Poor Karin. If it were possible, I would gladly share some with you. So cruel of you to be born without any assets to speak of."

    As I size up her company, I get a little nervous. These are some big dudes! "As for the rest of you, the grand piano doesn't need to be moved until next Saturday. Also, that'll be $3,000 for those items you dropped. Just make the check out to 'Blair Dame, world's most beautiful and talented fighter.'"


    Karin smiled. "Hah. You'll be out a lot more than that before we're done here."

    "We hope to take the most valuable thing of all... your well being."


    There's something different about Karin. We'd fought before, both sanctioned and unsactioned, but always for sport. We might not like each other, but I thought there was at least some measure of respect.

    "Karin...what are you talking about?"


    Karin rolls her eyes.

    "What am I talking about? You ask? Seriously? Did what I just said not register with you?"

    "I guess I need to make it a little plainer..."

    Scorpion begins to slowly shuffle off to the side, looking to get around you.

    "You see, we're not really here to wreck your house, although that is a nice little bonus..."

    "We're here to wreck you."


    I back out of the room slowly, not wanting to alarm these guys. Besides, I might need more room if I want to fight them effectively.

    "Gentlemen, I don't know what Karin is offering you but I assure you that you're making a big mistake. The only way this ends is with all of you in a world of pain." I've fought big guys before and I'm not impressed by their sheer size. I clench my fists and enter a combat stance.


    Jumbo nearly dies laughing.

    "Hahaha! AHAHAHA!! You! You think you can take us?!"

    Tears stream out of his eyes, he is laughing so hard.

    Titan laughs as well, but not as hard as Jumbo.

    Scorpion swats Jumbo in the back of the head.

    “Get a grip, man."

    "Hey!" Jumbo says, his raucous laughter halted immediately.

    Karin looks at you. "Well, then? You think you can take them? Go ahead!"


    "You asked for it!" I vault on top of a piece of furniture and spread my thighs, extending my legs outward attempting to kick two of the goons at once.


    Jumbo and Scorpion, the two nearest you, take the kicks directly in the chest. Scorpion had been trying to work his way around you, but your backing away threw off his course.

    Jumbo stumbles two steps back, and then comically falls backward over the couch.

    Karin sinks her face into her hands again, muttering.

    Scorpion was caught off guard. He clearly hadn't expected a girl your size to be that agile.

    "Well done," said Scorpion. "Now it is my turn."

    He vaults forward in a handspring, looking to dropkick you in the chest. The flashiness of the handspring was just enough time to give it away though...


    As I land from my attack, I look toward Karin and shoot her a knowing glance. "You should really ask daddy to up your allowance because you'll need to buy better help than this!"

    The masked wrestler says something to get my attention, which is lucky for me because he's suddenly flying towards me with his feet extended. I have just enough time to spin to the side and as I do so I unleash a roundhouse kick aimed at the back of his head.


    Scorpion's handspring is thwarted by your kick to the back of his head. He yells out as he is knocked off course, his handspring turning into some sort of awkward looking cartwheel as he tries and fails to keep his balance, crashing into the wall separating the kitchen and living room.

    Scorpion gets up, and you are now between Jumbo and Scorpion, as Jumbo climbs back over the couch.

    "Jumbo!" Scorpion yells out. "Get her!"

    For his part, Jumbo comes running at you. Scorpion does the same, not seeing what Jumbo was doing....


    Oh, these guys are just too precious.

    I go right at Jumbo and fake a kick, instead planting my feet on the meaty part of his thigh. Using him as a human wall, I push off and perform a graceful backflip up and over the charging Scorpion.


    As you land behind Scorpion, you think how clever you were, until Scorpion bounces off Jumbo like he were hitting a rubber wall. Scorpion flies backwards, smacking into you and sending you both sailing in a tumble.

    "Scorpion, guy, I'm sorry! You all right?" Jumbo calls out. "Shit!"

    Scorpion makes a desperate grab for your leg, but he landed on top of you, so he doesn't have a position advantage. You can probably free yourself easily.

    Karin yells out in disgust.

    "If you idiots don't get your crap together and fast I'm cutting your pay in half!"

    Titan isn't sure what to do. He isn't stupid, he's just the type who needs a little command and leadership... and he will definitely defend himself if he needs to.


    I let out an "oof!" as the goon falls on top of me, mostly out of embarrassment. I underestimated the elasticity of Jumbo, apparently.

    As he reaches for my leg, I kick rapidly at his head looking to get away. It's not the most technical maneuver, but I need to recover fast.

    "Don't cut their pay 'cause of me, Karin! These dummies probably need every penny."

    If I can get free, I look to scramble back on to my feet.


    You kick free of the tangled mess, and planting your feet on Scorpion's back, push off him into a backwards roll, acrobatically bringing yourself up to your feet.

    Titan and Jumbo glare at you. Karin doesn't seem to be in any hurry at all to get her hands dirty with this. Titan is simply watching what is going on, and... he might just be checking you out.

    Scorpion and Jumbo begin to close in again.


    I walk up to Titan and bring my arms together beside my chest, squeezing my boobs together. "Oh my, you are so...big. You wouldn't gang up on little ol' me, would you?"

    Assuming he's properly distracted, I take a hold of his vest and do a little hop before sliding between his legs. I'm trying to use my grip on his clothes to get him off balance and force him to fall in the direction of his buddies.


    As you walk up to Titan, he is clearly entranced by your thick body and luscious curves. You give him the ol' "put-on", and he seems to melt. You slide under his legs, and there is good news and bad news... you've bought a couple seconds, but now you are trapped between the walls and three large guys.

    Jumbo seems the least mobile though, by the looks of him.


    I keep my back against the wall and glare at my foes. At least I can avoid sneak attacks in this position.

    "This is your last warning. Leave my property now or face the consequences!"


    Scorpion moves, positioning himself behind Jumbo about three paces. You can't see him behind Jumbo.

    Karin pipes up, "We've already come so far... and we're not leaving without what I came for."


    "Have it your way, just remember that after I'm done with these dolts, you're next!" I punctuate my statement by leaping up and springing off the wall, looking to kick Titan in his chest and bounce off of him in the direction of Jumbo.


    You kick off Titan. He was not prepared for it, so it staggered him.

    He falls to one knee.

    Jumbo sees you coming at him and tries to catch you.


    I angle both my legs and wrap them around his head, grabbing onto his hair to establish a perch on his shoulders. Then I start to rain down punches on his round dome.


    With your legs around Jumbo's face, he forgets himself for a moment and enjoys the view and the feeling... until your punches start to thump down on his head.

    "Ow! OW! OWWW!" he yells out with each one.

    He makes a grab for your thighs, hoping to find something to latch on to in order to powerbomb you, but luckily for you he finds nothing. He attempts to work his arms around your waist to get you that way.


    "Thank goodness these guys are so slow or I might actually be in trouble, Karin!" As Jumbo clumsily fumbles around, I flip backwards off of him and land in a splits position. I shoot my fist straight into his groin.


    "OOOOOUUUUAGGHHH..." Jumbo's cry of pain couldn't be any more clear.

    He falls over backward holding his groin.

    Your lower position has given Scorpion an opening however, and he manages to grab a hold of you, trying to lock you into a Cobra Clutch. He has one arm, but he's struggling for the other. If you weren't so physically big, he may have had it fully.

    He casts a glance at Titan.


    I put on a satisfied smile and pick out the wedgie from the splits as I gather myself.

    I curse myself for forgetting about the third guy and before I know it he's got a hold of me from behind. Thankfully he's the smallest of the bunch and I'm able to resist his grappling. I shoot a hard elbow into his ribs.

    "Hands off the merchandise, buster!"


    Scorpion grunts, but his hold is still tight. As he and you continue struggling with each other, he nods to Titan.

    Titan steps up, and swinging a punch underhand style, plows you in the stomach. Your hard muscles have never felt a human hitting them quite that hard before.

    As the wind leaves your body, it's what Scorpion needed. Now he locks up the choke tight.


    I feel my elbow connect, but he still won't let go. Ugh. Close quarters combat was never my specialty.

    I load up another elbow, but before I can act the tallest one is towering over me. He punches me hard and I swear his fist covers my whole stomach. I take pride in my abdominal section, but it is sorely tested.

    My body starts to fall forward, but the masked wrestler never let go. In fact, he immediately capitalizes as I'm hit, pulling me back into a restricting chokehold.

    I feel his arm and my own pressing against the arteries in my neck.


    Scorpion yanks on your neck again. Blood is no longer finding your brain.

    "Haha!" laughs Jumbo. "Now we gon' show you a thing... or three."

    Jumbo punches you in the face while Scorpion continues the choke hold.


    Within seconds of being in this wrestling hold, I'm seeing spots. What is this guy doing to me?

    I'm so focused on escaping that I don't even notice Jumbo coming over. If I were free, he'd never hit me in a million years, but in this position...

    The movement of my head is limited in this choke hold and I feel the impact in my neck. "Uunngh!"

    I can't see Scorpion, but out of desperation I kick my leg as high and as far back as possible trying to catch Scorpion with it.


    Your knee manages to bounce off Scorpion's head with a lucky shot.

    "Oof!" he grunts. He lets the hold go.

    Unfortunately, the damage was gone, and you fall to the floor on your hands and knees. Jumbo is there to meet you with a double sledge across the back with his huge arms.


    As my attack connects, I fall on all fours unable to regain my balance. I take a deep breath, happy to be out of that situation.

    But then, what feels like two slabs of meat comes down across my back. I'm sprawled out on the carpet now, one hand reaching to massage my spine.


    "Aw, girlie want her spine massaged?" Jumbo taunts. "I'm sure ol' Jumbo can help you with that!"

    He squats down, and puts your arms around his thighs.

    He wraps his hands around your chin and pulls you backward in a camel clutch.

    "There! How's that feel?" he asks.


    Jumbo is above me taunting and I know that I need to get up now! I push up on my elbows quickly but...



    The big boy is sitting down on my back and I'm struggling to breathe again. There must be four or five hundred pounds crushing me right now.

    He grabs on to my arms and I try to slip free but it's no use! I don't know how these wrestlers do it, but my arms are suddenly trapped and his sausage fingers are closing around my mouth.

    "N...no..." It's all I can think to say before I feel my back being bent.


    "Oh, yes!" He pulls harder on your chin as your body contorts more.

    Waves of pain shoot through your back.


    "Ggggmmmmpph!" As he pulls harder, it becomes impossible for me to actually scream. I'm incredibly flexible, but having this gigantic fellow trying to rip me apart is not what I'm used to.

    My boots tap against the floor, barely able to move in this position. My gloved hands slap at his thighs ineffectually.

    I close my eyes tightly, fighting the urge to cry.

    In this position, my breasts are even more pronounced, threatening to pop out of my white one-piece.


    Titan looks you over, enjoying the view of your chest as your large breasts stick out in this position. As Jumbo continues attempting to tear your head off your shoulders, Titan reaches down and grabs your chest. As someone accustomed to the finer things in life, this is mortifying.


    My eyes open abruptly when I feel two large hands grabbing on to my breasts. For a moment, the pain becomes secondary to the humiliation I'm feeling as I realize that the big guy is groping me!

    "Nnnggh...no chest on your boss...aaaah...I can see why....aaah!" I try to turn my head towards Karin. "...why you boys might be a little desperate...AAAAAHHH"


    Karin shakes her head.

    "Ah, that's the Blair I know. Never knew when to shut her mouth."

    "If you know what I mean."

    "Jumbo," Scorpion says. "Don't forget yourself now."

    "Looking a little dejected for a moment, he lets you go, as you drop to the floor. Then he looks happy again, as he realizes all the other fun stuff about to happen.

    Titan begins tossing furniture out of the way to make more room


    My head and chest hit the floor hard when Jumbo releases his hold. My whole upper body is aching right now and I roll to my side, arching my back and moaning.

    I'm a tough girl, but these wrestling moves are new to me. I take this time to recover my strength...


    Titan looks to Scorpion expectantly. When Scorpion nods, he breaks into a huge grin.

    Titan scoops you up off the floor, easily. As the bigger girl in fights, you aren't accustomed to being hauled around like a rag doll like this, but Titan is manhandling you like a sack of feathers.

    He puts one of his longer-than-most-peoples-arms between your legs, and then effortlessly scoops you up and drills you with a backbreaker over his knee.


    "Whoa!" I say as I'm lifted into the air, my legs kicking frantically. "Come on, big guy, let's..."

    Before I can finish, I'm slammed down across his knee and my speech becomes a cry for help. When my frail body hits his knee, it curls around it and I nearly black out from the impact.


    Titan stands up, holding on to you. He lifts you high above his head, easily transitioning into a military press. He turns and lobs you like a javelin across the room.

    You bounce, roll, and come to rest at the bottom of the stairs, leading up.


    The pain in my back is immense, but before I can even settle on his knee he's picking me up again.

    I can't believe how strong this guy is. He tosses me right out of the room and I'm just a rolling heap of body parts before I find myself at the stairs.

    "Go...go.." I think to myself and start to crawl up the stairs, driven more by adrenaline than any sort of strength.


    The quartet of intruders chase after you, slowly. They let you crawl up the stairs.

    The ceiling is much lower than in the living room. It's still taller than most hallway ceilings at ten feet, but it's still much less vertical space.

    They let you get to the stop of the stairs, and then Scorpion cuts you off with a stomp to the back.


    My firm booty wiggles as I make my way up the stairs. I feel better with every step. They're making a mistake not cutting me off.

    When I reach the top, I feel a hard boot on my back. I take it, then swivel and scissor the legs of my attacker, looking to trip him up.

    "Ergh...not in my house!"


    Scorpion falls down the stairs, knocking Karin over as well who was pulling up the rear. They crash to the bottom of the stairs in a heap.

    Jumbo grabs you by the hair, and bounces your face off the hardwood floor.


    I watch the masked goon crash in to Karin and now I feel MUCH better, but it's short lived when Jumbo gets a hold of me again. My pretty features are smushed against the floor as head is thrown down.

    I feel my lip crack and the taste of blood fires me up a little. Head throbbing, I fire a bunch of punches at Jumbo's stomach.


    Jumbo absorbs them, not even feeling the weak attempt at offense.

    "Hey Titan! Let's see if she can fly!"

    Titan grins widely, and then grabs you by the waist. He pushes up hard, you slam into the upstairs ceiling, and then smack off the floor again.

    Karin and Scorpion are coming back up the stairs, arguing.


    My arms tire quickly and it's clear none of my punches had any effect. "Geez, what are you the Pillsbury Dough Boy?"

    The giant is upon me again and even as I try to avoid his grapple, I should know by now that when those hands are on me he's going to get it any way he wants.

    I'm thrust up against the ceiling and I feel it give, specks of dust and powder falling through the new cracks.

    He brings me down and it's like falling off of a ladder. I roll around, wrapping my arms around my damaged body.


    "Come on, ya freakin' pussy, put her through it!" Jumbo yells. Your stomach drops as you realize this nastiness is not only going to happen again, but worse.

    Titan's massive mitts are on you again, pulling you up. Then you're jacked into the air, slamming through the ceiling and leaving a huge hole. As you come down, you had some slight forward momentum as well, so your head doesn't line up properly and is forced to make its own exit wound.

    You bash back through the ceiling with your face, and slam off the wood floor again, which now has a large area of dust, grit and broken plaster on it.


    As the ceiling breaks around me, I start to lose track of all of the combatants. All I know is that my house is getting smashed up and I'm the wrecking ball!

    Chunks of debris surround me and my first reaction is to dust myself off, though I'm not sure why.

    My second move is to grab on to a small chunk of wood that has broken off from a support beam.

    I slide over to the wall and attempt to seat myself against it. I hold the wood in front of me like a club. "St...stay back!"


    Jumbo starts at you, faking like he is going to hit you a couple times, attempting to get you to commit to a swing...


    I do my best to stand up, but getting put through the ceiling has slowed me down a lot. If it wasn't for the wall, I'd be flat on my back.

    From my poor position, I throw a weak overhead blow at Jumbo.


    Jumbo got you to do what he wanted. He dodges your blow, not that it may have caused any damage anyway, and then he sharply drives his knee and thigh into your face. There is a loud BANG as your head is sandwiched, pounding off the wall, hard.

    As you flop over, there is a crack in the wall and a trace amount of blood.



    For a moment, it feels like my head is flat as a pancake as Jumbo's knee knocks it against the wall.

    I fall face down again and feel the back of my head. It's wet with a mixture of sweat and some blood. I want to stand, but I'm starting to feel very dizzy.


    "Jumbo, is she all right? Have you knocked her out?" Scorpion asks. You thought you might have heard concern for a minute.

    "No Boss, she's still awake." he replies.

    Scorpion relaxes. "Good."


    * Blair gives a thumbs up, then a middle finger


    You don't think his relief was out of concern for your well being.

    Scorpion looks at you on the floor. "Karin told us you would be stubborn... she just failed to mention how stubborn..."

    "Don't worry, we have ways of beating stubborn streaks out of people..."

    Scorpion waves off Jumbo and Titan, who had been preparing to punch you in the face. If he had sandwiched your skull with his fist, it would probably have been fatal.

    Scorpion twirls his hands at Jumbo, who proceeds to take you by the legs and roll you face down. You're now facing the living room laying at the top of the stairs by the banister, some 15 feet up.

    Scorpion, being the smallest guy, is the most suited for this. He winds up your leg through his, then falls forward on your back, locking his arms around your neck in an STF.


    When the two mammoths are waved off, I breathe a sigh of relief. I don't know what this guy is planning, but I'm glad I'm not getting punched any more.

    Jumbo rolls me over and I immediately start trying to kick free, digging my nails into the hard wood to try and escape.

    My leg is bent inward and I feel the little guy on top of me, though he doesn't feel so little anymore.

    He takes my head and neck in his arms and starts to twist.


    The bending wouldn't normally hurt someone as flexible as you, but with the beating you've taken already, your muscles cry out in protest.

    Your strained muscles feel like they are being bent and twisted to their limits

    Even Scorpion feels heavy, and he's not actually that much bigger than you are.

    "And just think, Blair... we aren't even done yet.."


    For the second time today, I find myself moaning, much louder than before. My enemies usually never get this close and I didn't even think it was possible to be put in positions like this. Karin has hired some sadistic bastards.

    I try to remember my gymnastics training, but the way he's manipulating me is so cruel. As the agony increases, I can feel myself sweating more. It creates a sultry sheen on my mangled flesh.


    Your moaning seems to only cause Scorpion to tighten up harder. He may be hoping you make more of the same noise. He knows the pain you must be in by now.


    "MMMPPHHH! MMMMMHHHUUUHHH!" I can't fight it anymore. A few tears start to run down my cheeks. My hands futilely grasp at his, but it's clear that I'm helpless until he chooses to let me go.


    Scorpion strains and struggles to keep pouring pressure on you, but finally he can't anymore. He lets you go, more because his muscles just couldn't stay that tight anymore.

    You only wish yours could have quit on their own accord as well.

    Your leg and ribs burn from the forced exertion

    And it's not even over yet, as Scorpion jerks his thumb upward in Titan's direction. Titan puts his hands on you again, and you seem to float for a moment as he tosses you over his shoulders with ease. When you stop moving, you're bent across his broad shoulders, as his hands find their way to your thigh and chin. He pulls down, torture racking you.

    Even with only half his strength, you feel your spine bending on an angle even your high flexibility never managed to take you on its own.

    Shockwaves of crippling pain rip through your back and down your legs, causing them to kick and jerk without waiting for signals from your brain to do it.


    By the time he finally lets go, I'm tapping out my submission without even realizing it. I don't know if that made him release me or whether he just couldn't hold on any longer, but I'm grateful either way.

    The giant picks me up for what seems like the hundredth time and drops me across his shoulders.

    The feeling of his thick fingers against my thigh makes my skin crawl, but that's the least of my worries.


    My bones make a sickening sound as he snaps me across his shoulders and I let out a tortured scream.



    Titan starts to bob up and down, every bounce sending a new explosion of pain through your spine. It feels like boiling water's been poured directly into your spine as discs begin to crack and shift.

    "You've been such a good sport, Blair" Karin says. "But you should know, I always... always... get what I want."

    Karin tries to reach you, but Titan is more than two feet taller than she is, so she can't. Jumbo volunteers, and gets down on all fours, so she can stand on his back.

    Karin wraps her arm around your throat, and yanks your head back in a nasty Dragon Sleeper, while you are racked out across the behemoth's shoulders.


    With every pump, a new expression of pain streaks across my face. I don't know if I can take much more of this...

    I definitely feel something go in my back, but every inch of my body is hurting and the damage to my spine is almost an afterthought.

    As my body finally comes to a rest, I see Karin climbing up on Jumbo to be able to reach me.

    "Karin..." I'm amazed I can still talk at this point. "I'll do...anything...no more..."

    Her only response is another neck wrenching choke hold.

    And then the big guy starts to crank the backbreaker again.


    "You'll do anything? Oh, good... then what I want from you is to suffer and break for me..."

    She twists on your neck again, bringing you to the brink of passing out.


    It is only through the efforts of Titan that my body is showing any signs of life. He continues to work the backbreaker and I can hear my bones grinding together as they are close to shattering. My dead limbs flop around, useless.

    My curvaceous figure is on full display in this position, the outline of my vagina and nipples clearly visible now through my sweat soaked leotard.

    As Karin increases the pressure, my eyes are stuck open, unblinking. A joint in my neck pops. I'm gurgling now.


    Karin cranks hard once more, then lets you go. You fall limply across Titan's shoulders.

    Karin asks Titan to let you go. He unceremoniously drops you off the back of his shoulders some seven feet up.

    "I hope she recovers for the grand finale," Karin says.

    Jumbo heads to the bathroom upstairs. He runs some water, filling a small bowl. He then brings it out.

    He douses you with the cold water. As much as the sweat soaked through, it pales in comparison to the bowlful of water saturating you as it washes over your leotard, putting everything on display.

    You cough and sputter as the water gets in your nose and mouth.


    Despite everything I've been through, Karin's neck lock somehow hurts more than anything else. Maybe it's the pure spite she is putting into it.

    I'm barely conscious at this point and I must have blacked out for at least a moment, because I'm down on the ground and I have no idea how I got there.


    The water chills me to my broken bones and the aching is renewed. My defeated body still looks incredible, especially now that it's drenched. Wet hairs cling to my face seductively.



    "That's right... grovel for me some more..." she purrs. She's been enjoying watching you get destroyed.


    My breathing is faint, causing my chest to bob up and down hypnotically. My eyes are barely open...just enough to see the silhouettes of the wrecking crew that has done this to me.

    I want to make a fist in defiance, but I'm only able to raise my wrist inches above the ground and my fingers are trembling.


    Karin grabs a handful of your blue hair and pulls on it, leveling your face with hers so you are eye to eye.

    "I said... grovel for me..." she growls through clenched teeth.

    "And if you don't..." she lets the threat hang.


    I give a slight nod, unsure if she can even tell. I should give her what she wants, nothing is worth what I've just been through. But she's never beaten me before...

    As she makes her ultimatum, her face so close to mine, I whisper: "Breath mint?"


    Karin stares angrily into your eyes.

    "Titan, Jumbo... finish her off."

    Titan reaches down and plucks you off the floor for the umpteenth time. He picks you up and holds your arms.


    * Blair immediately regrets her decision


    Jumbo licks his lips and greedily runs his hands over your breasts, down your sides, and finally, onto your crotch.


    "No! Please!"


    He rubs your crotch for a little bit, clearly savouring the feeling.

    He goes back up to your chest, and plays around a little there again.

    Then he says "Okay, let's do this" to Titan.

    Titan spins you around and grabs you by the throat, picking you up in the air as high as he can. He begins to simply choke you with a neck hang.

    Jumbo gets in and starts to bearhug you around your destroyed torso, another excuse to feel your hard body, or what used to be hard muscle before tonight.


    As Titan continues his dominance, I take some comfort in the understanding that I might not be paralyzed. I can still feel everything that's happening to me. This proves to be an awful thing as Jumbo starts to take full advantage of me.

    The fat creep has to be the most disgusting person I've ever met. When his dirty hand touches my vagina, I can only gasp. My feet shuffle aimlessly as his greasy fingers start to touch my breasts again. Before I cried from the pain, but now I shed tears of embarrassment.

    The next thing I know, I'm suspended in the air and strangled. What little breathing I can muster is halted by Jumbo's vise-like grip around my waist.

    Pressed up against me, I can feel Jumbo's erection through his tights. I welcome getting knocked out at this point...


    The two of them choke and squeeze you juuust until you feel yourself whiting out.

    As you pray for the sweet release of unconsciousness, or possibly death (either seem like better options compared to the two large men physically crushing you at this point) you begin to drift off lazily

    Jumbo releases you from his grip, almost reluctantly.

    You hear voices, but can't make out what they're saying. If you could though, you would hear the words "Okay, pitch her over."

    Titan has you hauled into the air about ten feet high. You're 15 feet up the stairs...

    He pitches you over the banister overlooking the living room.

    You smash hard into the coffee table that was moved over when Titan rearranged your room.

    It shatters from the impact, wood and glass splinters breaking and flying everywhere.

    You lay in the wreckage, completely motionless at this point, almost eerily so.

    "Great job, boys!" Karin says. "I'll start wiring your payments. In the meantime, feel free to steal and break whatever you like...

    The three rampage through the rest of the mansion, stealing things that look valuable, and smashing some others.

    After that have ransacked your house, they all file back into the waiting limo and drive off, leaving Blair unconscious and broken.
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    This one was fun to do. I like wrestling holds and moves, I like beautiful game girls getting destroyed... it's like peanut butter and chocolate, I tell you.
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    If the beginning of this RP seems a bit muddled, it's because Raden and I got our signals badly crossed in regards to narration and the set-up of the story. Like the Tina Armstrong RP, this eventually became more of a collaborative story. I think we eventually sorted things out. You be the judge. (WARNING: Some non-graphic guro elements, so beware!)

    Nightmare Evolution


    (this picture has nothing to do with the story I just found it cute)


    "Are you sure this is the place, Cassandra? I mean... he doesn't talk to me anymore..." she said this last part with a touch of hurt feelings and distaste.

    "That damned Soul Edge shard totally cut off all link with him..."

    "I'm certain, Sister. He showed me the image in my mind. It's exactly like he showed me... we go right."

    The Alexandra sisters continued on through the desecrated crypt. Deeper and deeper they went.

    Twists and turns, false walls, hideaway doors... the sword had been buried for years since the last time it was sealed. To experience the pure evil is to know why.

    They finally happened upon the chamber Soul Edge resided in, buried deep in a labyrinthine maze.

    Soul Edge was encased in a red, translucent light, acting almost like a force field...containing the sword, or preventing those from touching it? Maybe both.

    Cassandra, however, was of slightly weaker mind than Sophitia. She was easier to manipulate. It was most fortunate for Soul Edge that he had managed to project himself as Hephaestus to her.

    It was difficult as well. For an entity of such whole evil to pass itself off as a holy figure... it was nearly impossible, at the best. Soul Edge had very nearly faltered and blown the cover a couple times.

    Were it not for Cassandra being (mis)led in the direction of the sword, the whole operation may have floundered had Sophitia been aware of it.

    But Soul Edge knew he could not project to Sophitia, as Hephaestus had seemingly forsaken one of his own. One of his very own...

    The shard had been removed from Sophitia and destroyed long ago, but the evil that had penetrated into her being, minor as it was, reacted to the presence of Soul Edge as they got closer and closer. In the chamber, it was nearly impossible to resist.


    Sophitia immediately sensed something was awry. Though her connection might have been severed, her experience with the corrupt weapon gave her a unique perspective on the situation.

    Her guard was up, prepared for anything, but Cassandra wasn't as careful. She couldn't resist getting closer and closer...

    There is a brief flash of light, possibly indicating an attack but when it's over...nothing. Soul Edge lies in the dirt, barely showing any signs of its mystical properties.


    The sisters gasp in surprise.

    "C... Cassandra?" Sophitia asked, voice trembling. "Um... I thought all we had to do was purify the sword and destroy it!"

    Cassandra swallowed hard. Uh, that's what I was told! Hephaestus didn't mention anything about this..."


    The sisters wait for a sign, but nothing happens. An eerie silence fills the cave and Soul Edge is just sitting there. They can do whatever they want with it.


    "Should...should we try it anyway?" asks Sophitia.

    "Well, I mean, it's still Soul Edge, right? I mean I... I guess..?" Cassandra replies, her uncertainty obvious.

    "Well, if we have any chance to rid the world of this scourge of evil, it must be chanced..." Sophitia says, more sure of herself.

    "You're right. Let's get started."

    The sisters take up positions by the now-human-like-figure's sides. The suit of armour looked like it was made out of pure evil.

    As they prayed and channeled their holy energies...


    Through their spirits, the sisters are able to interact with the armor safely, purifying it...but shortly into their ritual, they realize that it isn't reacting at all.

    It is like praying over an anvil. This "Soul Edge" appears to be a hunk of metal.


    "What the... are you sure this will work?" asked Sophitia.

    "His call said it would! He has never led me astray before..." replied Cassandra.

    Sophitia tried not to be angry as she knew her sister was not rubbing it in, but she still felt a twinge of jealousy and anger.


    After what seemed like ages, the armor finally began to stir. Perhaps this meant the ritual was working?

    Sure enough, Soul Edge crumbled into a pile of crystalline dust...however, this was not the expected reaction. Where was the big explosion? Where was the mystical discharge? It was more like a sand castle crumbling.

    It certainly didn't feel like victory, but before they could investigate further a huge claw shot out of the ground from behind Sophitia smacking in to her and knocking her to the floor!

    The whole floor began to shake and it became clear that something was coming out of the ground. Through the falling sand, a glowing red eye could be seen.



    "AHHH!" Cassandra screamed. "Wha... what gives?? I thought we were destroying it!"


    Nightmare doesn't appear to have a mouth, but his words seem to be coming from inside Cassandra's skull. "Sweet Cassandra..."

    "...predictable...but your sister...a welcome surprise..." He was fully emerged now and his eye blinked cryptically, punctuating his dialogue. "I offer...a choice..."


    Cassandra is frightened, and visibly so. Sophitia is scared, but is putting on a brave front.

    "We did not come here looking for a barter, evil one, but we shall humour you. What choice would you offer us?"

    Cassandra looks like she might be frozen in fear.


    For the first time, he shows some sort of emotion, whipping around and glaring at Sophitia with his eye, now fiery red. "The offer...for Cassandra...for you...nothing."

    "Youngling...slay your sister...and the power of Soul Edge is yours...you will be unbeatable..."

    Nightmare kept his eye on Sophitia, awaiting a response.


    Cassandra is stirred from her fear, replaced with burning anger.

    "You wish me to kill my own sister?" she shouts, her voice reverberating off the walls. "How do you think I would even consider such an offer?"

    The fear she had on display earlier is replaced by growing rage, one Sophitia had only ever seen once. And it resulted in a lot of broken dishes.

    Cassandra draws her sword, and puts her shield in front of her.

    "If we cannot destroy you the way we were meant to, then we shall destroy you any way we can!"

    Cassandra surprises Sophitia by taking the first swing, a wide, sweeping arc.


    With alarming quickness, Nightmare brings his massive blade up to block Cassandra's attack, locking blades with her. He shakes his head.

    His free claw hand extends out, becoming longer and longer before colliding with Sophitia and slamming her against the cavern wall.

    The enormous appendage covers her entire upper body, with two fingers over her shoulder and one between her legs as if she's been trapped by an enormous bird.

    The stiff claw begins to soften, becoming almost like quicksand as it starts oozing over her body.

    "Cassandra...last chance...stand down...join me..."


    "There is no chance that is ever happening!"

    Cassandra spins, aiming a horizontal sweep at Nightmare's back.

    "Ungh!" Sophitia yells out as she strikes the wall. She is momentarily dizzied as her head bangs off it.

    When she regains her bearings, she's being almost glued to the wall. She unsheathes her sword and takes a swing at the appendage holding on to her.


    Nightmare seems surprised that Cassandra is resisting him, leaving him open to her attack.

    It clangs against his thick armor and doesn't even appear to scratch him, but Nightmare does appear affected by it. Cassandra's skill with the blade is nearly unmatched.

    The attack causes Nightmare's "ooze" to stop flowing and when Sophitia slashes at the arm, it is surprisingly sheered clean off. Perhaps Nightmare stretched himself too thin with this attack. The claw falls to the ground and crumbles into dust, like the false armor from before.


    Enraged, Nightmare extends his leg, ramming his heavy boot into Cassandra's belly with a side kick.


    "UUAGHHFFFF..." Cassandra doubles over as the blow lands hard into her stomach. She curls up, coughing hard, caught offguard by the blow.

    "You fiend, you will regret trifling with the Alexandra sisters!" Sophitia yells out. She pulls free of her slimy prison, it not quite having had the chance to consolidate.

    Sophitia wants to take Nightmare's head off, but she also knows an irrational, hate-fueled, unplanned attack will only be deflected. She squares off with Nightmare, drawing his attention, and taking a low sweep at him with her sword, looking to take out his ankles.


    When Nightmare pulls his damaged limb back, it starts to regenerate instantly but in the form of a human looking hand. He flexes the fingers as if testing it out. It will have to do.

    His hate filled memories of Sophitia bubble to the surface and he charges her, ignoring her calm reaction.

    Her blade manages to take out one foot, but he's so heavy that it only sends him crashing in to her.

    Ending up on top of her chest, he shoots a wild elbow that juuuust misses smashing her skull. The edge of his arm guard catches her forehead, opening a small cut.

    After Sophitia's attack, Nightmare seemed to become smaller, but he was still more than big enough to hold her down.


    "mmmff!" Sophitia grunts as Nightmare's forearm plate bounces off her head. That could have been much worse.

    As Sophitia struggles to fend off Nightmare, Cassandra is getting to her feet. She picks up her sword and dives at Nightmare, looking to sweep his head off again. She swings horizontally, not wanting to possibly kill her sister.


    Nightmare's eye is as red as a volcano right now, his rage almost palpable. This recent imprisonment seems to have changed him somehow. Made him more vicious.

    In the blink of an eye, Nightmare swings his protected arm to defend himself and when it connects Cassandra's weapon is shattered.

    Even he didn't expect that.

    His own weapon was a few feet away, but he didn't even consider using it anymore. He had other plans for these meddling sisters.

    Pressing his hand on Sophitia's chest to hold her down, Nightmare grabs Cassandra's neck with his other hand, digging his gauntlet into her throat.


    Cassandra gasps as her weapon shatters!

    "But that was forged by Hephaestus... how did..." she doesn't have time to finish that thought as Nightmare's gauntleted hand fires out and closes around her throat.

    "Urk-!" she makes a choked cry.

    Sophitia writhes and kicks hard, trying to free herself from Nightmare's grip.


    Almost as a second thought, Nightmare back hands Sophitia across the face, never taking his eyes off of Cassandra.

    He stands up, lifting Cassandra off of her feet. Dipping his shoulder for a second, he raises it again rapidly and releases Cassandra sending her flying straight up towards the cavern ceiling.

    There's a sickening thud as her skull collides with the hard rock, causing her to curl up in mid-air.

    Her body starts to rotate on the way down, giving Nightmare a new angle of attack. He delivers a full force punch to her spine, sending her hurtling across the room.


    Sophitia cries out in a mixture of pain and surprise, the slap landing on her face hard.

    "Ouggh...." Cassandra gurgles out, making a sound as if she is going to be sick when she bangs against the ceiling.

    She is dazed and hurt, when the gauntlet slams into her spine. She flies 20 feet across the cavern, bouncing and rolling, coming to a stop on her side.

    "I think we've had just about enough of this!" shouts out Sophitia. She's got her sword back in hand, and swings it full force at Nightmare, a killing blow assuming the target were a human.


    Sophitia's blow lands right between his plates and she can hear the beast scream inside her head. But he does not fall.

    She's trapped for a moment, but it's more than enough time for Nightmare to come down with a clubbing blow across her arms, separating her from her weapon.

    He follows up with a low blow, kicking his pointed boot right between her legs.


    The top part of his foot connects hard with Sophitia's crotch.

    Sophitia grits her teeth and screams through them, falling to the floor, holding her crotch.

    "I see... we aren't... going to fight fair!" she gasps out.

    Cassandra is still a long way away from the fight, but she's just starting to stir.


    With Sophitia's hands massaging her tender areas, there is no defence when Nightmare grabs her head with both hands. Exhibiting inhuman strength, he starts to crush her cranium.



    "HNNNGGGHHH!! AAACKK!!" Sophitia screams out in pain, doing everything she can to break Nightmare's terrible grip on her head. As she thinks her skull is cracking, she manages to pull her legs up underneath her, and she kicks off, sending Nightmare flying some ten feet away. He's now a large distance away from Cassandra, who is propping herself up on her elbow, shaking away dizziness.


    Nightmare was so intent on murdering Sophitia that he didn't bother to establish a strong stance. She was able to kick him away, sending him tumbling backwards due to his heavy armor.

    In an odd sight, Nightmare's armor starts to fall off of him. Underneath lies the warrior Siegfried, but Sophitia recognizes it instantly as a husk, a familiar form that Nightmare has chosen to assume.

    The remaining armor seems to have shrunken down, becoming flat plates against his arms and legs. He looks more lean and much, much more agile. His gray veins glow with dark power.

    He runs towards Cassandra, moving with newfound grace.


    Sophitia gasps in surprise as she recognizes Siegfried. His skin is a lighter shade of the evil metallic rust-red his armour is.

    When he breaks into a sprint, Sophitia tries her best to thwart it.

    "Cassandra, look out!" she yells out, not sure her sister heard her.

    She tries to meet Nightmare by running at him and meeting him with a huge spear, as a last ditch effort.

    Cassandra, for her part, heard the yell of surprise. She gasps slightly, looks over, and sees Nightmare transformed. She tries to scramble to her feet at this sight.


    Without his mask, Nightmare is able to express himself and it's far more unnerving. He gives a cocky smirk as Sophitia moves to intercept him.

    Diving over her, he reaches down and grabs the top of Sophitia's dress. Maintaining his grip as he flips forward, Sophitia is lifted off her feet and flung at her sister, spinning head over heels!


    Sophitia shrieked out in surprise as she flies through the air. She lands hard in a heap at her sister's feet.

    "Sophitia!" Cassandra cries out.

    She kneels at Sophitia's side.

    A trace amount of blood is on the knee of Sophitia's right long brown boot, where her knee was scraped when she hit the floor.

    Cassandra stands up.

    "My grappling skill is as good as that with the blade!" she cries out.

    She runs at Nightmare and leaps in with a spin, throwing the kick at the last possible second.


    In his previous incarnations, Cassandra's attack would have definitely connected. Without his armor though, Nightmare has learned to compensate for his lack of protection.

    He catches her foot and for a moment, she is suspended in the air, her lovely leg in Nightmare's grasp.

    Pulling her forward, he drives his elbow downward on to her knee cap!


    Cassandra screams in agony as her kneecap pops out of place.

    She falls to the ground holding her knee, screaming, trying not to cry from the pain.

    Sophitia is making her way to her feet, her right knee sore from the landing. She tries to run to the fray, but it's clearly an unbalanced run.


    Satisfied with Cassandra's predicament, Nightmare turns back to the older sister.

    He closes his eyes and focuses for a second before unleashing a flurry of fists into Sophitia's belly. She can barely see his hands moving, but she feels blow after blow sink into her delicate flesh.


    Sophitia barely has time to process the flurry of offense.

    Every blow seems to land before she can feel the previous one.

    When Nightmare finally relents, Sophitia sinks to the ground, moaning softly in pain, holding her stomach. She tests for broken ribs.


    Nightmare reaches down and wraps his arms around Sophitia's waist. He might look smaller, but he doesn't appear to have lost much of his strength. The Greek goddess is lifted up effortlessly.

    She is flipped upside down, ending up back to back with Nightmare, his hands locked together under her armpits and over her chest. He starts to pull down, breaking her body against his own muscular physique.


    Sophitia tries to scream out, but all that comes out is a choked, gurgling sound, along with the sound of cracking ribs and vertebrae.

    "Sophitia, no!" Cassandra cries out. She wants to stand, but her shattered knee won't let her. It's bent inward, and useless.

    She valiantly shows courage, and tries to drag herself over to Nightmare. What she will do when she gets there... who knows? Even she doesn't. All she knows is "Save my sister!"


    Cassandra can hear Nightmare's voice in her head again.

    "You could have given...a quick death...but now...suffering..."

    Releasing the pressure on the body breaker, Nightmare tenses up before exploding upwards, flipping Sophitia forward. He sits down at the same time and with her body held vertical to the floor, she is driven head and neck first into the unforgiving ground.

    (The Top Ten Most Dangerous Moves in Wrestling History - YouTube)


    Cassandra watches, not quite believing what she sees, as Sophitia is brutally piledriven into the concrete floor. Her head bashes off the concrete, and she lays limp on the floor, her eyes half open and fluttering.

    "You sick bastard!" screams Cassandra. By sheer force of will, she attempts to draw herself into a standing position. Not being able to put weight on her leg makes things impossible and she falls to the floor again.

    Sophitia drools a little, badly dazed.


    Cassandra hears laughter inside her head and it is spine tingling.

    Nightmare stands up, dusting himself off and raises a single finger, beckoning for the little sister to attack him.

    He raises one foot and stomps down on Sophitia's face, aggravating her cut.


    "Unh!" Sophitia moans out weakly. Her body jolts some from the impact.

    "Damn it, you monster! Leave my sister alone! And get out of my head!" she cries out, much less heroically than at the beginning.

    The cut on Sophitia's head drips down her face.


    He starts to grind his boot on Sophitia's forehead, opening it up even more.



    Sophitia moans in pain again as her head is ground on, smearing blood on her face and cutting her wider.

    Cassandra can't take it anymore. The urgency outweighs everything.

    She pushes herself up on her good leg, and turns, hopping on one foot with her destroyed leg flopping uselessly out in front of her.

    Knowing this may be her last stand, she takes a hop, a jump, and then pushes off as hard as she can, looking to plant a kick into Nightmare's face. She hopes to break his neck, and hopefully end this terrible onslaught.


    Even without his armor, Cassandra has almost no hope of hurting Nightmare in her weakened state. Her kick lands well, but he seems to barely notice it. He shoves her leg away and then grabs her by the hair, pulling her face to face with him.


    As if to help her with the command, he begins to ram her head into a nearby wall over and over again...


    Cassandra screams from the impact the first time her skull slams off the wall. Her yells of pain get noticeably softer as he continues to mercilessly beat her head into the wall, like he were fixing one of the large stone blocks into place with her face.

    By the fifth ram, Cassandra's been reduced to whimpering. On the sixth, her body goes limp and she can't stand on her own power anymore, good leg or not.


    "Heh...heh..." Nightmare's glee was more unsettling than his anger and he was clearly ecstatic.

    Dragging Cassandra away from the wall, he stopped to deliver a hard kick to the side of Sophitia's head.

    Nightmare grabbed a handful of Cassandra's chest and dug his fingers into her panties. Then he lifted her overhead, horizontal to the ground.



    "mmmnn.." Sophitia moans weakly again as the kick connects with her skull, knocking her unconscious. She is still alive, but her breathing is shallow.

    She's clearly just about broken.

    Cassandra is too dizzy to comprehend Nightmare's words, or even to feel embarrassed at having her crotch and her ample chest grabbed.

    Cassandra barely hears his word. Everything sounds like it is underwater.


    With no wasted motion, Nightmare kneels down and slams Cassandra's spine across his knee.


    Cassandra can't even make a squeak as her back is rammed across the metal plates of Nightmare's armour. Her spine makes a terrible crack sound, as if a tree branch were splitting.

    Cassandra lays on the ground, twitching. She begins to lose feeling in her legs.

    "uh... uhhh..." she weakly squeaks out.

    Sophitia slowly comes to, just as dazed as Casaandra after that kick. She's alive, but it doesn't look like she even knows where she is right now.

    She stirs slightly, the most movement she is able to muster right now.


    His lust for violence not yet sated, Nightmare scooped Cassandra up in his arms again, cradling her. He looked into her wide, frightened eyes and wondered what it was like to feel pity.

    Then he dropped down and broke her over his knee once more.


    Again, Cassandra slammed over his knee, her already damaged spine racking up even more injury as bones popped.

    Casasandra lay on the ground, convulsing with a seizure, and blood bubbled up from her mouth as she drooled it. The feeling in her legs disappeared completely as they went numb and useless.

    Her left arm twitched and jerked on its own, the only movement allowed to her.

    Her eyes were glazing over.


    Nightmare looked over to Sophitia, then shook his head and reached down for Cassandra one last time. It took some doing, as she was dead weight at this point, but he used a handful of her clothes to lift her a few feet off the ground.

    His veins popped out as he brought her up high and drove his knee upwards into her spine, balancing himself on one leg.

    Unlike the other times, there wasn't a loud crack. Instead, the backbreaker created a sick, wet sound as it connected.

    He slowly lowered his leg, letting Cassandra sink to the floor.


    As Cassandra was heaved into the air, she felt like she were floating. Like the Gods were lifting her into the spiritual realm.

    As Nightmare crushed her spine with his knee, something sickly disconnected and severed in her spine. Cassandra's death was instant as her brain and spine ceased their life-giving communication.

    Her dead, mauled body sunk to the floor, now just a simple shell.

    Sophitia was unaware of what had just happened, being badly dazed from the previous kick. The only signs of life she showed were weak flexing of her fingers.

    Her neck was bent on an odd angle. Not broken, but definitely damaged.


    Sophitia couldn't sense what was happening, but she could hear the sounds of combat and Cassandra's screams.

    "A gift...for you..." Nightmare's voice spoke to her and soon, his thorough decimation of her sister was replayed in her head. It seemed to be on a loop and even when she closed her eyes she could not block it out.

    "Now...join her..."

    She could hear his heavy feet shuffling in her direction.


    "By the Gods... Cassandra... no..."

    She began to pray to Hephaestus, begging him to allow her to be taken to the afterlife with her sister. She could be redeemed, couldn't she?

    Surely one incident in which she absorbed a small amount of evil that was not her own doing couldn't preclude her from joining the Pantheon?

    Sophitia knew what was coming, and focused on praying and begging. She could not stop it anyway, so she asked for parlay.


    "Your prayers..." Nightmare hissed. "I hear them...go...to your Gods..."

    Pressing his foot against her side, he nudged Sophitia on to her belly. He took a hold of her legs, crossing one on top of the other, trapping them together under his backside. The hold was completed when he reached forward, cupping his hand under her chin.

    When he began to apply pressure, pain ravaged Sophitia's once flawless body as her feet and head were brought precariously close together.



    Sophitia's legs are crossed and bent behind her, with Nightmare trapping them with his leg. He pulled on Sophitia's blonde hair, and then cupped her chin with his hands, pulling on her and bending her backwards.

    Sophitia can only moan in pain softly as her spine and neck are stretched further and further backward.

    Her previously scraped up knee that she banged on the floor earlier suddenly makes a sick wet pop and it is forced out of place by a lot of body weight and force.


    Nightmare slides forward, letting Sophitia's destroyed legs splay out behind her. Maintaining his grip on her chin, he sits down on her back and wrenches back even further.

    As the supports in her spine start to crumble, Sophitia is forced into an extraordinary position, her lower body flat and her upper body at an almost 90 degree angle.



    Tears ran down Sophitia's face in fiery pain.

    "Hephaestus... please... accept me... I beg..."

    Her vision began to white out.


    With one final tug, Nightmare obliterated what was left of Sophitia's spine, all but snuffing her life force.


    As Nightmare pulled back on her spine, crushing it, the same terrible wet pop sound Cassandra's had made sounded out.

    Sophitia's body was curved into a disgusting looking L shape, and when Nightmare released her from the vice-like hold, her body flopped to the side and stayed in that hideous position.

    Just before she died, she saw the Pantheon... opening its gates to her... Hephaestus had accepted her after all.


    When she was finally free of the hold, her body refused to settle into any normal position and her eyes remained wide open from the shock of what had just happened.

    Nightmare stood up, composing himself. He'd never experienced such joy before. All he had known was anger, but this destruction he had wrought was deeply enriching.

    "More..." he projected to noone in particular. Walking towards the exit, he surveyed the damage one last time. New methods of torture were forming in his mind with every passing minute...
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    Yeah the beginning sucked and it was my fault lol. He said Soul Edge and I thought Nightmare. Fucking duh. So yeah the flash of light was meant to be Nightmare's entry, but we sort of goofed it.

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    Man, we've got one being posted today (or so he sayeth) that, well, the beating should probably have killed her and all. I think our RP's are just turning into contests to see who can be more cruel and vicious. lol.
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    As Raden mentioned, here is last night's RP featuring two characters from everyone's favourite fighting games series (slight exaggeration) Battle Arena Toshinden! They're both sexy leather clad babes who use whips...that's all you need to know right there.

    (I threw in a few links because I asked Raden to put in some complicated holds and I want to make sure whoever reads this can visualize what we were going for. Please let me know if the links are busted)

    Sofia vs. Zora

    toshinden_sofia_by_theoriginalmistajonz-d3j0ad8.png 792051%u00252520-%2520Battle_Arena_Toshinden%2520Zola.jpg

    Ryona Master (Raden)

    You strutted into the fight pit, waiting for your semi-final opponent. You preened and posed a little, oozing sexuality, your tight leather outfit hugging all the right curves, exposing your long legs.

    You steel yourself as Zola lithely made her way to the pit. Everything she did was graceful, and most of all, quiet and agile.

    You had worked hard to destroy the Secret Society, or as they sometimes called themselves, just the Organization.

    When you're the only game in town, you don't need long fancy titles. You don't need to be the Organization of Something, or the Something Organization, you can just be the Organization, and get away with it.

    This was the perfect chance to strike a large blow to the Organization, right here and right now. If you could take out Zola, it would be a large blow.

    Sofia (TheCrimsonRisk)

    I crack my whip. "You don't stand a chance, Zola! If you stand down now, it will save us both a lot of trouble." My Russian accent cut thick and heavy.


    Zola crouched into a limber kneel. "The Organization will carry on... over your dead body, if necessary.."

    Zola expertly flicked her whip, like a cat wagging its tail.


    I twirl my whip over head before snapping it down to the left of me, then the right. "Zola, your skill with the whip is nearly unmatched. Everybody knows that..."

    Flicking my hair, I give a confident wink to the audience. I can see a lot of men out there with their eyes locked on me, barely able to keep their tongues in their mouths.

    "...unfortunately, we both know that there is someone better than you. And you're looking at her."

    I have no fear of Zola. I've defeated her before and I'll do so again. Then I'll be one step closer to putting the Organization out of business.


    "My dear Sofia..." Zola says. "You honestly think I haven't studied you? You must know why I wear this mask, yes?"

    It wasn't cause she was ugly, far from it. Instead, it allowed her to remain unknown without it on. Without it on, she was just another person, another... fight spectator. You would have had absolutely no way of knowing just how many fights she had watched, and studied, and analyzed...

    Zola was ready for anything, and dared you to make the first move, waving her hand toward you in a "bring it on" fashion.

    "Then let's see what you've got..." she says.


    "Come come, darling...you can't be that ugly. I'm sure under that mask is a perfectly...serviceable face. Besides, you shouldn't compare yourself to perfection." As I finish my sentence, I run one hand along my chest, down my side and over my hips, "whipping" the crowd into a frenzy.

    I'm so sure that she poses no threat that I walk over to her, my weapon dragging behind me. I reach my hand out, signalling that I plan to take her mask off.


    Zola hits you with a slap that was so blindingly fast, you didn't even see her move her hand.

    It wasn't meant to hurt, just surprise. It does its job to perfection.

    "Hands off, sister."


    My cheek is immediately sore from Zola's slap and I rub it, a hurt look on my face. She's always been fast, but that still caught me off guard.

    "Zola...I was just trying to help you with your confidence. I've got more than enough good looks for the both of us, the crowd will cheer you just for standing next to me."

    I reach for my whip. "Still, we must get down to business, right?" I lash upwards, looking to connect with her arm and hinder her ability to strike back at me.


    Zola quickly performs a back handspring, landing on her feet. Your whip cracks on thin air, sending a loud snap that can be heard even over the cheering of the crowd.

    "Ah-ah", Zola says, wagging a finger. "You have no idea what you are in for."

    Zola performs a pirouette, spinning and cracking her whip as she comes around. It's aimed directly at your face.


    "Consider that a warning shot" I say as Zola bounds out of the way.

    She comes back aggressively, looking to whip my face off, but I expected that. I duck down and then spring into the air, driving my whip in a downward arc!


    The whip comes down on Zola's head, bends over it, and snaps her in the back. Zola yelps a little in surprise and pain as she cartwheels out of the way of any follow ups.

    "Ouch!" she says. "I see you can teach old bit... dog new tricks after all."

    Zola flicks her whip out low, looking to trip you up.


    I dive over her low attack, hitting the ground and rolling to close the distance between us.

    "AURORA REVOLUTION!" I cry out, spinning like a ballerina, one long powerful leg en pointe and the other extended outward. With my other hand extended and twirling my whip, it should be very hard for her to avoid this one.


    As you start to spin, Zola manages to duck the first whip slash as it cuts nothing but air, but makes a sharp "whoosh" noise.

    Zola thought that was it until the whip came around again and caught her in the side.

    Zola cried out in alarm and pain, and tried to cartwheel, but only earned a lash across her arm.

    She thought to jump the next blow but it caught her in the leg as she mistimed it, unable to think clearly enough to plan an escape route as the whip came around again.

    Finally she made a mad scramble, rather gracelessly, to get out of the range of the whip, letting you spin around and around and around... and around... the whip making a terrible whizzing noise every time it passed by Zola.

    "Are you just about finished with that nonsense?" she called out.


    I come out of my spin in a kneeling position, taking a second to steady myself. Whoo...dizzy...

    But as soon as I'm recovered, I bring my hand up to my face, barely stifling a laugh. "Ha ha ha! Give up yet?"

    I turn my back to her and bow to my adoring fans. "Thank you, thank you. You're too kind!"


    Zola wants to react out of anger, but when you turn your back, she sees her opportunity to strike. She flicks her whip out at you, wrapping the last little bit of it around your throat.

    Firmly locking it in place, she begins to pull you over to her. Every jerk on the whip causes a choking sound to come out.

    "And there is your mistake", says Zola, as she reels you in like she has caught a fish. "Never turn your back on an opponent. At all."

    She then began to pull on the whip causing you to fall to all fours.


    After blowing several kisses, I notice some people in the audience pointing at something behind me. *sigh* Back to defeating this cupcake I...GYYUUCCCKK!

    Before I can turn around fully, I feel Zola's whip around my neck, biting into my soft skin. I fall to one knee, reaching up with both hands to free myself but it is on tight.

    She gives it a tug and I'm finding it hard to breathe. I fall to one knee and dig my nails into the whip. Come on...

    Another sharp tug constricts my breathing even more and I'm able to get one hand down to stop myself from falling on to my face. I'm on my knees and one elbow now, like a dog trying to get away from her leash. I can only imagine how my flawless butt must look right now, involuntarily wagging.


    Zola flicks the whip, untying it from your neck. Her skill is every bit the match for yours, it seems. As you find yourself able to breathe, Zola plants a stomp into your back, knocking you flat. Then she picks you up into an "all fours" position again, but crosses your legs at the ankles.

    She reaches through your legs and pulls your arms through. You fall to the pit floor, your chest and face supporting your upper body.


    "Hey!...what are you...aaah..."


    Zola turns around, facing the opposite way you are, and sits on your shapely rear end, which is pointed into the air now.

    "Quiet, you! I didn't give you permission to speak!"

    She slaps your right butt cheek hard.

    Then she grabs your wrists, and pulls your arms through your legs and upward into your crotch. It's kind of like a double arm bar, but she's using your own crotch as the fulcrum.

    (Miss Spencer style!)


    It's no secret that I've done some...undercover work as a dominatrix before, so I'm used to humiliating positions...but not being the one in them!

    Zola's got me in some kind of human knot and I'm helpless as her hand collides hard with my butt, causing it to jiggle. "Aaaiie!"

    Then it feels like my arms are going to be yanked off as she's using my own body to put pressure on them. Got...to...break...free!

    Shifting my weight, I dip to one side and roll her off of me. Still getting untangled, I throw a kick right at her stupid mask.


    When Zola feels her weight shifting, she rolls with you. When you throw the kick, she catches it with her hand. She taunts you, looking for you to kick with your other leg.

    "Too slow on the draw, as usual."


    I reach to my hip for my weapon, only now realizing that I dropped it when she started choking me. Silly girl!

    I try to push up on my arms to set up another kick, but they're still hurting from that hold and I end up throwing some off-balance leg strike in Zola's general direction.

    If I can just get my whip back, she's toast!


    Zola easily catches your unbalanced failure of a kick. She now has both your legs.

    "Well, that was entirely disgraceful, wasn't it?" she asked.

    Then she crosses your legs over again, and gives a tug on your blonde hair to pull you backwards. When she reels you in by your hair, she cups your chin and locks you in a Romero-style surfboard by the neck.

    "I bet you're nice and flexible... let's test that, shall we?"

    (Romero Hold Chinlock)


    Instead of creating space, it looks like I've only given Zola the set up for her next move. With my legs bound again, I'm forced off of the floor into an awkward vertical position. I don't even get a chance to fight back before she's got her hand around my face, stretching me.

    Just like when I was hit by the whip, I reflexively bring my hands up to try and break free, but it's hard to muster up any strength with the pain I'm feeling. Zola was known for being sneaky and evasive...where did she learn these holds?



    "How, you ask?" Zola asks you. "Seriously. A good assassin doesn't give up her secrets. But I will reveal some more secrets to you in good time..."

    She pulls back harder on your neck, turning it into a Dragon Sleeper. The pressure on your legs is incredible.

    And now you're being strangled.


    Just when I think I can't, Zola finds a way to bend me back farther. There's no relief for my back as the leglock prevents my lower body from moving, so there's no option but to arch back more...and more...and more...

    I fight to slide my hands under her arm, give myself at least a small chance to get some air. As the hold is cinched in, my whole body shudders and my breasts shake uncontrollably.


    The male members of the crowd cheer as your chest is thrust outward.




    Zola finally seems to find some mercy and lets you go. She pushes you forward, and you flop face down to the pit floor.

    Your leg muscles feel spent from the exertion being placed on them.

    You aren't sure how much more you can bend until Zola puts you in a deathlock version of the STF, crossing our legs around each other again.

    (STF Variation)

    You then find out just how much more you can bend as Zola takes you by the neck with her arms and rears back again.


    Even though I was now lying in the dirt, I was relieved to have some pressure off of my back and neck. My hand idly moved to massage my tender muscles.

    Unfortunately, Zola's legs were still locked with mine and she didn't seem eager to let me get up. I feel her hands joining around my neck again and I find myself gagging once again.


    Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that she's taken up a leisurely position next to me. It looks like she could lie there all day...


    Zola casually picks up a handful of dirt, and attempts to shove it in your mouth. She's messy doing it, so not all of it goes in, but you can't keep it all out, either.

    "That's you, a dirty little whore! How's that taste?" she yells out, as she locks both arms back up.


    *cough, cough* I weakly slap at Zola as she force feeds me dirt, but before I can get free she's locked the hold in again. My mouth is bone dry now and I feel my ruby red lips start to crack.

    She wrenches back on the hold and I can't do anything but paw at the restricting arm.



    "As much fun as it is to humiliate you like this, I do have other things to do. To you." she says.

    She stops bending and squeezing you.

    Your legs feel like you ran a hundred mile marathon already.

    Zola lets your legs rest for a few seconds, and then she locks them up tight again as she brings you into an STF. Letting your body rest for a few seconds between holds makes the next one all the more painful, as your body just gets used to the rest periods.

    "How's this for unskilled, Sofia?" she yells at you. "You still take me lightly?"


    She lets me go and I don't know what part of my body to address first. My legs feel like spaghetti. My back is on fire. It hurts to breathe. I end up rubbing my thighs, but Zola is quick to attack again.

    With only one leg trapped, the pressure on that limb is doubled. I noticed her lying leisurely before, but there's nothing leisurely about this hold. She's trying to tear my head off.


    Zola squeezes hard, the pressure on your neck and torso mounting.

    She readjusts her arms so they are clasped around your mouth.


    Not even realizing it, I'm kicking my free leg against the ground and into the air in response to the pain coursing through me.

    The pressure is unbearable and even though I don't want to I'm about to scream!

    Even that freedom is taken away when Zola's fingers cover my mouth, smothering me.



    Zola continues mounting pressure on your back and neck, digging her knuckles into your face more. You feel like your nose is going to be pulled into your head.

    Finally after a relentless hold, she lets you go. She goes and retrieves her whip.


    Can't...take...much more...

    Not satisfied with choking me or smothering me, Zola keeps adjusting her hands in small ways to mangle my gorgeous features. The fight seems to have left me. My leg has stopped kicking and my hands lie flat on the ground. I can only grit my teeth and hope she tires out...

    She does let go, but I can already tell it had nothing to do with fatigue. Mustering what little strength I can, I start to crawl (more like a worm than a human being) towards my fallen weapon...


    Zola is much quicker than you, being unable to use your legs for much of anything. She retrieves your whip and throws it to the side of the pit.

    She makes sure to look back at you and smirk cockily, just to make sure you know how screwed you really are.



    Then she retrieves her with, with the spike on the end.

    She looks back toward you, smirking evilly.

    She comes back, but she drops the whip out of your reach.

    "Just got to cripple one more thing," she purrs

    She then puts you in a double arm breaker crossface.

    Now your arm muscles are beginning to cry in protest.

    (Rings of Saturn, basically)


    My whip is discarded and even though I can still see it, it seems like it's miles away. My spirit leaves me and I feel a chill run over me.

    My next idea is to grab her whip, but she doesn't give me the chance. I'm being wrapped up, my arms locked behind me. My shoulder joints nearly pop out of place. The arm lock is damaging enough, but she clasps her hands together to tear at my neck muscles again. She is taking sick pleasure in torturing my face.


    Zola sneers at you as she crosses her legs around one of your arms, leaving her free to pull back on the other one with one arm. Quick math shows this leaves her one arm free... so she begins to rain down overhead punches into your face.


    "Hngh! Hngh! Agggh!" Zola's brutality seems to have silenced the rowdy crowd for a moment and every time her fist connects with my cheeks it echoes throughout the arena.

    I'm fading fast...


    Zola's assault feels much more... personal... than it did at first. At first she was calculated and fluid, but now it feels like these attacks are driven by spite, malice and hatred.

    As punch after punch bounces off your face, she finally drops you.

    Then she picks up her whip, and ties it around your throat again.


    As she sits down on your back, she pulls your arms over her legs.

    It would be a traditional Camel Clutch if she used her hands around your neck....

    ... but she doesn't. She uses her whip.


    Somehow, instead of knocking me further into unconsciousness, the sharp pain in my back awakens me.

    I try to jostle my arms loose, but Zola has them held firmly. I'm well aware of this hold, the camel clutch, but I've never had it put on me before. I wish that was still the case.

    Using the whip for extra leverage seems unnecessary and cruel and it's become clear what kind of villainess I'm dealing with.


    Zola chokes you for a few moments by pulling brutally on the whip, then applies it traditionally, just so you can run the full range of agony she is capable of dishing out.

    "Which one you like better, sweetie?" she asks you.


    When she switches to her hands, I think it has to be an improvement but...


    Her fingers poke and probe, stabbing in to my jaw and cheek bones. Somehow, her hands are far deadlier than the whip.

    My fingers are trembling, but I'm able to raise my arm just enough...I want to submit...I can't...I can't...

    I think about the Organization and all of the misery they're responsible for. If I lose now, they'll force me to leave and my investigation will be ruined.

    She'll slip...make a mistake then...then I'll...win...

    I fight back tears as Zola works the clutch for what feels like an eternity.


    As time begins to blend into itself, Zola keeps adjusting her position so your body never gets too used to one painful position.

    When she stands up and drops your arms, the relief is the sweetest feeling you have felt in a long, long time.

    It burns as your body returns to a neutral position, but almost in a good way.

    Zola retrieves her whip, and plots her next course of attack.

    As she scoops you up off the dirt pit, she bends down and puts her arm between your legs, hoisting you up onto her shoulders, almost effortlessly.

    Your beaten body provides no resistance, making it a trivial matter to lock the hold in.

    As mean as a torture rack may be, she turns it into a brand of cruelty when she flicks her whip, latching it around your neck again.

    She now hauls down on your leg and the whip, backbreaking you but choking you at the same time.

    She bounces up and down, as your body flops around, your breasts jiggling with every jolt.


    Finally out of the camel clutch, I use what's left of my strength to roll over and arch my back, trying to ease the pain. It doesn't help. All my pose does is fire up the imaginations of the men in the crowd, most of whom have turned against me. They're dying to see this pretty thing be destroyed.

    Zola is more than willing to grant that wish. I'm terrified at how easily she gets me up on her shoulders. I was always a little bigger, a little stronger...she's been working hard and now I'm going to pay for it.

    Held in a human torture rack, it's like my body is about to split in two. The whip comes in to play again, strangling me and giving her even more leverage with which to break me.

    If the men were excited before, they must be out of their minds seeing my body stretched out like this, barely contained by my skintight leather outfit.


    Zola can tell you are choking out, and she unties the whip, letting it fall to the floor. She uses her hand on your jaw now, as she continues to sexily bounce you up and down... up and down...


    I'm close to passing out when I feel the whip slacken. I would welcome a KO at this point.

    Zola switches to her hands, pouring power into the hold with renewed vigor. I definitely feel something in my back pop and I start crying, scared out of my mind.



    "What's that?" she coos. "You want me to stop? Very well."

    Zola stops bending you, but the follow-up is no better as she bucks hard, tossing you into the air hard enough to clear her head. She brings you down in a backbreaker over her knee and positions her hands as if she is not done with it.


    With almost no effort, Zola pumps her arms sending me airborne. I thought she was an Austrian opera singer, not an Austrian body builder!

    I hang in the air for less than a second, then I drop like a rock.


    Half the crowd screams in ecstacy, the other is left speechless as I come down hard on Zola's knee.

    I know...something else is broken...but I won't give up...curved around her knee, I look in to Zola's eyes trying to look strong, but my own are filled with tears.


    Zola's hands find your neck and your shapely butt. She pushes off her leg, hoists you up, and backbreaks you again.


    I'm lifted again and even though it hurts to move my neck, I'm shaking my head desperately.

    "...no..." I squeak out. Then she snaps me in half once more.


    Zola caresses your cheek with two fingers, saying nothing. Then she hoists you up, and brings you down a third time.



    As I hang off her knee, all I can do is whimper. The way she's touching my face...so humiliating...

    After the first two, I'd like to think there's no way I could feel the third backbreaker but it is a hundred times more painful. As another bone breaks, my nerves are nearly fried from the torturous sensations.

    Somehow I'm still conscious and every inch of me is begging for mercy...


    Zola is finally showing signs of weakening. Doing reps with your body weight is hard as hell, but her pure unadulterated hate for you fuels her on. As she struggles to stand again, she brings you down yet again.

    How you aren't dead is due only to the fact she knows how to hurt without permanently crippling. As an assassin, she knows exactly what she is doing... much to your chagrin.


    My own screams are drowned out by Zola, who lets out a primal roar before connecting with a fourth backbreaker!

    Everyone seems aimed at a different part of my back. Whatever's left of my spine seems to remain intact this time, but I feel a muscle tear and now I'm crying hysterically.

    "Please...no more..." My words are barely audible. "Hurts..."


    Zola's smile is pure evil. If evil had a face, this demonic grin would be it.

    Screaming with mighty exertion, Zola struggles hard to stand with you in her arms. She manages to only get you up about halfway before she drops down again, more out of exhaustion than anything. You hit her knee and slide off to the floor, landing face down.


    The last backbreaker is the most painful one of all. It's careless and sloppy...if she'd been trying not to kill me, she'd almost failed there. My neck jerks harshly as I hit her knee again and for a second I'm sure I'm paralyzed...but then all the pain rushes through me again and I know it's far from over.

    I've completely lost sight of why I'm here...I just want this to end...


    Zola props herself up on all fours, panting from the exertion of lifting you so many times. She shakes her limbs out to to get circulation back in them.

    As she regains a little wind, she retrieves her whip. Then she gets yours from the side of the wall where she threw it earlier.

    She loops yours around her arm, and unfurls hers.

    There is a CRACK as the whip comes down on your back. The steel tip bites harshly into your skin.


    "...huuuh...uuuhhhh...hhhuuuhhh..." Breathing. My body rising and falling. It's the only movement I can muster right now.

    I try to manipulate my fingers and they slowly respond. It seems like a foolish concern, but I want to reach back and adjust my leotard, which has begun to ride up a little.

    That becomes a distant distraction as Zola starts to punish me with her pointed whip. The parts of my body that can still move immediately tense up, but there's no way I'm going to be able to defend myself any time soon.


    Zola lashes down across your bare back again, the steel tip again winning the battle of skin vs steel.


    The pain temporarily revives me again and for a moment I shoot up before coming to a rest in the dirt.

    I turn my head to look at Zola, a pitiful look on my face.


    You find no remorse, nothing but ruthlessness. Zola cracks her whip across your back for a third time. You wonder how you can still feel it at all.

    Zola rolls you onto your welted-up back.




    She props you into a sitting position.

    "Yes?" she asks. "What would you like?"


    I try to think of something...anything to escape this ordeal...then I understand what I have to do.

    "S...submit...no more please...submit!" It takes all of my effort to get the words out. I look up at the villainess, weakness and defeat apparent on my delicate features.


    "mmm. You know, I don't think I heard you..."

    Zola begins raining elbow strikes downward. Off your face, chest, head, shoulder, anywhere she can clobber you. (Think CM Punk)

    After she drops about ten, your vision already clouded over, Zola puts her legs around your waist, sitting behind you, and then locks in another Dragon sleeper.

    She cranks the hold as you gurgle.


    All of the backbreaking holds failed to break me completely so it looks like Zola is determined to finish the job with her elbows.

    Each one feels like a spiked bat coming down on my upper body. My arms and legs flop about like a ragdoll.

    I don't even notice her scissoring my waist and slapping on another submission hold. My ribs are painfully squeezed and tendons in my neck start to rip in this crippling maneuver.


    Zola continues choking you until you are passed out in her vice-like grip. She releases you some very long seconds after you've blacked out.


    Zola's other chokes were measured, controlled, but this time she seems determined to finish me off. It doesn't make it any less agonizing.

    Were it not for my extraordinary durability, Zola's fully flexed muscles would have snapped my neck like a twig. Instead, I'm forced to endure her twisted hold.

    Everything starts to go black and I don't even notice that I'm twitching and spasming...I can hear distant laughter...


    Satisfied with a job well done, Zola bends you back again. She binds your wrists with one whip, your ankles with the other, and hogties you.

    She loops the end of the whip around your neck again. Not to choke, but loose, so it's more like a collar.


    I'm vaguely aware of the sensation of being bound, the rough material of the whip rubbing against my smooth leather...I must make for an attractive package.


    Then she picks you up in the only way available to her in this position... over one of her shoulders.


    As I'm unceremoniously taken out of the arena, one word runs through my mind: failure.


    She carries you off, and the Organization's power grows that day.

    The horrifying end
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    Another adventure featuring two original characters from Idoro's superhero universe, "Speed of Light" (which also includes Shyne). If anyone read our Psylocke RP, they'd have noticed that we tend to put equal emphasis on story and ryona, so be prepared to skim if you want to get to the nasty business :p

    The Savage Underground

    Aquitia.png Lea.png

    Ryona Master (TheCrimsonRisk)

    It was a gorgeous day in Los Angeles, but then again, isn't it always? Wanting to experience the wonders of modern society, Lea and Aquitia find themselves at the zoo surrounded by giggling children and overworked parents.

    Rhinos...giraffes...gorillas...seeing these majestic creatures confined within limited habitats seemed strange, but such were the customs of the day.

    There were all kinds of creatures on display. Which ones would they go to see first?

    SoL Rookies – Aquitia & Lea (Idoro)

    As the two made their way through the crowds of people, various onlookers looked at them with an odd eye. But they did not seem to mind it at all, in fact if anything they seemed to be accustomed to the odd looks they were receiving by now.

    "Isn't this just amazing?" Lea said, her wings flittering as she ran up to each exhibit, the more cautious Aquitia following behind while observing the animals from a safe distance.

    "Amazing.. it seems frightening to me.." she said, looking at the gorilla attraction not too far off. "What do these land-dwellers do if one of these creatures manages to escape?"

    "Oh I don't know, probably let them run wild.." the fairy said as she was walking towards the rhinocerous area. "Come on, let's see the rhinos! I wonder how many horns they have in the physical realm? Maybe like 5 or 6?!

    "Horns?" said the frightened Atlantian as she followed her companion close-by. "C-can't we go back to looking at the raccoons? I liked those.."


    The majestic rhinos seem particularly well fed today as they sit about lazily, not really acknowledging the spectators.

    As it stands, more people seem to be taking their cameras and cell phones out to take pictures of the young heroines than the animals!

    A child walks up to Lea and starts tugging on her skirt. "You are so pretty!" she says. "When I grow up, will I have wings too?"


    Lea watches the rhinos with keen interest as Aquitia's gaze falls more over the people gathering to look at her. "Er..."

    She blushes and waves weakly as a few people snap their cameras and phones. "G-greetings.. uh.. land-dwellers..cool people!"

    As one flashed in her eye she staggered back and began rubbing her eyes. "Ugh.."

    Lea looked up, wondering what she was groaning about when she felt a tug at her skirt. "Huh?"

    Looking to the child she smiled. "Oh, well I don't see why not! These took me around fifty years to sprout once I emerged from my pod and absorbed enough nutrients from the surrounding soil. You should get yours soon if you eat your vitamins!" she said, patting the girl on the head.


    The girl is obviously confused. "Fifty years?" She starts looking at her fingers. "That's SO OLD..."


    Lea nodded, giggling. "Mhm! It's only around a quarter of my total lifespan though~"

    Aquitia blinked, looking down at her companion, thinking to herself, 'She's THAT old and acts the least mature out of everyone... how does that make sense?!'


    The child's mother comes along, smiling nervously. She seems to be worried about her child bothering Lea, but she's also somewhat afraid of her. "Come...come along now, sweetie. Leave the leaf lady alone okay?" The child waves as she's pulled away.

    "Bye leaf lady!" the child says.

    Suddenly, a soft melody is heard coming from the public announce system. Aquitia and Lea don't know much about zoos, but it's strange that music would start for seemingly no reason. It is a lovely tune though.

    With Lea distracted by the civilians, it's Aquitia who notices that the Rhinos are beginning to stir. There are three of them, and one of them lets out a loud roar. The other two join in and they stand up and unmistakeable look of rage in their eyes.

    THOOOOOOM! They start ramming their heads against the fences. They've obviously been built to contain these forces, but the rhinos seem to be driven and more powerful than would be normal.

    People are screaming and panicking and running for their lives!


    As the child leaves, Lea waves to her, a sweet smile upon her face. "Okay, bye now! Human children are so cute.. so much better than little seedlings that don't move and just consume.."

    As a strange melody then begins to play over the speakers, Aquitia looks up, wondering what it might mean. Perhaps there was to be an event that was going to happen? Or maybe they were trying something new? The surface world still confused her, so she could only wonder what it meant..

    But as she gazed to the rhinos, she saw that their behavior was rapidly beginning to change.. they looked a lot more irritable all of a sudden!

    Being so new, she could only think that the animals here were upset with the presence of two strangers.. and when they began to roar and ram at their cages, she definitely knew that something bad was going to happen! "Lea.. um.." she said, tapping on the fariy's shoulder. "We should probably.."

    As the people began to panic and run, Lea looked up and noticed what was going on. "Oh.. they look very angry don't they?" she said, non-chalantly. "I wonder what's gotten into them?"


    The tempo of the music increases and the rhinos double their efforts. Not only are they damaging the walls, but large red marks are starting to appear on their bodies. They're damaging themselves too!

    Out of nowhere, a large piece of metal comes hurtling towards the barricades. As it collides, the walls finally can't take anymore. The rhinos are free!


    The two gasp as they watch the rhinos tackle the walls again and again.. "Why are they doing this all of a sudden?" Lea asks, putting her hand to her mouth in shock.

    "I.. I don't know.. but they were fine just a second ago" responded the Atlantian, "Do you th- waahh!"

    Startled by a large object flying into the barricades, the wall breaks down and the rhinos are loosed, with Aquitia and Lea the only ones standing in the vicinity!

    "What in the four moons was that?!" Lea exclaimed, her wings flapping madly. But her response was soon answered by Aquitia gasping and pointing to the rhinos. "They're free! Lea, what are we going to do if they come after us? They're animals.. we can't just.."

    Lea looked around, putting her hand to her head. "You're asking me?!"

    Aquitia looked to the fairy quickly, "...Well, you've been here longer than me, so I would think you'd have seniority!"

    Squeaking, Lea says, "Well um.. maybe they're just being playful?"


    For a moment, the two girls are witness to three angry rhinos stamping their feet and aiming to gore them...but then they suddenly turn around.

    About thirty feet away, two park employees wander into view, seemingly oblivious to what's going on. The rhinos immediately charge in their direction.

    The workers seem almost zombified. There's no way they're going to move on their own...


    The two girls, knowing that they are the only thing that can save these works look to each other and give a knowing nod.

    "Let's do it, Aquitia!"

    "Right, Lea!"

    Lea wastes no time, hopping into air and zooming past the rhinos, scooping up the employees with each hand and heading upwards out of the reach of the rhinos.

    Aquitia also plays her part, her mystical trident materializing in her hands as she aims it at the rhinos, creating a giant wave of water to crash into them, hopefully knocking them over or stunning them!


    The look on the rhinos goes from enraged to confused as a massive tidal wave comes out of nowhere and sends them splashing around.

    From a distance, onlookers are clapping and cheering in awe. "Wow, didja see that?"

    The wave drives the rhinos into the wall of a nearby building, doing more damage to the wall than them. They are momentarily stunned, but the biggest one recovers quickly and now it's eyeing Aquitia angrily.

    The employees in Lea's arms offer no gratitude. They both have a glazed over look in their eyes and seem unaware of what just happened.


    Lea carries the two eployees and places them on the ground safely away from the rhinos. "Are you two alright?"

    Meanwhile, Aquitia grabs hold of her trident with both hands and looks over at the single rhino who is eyeing her. She smiles and begins to prepare another spell. "I'll be ready for you, Mister Rhinocerous."


    The two employees continue to be unresponsive other than the fact that they're staring at Lea intently. The both crane their heads as if to focus, but other than that...nothing. Drool seems to be running from their lips as their mouths hang open.

    The music from the public speakers changes again and the rhino angrily starts to charge towards Aquitia.


    Lea gives the two employees an odd look as she watches them drool. "Um.. okay well uh.. tell me about it later than alright? Ehehehe.." she then jumps away and flitters back towards Aquitia.

    Aquitia is ready for the rhino's attack as stands her ground, spinning her trident in front of her like a windmill as a steady stream of water begins to shoot out in a spiral shape as if from a cannon, heading straight for the charging animal!


    Lea leaves the two employees in a safe place. They're out of it, but they don't seem to be any worse for wear.

    Aquitia's water attack is perfect for this situation as it is strong enough to halt the creature without hurting it. It tries to fight through the stream, but the force combined with the slippery ground causes it to fall over. As water washes over it, filling its mouth and ears she notices it calm down considerably. The other two rhinos on the other hand look like they've recovered and are ready to fight! And the music continues to play...


    Lea listens to the music and gets an idea.. "Hm.." She scans the area for speakers and when she finds them, she rushes over to it and examines it for a second, looking to see if it had a switch. "Maybe.. this is what's making those rhinos go crazy?"

    Aquitia meanwhile, stops spinning her trident and sets it down. "Whew. Thank goodness that's over with."

    As she takes a moment to recover her energies, she doesn't even notice the other two rhinos..


    As Lea examines the speakers, she doesn't find a switch. It's simply a speaker suspended at the top of a pole. The controls are likely in a separate area.

    As the music changes again, the rhinos look to coordinate their attack, charging at Aquitia from different angles. It's unlikely a single stream will be able to deal with them this time.


    Frustrated, the fairy grabs the speaker with both hands and pulls upward while flying up, intending to break it off of its base!

    Meanwhile, Aquitia recovers and sees both rhinos coming from opposite directions. "Oh dear.." she mutters as she grips her trident, plunging it into the ground before her..

    In that moment, a large protective bubble forms around her about 10 feet in diameter, and 2 inches thick with water. She holds her trident in the ground as it pulsates energy, ready to hold the barrier against the attack from the two creatures!


    Impressive as the bubble is, Aquitia has no idea how it will hold against a charging rhino, much less two.

    Lea strains her little body, pulling at the speaker and flapping her wings vigorously.

    The two rhinos are upon Aquitia with surprising speed, but just as they're about to test her barrier the suddenly fall and roll awkwardly ending up on opposite sides of Aquitia.

    Lea was finally able to break the speaker free, stopping the music in this area at least. It looked like her deduction was right. No music, no more raging rhinos.


    "Nngh.. AH!" Lea yells as she finally wrests the speakers free, the strain forcing her to somersault several times in mid-air as she tries to recover her position. "Whhhaaaaaooaaahh!!!"

    Aquitia meanwhile, upon seeing the two rhinos roll over stops focusing her energy, and the barrier collapses. "...They stopped? Thank Neptune for that.."

    Panting, her trident de-materializes and she bends down to get a better look at one of the rhinos.


    Other than the wounds they inflicted on themselves, the rhinos appear to be fine.

    In the distance, more speakers and the sound of human screams mixed with animal cries can be heard. Before Aquitia and Lea can even think to address those situations, another large piece of debris lands near them, just short of the unconscious rhinos.

    "Now, now..." inhuman voice says. "What have we here?"

    It's not clear how many there are, but Aquitia and Lea can tell that they're being surrounded.


    As Lea lands ungracefully near Aquitia, the blue-haired Atlantian looks her way and asks, "You okay, Lea?"

    Lea nods, her eyes a little swirly. "Uh.. yean I'll be fine..whoa.."

    The two have only a few seconds to recover when they suddenly hear a boom, followed by a large smack of debris near them. It makes them jump to their feet and hug each other in fear!

    Hearing the voice makes them both a shiver a little.. but as they look to each other, they quickly separate and do their best to look menacing. "Who is that?" cries out Aquitia as Lea chimes in, "Show yourself!"


    Surrounding the heroines are a freakish looking group the heroines don't recognize.

    "Ain't nobody gonna compliment me on those throws?" A large man says. He's dressed in nothing but a loincloth and boots, with spiked wrist guards. He also conspicuously has four arms.


    A tall woman speaks up next. "Not bad. I'd score them an 8. Maybe 7.5." She's wearing a red leather outfit with short shorts and a top tied in the middle, barely containing her impressive bust.


    "Stop your chatter." The voice comes from a beautiful woman in a gaudy white and green outfit. She has matching hair and green lips.


    The last person to speak up was the strange voice from before. Some kind of mixture of human and...frog? "Come now, Vertigo. A little banter seems to go a long way for these heroes, so maybe we could start too."


    The four freaks stand around Lea and Aquitia, arms crossed, staring them down.


    Aquitia and Lea, as they look upon these new foes unknowingly back up against each other's backs..

    "So um.. any idea on who these freaks are, Aquitia?" the fairy asks, her head only coming up to the top of Aquitia's neck.

    "You're asking the wrong person, Lea.." the Atlantian responds, looking upon them curiously. "Perhaps we should introduce ourselves?"

    Lea nods, smiling. "Hi there, um.. friends. I can't help but notice that you all look rather out-of-place.. much like us!"

    "Perhaps you were drawn to the strange behavior of these animals as well?" she asks, looking upon the four-armed man and blinking. "Perhaps you felt we needed a hand?" She looks to the frog-like one.. "To um.. thwart whatever malicious plan is being set in motion?"

    "Lea!" Aquitia shouts, jabbing the fairy's shoulder with her elbow. "I don't think they are on friendly terms!"


    "Malicious?" the frog says. "I assure you that were simply trying to make ourselves more comfortable." The frog leaps forward and attempts to take Lea's hand, as if to kiss it. "Tell me green one, what is your name? The handsome and noble Amphibius must know."


    Lea blushes, seeming to not mind the creature's advances on her, turning her head away and drawing her head in shyly. "Eheheheheh.. well um.. I'm Lea, and this here is my friend and fellow Elementer, Aquitia!"

    Aquitia eyes Amphibius warily. "Charmed..." she says, in a sarcastic tone.


    "Oooh, Lea...such a wonderful name. Like poetry. Lea, you must understand that we are refugees from the Savage Land. Turmoil has rendered it unlivable at this time, so we escaped to your City of Angels."

    The other people stand still as it appears that Amphibius is there leader.

    "But your cities are so big...so crude...we miss the jungle. We were only seeking to liberate these animals and make your city more like where we come from, where great beasts are free to run wild!"

    He delivers a slobbery kiss to Lea's hand.


    As the frog kisses Lea's hand, she lifts it to examine it for a second, making a disgusted face. "Eh.. I.. see..."

    Aquitia walks past her friend to address Amphibius, shaking her finger at him. "That's no way to treat the home of another, causing chaos and pain!" she speaks, with an authoritive tone "And by what right do you think you have to disturb the dwelling of these surface-dwellers so?"


    "Hold your tongue!" Aquitia feels an arm land roughly on her shoulder, holding her back.

    "Barbarus, please!" Amphibius motions for Barbarus to let go. "You'll have to forgive my companions...this world is strange to us. That is Barbarus and these two women are Leash and Vertigo."

    As he continues to speak, you hear a lot of commotion in the distance. People are in danger around the park.

    "Chaos and pain! That is all these 'surface-dwellers' know! We are only giving them what they expect and deserve."


    "Ah..!" Aquitia gasps as she is grabbed, quickly turning and backing up, escaping the grasp of the four-armed brute.

    As Amphibius introduces the others, Lea looks around, frowning at the sound of more people being attacked.."Mm.."

    Aquitia by this time is growing impatient, shaking her head. "We will discuss your motives and intentions later then. Right now, we need to help the rest of these people out. Lea, let us be on our way."

    The fairy nodded. "Okay.. which way should we head first?"

    Aquitia looked to the four around them and said, "I do not know.. perhaps the rest of you would be willing to atone for what you've done and help us stop these animals from hurting innocent people?"


    Amphibius takes Lea's hand again. "I'm afraid I can't let you do that."

    The frog creature does a quick spin, throwing Lea to the ground with a hip toss. It's not particularly damaging, but it is meant to disrupt her.

    Barbarus is a bit slow on the uptake, so he hesitates before trying to grab Aquitia. The two women stand back, looking more amused now that the fighting has begun,


    Before she realizes it, Lea is suddenly flipped over on her back. "Oof!" she says as a small, sudden bed of leaves forms under her, cushioning her fall!

    "Hey!" Aquitia calls out, summoning a bit of magic to her hand when she is suddenly grabbed from behind! "Ah- what!"


    "Don't hurt them, Barbarus," Amphibius commands.

    Barbarus wraps his arms around Aquitia's waist, leaving her arms and legs free. "Fine. Don't struggle and this will be a lot easier, woman."

    Amphibius tries to negotiate with Lea once more. "Join us. I look at you and I see a kindred spirit. Surely you can't have more in common with these...humans?"


    Aquitia, obviously not liking her predicament grunts and squirms, forming her trident in her hand.. "Says.. you!"

    Lea meanwhile, arises from the bed of leaves which quickly fades away as soon as she is up. She looks to Amphibius and wavers for a second.. "....."

    "Lea, don't listen to them!" Aquitia screams out, forming a globe of water in her free hand and slamming it up against Barbarus's face!


    The water globe splashes against Barbarus' face and he immediately relases Aquitia. "Arrgh, damn it!" More surprised than anything, he steps to the side trying to clear his eyes.

    "If you are not with us..." Amphibius warns Lea. "Then you must be against us."


    "Lea.." Aquitia calls out, running up to Amphibius and holding out her trident at him threateningly. "They're not going to cooperate!"

    Lea, seeming to finally overcome her stunned status nods. "Then I suppose we are against you guys..."


    Amphibius shakes his head. "A pity. Vertigo!" As he calls the white-haired woman's name, her eyes go white and her hair raises. Then the world turns upside down.

    Vertigo creates a field that directly attacks Aquitia and Lea's equilibrium, causing mild discomfort and intense confusion.

    The other woman, Leash, runs forward and leaps into the air delivering a two-footed flying kick to Lea's chest.

    Amphibius takes a swipe at Aquitia with his backhand, looking more to hold her off than actually hit her.


    Caught off-guard with Vertigo's attack, the two heroines look around in confusion!

    Being in the air, Lea isn't as stricken as her companion, but is knocked several yards away as she is struck in her chest! "Augh!!"

    "Lea!" Aquitia calls out, turning to her friend, her attention quickly drawn away as she is slapped across the face! "Eek!" she squeaks, placing a hand to her face and looking to Amphibius angrily. "How.. dare you!"

    The trident in Aquitia's hand begins to glow as she prepares a spell.. meanwhile, Lea instantly springs back into the air, growling. "Oooh.. you're going to pay for that!"


    Leash stomps over to Lea, looking to follow up. She has a wicked smile on her face.

    Amphibius hops back, wary of Aquitia's powers. Vertigo seems to be recharging as zapping both of them seems to have taken its toll on her.

    Barbarus seems to still be reacting badly to the water globe as he's swiping wildly at the air.


    Lea notices Leash coming for her and surfaces, placing her hands on the ground. "I hope you weren't planning on going anywhere.."

    Suddenly, the ground around Leash begins to rumble as several thick, ethereal roots spring from the ground and wrap around the villainess's legs!

    Aquitia meanwhile notices Amphibius jumping back, and glances over to Vertigo who appears to be recovering..

    Seeing this as her chance, she swings her trident in an arc towards the both of them, sending out a large wave with enough power to knock them both over!


    The sudden vegetation stops Leash right in her tracks and she looks around confused.

    Aquitia's wave blasts the fragile Vertigo and she is swept off her feet. Her head hits the ground and she looks to be incapacitated for now.

    Amphibius, on the other hand, leaps right at it and breaks through unaffected. "You are aware that I am a frog, correct?"

    The leader suddenly springs up off the ground positioning himself like a human torpedo looking to spear Aquitia in her stomach.


    Lea smiles, as she then springs back into the air, her wings flittering rapidly..

    And then she zooms over Leash, delivering a swift kick to her face in the process!

    Aquitia meanwhile, bringing her trident in front of her after her last attack sees Amphibius shooting straight for her! "Uh oh..!"

    With only a split-second to react, she quickly taps her trident against the ground as a burst of water propels her into the air, allowing her jump right over Amphibius as she zooms by.

    She lands gracefully on her feet and quickly turns to Amphibius, smiling. "I don't know what frogs are, but you'll have to do better than that to take me down!"


    As Aquitia flies out of the way, Amphibius crashes into Barbarus who had just regained his senses. They hurl insults at each other as they try to get untangled.

    Lea's kick lands nicely, but Leash only smiles as it seems this might be exactly what she wanted. With Lea so close, the woman takes a leash off of her hip and tries to whip it around Lea's neck!


    As Lea hurdles by, she doesn't even notice the leash around her neck..

    ..That painfully snaps her backwards as she flails into the air.. "AACKK! Huugh!!"

    She comes back down to the ground.. safely upon a bed of leaves. She then places both hands to her neck. "Hey! I'm not a doggy!"

    Aquitia turns to look at the other two, who seem to be squabbling now. She smiles, "If only Shyne could see me now.."

    "Okay.. time to blast these fools away!" she says as she begins to spin her trident like a windmill once more.


    As the Savage Land refugee pulls on the leash, Lea feels like she's being split in two, as if her body and spirit are being separated.

    It feels like she's flying without flapping her wings, but then she realizes she's looking down at herself! Somehow, her spirit has escaped her body and it also has a leash around its neck.

    Leash laughs evilly. "Now you know how I got my name!"

    As Aquitia gets ready to finish off Amphibius and Barbarus, there is an obnoxious throat clearing that gets her attention.

    Trident at the ready, Aquitia turns to see the zombified workers accompanied by a skinny man in robes, twirling a flute.



    "Egh..." Lea puts her hands on the leash, trying to pull it off.. when suddenly she feels very strange.. "Ahhh..AHHH!!"

    Her body arcs upward as she sees something similar to herself rise into the air.. and the bed of leaves underneath her vanishes, allowing her small body to come into contact with the pavement.

    She gazes up at her own spirit and cries out in alarm! "H-How did you do that?! G-give it back to me!!" She reaches towards her own spirit, her wings propelling her off the ground.

    Aquitia meanwhile, continues to build up power, when she suddenly hears something behind her.. "Huh..?"

    She turns to see a man with a ragged appearance surrounded by dozens of workers.. who appear to be in some sort of odd state..

    The sight unnerves her so much that she turns to face the man with a gasp, cancelling her attack and holding her trident at her side as she looks upon the workers. "...What's going on here?!"


    As Lea's spirit seems to get further and further away, she also seems to lose sense of who she is...what she's doing...and instead of her own voice, she can hear Leash's inside her head. "Hello pretty, hello...what an incredible spirit you have...mind if I borrow it?"

    Lea's conscience is still active so she is fully aware of what is happening, but it suddenly feels like her body is moving with a mind of its own.

    The hooded man takes out a knife and holds it to the throat of one of the zombified workers. "I'm a little late to the party, but I noticed that someone cut off my music and I just had to see for myself." There doesn't seem to be any music going on around the park anymore and the sound of wild animals has died down considerably.

    "Now please, everyone who isn't from the Savage Land hold still for a moment or I cut this man's throat."


    Lea continues to struggle to reach her spirit.. but soon, she feels her own commands over her own body.. leaving her.

    She begins to panic in her mind as to what's happening... but she then hears Leash's voice speak to her.. 'What!? How are you severing my spirit?! Give it back to me RIGHT NOW!' she thinks.

    Aquitia watches the man grab for one of he workers, holding a kife to their throat. She wants to go and help, but knows any attempt would be futile..

    She holds still and clenches her free fist.. thinking to herself, 'Please don't hurt him.. please..'


    "Excellent timing, Piper," Amphibius says, leaping over to his colleague. "But it sounds like the animals are going free without your wafting melodies controlling them. You had orders." The human frog slaps Piper across the face. "Back to the station immediately! We have to try to salvage this before more of these superpowered clods show up!"

    Wounded, Piper gives the knife over to Amphibius before jogging away.

    "Now then, where were we." The Savage Land leader holds the knife to a hostage's throat again. "Obviously, we don't want to hurt you...especially precious Lea here, but since she seems to be under control...well, what are we to do with you, miss...Aquitia, is it?"


    Aquitia looks upon Amphibius with an angry stare, and when she overhears that Lea is under his control..

    "What?" She says as she turns to Lea, seeing the fairy ensnared by one of Leash's collars, her body seeming a little.. darker. "L-Lea, No!"

    "What have you done to her?" Aquitia yells out, turning back to the frog-man.


    Amphibius raises his hand innocently. "Cease your outrage. Your friend is fine. Leash might not be the most gentle handler, but we have no reason to harm your friend. As you can see, I'm quite taken with her. As for you...well, there must be some repercussions for your interference."

    Before Aquitia can react, she feels all four of Barbarus' arms come down on her from behind, impacting against her head, neck and back. It is a ferocious blow!

    "I'm not a cruel mistress." As Leash says this, Lea can feel herself regain control over her thoughts and her face... but not her body. "Go ahead, tell us how you feel."


    As the frog-man goes on about his infatuation for Aquitia's closest companion and friend, only anger fills her mind, for someone who is normally very calm and collected.. it's a terrible feeling.

    But then again, it's probably not as bad as the blow she receives shortly after Amphibius is done speaking.. At once, she feels impacts up and down her upper body, screaming in alarm! "YAAAHH!"

    Aquitia's body flips several times in the air, sliding across the ground once she lands, stopping only a few feet away from Amphibius. Her trident is sent spiraling several yards from her, landing on the ground and sticking in the pavement.

    The Atlantian shakes, the impact of the blow and landing having rocked her body and senses. Her lack of armor and clothing forces her body to be instantly covered with many scratches. She slowly posts herself up on her arms, raising a hand to rub the back of her neck.


    As she rubs her neck, she feels both of her arms grabbed by Barbarus who lifts her up in the air. With his back to her, he lays her across him and takes her ankles with his third and fourth arms.

    (something like this: http://i1157.photobucket.com/albums/p583/NunyaBizness5/Ryonarium/image00026.png)

    Locking her legs between her legs against his body and pulling her arms over his shoulders, Barbarus starts to stretch Aquitia in a human rack.

    Leash playfully runs her fingers under Lea's chin. "What do you think, sweetie? You want the next ride?"


    "Aquitia!" Lea calls out, having finally gained some control over her body.. as minimal as it is..

    "I.." She tries to move, but nothing responds. As Leash runs her hands under her chin, Lea whines in protest.. "No..what.. have you done to me?!"

    More horror overcomes the fairy as she can hear her friend crying in pain..

    As soon as her body is seized, the blue-haired sorceress gasps, feeling herself lifted into the air! "Nngh.. let go!"

    She feels herself become locked up against his back, and shakes her head, trying to get free.. but his grip is extremely powerful, and she can hardly move.

    As she is then stretched out, she feels pain that she's never experienced before.. and her screams fill the immediate area.

    "Stop.. stop doing this!" Lea cries out. "STOP HURTING MY FRIEND!"


    Barbarus leans forward more and with every degree that he does, waves of pain run through Aquitia's body.

    "Make me look stupid, girlie. This is how we treat you super types in the Savage Land." He leans forward as much as he can, pushing the ligaments in Aquitia's knee and the muscles in her neck and back to the limit.


    "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!" she cries out, tears flying every which way. "PLEEEASE STOOPP!!"

    Every muscle, every fiber.. stretched.. "EEEAAAHHHH!!!"

    Lea can only watch in horror as her friend is being torn apart. "No.... A.. Aquitia... AQUITIA!!"

    "AAAAAAAAAGGHH!!!" Was she going to be ripped apart?


    Amphibius raises a hand. "Enough, Barbarus! I can't stand to see my future bride in such anguish. I believe her friend has had enough."

    Barbarus reluctantly lets go and he takes his time with it. When he's satisfied, he lets go and dumps Aquitia off of his back, flipping her onto her stomach. "Lucky."

    "And Lea...if Leash allows you to have your spirit back, do you promise to come back to my lair? See what I have to offer you and perhaps you will understand our actions."

    Leash looks at Amphibius warily. "Amphibius? Really? Ugh...so what's it gonna be, squirt?"


    Foomp. Aquitia hits the ground in a cloud of dust.

    Panting heavily, she only feels pain. her entire frail body lies still and limp, having given out early into the four-armed beast's attack.

    Lea can only watch in horror as she feels tears start to form in her eyes, shutting them tightly. "..."

    Hearing Amphibius speak to her Lea begins to run his proposal in her mind.. if she refused, they might kill her friend.. but if she accepts..

    "I..." she looks down as her tears streak down her face. "I accept.. but only if you stop harming these civilians.. and you must let my friend go!"

    She looks into Amphibius's eyes with a rare degree of determination for her. "I'll do anything you want.. just please stop this.."

    Hearing her friend give herself up, Aquitia budges, lifting her head up slightly, one of the few areas of her body that hadn't given out yet. "Lea.. n-noo.."


    "Shut it!" Barbarus yells, taking Aquitia by the hair and stuffing her face into the dirt.

    Amphibius drops the knife and claps excitedly. "Hee hee, delightful!"

    Leash shuts off her power, allowing Lea full control of her body. However, the leash is still around her neck. "I see one blade of grass move and I'm sucking your spirit again, got it?"


    Aquitia whimpers pathetically as her face is pressed into the dirt.. "MMphh!!"

    Lea gasps.. but seeing that the frog-man was willing to agree to her terms, she only looks down in defeat. She feels control returned to her body and her wings give a delightful flap.. oblivious to its owner's emotion.

    "Okay.. you have me.. now return those people to normal, and get your filthy foot off of Aquitia!"


    "Fine!" Amphibius says. "But since your friend has not been as cooperative, we might have to be a bit more rough with her transportation."

    At his command, Barbarus picks Aquitia up and elevates her off the ground in a full nelson. He uses his extra arms to hold on to her ankles. It's not a painful position, but it is extremely humiliating as she is spread out nicely for all to see.

    Leash walks up and pokes at Aquitia's chest with her finger. "Not bad."

    Amphibius checks on Vertigo who seems to have recovered and they start to walk away. Leash and Barbarus follow with the heroines in tow.


    Lea growls, stepping forward.. "Wait.. what are you doing?! Let her go!"

    Quickly seeing that she isn't in a position to bargain, she droops her head again..

    Aquitia can do little but whimper and continue crying as she is spread as such. Her father had warned her about going to the surface... she wished she had obeyed his word.

    As her breast is poked, her cheeks redden.. just a little.

    Lea meanwhile can only look away, not being able to bear seeing her friend humiliated as such.


    After travelling a short distance, Amphibius lead the group down through a secret passage. Once inside, it was nearly pitch black but somehow they were able to make it through with ease. Aquitia and Lea wondered if this was due to some heightened senses or perhaps Amphibius just memorized the path.

    Their eyes didn't even get a chance to adjust to the darkness before they were flooded with blinding torchlight.

    When their vision cleared, Aquitia and Lea saw an elaborate underground cavern. There looked to be a small common area surrounded by separate rooms that had been dug out and multiple passageways. It was impressive, to say the least.

    "Welcome to New Savlandia...it's a working title." Amphibius said sheepishly.

    Barbarus finally let Aquitia go so she could walk on her own. He gave her a hard shove to the back, putting her next to her friend.

    "Any questions, my honoured guests?" Amphibius said, bowing.


    "Nnf.." Aquitia whimpered as she was pushed into Lea, the latter quickly moving to help support her friend.

    As the two of them got an eyeful of the underground cavern, they began to wonder just how these people were able to do this.. and right by the city no less!

    As Amphibius asked them if they had any questions, Lea looked to her companion, who was still hurting and sore. "Yes.. I do have a question. Why did you bring Aquitia down here? I told you to leave her out of this.. you have me."

    Aquitia couldn't help but feel humbled a bit.. she had never seen Lea act this bravely before... it kind of made her feel bad for being so weak-willed in comparison. "L-lea.." she said, looking up at her friend. "It's okay.. I'd rather be here.. than have you.. a-alone.. down here.."

    Lea looked to Aquitia, frowning. "But.."


    "Exactly! That's the most sense she's made all day. I couldn't have you alone without any friends, my sweet." Amphibius was pouring on the charm.

    "I'm sure you would learn to get along with my fellow Savage Land mutates, but I can tell you're attached to this one. She will make an excellent chambermaid."

    "Besides," he said, sounding somewhat less kind. "I know Worm would love to meet her."

    Amphibius took Lea by the hand again, and signalled for Leash and Vertigo to follow him. Two strong looking men, dressed similarly to Barbarus came up to escort him and Aquitia.

    Amphibius continued, "Do make yourselves comfortable and don't try anything foolish. Let's make the best of our time here, yes?"


    Since Atlantians at their core were simply amphibious humans, Aquitia could not quite understand what Lea saw in this creature..

    Because Lea saw past the creature's horrid physical appearance and felt interested in what he was offering.

    Lea allowed the creature to take her hand, giving little objection.

    Aquitia meanwhile, was looking forward to a less promising fate. She reluctantly followed the two guards, limping just a little as she did so.. and wondering what exactly a 'chambermaid' and who this 'Worm' was..

    Though Lea and Aquitia worried for each other, they had little choice but to obey for now. And Lea could always.. use her secret ability.. if she desperately needed to.

    (RP was continued a few weeks later at this point)


    When last we left our heroines, they had been brought to the underground kingdom of the former Savage Land Mutates.

    Choosing to follow willingly to avoid further conflict that could potentially endanger property and civilians, Aquitia and Lea find themselves the guests of Amphibius and his cohorts. Lea, in particular, seems to have drawn the attention of the Mutate leader.

    Separated from her friend, we focus now on Aquitia, who is currently being forced to endure a terrible...massage?

    Amphibius had ordered a pair of servants to look after Aquitia and they were currently working on her aching muscles with outstanding precision and care. The earlier battle with Barbarus seemed far away now and she was now very, very comfortable.

    As one of the attendants rapidly chopped along her back, she asked "Anything else we can do for you, mistress?"


    Aquitia had been mentally preparing herself for the possible hardships she was going to have to endure ever since she was taken hostage.. but now?

    She had her reservations still, she wasn't completely sure if she should let her guard down here or not. There was no doubt however, that the massage she was being given felt glorious.

    Her muscles relaxed, and her excitement starting to boil down she looked towards the attendant, blinking. It was as if she was back home under the ocean, being tended to by her royal servants..

    "Um.." she said, her ruby eyes looking over the attendant curiously. "can you.. answer some questions?"


    The two female attendants looked at each other nervously. They shared some silent exchange and one of them started to shake their head.

    "We...we shouldn't." Despite that response, they had also been ordered to look after their guest. "But, if you must..."


    Aquitia looked them plain in the eye, her expression unchanging.. she didn't want to show any signs of faltering here.

    "..What do you.. or they.. plan to do with me?"


    From Aquitia's majestic looks and the way she carries herself, the attendants are vaguely aware of her royal upbringing. They are compelled to answer.

    "I don't know much, mistress. You are a guest of Amphibius, that is all we know."

    "I think you will be the maid of honour at the wedding!" the younger looking one said, eagerly.

    The elder slapped the younger on the wrist. "You speak out of turn, Rasheen! Pay no mind to my sister...she is known to spread rumours."


    "Wedding.." Aquitia said to herself aloud, her expression turning to one of horror. "Oh.. oh no.."

    Still a tiny bit sore, she began to lift herself from the table, turning to the attendants. "W-when is it set to start?"


    The attendants jump back as Aquitia gets up, startled. "Mistress, have we displeased you?" says the younger.

    The elder composes herself quickly. "You need not alarm yourself, for it will surely not be for another day or two. Lord Amphibius and his chief advisor, Worm, would like to inspect and interview her first. Smitten though our Lord may be, it is still unclear whether she is a worthy bride."


    Aquitia's eyebrows furrowed. "I..."

    She gulped.. the realization of what was happening settling in roughly.

    "..I can't allow this to happen.. bring me to Amphibius at once!" she demanded, her royal voice showing as desparation settled in!


    The attendants looked at each other nervously, unsure of what to do. The elder nodded to the younger, then looked back to Aquitia. "Follow me, please."

    Passing through some hastily arranged curtains, Aquitia and the attendants emerge from the massage parlor onto a cliffside. From here, the Atlantean gets another breathtaking view of the city.

    There appears to be at least forty or fifty people living here. There are canals and workers appear to be mining and digging. It isn't glamorous, but somehow they've managed to scrape together a meagre community.

    After a short walk, the attendants lead Aquitia through another curtained doorway. Inside this room there is furniture that must have been taken from above ground.


    At first, it seemed like Aquitia had stepped in a puddle, but the substance is too sticky to be water. It also turns out to be a trail, leading across the room to a hooded figure sitting behind a desk.

    "Ferra!" the hooded figure called out, addressing the elder. "What is the meaning of this interruption?"

    Despite the earlier request, Amphibius and Lea are nowhere to be found.


    As Aquitia is led inside, her mind begins to wander.. just when and how did these people build such a city.. and how had they gone undetected?

    After all, it hadn't been too long since her own people had made communication with the surface world.. well, just her at least anyway. She didn't think the normal world was ready to hear about her and her people.

    As her boot set foot in the sticky puddly, she lifted it with a small gasp. "Eh.." she said, examining the sticky substance..

    Unsure of what manner of creature she was going to be dealing with, she cleared her throat, allowing her voice to become more direct. "I asked them to bring me to see the one who I presume is your leader, Amphibius!" she exclaimed. "I must speak with him."


    "Aquitia...yes, Amphibius warned me about you." As the hooded figure spoke, his head rose and his features became more clear. He had a very wide, almost cartoonish face and his skin was dark gray.

    "Just know that your friend is not in any danger. Quite the opposite in fact. Lord Amphibius is probably showering her with affection as we speak."

    He motioned towards a chair near his desk. "Please, have a seat. Let's talk more about you, shall we?"

    "I promise I will take you to your friend right after our little chat."


    Aquitia eyed the creature with both curiosity and disgust.. as much as she didn't like to gaze upon some of these folk, she had to remember that as the heiress to the Kingdom of Atlantis, and as an unofficial representative of her people.. she had to treat each of these individuals with respect.. lest she make a bad impression.

    Seeking to remain on peaceful terms for the moment, she took a seat as the creature asked, her eyes still full of distrust.. and anger.



    When Aquitia sits down, she feels more slime, this time it slips around her clothes and gets on her thighs.

    "Forgive me...I have a condition. Perhaps you can see why I am referred to as 'Worm'."

    Once the slime touches her skin, Aquitia immediately starts to feel light headed. Worm's voice starts to sound distant and it echoes in her head.

    "Now would be a good time to mention that my excretions have a debilitating effect on people. Oops."

    Aquitia's arms and legs suddenly feel heavy.


    "Ngh.." Aquitia can't help but feel grossed out by the slime she sits in, her cheeks turning slightly pink as the substance touches her bare thigh..

    She blinks a few times, hearing Worm but not really.. hearing him. What was happening?

    He mentions debilitating effects, and Aquitia gasps.. but she is slow to react..

    "Youuu.." she says slowly, trying to rise to her feet, but feeling as if there is a great weight upon her "uuuh..."


    Worm smiles, making his face look even wider. "Unfortunately, such a minor dosage might only slow you down and I've been warned about your considerable fighting spirit. Ferra! Rasheen!"

    At Worm's command, the two attendants who had been so kind before flank Aquitia on both sides and take a firm grip of her arms. "Forgive me, mistress." Rasheen says.

    Aquitia is pulled out of the chair and held down on the floor. Normally, she would be more than able to combat these two, whether with her physical talents or her powers but Worm's slime was making it difficult to think.

    Even in her dazed state, she can make out what sounds like something slimy slithering across the ground. As Worm emerges from behind his desk, Aquitia gets a view of his full body...instead of legs, Worm has a long, thick tail.

    He slinks over towards Aquitia. "Let's see if we can't make you more agreeable, yes?"



    Aquitia struggles, but to her dismay she can barely put up a fight.. "I won't... ah.." she moans, her movements sluggish..

    Speaking of slugs, as Worm came into full-view, she nearly let out a yelp at seeing his full, grotesque form.

    As he offers to make her more agreeable, she slowly shakes her head.. "I.. refuse.." she mutters.. and suddenly, her right hand begins to give off a strange pulse.

    The spell she normally casts is instantaneous... but her trident-summoning spell was much slower now due to her weakened state.


    "Ah ah ah...I've dealt with enough heroines in my day to know when she's up to something..." Despite having no legs and not being particularly big, Worm is able to traverse the ground with surprising quickness.

    He is able to make it to Aquitia's side. "Hold her still, Rasheen!" Worm presses his right hand against Aquitia's arm and she can feel dozens of suction cups along his palm and fingers. As they attach to her skin, he starts to pump more of his slime into her veins.

    "Stop your fighting. Please." His command is nearly impossible to resist.

    (end of part 1)
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    "Nhhya.." she whimpers, her will starting to falter.. her hand begins to stop pulsing..

    'No, fight it!' she tells herself.. 'YOU HAVE TO FIGHT IT! YOU CAN'T...GIVE in..'

    Very soon, even her own thoughts start to turn against her.. and the energy leaves her hand, it falling limply to her side.

    Very soon, Aquitia's body relaxes once more as her attempts to resist finally die down.


    Even though Aquitia was weakening, Worm still didn't feel safe. He could sense great power in this one and he had to make sure. "Hold her mouth open," he ordered.

    Worm coiled up making himself as tall as he could, taking a moment to admire the beauty of the Atlantean princess. Then he slowly brought himself down on top of her, his tail oozing across her belly, coating it with more slime.

    The attendents held Aquitia's head, forcing her to open her mouth and look up into Worm's perverted eyes. As Worm's own mouth opened, his saliva began to fall from his lips and down Aquitia's throat...


    As worm made his way towards Aquitia, she was still relatively obedient and becoming more so by the second..

    However, as he laid himself on top of her, she suddenly felt his slime cover her belly.. and the feeling began to rock her senses once more.

    It was hard to tell if Aquitia was simply stronger than the average human, or if her own will was finding a way to work through this creature's hold over her. The attendants moved to hold her head and force her mouth open.. and she saw Worm move closer, opening his mouth..

    Her distress and screams were only mental as she felt the strange subtsance slick into her throat. It was so disgusting.. she didn't think she'd ever have to endure something as grotesque as this.. but here she was.

    Tears began to form at the corners of her eyelids and a weak whimper escaped her throat.


    Aquitia's mighty will worked against her in this situation. Perhaps if Worm's control was more absolute, she wouldn't have been forced to endure such direct exposure to Worm's substances. As it was, the slime covering her body and now lining the inside of her throat were more than enough to finally allow Worm to issue some orders.

    "Okay, release her. But be prepared to assist me again." The two attendants slowly took their hands off of Aquitia, afraid that she would shoot up at any moment.

    "Never has anyone resisted my powers to this degree...impressive. Now...rise, Aquitia." Worm and the attendents moved away from the heroine, waiting to see if she would follow the order.


    The embarrassment and horror Aquitia felt did not last long. Soon, her will was completely overpowered by Worm's own and the only feeling she felt now.. was obedience.

    Her powerful ruby eyes were now faded and looked pinkish. Her pupils had mysteriously vanished as well. Whether this was a side-affect of Worm's control or her own unique genetic makeup reacting to the effect, was unknown..

    But it could not be disputed that she no longer resisted the will of the creature who commanded her. She got to her feet slowly, looking somewhat like a zombie as she did so, her movements nearly mechanical.


    "Wonderful," Worm said, tapping his fingers together in sinister fashion. "Now, while Lord Amphibius is preparing your friend I suppose I will save him time and appraise the potential maid of honour."

    Worm's words were clear in Aquitia's head and though she understood what was going on, that was the limit of her consciousness.

    The vile creature put his belly to the ground and began to move in a circle around Aquitia. He gradually began to wrap himself around her body, his leathery tail running up her leg...then her thigh...then her waist...

    He tightened up just enough so that he could prop himself up behind her, like a living backpack. Aquitia could feel his breathe against her back and neck. His hands reached around and he grabbed handful of her breasts.


    Aquitia made no effort to resist.. her only response was that the feeling of the slime slithering around her body made her shiver a little, and as he grabbed her breasts, she blushed slightly.

    She turned her head around as if to face him, not aware enough to resist but simply.. curious.


    Worm gave a soft squeeze, not enough to cause discomfort, but more than enough to thrill him. The end of his tail wagged excitedly as he felt up Aquitia. "Yes...it seems you'll do just fine, my dear. Just fine. You are of good stock."

    As Aquitia turned to face him, he was surprised that she could muster up any independent movement. "But that attitude..we'll have to do something about that." He released her chest and looked into her face, admiring her exquisite features. "Ah, I know just the person to help."

    Without warning, Worm slapped one of his suction capped hands over Aquitia's mouth and nose. Immediately, she could feel his fluid filling up her mouth and nostrils.

    Instead of choking, Aquitia began to feel extremely sleepy...


    Aquitia only let out a yelp of surprise as his hand slapped over Aquitia's mouth. As he did so, she did not so much as flinch as he filled her openings.. and soon, drowsiness set in.

    Her mind devoid of any independent thought, sleep came quickly.



    Lea could only look on as Amphibius hopped about his living quarters, various flowers gathered in his hand.

    "Hmm...maybe these ones? Or these? This one would go with your eyes..." What Amphibius called "flowers" looked to be a handful of nearly dead plants. Clearly, growing things underground wasn't something they had mastered yet.

    He landed in front of Lea, raising his limp bouquet towards her. "What do you think? Worthy of a queen?"


    Lea examined the limp and dying flowers in the hands of the froglike man. Raising a brow she blinked a few times. "They're um.. well.."

    She reached over and placed a finger on the limp bouquet. A small green swirl started to envelop the flowers as they suddenly started springing up as water filled their dry and choked stems, vibrancy and color began to return to their form.

    Petals grew out and happily bloomed, and soon the bouquet Amphibius was holding was indeed beautiful and fragrant!

    "There..?" she said shyly.


    Amphibius' eyes nearly bulged out of his head as the flowers came to life. "Why you...you...you are even more magnificent than I thought!"

    Barely able to contain himself, the mutate leader did a backflip before leaping around the room some more, nearly knocking over several objects.

    "Happy day, happy day!" he said, clapping his hands together, creating a wet, smacking sound.

    "Lea...you must be tired, please lie down and rest for a moment while I make some more preparations. I shall be back shortly." Taking Lea's hand again, he gently nestled his face against it. "Every moment away from you will be agony."

    At that, he jogged out of the room, leaving Lea alone.


    Lea sighed to herself, a bit grateful for being alone. Truly, it was love that motivated this creature, she could feel it now. She only hoped she could work his obsession with her in her favor..

    Sitting down, she began to wonder how her friend was doing.. and if she was in any danger. She had been able to trust Amphibius when it came to herself, but she worried for Aquitia's safety.

    At any moment, she could escape this place and send for help.. she had the power to cross through reality by phasing through dimensions.. however, the thought of abandoning Aquitia here to her fate even if it was temporary was daunting. She couldn't bring herself to do it.

    Instead, she decided she would try to gain their favor more.. that way she could hopefully work out some sort of resolution to all of this.


    As Lea sat down on the bed, she noticed it wasn't soft, but...squishy. It was almost like sitting on a waterbed (not that she knew what those were), but with a lot more movement. Though unfamiliar, it did look comfortable,


    "Oh.." she said softly as she nestled in. "Feels like a sylvana droplet.." she said, smiling and getting comfortable. "I didn't think they had those in this plane.."

    "...And here i am getting comfortable.. when Aquitia.." she said to herself, sitting up.


    As Lea contemplated whether or not she should get comfortable, the bed began to rock gently. There was no doubt about it, this thing was alive!

    From the sides of the bed, two tentacles shot out and attached themselves to Lea's wrists! They weren't hurting her, but they were more than enough to restrict her movement.


    "Yaah!" she cried out, feeling something suddenly grab her wrists!

    She tried to move, but they were tight against her. "What is this?" she mused, not feeling very imperiled just yet.

    She tapped the object with her foot and said, "Are you alive? can you understand me?"


    The bed makes an unintelligible noise, responding to but not necessarily understanding Lea. Reacting to her foot tap, another tentacle shoots up and takes a hold of her ankle!


    "Uh.." she whimpers, a little bit of fear setting in. But by now, she could sense whatever this thing was, it could probably at least respond to her actions.

    "I'm sorry.." she said, using her spirit energy to try and speak to the bed in several variations of language. "Have I angered you? Did I hurt you?"

    She only hoped whatever it was wasn't hostile..


    Lea's attempts to communicate seem to have calmed the creature. It couldn't understand her words, but her tone and demeanor caused the bed to start to loosen it's grip...

    "Ah! Stupid me, I almost forgot..." Amphibius came marching back into the room and gasped at the sight of Lea entangled. "Oh no! My surprise!"

    As Amphibius approached, the bed seemed to tense up again, tightening its grip on Lea. A fourth tentacle shot up and grabbed her remaining ankle.

    "Lea! I'm sorry about this, I didn't think the creature would be so sensitive! This was supposed to be a surprise for our wedding night!"


    "Ahh!" Lea shrieked as the bed tightened and finally had a hold over her limbs. "H-how so you stop it?" Lea asked, while in the back of her mind thinking to herself, 'So this is what it feel like when I entangle people.. huh.'

    As before, she made no movement to struggle... but the tighter it got, the more she wanted to.


    "Ah...ah...I'm not really sure, my dear. Perhaps..." The look on Amphibius' face changed from worried to mischievous.

    He hopped on to the bed, landing next to Lea. The bed didn't seem to react to him for whatever reason.

    "I know it's bad form to engage in such frivolities before we are wed, but since we are here and..." he trailed off, unable to take his eyes off of Lea's enchanting form, laying across his bed.


    "Am.." she said, her cheeks suddenly flushing. "What?! No, you can't be serious!"

    "Ngh.." she now struggled to get out, sensing that he wouldn't listen to her.


    Unfortunately, Lea's struggles only made the tentacles increase the pressure on her arms and legs.

    Amphibius rubbed his hands together in anticipation. "I...no...but...just, just a taste..."

    His long tongue uncoiled and fell out of his mouth, landing on Lea's boots. He began to run it up and down her leg, making a sickening slurrping sound.


    "Uhh.." she moaned, feeling the tentacles tighten.. but she was too distracted to try and communicate with the bed now..

    Especially when she felt Amphibius's tongue wrap around her boot, and move its way up her leg. The feeling was unsettling, making her shiver! "Amphibius... n-no! You mustn't!" she protested. Her wings started flapping urgently, rapidly slapping the bed as they did so.


    Another tentacle came up around her waist, painfully strapping her wings to her body. Amphibius looked unconcerned, lost in his lust.

    Unravelling his tongue, he brought it down again on the upper thigh, close to Lea's crotch this time.

    "I muthn't...I thouldn't..."

    The mutate master hesitated, but could not hold back a second longer. His tongue moved between Lea's legs and he began licking like a cat at a bowl of water.


    "Ehhhh ahhh..." she moaned, feeling his slippery tongue rub against her leg over and over... She closed her eyes and shut them tightly, attempting to ignore the feeling..

    Suddenly, she felt another tentacle wrap around her waist, painfully folding her wings. Her mixed moans of stress and pleasure turned into a single scream of pain!

    "Please..!" she begged, feeling his tongue move up towards her crotch, her face turning red as she felt the licking become more sensitive.. "Amphibius..." her breaths started to become shorter, in no small part due to her being so constrained!


    Amphibius was lost in pleasure. He felt he could no longer wait until the wedding day. He paused to look into the face of his beloved, anxious to see the look of ecstacy in her eyes...but all he saw was fear.

    Snapping back to his senses, Amphibius became very aware that the bed was starting to crush the life out of his potential bride and he rolled his tongue back into his mouth.

    "Stupid beast! Ruining our amorous moment! Fah!" Leaping away, he began to search through some drawers. "Where did I put that blasted device!"

    All the activity caused the creature to become panicked and it threw another tentacle around Lea's throat, strangling her!


    "Ahh.." she groaned, feeling the breath starting to leave her lungs. Oh, how she wished she could just phase and leave this wretched creature... but at the back of her mind, her devotion to her friends prevailed..

    And so she laid there, allowing the bed to crush her more. Weakly, she tried communicating with it again.. "Please.. stop.. you're crushing me.."

    Lea was by no means physically imposing, nor physically powerful. She wasn't sure how much longer her tiny body could endure this.


    Finally, Amphibius seemed to find what he was looking for. A short metal rod. "Ah ha!"

    He looked like a fencer as he jabbed the item into the side of the bed, producing an electric shock that immediately caused the tentacles to retract.

    Lea was free! However, the electric attack also affected Lea as she experienced a brief, but stunning jolt.


    "AAHHH!" she screamed, as that single jolt finally freed her... her body stiffened up to its effects very briefly, before her muscles relaxed once more and she laid sprawled on the living bed..

    She was panting, her chest heaving as tiny breaths came in and out of her lungs.. and her wings looked pretty messed up from being crushed. Lea herself also looked pretty bent out of shape, both figuratively and literally!

    She closed her eyes as she did her best to relax.. and let the pain go away.


    Amphibius removed Lea from the bed and laid her down on the floor gently. "Oh no oh no oh no!" Showing genuine remorse, Amphibius took her arm in his hand and started to shower it with kisses.

    "I'm so sorry! Despite my extraordinary power and influence, I am clumsy when it comes to these matters. Do forgive me, Lea!"


    Lea winces as he takes her arm, still feeling sore from the shock and being pulled on.. but the pain is only minor and she looks into the frog-man's eyes, sensing genuine regret in his voice.

    Despite what he had done, she knew it was only him giving in to his own inhibitions... and she could not find it in her heart to be angry with him. Nor could she afford to with her life and her friend's life on the line.

    "Y..yes..' she said weakly, feeling strength come back to her slowly. "..P-perhaps we can save it for the.. honeymoon.."


    At the word "honeymoon", Amphibius lights up. "So...you'll marry me, then?"


    Lea looked to Amphibius, hoping he wouldn't have asked that question.. "..."

    She blinked.. and after a few more seconds of silence, she said weakly and very quietly.. "Yes.."


    When Aquitia regained her senses, what she saw didn't make much sense. She was floating in the air, staring down at her own body. It didn't take her long to put two and two together though. She had seen the one known as "Leash" using her powers on her friend back at the zoo.

    Leash was able to separate one's spirit from their corporeal bodies. It was another form of mind control, something these mutates seemed to be big fans of.

    While her body stood still as a statue, Aquitia's spirit had some mobility, though it seemed to be "tethered" to her physical form.

    Leash stood in front of a table, her back to Aquitia. "I can sense that you're awakening. Good. Worm told me that you were a strong one. He said his excretions weren't having their usual effect...that maybe you needed to be broken down a bit first."


    As she came to, Aquitia felt none of the lingering drowsiness or lack of awareness that accompanied waking up.. she felt simply.. awake.

    It didn't take her long to realize what was going on, and she saw her own body below her, as well as one of the women from before!

    "Ahh!" she screamed, moving closer to her body. "W-what have you done to me?!"


    It seems like there is an invisible barrier between Aquitia's spirit and her body, preventing her from returning. There is a leash around her neck and a matching one around her spirit form. When Leash gives a quick tug on the material leash, it was felt by the spirit as well.

    "You should enjoy this separation...few get to experience their spirit in its most pure form, separated from the weakness and needs of the body. Besides..." Leash turned around, holding a scalpel. "The spirit is so much more resistant."


    "Hckk.." Aquitia chokes as she is tugged suddenly, looking to Leash in fear.

    Aquitia suddenly felt very vulnerable as she saw the woman hold up a scalpel. "....."

    "What.. what are you going to do?" she asked.. thinking if she really wanted to know the answer or not.


    "Worm has told me that I've been using my powers in such a limited way." Leash spoke while walking over to Aquitia. "That if I could interact with the spirits of others...why limit it to control?"

    Leash pressed the flat of the scalpel against Aquitia's tummy and she could feel it in her spirit as well. "He told me to consider...punishment."

    Turning the blade slightly, she pressed the sharp edge against Aquitia's skin. It didn't even draw blood, but to her spirit it felt like the blade was stabbing in to her mid-section.


    Aquitia gasped as she pressed the scalpel to her still body. "No, don't!" she yelped, holding her hands out- she was afraid of what this woman was going to do to her body..

    When suddenly, she felt the blade even in spirit form! She froze up and drew her hands back, peering at her belly..

    As the sharp edge was drawn against her, Aquitia placed her hands on her belly.. "Please.. n-aaghhh!!" she screamed as she felt something stab her.. she grabbed her stomach and looked to her physical body, fearing for its safety.

    Needless to say, she had never felt so scared in her life.


    "Oh, don't worry. I've been asked not to damage this...delicate body of yours. We don't want to do anything that will make our 'queen' angry." Leash spit as she mentioned Lea.

    "But still, you need to be taught a lesson and you'll find my unique talents to be perfect for this job."

    Leash turned the blade more, digging the blade deeper into Aquitia. The Atlantean's skin was tough to penetrate, which suited Leash just fine. She closed her eyes and concentrated on slicing Aquitia's spiritual body.


    "A.. lesson.." she mouthed before more pain started to set in. "Errgh!"

    As she floated, weightless, Aquitia began to curl up, holding her stomach. The pain felt very real.. and it seemed as if she was being sliced apart. Her eyes shut tightly and she could feel tears beginning to form up.

    She hissed in a breath as she felt more sharp pain... but her fear was slowly giving in to anger. "I won't let you.. take her from me.." she said defiantly, doing her best to stay strong.


    Aquitia's defiance makes Leash laugh, causing her to drop her scalpel. The pain dissipates immediately.

    "That is truly, truly touching." Leash says, mockingly. "Of course we won't take her from you. Hell, if Worm has his way, you'll probably join her. Maybe you jokers can go on a double date! Ugh."

    Leash walks over to the table and comes back with a handful of pins. "Now, let's see here."

    Maneuvering herself behind Aquitia, she sticks a pin in her lower back and it feels like her spirit is on fire!


    "....." At first Aquitia, is about to respond to the woman, the effects of pain starting to go away..

    When suddenly, she feels something that she has never experienced before... intense heat begins to spring up on all sides of her being!

    It instantly sends her into a panic as she screams aloud, almost as if she was dying on the spot.. her spiritual form begins to twist and contort in different directions.

    There is no correlation to her movements.. only the primal urge to get away from something her people hadn't dealt with in millenia. "AHHH! AHHHHHH!!!"


    Leash shields her eyes as Aquitia's spirit starts to flicker with her frantic movements. "Wow! Like a bug in a zapper!"

    She looks at the other pins in her hand and contemplates jabbing them all in, but seeing how effective just one was, she changes her mind. "I was told to break your spirit...not disintegrate it." Once again, as soon as the object is removes the pain goes away instantly.

    Leash goes back to the table and returns holding what looks to be some sort of metal clamp. She looks at your chest and scratches her chin. "Hmm...I wonder what this will do to ya."


    "Yaaahh!!" she yelps as the pain leaves her body, leaving her spirit a fumbled mess..

    Aquitia opens her eyes slowly and turns to look at Leash.. seeing her with a clamp in her hand..

    Too shocked and scared to speak, Aquitia can only watch from behind her arms which had risen to shield her face. "...."


    "Leash!" You hear worm's voice and through your fingers you see him slither into the room. "It's time!"

    Leash openly pouted. "Awwwww...can I just..." She looked at Worm and opened and closed the clamps playfully.

    "Good to see you experimenting, Leash but...no. Another time, perhaps. Besides, we need her in relatively good shape for the ceremony."

    Leash sighed and then gripped her weapon tightly. The barrier between Aquitia's spirit and her body disappeared and she was now free reincorporate.


    Aquitia made no sudden rush for her body. Slowly lowering her arms from her head, she looked to the two of them before finally deciding to move towards her body.

    Though she felt a little more obedient to them, it wasn't enough to quash her defiant spirit. But that entire experience.. was nothing she wanted to ever go through again.

    She attempted to lay into her body, wondering if the two parts would fuse into one once more.


    Reuniting her body and spirit is like being able to breathe again. None of the pain from her spiritual torment appears to have carried over, though the memory of it is still fresh.

    The other thing Aquitia notices is that she can still feel Worm's fluid in her veins. When he commands her to "follow", the sensation is the same as it was before: she must obey.


    Aquitia does not resist, and simply does as she is told.. though her body has seemingly been fighting against the invasive fluid this entire time.

    Only time would tell how long it would take for it to wear off- but for now, she follows.


    Aquitia is lead towards a large gathering, which starts to part as her and the others approach.

    On an elevated rock, Amphibius sits on a throne with Lea by his side. He stands to address his people.

    "Friends, friends...as I stand before you, with my beautiful bride-to-be, Queen Lea beside me...I am the luckiest frog in the underworld."

    The crowd cheers and a few members can be seen wiping tears from their eyes.

    "To commemorate this momentous occasion, the maid of honour has volunteered to entertain us." As he says this, he gestures towards Aquitia. The crowd turns to look at her and they're noticeably in awe of her beauty.

    Leash leads Aquitia to the centre of the circle before releasing her. Worm's words echo through her head: "Do not attempt to escape."


    As Lea gazes upon Aquitia, she feels a great deal of relief wash over her as she realizes she is still in one piece.. and she instantly turns towards her, wanting to go up and give her friend a hug.. or something.. just something!

    But upon looking at her, she notices something definitely odd... she immediately picks up on her faded eyes and lack of pupils.

    "Aquitia!" Lea calls out, stepping forward..

    The Atlantean herself does not resist what she is asked as she stands still in the circle. However, when her name is called.. she turns her head slightly in the direction of the voice.


    Amphibius clears his throat. "I know how hard it is has been for all of you to establish this glorious kingdom...how much you've sacrificed...your king hears you!"

    The crowd roars.

    "I want to welcome Lea into our family and her companion, Aquitia, I welcome her also!"

    The crowd is more lukewarm to this suggestion.

    "But you have all sacrificed so much...how can I ask any less of our guests. Should they not endure as we have?"

    The crowd roars again.

    "And so...in a symbolic gesture of tribulation and, let us hope, triumph. The lady Aquitia shall entertain us with her combat prowess and in victory, earn acceptance for herself and my bride, Lea."

    The crowd began to cheer lustily, eager for violence.


    Lea looked to Amphibius. Though her reluctance to the marriage idea was apparent before, she definitely quashed any doubts as she turned to face the frog-man.

    "What's happened to her?" she said, temporarily forgetting her place as she quickly turned back and walked towards her friend..


    Amphibius patted Lea's hand. "Eh...nothing, nothing. She must be exhausted from all of the pampering she's experienced...my people have a habit of getting carried away, hee hee."

    The crowd spread out, creating a large circle around Aquitia. The leash was detached and Aquitia was now standing alone. She could see Worm in the audience, glaring at her. "Defend yourself!" He cried out. "No powers!" Aquitia found herself able to move freely, her eyes returning to their normal colour, but she could still feel Worm's influence.

    A bare chested warrior burst from the crowd, brandishing a spear. He ran towards Aquitia, unleashing a bellowing battle cry.


    Aquitia suddenly found herself in control of her body... and it took her a second to regain her composure.

    Unfortunately, she didn't notice the warrior coming right towards her until he was very close... the most she could do was give a look of surprise!


    The warrior leaps into the air aiming to drive his spear right into Aquitia's chest!


    Aquitia comes into the realization finally and throws her body to her side with no regard for injury!


    This warrior doesn't appear to be too skilled as his attack is strong, but wild. His spear ends up stuck in the ground and he starts fighting to pull it out. "Grrrraaaaah!"


    Aquitia hurriedly gets to her feet and assumes a defensive stance. The motions look unlike any fighting style encountered by anyone in the room at least and seems more like some strange ritual than an actual stance as she waves her hands in front of her, bringing them down to her sides.

    Basic combat training was given to her as a child, but as she became older she pursued the magical arts rather than physical training. As such, she wasn't as well-built as her fellow elementers, but she could still put up a decent fight if need-be.

    Still.. it would probably not be enough to combat this foe, but she would try nonetheless. Letting out a war cry of her own, she darted towards the brute and jumped into the air, flipping and landing a kick into his back!


    The distracted warrior is caught completely off-guard and the kick knocks him onto his stomach. Looking frustrated, he turns and charges at Aquitia again, weaponless this time.

    The crowd cheers for the Atlantean heroine, turning in her favour.


    Aquitia lands on her feet gracefully, twirling and raising a leg in the air as bends it, her kneecap pointing at her opponent.

    As he bolts for her, Aquitia smiles. She kneels on her single leg she is standing on and then springs into the air above the brute!

    As he passed under, she would attempt to deliver another kick to the back of his head.


    The crowd is in awe once more, this time at Aquitia's agility. She seems to hang in the air as the dimwitted warrior reaches out and grabs nothing.

    Her second kick lands even cleaner than the first, putting him down again. He's slower to get up this time, but does so and turns to Aquitia again, his knees wobbling.


    As Aquitia uses the back of his neck to spring off and land quite a distance away, she gives the brute time to stand up as she turns to face him once more.

    "I'm not very skilled at fighting.." she says, raising a brow. "so that must mean you're terrible!"

    Watching from a distance, Lea giggles, cheering for her friend. "Woo! Go Aquitia, show them who's boss!"

    Hearing Lea, Aquitia's attention from the battle is distracted as she looks towards her friend, noticing her for the first time since being separated. "..Lea?"


    Amphibius also appears to be cheering, delighted by the action he's seen so far. He points at Aquitia...no, behind Aquitia! "Look out, blue one!"

    The wounded warrior closed the distance and threw a clumsy punch at Aquitia's head.


    Aquitia didn't even realize it as she was distracted- the blow lands cleanly and sends her to the ground almost immediately!

    Her face hits the ground and she raises a hand to the back of her head, dazed..


    "Oh dear," Amphibius says, holding on to Lea's hand tightly.

    Seeing Aquitia on the floor, the warrior seems unaware of how that happened. "Uh? Uh...raaaah!" He turns to face the crowd, who seem somewhat unimpressed with his attack.


    Aquitia slowly gets to her feet, shaking her head. Okay, time to focus again..

    But the blow itself seemed to rattle her senses... and knock some sense back into her as well.

    Realizing now the situation she was in completely, and not just fighting because she was willing herself to, she turned to look at the brute as she assumed another offensive stance. "Come, you will not catch me off-guard again!"

    Lea cringed as her friend was hit, but was happy to see her rise again. She watched intensely, knowing her friend had a great chance in this. "You can do it, Aquitia!"


    The warrior still seems a bit off from getting kicked in the hand and he moves towards Aquitia, unsure of himself.

    He fires off an off-balance high kick, aiming for her chest.


    Aquitia slides under the quick, springing up and delivering a knee into the brute's chin as she launches herself into the air once more!


    Some of the members in the audience had counted Aquitia out, but they were the most excited of all when they saw her perform an athletic attack.

    Her knee connected right on the button and it was lights out for the warrior who was actually taken off of his feet for a second. When he landed on his back, it was clear he wasn't getting up.

    "Good show, good show!" Amphibius clapped. And everyone clapped along with him.


    "Whew.." Aquitia sighed as she knelt down and scooted a portion of her stocking off, rubbing her kneecap. "Mighty thick skull that brute had.."

    "She won! She won!" Lea exclaimed, jumping up and down, and then floating as her wings started flapping to her beat.

    Enjoying the moment for now, Aquitia pulled her stocking back up and waved to the crowd, taking a bow.


    Even Worm seems to be supporting Aquitia. "Prepare yourself!" he yells out, this time more as a warning than a command.

    Amphibius stops clapping long enough to begin his next declaration. "A delightful show, worthy of the mutate kingdom! Aquitia has proven that she is more than worthy...of facing an even greater foe!"

    Aquitia couldn't see it, but she could sense the crowd shifting behind her...and then the sound of loud, heavy footsteps.


    Aquitia looked on from where the sounds were coming from.. she could feel the vibrations in the ground from whatever was coming at her.

    Lea looked on as well, landing back to the ground and trying her best to sense what was coming at her friend..


    The first warrior, though in good shape, looked to be about the size of a normal human. The second warrior was nearly seven feet tall and thickly muscled. He towered over the tiny heroine. One thing she noticed was that he had no visible pupils.

    "Behold!" Amphibius shouted. "Our mightiest warrior. The Blind Barbarian...GAAAAAAAZAAAAA!"

    The crowd began to chant "Gaza! Gaza! Gaza!" Gaza tilted his head back, soaking in the admiration.



    Aquitia backed up a little... this thing was much more imposing than her last opponent..

    She gulped, just taking in the sheer size..

    But no.. this thing probably relied on that fear to do in his enemies!

    She would have to brave.. she would have to be quick!

    And quick she was as she jumped into the air and delivered a kick to his chest, hoping to catch him off-guard as he basked in his glory!


    The kick lands, staggering the giant momentarily. It is almost as if he wanted to get hit...

    He seems acutely aware of Aquitia's presence now and reaches out with lightning quickness, grabbing onto the cloth on her arm!


    "Wha?" Aquitia muttered, startled at this guy's speed..

    But luckily for her, the clothes she wore were enchanted- not by her own magic, but by design.. and the cloth Gaza had grabbed on to quickly turned to water in his hands as Aquitia tore herself from his grasp.

    "Atlantean garments!" she exclaimed, taking a few steps back. "Made of the finest hydrosilk.. they will turn to water at the touch of anyone other than a citizen of our grand kingdom!"

    Lea smiled, nodding to Amphibius. "Yeah, I tried washing her clothes once... there's really no point in it when you think about it!"


    "Fascinating." Amphibius said, his eyes locked on to the combatants.

    As someone who relies on his other senses, Gaza is completely befuddled when the solid garments suddenly turn to liquid. For a moment, he is madly disoriented.


    Aquitia takes this moment to deliver another attack, bounding forth and springing up once more, spinning like a top with her arms stretched out and delivering a chop straight to Gaza's neck!



    The aquatic heroine is successful again and the crowd start to believe that she might actually have a chance here...a sentiment that is quelled when Gaza's reflexes kick in. He unleashes a sweeping forearm down across Aquitia's back.


    "Fuuwaagh!" the blue-haired heroine yelps as she is hammered to the ground..

    But the blow is only a quick pause to her momentum as she flips herself over and springs off her hands to deliver a kangaroo-kick to Gaza's torso!


    Gaza reacts with inhuman speed again, as if he knows what Aquitia will do before she does it. He catches both of her feet with ease and holds on, keeping her flat on her back.

    "I can't watch!" Amphibius says, only partially covering his eyes.

    The blind giant starts to turn in a circle, lifting Aquitia out of the dirt and spinning her around and around and around...


    "Uh oh.." Lea says as she watches the giant anticipate Aquitia's attack. "..."

    Aquitia is just as surprised as she looks towards Gaza, shock on her face.. "What?!"

    And then suddenly, she is spinning around, her arms flopping about helplessly. As she builds in speed, she begins to scream frantically.. "AYYYYYYIIEEE!!!!!!!"


    With every spin, the anticipation grows until Gaza can hold on to Aquitia no longer. He lets go, tossing her in an upwards arc. She goes flying at least a dozen feet before crashing into the dirt in a heap.


    By the time she is launched into the air, her voice had given out..

    Lea watched in horror as Aquitia reached the apex of her upward climb.. her nails in her mouth.

    Everything seemed to be in slow motion as Aquitia hung in the air for just a split-second..

    And then she could feel herself falling back down, clawing upwards at the air as she fell...

    WHAM! The impact was enough to crack bone as she rolled around, her mouth wide-open in pain but no noise coming out.


    "She's a toughie!" Leash called out. "Don't ease up on her, Gaza!"

    Nodding his head, Gaza stalked over to the fallen heroine and pulled her up by her blue hair. Despite being blind, he still seemed to be appraising her somehow as he looked down on her. Then he thrust his face forward, levelling her with a headbutt.


    "Ahhhh!" she cried out, sound finally returning to her voice as she was grabbed by her hair.. the best reason for keeping it short ever!

    As she rose her arms to fight the hold on her hair, she was suddenly struck by a fierce headbutt.. letting out a squeak before going limp.

    "Aquitia, NO!" Lea cried out, leaning forward and nearly falling over, her wings keeping her from doing so as they flittered. She put both hands onto her head and whined.


    "Ha ha ha! I should have known this would happen." Worm hollered, holding a leather flask clearly containing some kind of alcohol. "Go...*hic*...go Gaza!"

    Striking Aquitia with another forearm to bend her over, Gaza grabbed on to Aquitia's head and stuck it between his legs. Then he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up so she was sitting on his shoulders.

    Parading her around the combat area, Gaza got a running start and then threw Aquitia down, power bombing her into ground!


    Aquitia didn't know what was going on, as she was dazed by his last attack.. but Gaza's next strike at her forced her to bend over, and she was brought back to reality. "Oouuff.."

    She groaned as she felt her head placed between his legs, and then felt the rest of her body lifted upwards. She opened her eyes and was trying to figure out what this guy was doing..

    And she got her answer soon enough when she was power-bombed.. pain shot throughout her body and she let out a weak cough as her entire body went limp.

    Lea let out a scream as she saw her friend driven to the ground, and now moved her hands up to cover her eyes. She could only pray that Aquitia was out-cold at this point..

    ...but she wasn't. Aquitia opened her eyes weakly, still conscious. She wasn't very aware of what was going on though- the last blow having wrecked her senses once more.


    Several voices were crying out for Gaza to "finish her!"

    Worm was amongst them, but his speech was getting more slurred by the moment. "Yeah...gummon Gaza...finishzz...errr..."

    Taking one hand and one arm, Gaza stuck his boot into Aquitia's side and started to stretch her out, like a human bow and arrow.

    It was a simple move, but with Gaza's height and strength it was utterly devastating.

    "Yield..." he said.


    "Ahh... AHHHH!!! uhh.." Aquitia moaned as she was stretched out.. Unbelievable pain!

    It felt like those flames were upon her once more, the pain was so intense.. but she was trying so hard bless her heart, so hard to hang on.

    "I.. can't.. let.. down.. Lea.." she said through clenched teeth. With strength left in her yet, she struggled to get free of Gaza's grip. "Let.. me.. unngh!!"

    Lea meanwhile was watching through a hole in her fingers. Yowch, that hold looked painful.. "A-Aquitiaaa!" she wailed out..

    Aquitia heard Lea's voice.. and began to increase her efforts. Unfortunately for her, this was definitely going to tire her out quicker. But she'd be damned if she wasn't going to try.

    Aquitia had never pushed her body this far.. and right now, her determination was the only thing keeping her going.


    Gaza lifted his foot and stepped down hard on Aquitia's ribs, doubling the amount of pressure he was applying.

    "Yield or be broken, sea dweller!"



    "AAHHHH!" screamed Aquitia, her fingers sprawling out in all directions..

    She coughed up something, some strange blue substance from her mouth as it hit the floor of the fighting ring, splattering. It had a thickness similar to blood..

    In a flash, her strength was gone. That last attack had caught her off-guard, and she no longer had the strength to resist.

    She could feel the tears coming now, and even as unbearable pain shot throughout her body.. the most terrible thought in her mind was that of hwo she failed her friend..

    "Lea.." she said weakly as her tears dropped to the floor. "I.."


    Gaza was dripping with sweat now and it seemed like one more yank would rip Aquitia's arms and legs right out of their sockets.

    "Wurtless...wurtless..." Worm muttered a few more words before falling over. Leash looked down at him in disgust as he leaned on her.

    On the verge of passing out, Aquitia couldn't have noticed any of that, but she did notice one thing...for the first time in the last few hours, it felt like she had complete control of her body. She might be in unbelievable pain, but the sluggishness...the control that Worm had over her was no more!


    As control came back to her, Aquitia felt a sudden weight lifted off of her psyche.. as if some sort of chain that had been wrapped around her was suddenly lifted..

    She had felt this feeling before.. it was her hydromancing power... the power of water- it was coming back to her!

    But she didn't need to let Gaza know that.. she turned up to him, her face dreary and defeated..

    "Okay Gaza.." she said, apparently ready to submit to him.. but little did he know, magical energy was beginning to surge through her body.

    Lea meanwhile, watched on with worry. "It's okay Aquitia.." she said aloud. "You did your best!"


    "Doomed! She's doomed! I'm so sorry, Lea!" Amphibius begged. "I saw how you carried yourselves at the zoo...I thought for certain she would triumph!"

    Gaza stared down at Aquitia, grinning. He released his grip just a bit, assuming the heroine was done for. "Do you yield now, little one?"


    Aquitia continued her sad look for just a moment.... and then it suddenly turned into a wily grin!

    "Never!" she said as she turned her free palm over to point at his chest, and a powerful jet of water shot out, impacting his chest with the force of a sledgehammer!


    Gaza went flying back as Aquitia blasted him! He was totally unprepared and almost landed on his head.

    "The hell?!?" Leash gasped. "Worm! W..." She looked down to see him passed out on the floor. "You stupid, little..."

    Gaza shook his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. Again, the sudden appearance of water rattled his enhanced senses.

    Amphibius looked to Lea. "What is happening, my darling? I don't understand."


    Feeling her magical energies surge through her, Aquitia quickly summoned her trident to her hand and pointed it towards the portion of the crowd where Lea was..

    Her energies fully recovered, she created a giant wave of water that roared towards the crowd, her intention being to make a path towards her friend!

    Lea could see what she was doing and happily flittered into the air, safe from the oncoming wave!


    Noticing that everything was going to hell, Leash ran forward to intercept Aquitia, prepared to trap her spirit again. She was shocked when a wave seemed to appear out of nowhere, engulfing her and slamming her against a nearby structure. "Uuuuggh!"

    Amphibius reached up to Lea, "My queen, where are you going? Do not abandon me!" The wave engulfed him too and while he wasn't hurt, he was swept away along with most of the other mutates.

    The waves also took their toll on some of the nearby supports, which were not designed to deal with this kind of attack. There was a noticeable rumble as the underground structures began to shake and wobble...


    Lea zipped towards Aquitia immediately, and the two of them found themselves in each other's embrace for just a moment!

    "We need to get out of here, and I know a way!" Lea said, grasping on Aquitia's free arm.


    "Leeeaaaaaa!" Amphibius cried out.


    Aquitia nodded as she was lifted into the air by the fairy. "Alright.. I know just the thing to give us a good headstart.. but I'm going to need you to keep me out of harm's reach!" she said as she looked around quickly, certain she was going to earn the ire of the crowd..

    She began to twirl her trident around.. and the ground below them started to shake once more. Meanwhile, as she was lifted into the air, Lea was concentrating herself... beginning to draw in the energies of the fae dimension..


    Rocks began to fall around the two heroines and it was obvious that the underground cavern was set to collapse.

    The crowd tried to band together and throw rocks at the duo, but there was no way to get a clear shot in these circumstances.

    "Stop! Stop!" Amphibius yelled.


    Lea did her best to avoid the falling rocks as her pupils began to fade, and her eyes turned green..

    As the ground shook and shook, suddenly huge geysers of water burst from the ground, adding even more chaos to the already chaotic situation!

    "There!" Aquitia yelled, looking up to Lea. "It's all you now!"

    Lea nodded, and strange green swirls started to envelop the two young heroines.. "Nnnnhh..."


    The last thing Lea saw before they escaped was Amphibius waving at her sadly. "Farewell...farewell..." Then a large rock came down, obscuring her vision and possibly crushing the frog king.


    Lea felt a little tug at her heart as Amphibius faded from sight.. had she really grown attached to him with the time they had spent together?

    There was no time to deliberate on it as she lifted Aquitia closer to her, advising "Hold on tight."

    Aquitia did so, uncertain of what the fairy's plan was.. the only thing she knew was that they were hurtling at the ceiling! "Uh.. Lea..?"

    And faster.. "Lea!"

    And.. faster! Aquitia clung tightly to the fairy and shut her eyes.. "LEAA!!!!"

    And then suddenly, the two of them were enveloped in the green energy, and a loud clap was heard as they crossed dimensions.. into the fae!

    The ceiling above them vanished as they flew upwards.. surrounded by amazing imagery, structures and creatures of all types. It was indescribable...

    But there was a downside. Aquitia could feel that her presence was unwanted in this realm, and she felt the fae energies begin to assault her!

    "Lea.." she said weakly, pain shooting through her body.. "What's happening to me?!"

    Lea was going through her own hurdles as the cost of bringing someone from the physical realm into this one was costing a large amount of energy, so much that she was now using her own spirit to power them through the fae.

    The two girls screamed in agony as they endured one final trial... and then finally..

    Another SNAP! And they were on the surface once more of the physical realm. Directly above the domain of the Savage Land mutates..

    The two of them collapsed onto the ground, completely weakened by their final ordeal... but free.

    Tears were streaming down their eyes as they turned to face each other.. but despite their pain, they were happy. They had survived.. they were free.

    And they had done it together.

    They reached out towards each other and grasped hands. "Aquitia..."

    "Yeah Lea..?"

    "....I'm going to pass out.."

    Aquitia nodded weakly. "..I think I am too.."

    A few seconds passed by and the two young heroes indeed fell unconscious..

    Moments later, they were saved by their fellow elementers who had been searching for them for hours. Little did they know the adventure the two had gone through!

    And what a story it would be for them to tell for years to come.

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    This one was one of my more favorite RPs, mostly because it involved two characters that I hadn't really done anything with ever... minus a few drawing-pad comics I made of them around 8 years ago!
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    Urban Reign is one of Raden's favourite games, so it was only natural that we would eventually get around to basing an RP around it.

    Action & Reaction


    Ryona Master (TheCrimsonRisk)

    You stood, taking in the night air as your cousins worked on breaking into the warehouse.

    They were new the city and didn't have much experience, but they were young and able and you'd promised their mother you would look after them. What they lacked in knowledge, they more than made up for in their obedience and their ability to handle themselves in a scrap.

    You had ordered them to find another way in and unlock the door for you. Once upon a time, you were the one who had to do those kinds of jobs but that was a long time ago. They were given about two minutes to get the job done.



    The door swung open and your cousin Quan popped out looking worried, but happy. He gives you a thumbs up. "Coast is clear, Shun!"

    If your other cousin, Baby Woo, was good on his tip, this should be a big score. Money, drugs, weapons...the whole shebang.

    Shun Ying (Raden)

    "Good work, Quan, I knew you guys could do it."

    I walk inside to see just what I've been able to add to my arsenal and stash.


    The warehouse is lit just enough so that you can see several large crates, undoubtedly containing contraband. Baby Woo walks out of the darkness, holding a suitcase in each hand. "Straight cash, cousin! And there's at least a dozen more of these scattered around."

    Quan looks around, wary. "Er, maybe we should come back later, with some more guys. I don't know how safe this whole deal is."

    Shun Ying

    "I thought you said it was all clear? You did check, yes? If it makes you feel better though, grab some of the weapons. I am sure there is something you can use in here."

    I take a look around the warehouse, not wanting to show my growing unease.


    Baby Woo had disappeared into the shadows again, but you soon hear him calling from the railing above. "Hey boss, I found the lights, you want me to switch it on?"

    Shun Ying

    "Sure, flip them on."


    There's a loud sound as the light goes on and your initial unease proves to be correct.

    Five instantly recognizable figures surround you and Quan!

    "Oh shit!" Baby Woo says, not sure what to do.

    You can't believe your eyes as you see Dwayne Davis, leader of the Zaps standing side by side with Glen Kluger, leader of the Hell's Legions. You heard a story that Kluger broke Davis' little brother's legs with a baseball bat some time ago. What the hell were they doing together?

    A quick sweep of the room reveals Douglas McKinzie, brandishing his infamous blade. He's flanked by Jake Hudson and Grimm. Quan is closer to them, but he backs up in your direction, looking to you for guidance.

    McKinzie laughs and shakes his head. "Can you believe that it's come to this, Shun Ying?"

    (Dwayne, Glen, Jake, Grimm, McKinzie)

    Shun Ying

    "What the hell is going on here? How... how in the world are you all working together? Dwayne, didn't Glen injure your little brother? You're condoning that?"

    "Besides, I know it's me you want. Let my cousins go... and I will stay willingly."

    I give Baby Woo the signal to run, being that he is away from all of this.


    Dwayne turns and sneers at Glen when you mention their past, but a quick look at McKinzie seems to calm him.

    "We all know why we're here gentlemen." McKinzie starts, "Miss Shun Ying has been doing an incredible job of expanding her influence beyond Chinatown. Our casinos, strip clubs, gambling operations...nothing seems to be safe from her and her gang. Why, they've mobilized to take half the city if my calculations are correct. I gotta admit...it's damned impressive."

    McKinzie and his cronies offer sarcastic applause, but Dwayne and Glen look deathly serious. "When this is over, I'll sort things out with this muthafucka, but for now..." Dwayne says. "...we can be associates."

    Glen nods and reminds Dwayne, "This bitch has cost us way too much money over the last few months. This ends tonight."

    Baby Woo looks down, seemingly frozen. Quan stands by your side, ready to defend himself. Still, you notice him trembling.

    "I'll cost you a lot more than that before this night is up."

    Shun Ying

    Seeing that I am going to have to take the first swing, I immediately throw a twisting, spinning kick that looks like something straight out of an action movie.

    I am hoping to at least cause a big enough break in the formation to get Quan out of here. If I have to go down with this, so be it, but at least my cousins can get free.

    "Woo, run! I already told you that! Get out!"


    Glen and Dwayne split up, managing to avoid your attack altogether. McKinzie, also familiar with your moves, dodges back easily.

    Unfortunately, McKinzie's hired muscle isn't as sharp and your kick catches both of them around their head and neck.

    Quan follows suit, leaping at McKinzie with a flying attack, knocking the Shadow Platoon member on his ass.

    Glen and Dwayne are still in front of you, but they're starting to move away from each other, flanking you.

    "Don't mind me, Shun." Glen says, eyeing your backside. "Just trying to get a better view."

    Shun Ying

    "Do you mind if I mind anyway?" I say, and then I leap up with a split kick aimed directly at their heads. If I can get my heels in their eyes, so much the better.


    Your kick connects with both gang bangers. Dwayne was too aggressive and got very close. As he charges forward, your heel connects with his throat and he goes down gagging.

    Glen was fixated on your body, which cost him. His reflexes save him from losing an eye, but your heel still connects solidly with his face and he moves back clutching his face.

    "Shun!" You hear Quan cry out in pain behind you.

    Shun Ying

    I turn around to see what the situation is


    "Sh...Shun...run..." McKinzie holds Quan with one arm, the other sticking a knife into his belly. McKinzie grits his teeth and pulls the knife out viciously, causing some blood to spray on the floor as Quan collapses.

    "Quaaaan!" Baby Woo leaps down from the railing and lands in front of you. "I'll fuckin' kill you, McKinzie!"

    Dwayne and Glen are still stunned at the moment, but McKinzie's goons are recovering quickly.

    Shun Ying

    In sheer anger, I charge at McKinzie, jumping and looking to take his head off with a kick. As far as I am concerned, he just became target number one

    It may not be a smart move, but I am too pissed about Quan to be concerned with little things like formulating a strategy


    McKinzie is a little too pleased with himself and he fails to defend himself while admiring his work.


    Your kick goes right across his face, pushing his head to the side awkwardly. He does a half spin, nearly falling over completely.

    Shun Ying

    I follow up with as many strikes as I can manage, keeping my eyes on the other goons. I try to knee him in the head and face, looking to break his nose or shatter an orbital bone or something.


    Backed up against a wall, McKinzie can only turtle up as you start laying in to him. Your knees nearly make it past his defences, landing several times around his head.

    "Shun!" You hear Woo cry out in pain behind you.

    Shun Ying

    My heart drops and my anger flares up more as I realize Woo was left to the wolves. I curse myself for my stupidity and immediately start running toward the direction of Woo's cry.

    "You bastards!" I yell out, looking to flatten anyone who gets in my way.


    The moment you turn around, you feel two tiny bites on your chest.

    By the time it registers that they're electrodes, you feel a paralyzing sensation course through your body.

    Your eyes follow the wire back to the taser, which is being held by...Baby Woo.

    Shun Ying

    While I'd love to ask Woo what the hell he is doing, all I can do is scream in burning agony as every muscle in my body decides now is a good time to tighten and constrict.

    I arch backward, every muscle tightening. Everything locks up and stops working. The only movement is my involuntary twitching. My eyes are jolted open and stay that way as everything tightens up, causing a rictus of pain to shoot through me.


    "Holy shit, never used one of these before. Damn, that was fuckin' awesome." Woo boasted.

    McKinzie wiped some blood from his mouth. "Took you long enough, kid! I'm tempted to give you the same treatment as your brother here."

    "Heh heh, sorry about that." Woo walked over and gave Quan's corpse a kick. "Sorry to you too, bro."

    Dwayne got up holding his throat. Glen put his hands on his head, cracking his neck and growling.

    Grimm and Jake moved to make sure that McKinzie was okay, but he waved them off.

    "And I'm sorry Shun," Woo said, apologizing one last time. "But I was never great at taking orders. Besides, I had a feeling something like this could happen...the other gangs banding together. Just thought I'd get ahead."

    He knelt down besides you, tapping his head with his finger. "Guess I'm not as dumb as everybody says, huh?"


    Normally, getting tased would be enough to keep the average person down for a while but years on the streets have made you pretty tough. Woo fails to notice you rapidly recovering from the effects of the taser...

    Shun Ying

    Woo may think he is smart, but he's still barking up the wrong tree with me. I realize he's just sided with the enemy, and this may be a bad time to engage him in civil discussion as to why... so I look to get up and knee his head off in retaliation. It may or may not be my last stand, what with multiple gang leaders banding together and all.


    Woo turns to the gang, pointing at you and chuckling. "Seriously, did you guys even need me to handle this bi..." Before he can finish, you hit him with your knee smacking him right in his nose, breaking it.

    "Gaaaah! My node, my fuggin' node!"

    McKinzie rolls his eyes. "What are the rest of you standin' around for? Get her!"

    You feel Jake reaching under your armpits to pick you up off the ground. He tries to hold you still as Dwayne stomps forward, looking to put the hurt on you.

    Shun Ying

    I'm running on pure instinct now. I swing my leg backwards looking to catch Jake square in the marbles, and if I can do that, I hope Dwayne is sufficiently caught offguard to give him the same ol' ballshot treatment.

    But everything hurts and I'm not even sure of my own body anymore... and I don't like that feeling.


    "Ooof!" Jake nearly yaks on you as you kick him right in the beanbag.

    Dwayne was expecting Jake to hold on to you, so when you kick him in the balls he's equally surprised and goes down again. "God damn it!" he yells.

    "Fucking amateurs," Glen remarks, launching a looping overhand right in your direction.

    Shun Ying

    "Speaking of amateurish..." I look to sway out of the way of his telegraphed punch. If I can, I trip him up and then make a dash for the nearest way out, be it a door, a window, anything... as much as I may be able to dash in my current state, anyway.


    You evade with extraordinary grace and Glen falls right on his beard as his attack whiffs. Were you at 100%, you would be able to dart out of this situation in no time but the effects of the taser are lingering. You are just a step slow, allowing Grimm to intercept you.

    The former pro boxer stands between you and a bunch of crates next to a large window. "Not so fast, pussy cat."

    Shun Ying

    "Oh look, proof man evolved from apes."

    I aim for his yambag, looking to take him down even momentarily. If I can, I am hoping to get up on the crates and jump out through the window


    Never the smartest fighter, Grimm was still observant enough to see what you'd done to the others. He catches your foot and waves his finger at you. "Come on, Shun. That all you got?"

    Shun Ying

    "Nope. I got this too."

    I jump, tuck and roll, and in one motion, plant a kick into Grimm's chest, looking to knock him backwards. Maybe I can rap his big bald watermelon head off a crate and knock him out.

    I try to climb up them and kick out the window or something. I lay into it, it's my potential way out of this mess.


    The attack works perfectly, knocking Grimm into the crates behind him creating a loud thud.

    As you roll away, it takes you a couple of feet away from your destination and before you can make your get away, you feel two powerful arms around your waist. "Gotcha!" Jake says.

    He explodes his hips, lifting you off of your feet and flipping you backwards. The German suplex ends with the back of your head smacking against the hard floor.

    Shun Ying

    My heart races as Grimm flies into the boxes. This is it! I'm free!

    Then it sinks as I feel arms around me, lifting me off the floor. I desperately reach toward the window as if it is able to help me somehow.

    Then my head plows into the floor, and for good measure, my left knee bounces off my face, just to insult me.

    I roll backward and lay there, dizziness starting to take hold. I do my best to fight it off, but that might just have been my last hope...

    My heart drops as I realize I can't just bounce back from this like nothing happened and make another attempt... I might just be screwed. Despair is niggling at the edge of my brain.


    Dwayne gets a running start and then hits the ground, delivering a sliding kick to your back. The impact causes you to roll over a couple of times and you end up face down.

    Shun Ying

    "Augnn!" I cry out


    Jake hops over and sits down on your back. He's a big kid, at least twice your size. He reaches forward, sliding his hands under your armpits again before bringing them back and locking them behind your head in a full nelson.

    With your arms trapped, he pushes you down and mops the floor with your face.

    "Let's see how pretty you are after this," he adds.

    Shun Ying

    I cry out as this big bruiser locks me up. This guy will do anything for a buck. He claims allegiance to no one, or at least, to the one willing to pay the most.

    Then the son of a bitch starts grinding my face into the floor!

    "You worthless sack of shit!" I cry out, even in the position I am in. "How much are you getting paid for this? Or at least, that you think you're getting paid for this? You think these assholes will honour whatever price they gave you?"


    "Sorry lady," Jake says. "I ain't paid to answer questions." The amateur wrestler suddenly leans way back, still holding on the the full nelson and still planted on your back.

    Your incredible flexibility is the only thing that saves you from being instantly paralyzed.

    Shun Ying

    I may be more flexible than others, but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, or that I don't have a breaking point. He's threatening to reach both my pain threshold and my breaking point at the same time!

    I cry out as my spine is wrenched way back, even farther than I could have thought possible. How nothing is popping and cracking, I have no idea. Small victories....

    I try to fight out, but all I can really do is kick my legs as this guy bends and contorts me.


    "Fooooore!" Glen yells, swinging a pipe like a golf club into your exposed belly. He wasn't holding anything back and it feels like you just got blasted by a shotgun shell.

    Jake hops up as he was holding you tightly and it looks like the impact forced him to let you go. "Damn it, Kluger! You son of a bitch!"

    "Watch your mouth, punk, or you're next." Glen warned.

    Their petty squabble gives you a few seconds to recover.

    Shun Ying

    "OURAMGPH...." all the wind is driven viciously out my mouth in an instant as Glen clobbers the crap out of me with the pipe. There was nothing I could do to stop it.

    There's not much I can do as they argue, but I try to crawl or drag myself away from them.


    McKinzie can't help but notice how sexy you look crawling away. It's almost a pity to have to mess you up so bad.

    He sheathes his knife for a moment and pulls out a smaller throwing blade. Flinging it with expert position, it catches the cloth at the bottom of your pants pinning you to the spot.

    "Nice one, McKinzie," Glen says. He bends down behind you and brings the pipe across your throat, choking you with it as he pulls you off the ground. The bottom of your pants rip, exposing more of your leg.

    Grimm whistles approvingly.

    Shun Ying

    Suddenly I can't make any more forward motion. I turn around to see why, and there's a knife pinning me to the floor!

    Before I can completely understand the ramifications of this, I'm suddenly being robbed of oxygen and roughly pulled off the floor. My hands instinctively lock around the pipe, but there's no prying Glen's massive arms away from my neck.

    I make gagging noises as the air is worked out of my body, unable to be replenished. I feel my left pant leg tear, and it makes me angry... but it's too bad I can't do anything about it, being choked out by this giant menacing figure.

    My breasts must look great being thrust out like this though. I am reassured of this fact by Grimm's whistle.

    I kick my right leg involuntarily. I flip off Grimm for whistling at me. Maybe not a great idea, but I can't let it go unanswered.


    "Rude!" Grimm says. He stalks towards you and delivers a hard body shot, followed by another. You don't know whether to work to free yourself from the pipe or defend against Grimm's punches.

    As if to make things harder, Glen raises the bar, lifting you off your feet momentarily. Grimm follows up with some more body blows. He's working your abdomen like a speedbag.

    Shun Ying

    I didn't think I had any air left, but Grimm's punches make me exhale further. As he continues laying into me, my lungs burn. They want desperately to replace oxygen, but they can't. And these punches are messing me up fiercely. I begin to see black spots in my vision that grow larger the longer I'm helpd up and punched on.

    I fiercely flail my limbs.

    Or I thought I did. In reality, nothing happened, and I just hang there like a sack of crap.


    Glen lets go and you fall forward into Grimm's waiting arms. He wraps them around your waist, nestling his head between your breasts. "Uh...uh..." he seems to have forgotten what he was going to do.

    "Grimm!" McKenzie barks at him. The thug snaps out of his stupor and shows off his power like Jake had before, performing a release belly to belly suplex. You are sent airborne, managing to flip over and land flat on your back.

    Shun Ying

    "Forgot", my ass. If I had any strength I'd slap the taste out of his mouth.

    Instead, before I can recover enough to do that, I am thrown hard through the air. It feels like I fly for an eternity before I crash land on my back.

    I yelp out as I hit the floor, bouncing and rolling once, ending up looking up at the lights.


    "You want a piece of this, boss?" Grimm asks McKinzie.

    McKinzie fakes yawning and checks out his nails. "In a minute. Jake, chew her up a bit more for me, would you?"

    "I've been wanting to try something fancy..." Jake says, lifting your legs up in the air. He steps between them and crosses your feet at the ankles, pressing them against his chest. Securing them both under one arm, he steps over and sits down, trapping you in a Scorpion Deathlock.

    Shun Ying

    "AAAAAAUUUUNRRRRGHHHHHHH!!" My scream cuts through all the other noise in the warehouse as my legs are crossed and my spine is harshly jerked back on. I try to push myself up with my arms to alleviate some of the pressure.


    Jake leans back further, testing your flexibility once more. "Damn, Shun! You gotta be crazy in bed or sumthin'!"

    Shun Ying

    "Fuck you, you pig!" I scream out, before another shriek of pain comes out.


    Dwayne gets down on his hands and knees staring you right in the eye. "You gonna apologize for fucking up my drug operations last week?"

    Shun Ying

    "I'd do it again any day of the week, you son of a bitch!"

    Holding myself up on one hand, I take a swing at him with my other. It may not be too effective, but I'm going to send a message that I'm not going to go down easily.


    Dwayne manages to move his head at the last second to avoid the swipe and he also grabs on to your wrist. He shakes his head at you. "Girl, you lucky your so pretty because you are dumb as rocks."

    Shifting his legs forward so that he was now sitting in front of you, he straightened your arm out and then locked his legs around your neck and shoulders, cinching in a triangle choke.

    He looked at you with hateful eyes. "Tap or snap, baby!"

    Shun Ying

    It's nearly too much. My legs, my back, my neck, my shoulder... all at once? The pain is blinding. Literally blinding. It whites out my vision as it radiates through me all over.

    I'm too proud to submit... I can't.. I can't... I raise my free arm... it wavers as I decide...


    Dwayne strains his body, tightening the hold even more. Before you can pass out, you hear McKinzie's voice: "Not yet, boys."

    The two black men release their holds simultaneously, Dwayne with much more reluctance. "Hey! You might have this cat on payroll, but nobody bosses me around. I..."

    "I coordinated this whole thing!" McKinzie shouts, interrupting Dwayne. "So what I say goes and I say she hasn't suffered enough. Jake!" The wrestler picks you up again as McKinzie snaps his fingers together. Dwayne just shakes his head at how quick Jake is to listen.

    Glen pushes Jake out of the way and holds you up himself. "I got this one, McKinzie. Show you losers how it's done."

    The biker takes a grip of your dress, staring at your pained face. "Man...Shun, how about you give us a kiss and we go get a drink instead? No more of this nonsense. Whaddya say?"

    Shun Ying

    I knee Glen in the crotch as hard as I can.

    "That's what I say Fuck you!"


    This attack to the groin isn't as effective as the previous ones, but it's definitely enough to get him mad. "Ow! That's what I get for bein' a gentleman, huh? Two can play that game!"

    Ducking under your armpit, he put his arms around you and lifted you up before dropping you down crotch first onto his knee. He held on, letting you sit in that position for a minute.

    Shun Ying

    My cry of pain is more like a wheeze as my crotch slams into his knee. My eyes tear up.

    I feebly try to scratch at his eyes... if only I'd had this position a few moments ago, I might have been able to work with it. As it is, I just don't have any strength left.


    Glen's head is turned away from you, making any attacks on his face difficult. Still, if you could get just the right angle...

    "Hold her up, biker boy!" Dwayne calls out, stamping his foot on the ground. "I got an idea."

    With Glen in a kneeling position, Dwayne has an ideal angle of attack and he springs forward smashing your jaw with a powerful superkick!

    Shun Ying

    I can see what's coming... which changes nothing.

    It only instills a feeling of dread.

    Dwayne's superkick is dead on, catching me right square in the jaw. WHAM. I'm knocked for a loop as my head and upper body are viciously rocked backwards.

    The warehouse starts to spin from the repeated blows to my head and face.

    My eyes roll in my head slightly.


    "Okay," McKinzie relents. "That was pretty good."

    "Pretty good? Pretty good?!?" Glen seems genuinely angered by McKinzie's non-chalance and he scrapes you up again, laying you stomach first across his shoulders.

    You're pretty much dead weight at this point, making it surprisingly difficult for him to carry you comfortably. He turns his body slightly, before jerking hard in the opposite direction and throwing you off of his shoulders with a twirling motion. As you are hurtling through the air, you end up crashing through a (mostly empty, thankfully) crate, obliterating it.

    "Top that shit!" Glen says, dusting his hands off.

    Shun Ying

    I'm put up on Glen's shoulders, without any say in the matter. Again, I have the perfect vantage point to rip at his eyes and permanently blind him, if I could just move my damned hands... but I can't do anything at this point except take whatever these sick, sadistic bastards decide to dish out.

    Glen swings me to one side, then quickly back the other, popping me off his shoulders at the same time. I spin through the air, and crash land on a crate. It wouldn't have been so bad if the force of the impact didn't shatter it.

    I'm not sure what feels more shattered, the crate or my body. I'm pretty durable, but everyone has limits...

    I lay there with my head buried in my arms, face down.


    This whole time, Woo had been sitting in the corner, watching the destruction and trying to stem the bleeding from his nose.

    "What the fug is thith? Kill the dumb bid!" your cousin called out, sounding ridiculous.

    "Patience," McKinzie responded. "We're almost done here, aren't we boys?"

    The others nodded. Whether that means they were satisfied or there was more to come was unclear.

    What followed next was a medley of destruction.

    Jake elevated you into the air for a backdrop, but held you in place until Grimm could step up and get a hold of your neck. The fell back simultaneously, combining the power of the slam with a jarring neckbreaker.

    Shun Ying

    I'm fairly sure I screamed in pain, but I might not have, either. It's hard to tell when you're this injured.

    And my skull slamming off the floor doesn't help matters any, either.

    Again I roll over and seem to slowly melt onto the floor, cradling my head in my arms.


    Now it was Glen's turn. He placed his hand between your legs and another on your neck, flipping you upside down before locking his arms around your waist. You were facing his crotch and he was looking down at yours. "If you're lucky, maybe I'll treat you to more of this later, heh heh."

    Dropping to his knees, he destroyed you with a merciless tombstone piledriver, badly compressing your neck and spine.

    "Holy shit!" Dwayne said, looking down at you. "She's...she's still breathing."

    Shun Ying

    Everything goes upside down, and I wonder for a moment if it's just my head injury screwing with me.

    Then I realize the big biker has me trapped.

    I can't quite process the meaning of it before it's knocked into me as my head slams off the floor for possibly the millionth time tonight. God knows I've lost count.

    I feel like a pile of mush at this point, oozing to the floor, shapelessly.

    I lay flat on my back, half conscious. My eyes are half open and the fingers on my right hand twitch , the damage starting to pile up in hurry. These last couple moves have been about as brutal as the last few combined. They're getting serious... deadly serious.


    "Kluger, you fuck up! I said I would finish her off, didn't I?" McKinzie walked up to the biker, poking his finger in his chest. "And in exchange, you get to do what you want with the body. We had a deal, didn't we?"

    Glen looked like he was ready to knock McKinzie's block off, but he relented. "Just hurry your ass up. You're all talk. You ain't done shit all night."

    McKinzie smirked and signalled to Grim and Jake to pick you up. They each held an arm, allowing you to hang limply between them.

    "I told you Shun...I respect you," McKinzie began. "Hell, we all do. Makin' moves like that, messing up everyone's operations that took guts...but your big mistake was that when you make moves like that you don't make many friends. You make a shitload of enemies."

    He brushed his fingers gently across your badly bruised face. Even this minor gesture hurt.

    "We ain't gonna kill you. That would be too easy, besides...who ever learned anything like that? No, we just want to teach you. The first lesson is this." He pulled his hand back and pulled his knife out, slashing you across the face and opening a deep cut across the cheek. "Every action has consequences."

    Shun Ying

    Even touching my face hurts like hell at this point.

    I draw a sharp breath of pain when the bastard runs his hunting knife across my face. I'll be lucky if that doesn't scar.

    I feel warm blood drip down my cheek and run down my neck.


    McKinzie gripped your throat in one hand while twirling his knife in the other. "And the second thing you need to learn..." He thrust the knife into the meaty part of your stomach. It wasn't a killing blow, but one intended to cause severe pain. "...is that there's always someone bigger and badder waiting around the corner."

    Shun Ying

    My body arches backward when the knife enters into my stomach, effortlessly. He keeps it sharper than a razor. It slides between my ribs like it were entering water.

    I'm frozen in pain as the steel bites deeply into me.

    A gout of blood bubbles up and out of my mouth, running down my chin and throat onto my chest, and continuing down.

    "buh.. buh..." I incoherently burble out. It isn't even words, just sound.


    Two more quick stabs follow...in and out...in and out...each time, McKinzie does his best to avoid hitting anything vital, but it's nearly impossible to do with such a deadly weapon.

    "McKinzie! What the fuck?!?" Glen interrupts, stopping McKinzie's attack for a moment. The two henchmen allow you to collapse to the floor.

    "My apologies, Mr. Kluger. You may have what is left," McKinzie said, wiping up his blade.

    "Not much, by the looks of it, Christ!" Glen exclaimed. He walked off for a second before coming back with a large chain. "One of you want to give me a hand with this?"

    None of the men stepped forward. They knew that now that this deed was done, they would soon go back to plotting how to murder each other.

    Glen flipped you over and started to wrap the chains around your arms and legs. One thug came forward to help him. Woo.

    "Never liked you anyway, cuddin." Baby Woo said.

    It was impossible to tell what was going on...but then you heard the roar of a motorcycle engine.

    The back gate of the warehouse opened and Glen revved the engine once more. As the motorcycle began to take off, you realized you were about to be dragged behind it.

    Shun Ying

    More blood washes out of my mouth as the knife cuts me up more.

    Then I hit the floor with my face, and lay there, motionless except for my breathing.

    My shallow breathing, that is...

    Despite the warm surroundings being an enclosed area with multiple people giving off body heat in the summer, I start to feel cold...

    Something rough is being wrapped around my limbs.... the cold metal is almost warm to the touch for me

    All I can do at this point is pray my injuries and blood loss take me before I feel the road rash of the motorcycle dragging me on the street.
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    Here's a short RP done by the Blades of Kreigmar group members. It should give people some idea of our characters and group dynamics. Also, wrestling. For further information, please check out our official RP thread and our RP group!

    The Dare

    BoK Party.png

    Linara (TheCrimsonRisk)


    Madelyn (Idoro)

    Yes ma'am?


    What's up?

    Alchana (Unrelated)

    Linara... hello.


    Oh um, nothing. Not too much. Just enjoying the weather.


    * Linara pulls out her sword and does a fancy pirouette


    Alchana perches on top of a fence post with seemingly impossible balance.


    Ugh, you know what's so stupid? WRESTLING. I hate it.


    What's wrestling?


    It's a stupid form of combat for oafs and bullies.


    Oh...? I see..

    Tylissa (Raden)

    So you should be a natural!


    * Alchana raises an eyebrow. "Well, you won't always be able to bring your sword to bear in a fight..."


    Tylissa, you jerk.

    Even if I didn't have my sword, I'm way too quick to let anyone get their hands on me.

    Half of those moves don't even work, anyway.


    At least I don't lower myself to such barbarian levels of combat


    Surely, there must be some advantage to fighting with one's hands..


    Seems like an awfully poor plan. So you just plan to surrender if someone does get their hands on you in spite of your quickness?


    Like I said, it's a clumsy form of combat. I'm sure...

    * Linara seems doubtful for a second

    ...I'm sure I could still triumph.


    And if anyone is good at clumsy combat, I am sure it would be you.


    * Linara gets a mischievous look on her face


    What? What are you looking at me like that for?


    * Linara grabs Tylissa's wrist and brings it behind her back in a hammerlock

    Hee hee hee


    Ahhh-hh-hhh!! OW!

    ow, ow, ow....


    * Linara lets go

    Oh, sorry!


    * Tylissa shakes out her arm


    I told you, I didn't think these moves were actually any good.

    * Linara massages Tylissa's arm


    * Tylissa swats her hands away

    You get off me

    * Tylissa mumbles to herself

    ....stupid unarmed combat


    * Madelyn looks over at them. "Oh..."


    * Linara playfully wraps her arms around Madelyn's waist

    I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get you!


    * Tylissa looks over at them

    Hmph. Bunch of buffoons... how did I get stuck on this hellhole of a world anyway

    * Tylissa walks away, separating herself from the rest a short distance, reading scrolls and spellbooks


    Madelyn gasps. "Huh?"


    * Alchana hops to the ground, leaning against the post while chuckling at the sight.

    * Linara gives Madelyn a soft squeeze around the stomach

    Feel the buurrrrrrn!

    * Linara laughs



    * Madelyn whines. "Don't.."


    * Tylissa mutters to herself.... my teleportation magic were any good here I would be on the next portal out of here....


    * Linara has a weak bearhug and lets go.


    Stupid world where my magic isn't as good...


    * Linara looks at Alchana


    * Tylissa reads her books, sitting up against a tree


    * Madelyn whimpers and wanders away.


    * Linara does an exaggerated muscle pose

    I am the champion of Kriegmar! Grrrr...


    Linara... I'm sure you find that very funny. But have you ever even been in a brawl?


    * Linara giggles and points at Alchana

    You're next!


    * Alchana 's body tenses ever so slightly...


    * Linara walks over to Alchana, threatening to put her in a headlock

    Hee hee hee


    * Alchana waits for Linara to get within range, then lunges out, grabbing the fighter's wrists!


    Watch this guys, I...h...hey!


    * Tylissa watches

    Can I stop watching now?


    * Alchana twists in place, crossing Linara's arms over each other as she falls to her back, pushing her legs up and around the girl's arms!


    Actually.... this IS kinda funny.




    * Alchana is in a position with her shoulders on the ground, pulling on Linara's crossed arms while her shins are crossed pushing against the fighter's neck..


    Grr...gimme a sec and I'll...hrrggkk...

    * Linara has her speech cut off as she starts to choke a little


    * Tylissa watches, kind of fascinated and rethinking her thought on unarmed combat

    Huh. I thought it was just barbarian wild swings... I didn't think it could be this...this graceful...


    * Linara struggles to get free, but she can't move her arms an inch


    * Alchana lets off with her shins a bit... "Come on, I thought you were quicker than this!" she calls with a playful smile.




    * Alchana's smile turns to a slight frown as she releases the hold, rolling backwards to her feet.


    * Linara falls clumsily to the dirt, holding her throat and rubbing her arms


    That was...*ack*...impressive, Alchana.


    * Alchana walks over to help Linara up. "Are you okay? I wasn't trying to hurt you, just to show.."


    * Linara looks hurt, but then smirks

    * Linara grabs Alchana's foot, tripping her to the ground!


    * Alchana looks a bit surprised, but kicks out with her other foot so she lands on one knee. "Hey!"


    * Linara gets up and raises her arms in the air triumphantly

    I'm the most gifted swordsman, the most beautiful and the best fighter, ho ho ho!

    *ahem* Swordswoman


    Hmph... I misjudged...


    * Linara turns to Tylissa

    What do you think, Ty?


    I think it was funny watching you get twisted up... hehe. Maybe unarmed combat isn't such a graceless thing after all.


    * Alchana doesn't get up, but instead shifts her weight onto her hands as she kicks out with her body! One leg crosses the front of Linara's ankles, while the other kicks the back of her knees..


    See? She's doing it again!


    * Linara yelps as she falls flat on her chest



    * Alchana quickly rolls over and straddles Linara's back, keeping her weight on her knees... for now.

    Hah.. opening the door to playing dirty and then turning your back! Where did they teach you that one?


    * Linara tries to kick her legs, but Alchana is all over them. She swipes behind her blindly


    * Tylissa sets down her spellbook, watching enthralled now


    Hey! Get off!


    ..... not so graceless after all........


    * Alchana turns around to Linara's legs, folding them and crossing the ankles together as she locks them in place with one leg, putting a small amount of her weight into it.


    * Linara winces


    This one I learned at a bad time... It was pretty embarrassing!


    Hey, Alchana, come on...what are you doing?


    Doesn't really hurt all that much, but...

    * Alchana looks over at Tylissa, shrugging to show that her hands are free.


    * Linara throws a weak elbow at Alchana's hips


    Ack.. hey!


    *ow* Got you...right where I want ya!


    * Alchana grabs Linara's arms at the elbows, pulling them back slightly.


    Ah! Ah! Alchana!



    ...my hands were free. I could keep your legs trapped like this pretty much all day, the only limit being if I get a cramp or something..


    Err...good thing this doesn't really hurt, then.

    * Linara sticks her tongue out at Alchana


    Since all it takes to keep you in is for me to..

    * Alchana lowers her weight onto Linara's ankles a bit more.


    Oof! Okay...stop fooling around...



    * Alchana releases the hold and stands up, though she doesn't think Linara's really understanding..


    * Linara slowly lets her limbs relax

    * Linara sits up, pouting

    Cheater! These holds are...are...stupid!


    From where I am sitting, they seem to work pretty well!


    You! I...I...Tylissa, toss me my coin purse!



    * Alchana raises an eyebrow.


    * Tylissa picks it up and flips it to her


    * Linara takes out a handful of coins

    I bet that you can't really hurt me with one of those ridiculous holds.


    * Tylissa watches, completely engrossed by now... this can't end well


    So what do you say, city rat? I say that I can last...two...three...hell, five minutes in any move you can think of!


    Come on Linara... I've lived as a thief for a while, if I wanted your money that easily..


    Winner gets five silver coins

    So whaddya say, city rat?


    * Alchana flinches visibly at being called that...


    Any hold. Five minutes. Five...no, TEN coins!


    Any other stipulations?


    * Linara thinks


    * Alchana takes on a look of hurt determination...


    If...nay, when I'm victorious, I want you to say that Linara is the "best looking, most intelligent, most brilliant warrior in all the land". We'll go down to the nearest tavern and have you sing it out!


    * Tylissa covers her mouth stifling laughter

    Hehe... this will go so badly...


    Don't mock her Ty, I'm giving her a chance here.


    ...I meant rules as to what's off limits for me. I'm being nice..


    Obviously you can't use any weapons. Just your hands.

    Other than that, anything goes.

    Oh, try not to get too upset if it doesn't look like I'm going to give up. I'm sure you'll do your best.


    * Alchana adjusts her sleeves, and with the flick of a wrist, her hidden dagger is embedded in the tree above Tylissa.



    * Linara smiles nervously


    * Madelyn looks over at the others.


    * Linara starts to stretch out, sticking out her bum and chest


    Whenever you're ready, dear.


    * Alchana gazes at Linara... seemingly replaying past fights in her head.


    * Madelyn walks over to Tylissa. "Um.."


    * Alchana also resists the urge to 'cheat', since Linara didn't think to stipulate that she can't break bones or just choke the girl out...


    * Linara yawns


    * Tylissa looks up at Madelyn. "Oh, it's you."


    Any day now, Allie! Do you want me to sit down or cross my legs or something weird like that?


    "What is it?"


    "Uh.. what are they doing?"


    "Oh... Linara has a bet with Alchana where she can last five minutes in any hold Alchana puts her in. She thinks unarmed combat is stupid... and I did too until I saw Alchana tie her up like a knot."

    "Fortunately, I'm actually intelligent and learned how it can be useful, while Linara continued to laud it as "stupid", so you can probably see where this is going to go. Hope you have a healing spell handy. Linara's going to need one."


    It was nothing, girls. Something two children would think of while slap fighting.


    Which they basically did.


    * Madelyn gasps. "Oh dear. Is this really necessary?"


    "Some people have to learn the hard way..."

    "You might just want to prepare a spell now."


    To heal Alchana's ego...


    "As for me, well, I can't wait for this..."


    * Alchana continues analyzing... She hasn't known Linara long... where would she be weakest?


    * Linara continues to stretch, reaching down to her toes sticking her ass up in the air

    Ty? Maddie? You want to bet on this?


    "Huh. Sure. I have five coins on Alchana making you squeal within half the allotted time.


    * Linara makes a shocked face

    Well, I'll be trusting you two to keep track of the time, so do be fair


    Hey, I saw what she did earlier! I happen to have learned it a lot faster than you're going to...but you will...


    "I uh.. I'll pass.."


    Just count the seconds for me, Maddie. You'll be counting for a looooong time.


    "I'll keep it fair. I don't have any special attachment to either of you if I am going to be honest so I don't care who mauls who


    *grunts* That's the spirit.


    * Madelyn looks at Linara with a worried expression.


    * Linara gives Madelyn a thumbs up


    "Miss Alchana, please don't do anything too harmful to her.."


    Don't worry about a thing, Maddie. Drinks are on me...well, Alchana after this.


    * Alchana breathes a little heavier, working herself up for what she has to do...


    Just be ready to patch her up, Madelyn. This is gonna be a wreck


    * Alchana suddenly turns, spinning out to bring a roundhouse kick crashing down on Linara's shoulder!



    * Linara falls to her side, holding her shoulder

    What's the big deal? You call that wrestling??


    * Tylissa breaks into a huge grin


    * Alchana rolls Linara onto her stomach as she grabs one of her legs by the ankle...


    "Ah!" Madelyn brings her hands together and folds them..


    Ow...do your worst, dummy


    Come on, fold her up and make her squeal!


    "Miss Tylissa, really!"

    * Madelyn frowns.


    Just shush and do your job, medic

    "A....mmm." Madelyn turns away.


    * Alchana plants her feet into Linara's lower back as she falls back, acting as a lever against the girl's rounded bottom, which turns up sharply in response.


    * Linara groans as she feels the hold being applied


    It's been fifteen seconds! Come on, Linara, I'll have your money in no time!


    Mmmm...come on...


    * Madelyn turns away. "I can't watch..."


    Someone with a clear background in dancing... you probably thought you could just fake some pain in response to another stretch, didn't you?

    * Alchana uses Linara's foot to tap the ground next to her head to illustrate her point.


    * Linara opens her eyes wide in reaction to the sharp stretch



    Just make some noise for a few minutes to get me to think you're almost at the breaking point while you lie your way to victory?

    You thought I'd fall for it, didn't you?


    Two minutes left if you want my coins, Linara! You can SOOOO do it!


    AAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAAAHHH...huh...huh...

    * Linara is breathing heavily, trying to block out the pain


    * Madelyn holds her head. "..."


    * Alchana pushes against Linara's back with her foot, straightening the girl's leg in the air, trying to turn a C shape into a “<”


    * Tylissa eggs the situation on

    "Just quit while you can still walk without the help of a healing spell, Linara!"

    "Can't you feel that leg cracking and breaking?"


    * Linara shuts her eyes tightly, but the tears are clearly starting to flow


    "And who knows... maybe the spell won't work properly... maybe there will be something unfixable...."

    "Maybe you won't walk without a limp ever again!"


    * Linara is clenching her teeth

    MMMM...MMMM! NO!




    "Ah... M-Miss Linara.. please give up!"



    * Linara starts to beat her fist and kick her free leg into the dirt wildly


    * Alchana rolls herself over Linara's leg, so it's being held down between her own legs.


    No no no no no


    "1 minute 30 seconds left, Linara! That's only for my money though... you said five minutes, so you actually have another FOUR MINUTES OF THIS PAIN

    "You can't hold on that long!"


    * Linara hears four minutes and thinks "What...that's...that's impossible..."


    * Alchana casually grabs Linara's ponytail, checking it's length for some mental math...


    "She's gonna cripple youuuuuuuu....."


    * Linara moans, feeling the strain in her lithe leg


    * Alchana frowns, dropping Linara's hair. "Not long enough, and I'm not that mean. Would rather lose than have your scalp torn out.."


    "You want my money? One minute 15 seconds! Go on, tough one!"


    * Linara shakes her head


    "Doesn't that leg burn yet? Have fun trying to walk on that afterwards!"


    "Miss Linara.. please.."


    "One minute for my money, Linara!... but you have three and a half minutes of this left...."


    * Alchana is resting with one knee on the ground, and one foot on Linara's back, leaning against the girl's knee with her hips to force it forward. She strains to grab at Linara's arms, pushing her leg further down in the process..


    * Linara grits her teeth harder


    * Linara thinks, "What is she doing to me?"


    "45 seconds!"

    * Tylissa is starting to get a little antsy at the prospect of losing her money


    * Alchana gets a hold of the girl's wrists, and begins to ratchet them upward..




    * Linara shakes her head again and tries to blink away her tears


    * Alchana doesn't take long to have them beyond a 90 degree angle with Linara's back, continuing to pump and release pressure.


    "30 seconds!" I'm starting to get worried about my money


    * Madelyn falls to her knees. "How.. I don't see how she can endure this.."


    "I don't either, this is... this is insane."


    Oh, come on!


    * Linara bites her lip, holding in her scream


    "15 seconds!!"

    * Tylissa is getting antsy



    * Alchana shifts her foot to Linara's shoulder, shoving the girl's other arm into a hammerlock in the fold of her downed knee




    * Alchana then uses her now free hand to yank back on Linara's ponytail. "Give.. UP"








    * Linara just hangs her head, glistening with sweat









    * Alchana keeps pushing and pulling with what she's got... even trying to twist her foot into Linara's back a bit..




    * Tylissa tosses coins on Linara's purse



    Stubborn.. ox-brained... fool..


    * Linara looks over and manages a weak smile


    "Miss Linara, you... please just end this.."




    * Alchana is clearly getting frustrated as she releases Linara's other arm, needing a free hand for her next move....


    "I can heal you.. it'll all be over.."


    I shouldn't have to do this to an ally...


    "You won my money but you still have two and a half minutes of this!"


    * Alchana reaches back, her hand formed in a claw shape...


    * Linara feels sick as Tylissa's words begin to register

    * Linara bites her lip again


    * Alchana slams her hand between Linara's legs, digging into her crotch with her fingertips!




    ".... whoa. I'm glad that's not me."


    * Linara opens her eyes and mouth wide...





    * Madelyn waivers and swoons against Tylissa.


    "Whoa, easy there, you're supposed to be the doctor here! How are we supposed to heal you?"



    * Linara starts to pull at her own hair


    One minute 30 seconds left!

    Good luck with that!

    "You think you can handle getting felt up for 90 seconds?"


    * Linara can barely hear people talking anymore, there's so much pain


    I gave you a free hand so you could tap out. You can even keep your money...

    Please don't make me hurt you any more than this.


    * Linara has her hand in the air and it's shaking...but she clenches it into a fist


    60 seconds!

    "How... how the hell has she held on this long..."

    45 seconds!

    "Has anything broken yet?"


    * Alchana shakes her head sadly as she grabs Linara's other leg and rolls herself back between the girl's legs and back, putting her full weight on the back of the fighter's head as she pulls both legs as far as they'll go.


    The question was asked not of arrogance but of genuine curiosity


    * Linara feels something cracking in her back



    "30 seconds!"


    * Alchana has her eyes closed, chanting to herself... "I'm not hurting her, her own arrogance is..."

    * Alchana rocks forward and back..



    * Linara can't help herself as tears are rolling down her cheeks


    "15 seconds!"


    * Linara can't understand Tylissa's counting...she has no idea how much time is left...











    * Alchana leans back with everything she's got..








    ...and immediately releases, sliding onto her back


    Figures it'd be my money...

    "Well, doc, better go patch her up like I said..."


    * Alchana growls as she rolls Linara onto her back, tears in her eyes as she delivers a loud SLAP to the fighter's face!

    You.. idiot! Damned fool! You could have been seriously hurt! For a stupid bet...


    "I heard a crunch or two, I think she was actually...


    * Madelyn is still swooned on the floor. "...."


    * Linara rolls onto her side, holding her back, weeping



    "Just what we need. A doctor who gets fainty when people get hurt."


    * Alchana storms over to Madelyn...


    Ty...how close...time...


    "If you'd hung on for four more seconds, you'd have won your bet"

    "At any rate, I hope my money eases the pain a little..."


    * Alchana is trying to pull the healer to her feet, slapping her awake.


    * Linara is surprised

    4 seconds? Oooohhh...

    * Linara renews her crying, the memories of the painful hold fresh on her mind


    * Tylissa rolls her eyes


    * Madelyn shakes her head groggily. "..Uh.. Nana, is it bread time al... eh?"

    "Who.. why.. where.."


    "Well, have fun with my money, greatest warrior in Kriegmar..."


    * Alchana wordlessly shoves Madelyn toward the downed fighter.


    * Tylissa resumes reading her book, her mood fouled by the loss of her coins


    "Uuff... ...AH! LINARA!"

    * Madelyn kneels down towards Linara, placing a hand on one of her more pained area, not realizing it is such. "A-are you.."



    * Madelyn begins to channel a warm light in her hand, allowing the warmth to soothe Linara's pain.


    * Alchana walks over to the other side of the fence she was leaning on, not making eye contact with anyone.


    "Gee, if only someone had predicted this."


    *sigh* Madelyn...thank Sol you're here...

    * Linara feels a little better


    * Madelyn smiles. "Yes.. thank Sol I am here too.. heheh."

    * Madelyn works up and down Linara's body, soothing her most afflicted areas.

    "Oh my, she touched you there.."



    One sec, Maddie...




    * Linara gets up gingerly and walks over to Alchana


    * Tylissa is half reading and half watching what is going on



    * Alchana continues to stare off into the distance.


    * Linara puts her hand on Alchana's shoulder and the coins in her hand


    * Madelyn follows Linara, touching various areas on her body, checking to see if she reacts in pain to them. "..."


    I told you.. keep your money. It was never about the stupid bet for me.


    * Linara nods

    * Linara steps back and bows to Alchana

    It was a good challenge. Perhaps...perhaps there's more to unarmed combat than I thought.


    No matter how good you are at your preferred form of combat... There's going to be someone who can surprise you.

    ...and when that time comes, you have to be able to adapt.


    Linara offers a handshake to Alchana


    * Alchana looks surprised, still clearly unhappy about what she just had to do... and slowly accepts the handshake


    Thanks, Allie. I have a lot to learn.


    * Madelyn pokes Linara on a particularly painful spot on her back.


    Yooow! Maddie!

    * Linara looks at Madelyn angrily for a second, then smiles


    * Linara gives Madelyn a big hug


    Allie... heh, you humans sure have weird ways of shortening names. If you must, it's A'na.


    A'na...I like that.


    * Alchana 's eyes shift a little as that name awkwardly leaves her mouth


    * Madelyn brightens up. "Miss Linara?"

    * Madelyn is smushed against Linara's boobs. Don't know if dislike...


    Now help me over to that grass...I'm going to lie down for...a year.


    * Tylissa gets up and goes to Linara

    "Hey, um... thought I could help you here

    * Tylissa conjures up a small amount of ice magic and begins to rub the cold into Linara's back

    "I heard icing an injury helps... thought I would try that"


    * Alchana takes some coins from her own pouch, and tosses them to Tylissa.


    "Er? What's this for?


    Because it was a silly bet, and you shouldn't be out for it. Besides, I always make sure I get my share.

    * Alchana grins.


    "No, hey, you keep them. I made the bet, it was my own fault. I honestly thought she wouldn't last and... well... I was wrong."


    Aaaah, thanks Ty, that really helps. And here I thought you were only good for roasting bandits.


    "Yeah, well, you're still an idiot for making that bet!"
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    This was the first RP Idoro and I did. I didn't post it because I kind of forgot about it and it's long and light on ryona content, but I'm enjoying The Blades Of Kriegmar so much I figure it can't hurt. If you're having trouble sleeping, give it a read!

    Tales Of Kriegmar - Linara's Quest


    Ryona Master (Idoro)

    Rain. That's how it had been in the province of Toergarde for quite some time. Seeing as how it was a province set up on the coast, it was to be expected...but the fog and cooler weather it brought did nothing to help lighten the general mood in the area.

    Your travels brought you here as you explored the land, looking for work. When you had first arrived it was sunny and temperate, but no sooner had you taken your first sleep, a storm came in and instantly killed any chance of the sun casting its rays upon you for at least a few days to come.

    Furthermore, a few bandit encampments around the village had taken this opportunity to raid during the night, taking what they please and leaving a few of the inhabitants injured, scared and penniless.

    The village constable is a mess and knows not what to do. In the past, the bandits had been in smaller bands and never posed a threat to the village, but recently, their numbers have been growing.. and as the weather worsens, they are taking clear advantage of it.

    As a guest of this small fishing village, you figure you can put your skills to the test by perhaps helping out these kind and decent folk who have been hospitable enough to give you free shelter from the terrible weather.

    It is around 11 AM right now, and a light drizzle has picked up. The visibility is better than it has been in some time, and you can see at least 50 feet out in every direction. In the sky, you can make out the shape of the sun behind the clouds.

    There are a few locations to visit, a few villagers are out doing daily errands or working, there is the constable's office, the mayor's office and a blacksmith. Also of note is the fisherman's hut and the trade store.


    I step out of the inn and shiver a little as the precipitation hits me. "Ugh, gotta remember to wear warmer clothes next time."

    Ill prepared for this kind of weather, I make a note to myself to head down the trade store to acquire some sort of cloak before meeting up with the constable.

    Having little experience with this sort of thing, I figure that trading notes with the local authorities might be a good idea.

    Besides, he'll probably be falling over himself when he's offered the services of a skilled, noble (and beautiful!) warrior like myself.

    I enter the trade store and greet the shopkeep.


    As you enter the shop, you notice that the store is in complete disarray. Products of all types are strewn everywhere, and a few of the display tables are completely broken. The shopkeep himself is busy moving around, trying desperately to re-organize everything.

    As soon as you enter he glances over at you and smiles, looking a little embarrassed. He scratches his head and bows his head in your direction, noting your appearance. "Um...c-can I help you?" he said nervously, as if instantly picking up on your noble background. "Sorry if I don't have much to offer...my store was hit hard last night..." as you look closer, you can see that this man has a black eye, hidden well behind his thick glasses.


    "Oh my goodness! What happened here?"

    I move to help him, then notice his eye.

    "Who did this to you?"


    The man looks down, seeming absolutely disparate. He appears to be in his mid-40s and has most likely been in the sun all his life, due to his darkly-tanned skin. Wrinkles run freely over his face, which would attribute to this fact. Not much hair is left on his head, and it seemed as if he'd be losing more very soon.

    In a disgusted tone of voice he says, "It's...those damned bandits. This is the second time this has happened.. the first time I warded them off with my club...but this time, they brought more and..." he pauses, seeming almost tearful and ashamed at his own ineptitude. "...I just couldn't handle them...one punch and I was down..."

    He runs a hand over his head and looks down at the mess, shaking his head. "What am I going to do..."


    It infuriates me to see such a kind, honest man taken advantage of. I picture the gang of bullies that must have done this, acting all tough. We'll see how tough they are when they're facing the point of my blade.

    The man reminds me of one of my old servants. I hate to think of that now, but memories of home are hard to let go. I wonder if they resented me.

    "Do not worry, good sir," I say, trying to comfort him. "It is those bandits who should be ashamed, coming in here and thinking they can do whatever they want."

    I do my best to help him clean up his store and tell him to see the doctor as soon as he gets the chance.

    "Know this! With the bad comes the good and on this day, you can consider yourself lucky that the mighty Linara, that's me, walked into your humble store on this day. I shall find these bandits and make them pay for what they've done to you and your fine establishment."

    I strike a magnificent pose, oblivious to my surroundings and his reaction.

    "Er, all that said, perhaps you would see it fit to lend me a cloak for it is ever so chilly outside..." I ask sheepishly before going to see the constable.


    The man listens to you console him and does his best to hold back tears. As you proclaim yourself and encourage him, he smiles...probably for the first time all day and even looks a bit younger as you say you will deal with said bandits.

    As you strike a pose he looks on a bit blankly, blinking his eyes a little...and as you request a cloak he shakes his head and says, "Oh, but of course..." He disappears into the back of the store and comes up with a black cloak made of a very cottony-soft material on one side, and some sort of hide on the other. "This will keep you warm whilst keeping the water out. If you manage to deal with the bandits, you can keep it!" He hands it to you and smiles.


    I bow my head to him, affected by his generosity. My family raised me to never give anything for free so to receive such a gift is strange, but welcome.

    I put the cloak on. As much as I hate covering up this body that I've worked so hard to maintain, one must be practical.

    Moving through the city streets, I do my best to blend in. I'm always afraid that someone will notice that I'm different. That I don't belong. I pull the cloak on a little tighter.

    Once I'm at the constable's, I compose myself and stride confidently through the door. "Who's in charge here?"


    As you walk into the office, you see that it is mostly deserted, save for a few tables and what appears to be a crest on the wall, adorned with the symbol of the Gridenese Empire. Apparently, this village is under their jurisdiction...but they haven't seemed to have lifted a finger to help out since the recent raids. Upon the tables are various parchments and a candlestick or two but not much else.

    There are two doors, one leading to what you assume to be the holding cells, and another that goes behind the constable's desk. You hear a thump behind this door and some muffled voices from within...


    "Oh, for the love of..." I shake my head at the sad state of affairs I'm witnessing. "No wonder these bandits have been having their way."

    I walk over to the door and consider knocking, but I need answers now and I am NOT used to waiting for things.

    I open the door (if it’s unlocked).


    It is, and upon looking inside, you see that there are two men in there...one of which is being held up by the throat by the other. The man being held up is wearing robes reminiscent of those you are used to seeing near large cities owned by the Empire...

    The man holding him up has a tight grip on the man's throat...and is wearing a long scarf around his neck. Dark leather armor over what appears to be normal clothing, and short black hair. He appears to be quite young, perhaps only a few years older than yourself, and sports a dark grey bandana.

    "...this is not a threat, dear constable...it's a promise. You will open the city gates tonight and allow us to take anything and everything we want..."

    "Or else...we will come upon this petty village in full force and kill all those we find. You included... and most definitely the women and children."

    The constable struggles in the man's grip, placing both hands on his arm as he is held aloft..."You...demonic...fiend...uugh..."

    The man smiles, tightening his grip. "So...you can tell just by looking, hm?"


    "Halt!" I yell at the dark clothed man, without thinking. I might be inexperienced, but I like to think that I know injustice when I see it.

    Besides, his words and actions certainly don't indicate that these two were having a tea party in here.

    I place my hand on the hilt of my blade, not quite pulling it out. I'd enjoy nothing more than to show him my skills, but I decide to give this fool a chance to explain himself.

    "Release him now. I demand to know what your business is here and why you are making such heinous demands."

    I can feel a little sweat building on my brow and I hope he doesn't notice. I make sure to look as confident as possible.


    The man doesn't seem to flinch from hearing you, but the constable definitely notices your presence. The man with the grey bandana suddenly drops him to the floor, leaving him gasping for air.

    "You are lucky, constable..." the man says, his tone darkening." It seems as if someone else has come to sate my hunger for blood."

    He then turns to face you and you can see that strapped to a belt, are two short swords of indiscriminate design. He definitely has a sinister appearance about himself, but what is strange is the coloring of his eyes. One appears to be a normal brown color, while the other is slightly crimson. He looks you over once and snickers, tilting his head. "A bit strange to be dressing up as a banana though, wouldn't you say?"

    The constable scrambled for words, using the wall to help himself up. "

    "No...you...you need to run...get out of here, quick!"


    His unnatural look catches me off guard and I hesitate for a moment. "Need to be strong, damn it," I think to myself.

    The words he uses, "hunger for blood", are also disturbing to me. I was the best swordswoman back at the academy, but I'd never been in a life and death situation before. I'd never killed.

    Everytime I imagined vanquishing evil it always seemed so clean, bloodless...to hunger for blood is monstrous!

    "Banana!" His insult brings me back to attention. I cast off my cloak to fully reveal my glamorous figure. "I'll have you know that this is the raiment of the finest warrior in the land!"

    I unsheathe my sword and point at his chest. "Stand down or face the wrath of Linara!"


    The man smiled, walking closer, so that the tip of your blade was only a few inches from his face. "Adorable...really. You must be what, 16? 17? Aren't you a bit too young to even hold a sword?" He crossed his arms, seeming to make no move for his weapons, which still remained sheathed. "If you think you can strike me down, then do so."


    "Grrrr..." his cracks about my age set me off. I'm a young adult, but I know my soft features make me look like I just got out of middle school. It reminds me of how mother and the maids used to coddle me, no matter how much I told them to leave me be.

    I take a combat stance, leaning back on my right leg and stretching my left leg out. My sword arm is raised over my head, the point still aimed at my foe and my left arm is extended towards him as if keeping him at length.

    Once I'm set, my confidence begins to overflow. I picture him as one of those training dummys that I used to slice into shreds back at the academy. He has no idea what is coming.

    "Kiiiiyyyaaa!" I yell out as I slash at him, looking to open a cut on his belly. Once he's been struck once, I am certain he will surrender.


    As you swing, you are definitely confident that your hit will land on its intended target, and it does! ....Sort of.

    Your blade seems to go through him completely, as if his body was not even solid. You begin to stumble forward, the momentum of your swing still carrying you forward with nothing to stop it... and the man with the grey bandana merely chuckles, walking around you to the space you occupied before swinging at him. Upon looking at him once more you notice that his entire figure is notably more...transparent. He is still there, but you can see through him.

    With arms still crossed, he smirks at your folly. "Heh.. are you sure you're aiming that thing correctly?"


    "Ooof!" I catch myself on some nearby furniture, but it doesn't save my pride from being bruised. "How..."

    What sort of man is this? I know I hit him. Perhaps I've underestimated this one.

    My mistake was attempting to wound. I wanted to give him a chance, but I know that I musn't hold back now. I knew I would have to get my hands dirty someday. So be it.

    With both hands on my sword, I raise it over my head. With a slight hop I slash downwards at my opponent, looking to cleave him in two.


    This time, the man dodges the blow...but at a seemingly nonchalant pace. As he passes by you mid-swing, he seems to become full-formed once more as he brings his fist into your soft stomach, forcing it in deep.

    "Blindly attacking without assessing the ability of your opponent...a common mistake of an amateur...haaAHH!!" After insulting you so, he digs his fingers into your belly and wrenches your flesh around painfully.


    As my blade zings harmlessly through the air, I try to comprehend what is happening. It looked like he barely moved and yet...nothing.

    Need to prepare another strike, catch him this time..."Huurgh!" I feel my flesh wrap around his fist and I realize that I've never truly been hit before.

    All of my training was always with partners fighting at half-speed, afraid to displease my family. But now...he's not holding back!

    My immediate reaction is to fall back, but he's dug his claws in and it feels like he's ripping at my insides. It takes everything I have not to puke all over the floor.

    I make sure to maintain my grip on my sword, but my fingers feel weak and the tip of the blade is dragging uselessly across the stone.

    With my free hand, I try to grab his wrist and loosen his hold. I look into his eyes defiantly.


    "Hn..." the smile on the man's face widens as he releases his grip on you, swatting your free hand aside. "Normally...this is where I'd end your lesson...but..."

    He then kicks out at your sword, knocking it out of your hand and sending it a few feet away, clanging on the ground...With his right hand, he then draws the dagger from the left sheathe and lifts your chin up with his free hand.

    "Such a beautiful face...you should have kept it safe behind a big shiny castle, noble swine..." He then reaches in with his dagger, gently running the blunt back side of it across your lips. As you gaze into his eyes you could almost swear that his crimson eye was becoming...-more- crimson...


    The brief respite my stomach feels is replaced by sinking despair as my weapon is taken away from me.

    I try not to panic. Weapon or no, I can...I can defend myself.

    I wince as he takes my chin in his rough hand. He pulls a dagger close to my face and I feel my knees shaking. I tell them to stop, but they won't listen!

    As the weapon touches my pretty lips, I freeze for a moment...

    ...then I slap awkwardly at the dagger and attempt to get some distance.


    The man chuckles as you back away, rising his dagger level to your face. "Your bloodstains will serve as a warning to the constable and his village here...of what fate shall befall them!"

    He then makes his way towards you slowly, seeming to enjoy the fear he is drawing out of you...all the while his eye begins to glow even more...His smile widens as he draws closer, and you can see a thin tongue lash out and wet his lips. What the hell is this man?

    But as you gaze upon him, your death drawing more and more closer...you see the constable rise up behind the man...a strange container in one of his hands...


    I raise my hands clumsily, showing no technique or training. I curse myself for ignoring those hand-to-hand combat lessons when they were offered. "I'll never be without my trusty sword," I would brag.


    I try not to look nervous, but my heart is beating rapidly. I feel self-conscious as I feel my breasts jiggling along with my quivering body.

    I make eye contact with the constable and compose myself. Acting like a frightened child isn't going to get us out of this. I nod my head at him while making sure the man maintains his focus on me.

    If the constable has a plan, now would be a good time for it.


    "The blood of my family...is on the hands of people like you, scum..." the man says, now only a few feet away from you. He is within striking distance easily. "Your death will be the first of many on my road to avenging them..."

    As he raised his hand to strike at your face...the constable suddenly opened the container he was caring, splashing liquid all over the back of the man...

    To which the man suddenly yelled out in alarm, moving quickly to the side and leaning against the only table in the room. You can see a bit of steam rising from his back...

    The constable then rushes to your side, standing a little in front of you as he keeps watch over the man. He still holds the container in his hand and holds it out defensively at the man, waiting to see what he'll do next.


    I don't know what he's going on about, but whatever it is seems to have made him unaware of the situation behind him.

    I breathe a sigh of relief as the constable's concoction seems to have an effect on the man, who moments ago seemed invincible.

    I go to check on him, making sure he's alright. "I assure you that I had that situation well in hand, constable...but thank you for your assistance."

    Confident that my assailant is now vulnerable, I walk over to recover my weapon, ready to finish the job.


    The man looks upon you both, rage in his eyes. But more so on the constable, and the object he is holding. Growling, he raises himself off of the table and takes a few steps back..."How did you..."

    The constable holds his arm out towards the man, the container making swishing noises. No words are exchanged between the two, but the man with the grey bandana seems terrified of whatever he is holding...He backs up a few steps more, and becomes transparent once more. "This isn't the end...you will all be dead by next morning..." and without another word, he backs up against the wall...and then slips through it, out of sight.

    The constable then sighs, walking a few steps forward as if to make sure the man was truly gone...but he was. He then turned to face you and bows his head. "I suppose I owe you my life..." he said, smiling. "I wasn't sure he was going to give me a chance to warn the village..."


    With my blade in hand, I whirl around ready to destroy the weakened villain.

    I blink my eyes in surprise as he seems to just...disappear. I puff my chest out proudly. "Ho ho ho! It looks like he was all talk." I twirl my blade, doing my best to look impressive.

    "I'll give him credit. At least he knew that he was beaten. So...who and what was that thing, constable?"


    The constable looks to you and then walks towards the table, lifting one of the chairs that had been turned over in the scuffle. He offers you a seat and then walks over behind the table, peering at the map of the land that was hanging on the wall near him. "That...is the leader of these encampments that've been plaguing us for the past few weeks."

    "Originally, we had a troop stationed here that patrolled this village and the outlying fishing and trapping camps set up along the coastline and inner forest...their presence kept the bandits in check, and kept them from even attempting to launch an attack. They were disorganized, scattered."

    He turned to face you once more, pulling out his own seat behind the table. "I suppose you could say that we even forgot about their existence...as we did not need to worry."

    "The comfort...would become our downfall. About a month ago, the Emperor sent a call to arms throughout the kingdom and started drafting troops for the War. When the recruiters swept through this village...they took most of the able-bodied men that we had...and also ordered the troop to report to the capital for further assignment."

    He looked downwards, his face sullen. "They...removed our only protection. It didn't take long for the bandits to hear word of what was going on...and they soon took advantage of the situation."

    "Soon, many of the scattered encampments began to gather...like-minded scoundrels who wanted only to pillage and plunder...the two fishing villages to the south are already gone. They leave no survivors...take the women...and leave the children to starve...or kill them outright."

    He tightens his fist...the idea of killing children without reservation obviously seems to upset him.


    I was afraid of this. My family always said that these small towns weren't worth protecting. Mother considered the lower-class people and the bandits to be all the same. "Let them devour each other," she would say.

    I can imagine her laughing in the dining room with my brothers and cousins, revelling in the fact that they'll never have to be involved in the war.

    I grit my teeth. In a sense, it's my responsibility to help these people. Someone has to.

    "Worry not, constable! Fate has brought me to your town and I can think of nothing more urgent than assisting you in your quest. You say that they've taken the women...tell me, where might I find these bandits?"


    The constable looked to you and smiled. He wasn't too old, perhaps in his mid-30's or so you would estimate. But he had an aged face about him, the one you would expect an uncle to have. He had light scars on his cheek but nothing outstanding, and his hair was short and neatly combed. Sporting just a thick moustache as he spoke it bobbed slightly, "Surely...you're not planning to move against them now."


    Again, I laugh out loud. "I not only plan to move against them, I am certain that I will be able to defeat them and recover the captured townspeople."

    I throw my hair back arrogantly. "Just point me in the right direction."

    I sheathe my sword and gather my cloak, ready to set out as soon as he gives me the directions.


    The constable chuckled a bit more, lowering his gaze. He seemed to be quite a pious man, for he did not indulge his gaze into your more attractive features..."I...I couldn't do that, miss. You...you saw what the man was capable of, did you not? Barring that, I couldn't willingly let a young woman like you simply head out by yourself into danger without lifting a finger myself to help.. nothing short of a small troop of soldiers would be able to take do

    He took a seat finally, folding his hands and looking at them, as if gazing into an abyss. "The best you can do for yourself is to gather whatever belongings you hold dear...and leave this place. You don't have any need to stay here when the safety of the village is compromised."


    I nod my head, disappointed that he's unwilling to help, but appreciative of his concern.

    I take his hand in mine. "You are a wise man, constable. Only a great fool would dare to challenge such a powerful force..."

    Suddenly, I rise up. "...a great fool, or a gifted fighter! Gather whatever forces you have and make sure the town is protected. I shall go forth on my own and find these bandit kings. I ask for no reward, only that you be prepared to take in the sick and wounded that I return with."

    “I bid you farewell, constable. When next we meet, it shall be under much more pleasant circumstances."

    I leave the office and prepare to visit the mayor's office. I can only hope that he'll be more forthcoming with information.


    The constable watches you go, seeing that his words are clearly not deterring your spirit. He closes his eyes and lowers his head once more. "Gods protect her soul."

    As you head out into the village once more, you can see a few villagers gathered by the entrance, speaking with a few guards. You overhear a few phrases like, "...vanishes into thin air" and "...out of nowhere" but that is all. The mayor's office is very close, being only a few dozens of paces away.


    As I listen to the town chatter, I am more sure than ever that I am doing what needs to be done. To see the populace in such a fearful state disgusts me.

    I march up to the mayor's office, looking to address the guards and demand an audience.


    There are two guards stationed outside the entrance to the manor-like building. It is an odd site to see in such a quaint, rural village. Surely, the Empire lets its officials live in extravagance.

    The guards look to you as you approach, and the one you lay your eyes on seems to be taking you up in full view, eyes certainly not on your face. "Can I...help you miss?" he says, eyes on your chest.


    At first I think to cover myself with the cloak, but realize this is a perfect opportunity to bypass the usual bureaucracy.

    I make an exaggerated yawn, arching my back and jutting my chest out. "Oooooh, excuse me kind sir, but I am a simple girl who has only recently arrived in your lovely village. I've been told that the mayor is such a wonderful man and I would love to be able to meet him."

    "Is there some way you could help me out," I say, putting my finger to my lips innocently.


    The guard you are addressing opens his mouth and looks at you, his jaw agape. You can see faint signs of his cheeks turning pink.

    The other guard next to him looks to you and asks, "Er...what...business do you have with the mayor anyways? He is a very busy man."

    They begin to exchange glances between each other and you. They clearly seem to be falling for your tactic.


    "I come bearing an important message," I say, batting my eyelashes. "But it's for his ears only, unfortunately."

    I take one of the guards by the arm and press in closely, the side of my breast brushing lightly against him. "But it is very boring and there are so many other things to talk about. Perhaps if you could take me to him now, I might have time for a drink later."


    The guard you grab is flustered and begins to mumble incoherent rabble. The other guard, seeming to want to take his friend's place says, "I...if it is important, than I am sure he will gladly see you. Please, follow me."

    And with that, he opened the door for you, leaving the other guard staring at your legs.


    As I walk away from the other guard, my strut accentuates my bodacious ass cheeks. My sash sways back and forth in a teasing manner.

    When we reach the mayor's chambers, I attempt to hide my refined upbringing. I hunch my shoulders and cover most of my head with my cloak. I wouldn't want him to suspect that I'm from wealth and possibly trace it back to my family. I need to be very careful.

    I bow to him eagerly, so as to assure him that I am nothing more than another commoner.


    The mayor looks upon you with a curious eye. He is quite portly, wearing the noblest of garbs and sporting a very fancy moustache and beard. It's hard to keep your eyes off of it. He looks to the guardsman who led you in and says, "I hope you brought in this woman for good reason, boy."

    "Sir," the guard said, becoming even more red-cheeked, "she claims to bring urgent news...for your ears only!"

    The mayor sat with many piles of parchment and missives surrounding his desk. Behind him, two other men were holding even more stacks of parchment. It seemed he was up to his ears in work, but he looked upon Linara with a curious glare, noting her appearance. "Well, I'm not one for secrets and I've never seen you before so I'm sure it's nothing private. You may speak. "


    It's doubtul that the mayor would fall for my feminine wiles like this dim-witted guard. I won't insult him by trying.

    Reaching into a pocket, I pull out a small patch bearing my family crest. I'm not sure why I carry it around with me. Luck? Honour? For whatever reason, it may come in handy now.

    I hesitate for a moment. I told myself that the days of asking my family for things would be over, but if I'm to get any assistance from the mayor and rescue those people, I may have to swallow my pride.

    "Your grace, behold..." I show him the crest. "The symbol of The House of Beaufort. I come as...a humble representative." I speak softly, presenting myself as a messenger and not a member of the family.


    The mayor looks upon the crest, moving in to get a closer look. He then looks up at you, into your face and his expression hardens. After a few seconds of deliberation he leans back in his seat and says, "Go on."


    "The House of Beaufort is aware of your plight, honourable mayor, and have their own private military force at their disposal. Lord Ridley passed through this town once and remembers it fondly. He is offering assistance, but..."

    I pause, unsure if I should continue. I fear I might be discovered. Thoughts of the kidnapped women flash through my mind and I finish my statement.

    "...he needs to know for sure that there is a threat. I am his best scout and he has requested that I evaluate the threat of the bandits before he commits his resources. Would you be willing to provide me with the directions to the bandits' camp and a few days’ supplies?"

    I bow again and await his response.


    The mayor puts a hand to his chin and thinks over your request. Clearly, it would be easy to say yes to such an offer.

    "I am well aware of the bandit situation...to which I have left it in the hands of the constable. However, having the involvement of a noble house would require my approval...before I can accept, is there anything that House Beaufort would expect in return?" He looked upon you with precaution.

    "I would after all, not want to burden my people by accepting assistance that I cannot pay back."


    Hidden by my cloak, I allow myself a sly smile. "There may come a time when my Lord and Lady might have a request from you, but be sure that it will never be beyond your means. My Lord and Lady are kind and at this moment, their main concern is ensuring the safety of your town."

    "Now, at the risk of sounding impolite I must be off. I have already dallied in this town for too long and my commander will be expecting a report soon. Where am I headed?"

    I get ready to collect the supplies and be on my way.


    The mayor nods, thanking you graciously for your efforts and assigns the guard to ready your supplies. A few hours pass by as the preparations are made, but soon you find yourself with plenty supplies and a map of the outlying area around the town, with several areas on the map dotted on the map as being locations of encampments.

    Before you set out, you heard a voice call out to you, and when you turn around you see it is the constable. He walks towards you with a disappointed look on his face, but when he approaches you he smirks slightly, holding a small box.

    "I didn't think you'd be deterred so easily...and I still advocate against doing this, my lady...but if you are so set on seeking out glory...then you will need this."

    He hands the box to you, saying "This box contains a container of holy water. It's Hephaen's only weakness...he is the one who attacked me earlier..."


    "Hephaen," I say, nodding my head. I place a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you again. I will do everything in my power to help you and this town."

    I take only what I need, making sure to travel light. I don't expect this to be a prolonged campaign. I'll have to be in and out, killing only if necesssary. My number one priority is rescuing the women.

    I leave the town and set out towards the nearest encampment.


    The constable looks upon you as you head out. "Good luck!" he yells when you are quite a distance away, he then heads back into the city. They will need to prepare for war on this day...

    You travel for a good amount of time through the forest before looking into the sky to see if you can tell the time by the position of the sun. You notice that it's probably been an hour since you left, and is probably around 1:00 PM.

    The sky is thick with dark clouds, and you think you hear distant thunder. Within 5 minutes, it is raining.

    You figure you are drawing closer to the encampment, as you think you pick up the scent of smoke...that is, before the rain overpowers and drowns it out. You think you catch a glimpse of something behind a thick brush of trees when you suddenly hear something fall to the ground behind you.


    As the rain starts to come down, I hold my hand out to catch a few drops. "Just my luck."

    I soldier on through the dampening forest, my leggings becoming soaked in water and mud. The scent of smoke is encouraging and I head in that direction.

    Before I can get a better look at my potential target, I'm alerted to something behind me and I whirl around, blade at the ready,

    I'm not taking any chances this time.


    You see nothing but the brush and leaves that you have just passed through. Nothing looks disturbed, and the rain is falling as to make most of the leaves bob up and down, making tracking movement hard.

    After a few more seconds of investigating, you hear no more strange sounds.


    I smile and make a nervous chuckle. "Getting jumpy."

    Taking a small strip of jerky from my supplies, I chew on it as I study the map once more to figure out my position.

    I continue to move towards the nearest camp.


    You see that you should be just about where the map implies there is a camp. Looking ahead, you can begin to make out the objects ahead more clearly.

    But before you can go any further, you hear something from behind you...like some sort of giggle!


    I whip around again, quicker and more aggressive than before. My blade is unsheathed and ready to attack!

    "Reveal yourself! If you hide in these bushes any longer, I shall cut down the trees until you have no place else to go. It would be unfortunate if one of your limbs were removed in this process."


    You are suddenly beset upon, but not in the open. You feel a hand come over your mouth and legs wrap around your torso. Another arm is wrapped around your forehead as someone has quite literally, gotten the jump on you!

    Unable to see your assailant, you are left stumbling awkwardly as their legs close around you tighter, you being unable to move your arms and your head being bent back against your will..

    "What's this?" you hear a youthful, feminine voice speak. "Are you a woman? I hope not."


    "Mmph! Mmmm!" With my unarmed hand, I grab at the hand around my mouth. I can't even concentrate on that for a moment as my attacker's legs are pressing harder and harder with each passing moment.

    I try to stiffen my body, but the weight of my attacker is putting some unwelcome pressure on my neck.

    I want to flip my blade and stab behind me, but the sound of a feminine voice throws me off. Were any of the bandits reported to be females?

    Erring on the side of caution, I strike behind me but only with the flat of my blade.

    At the same time, I attempt to whip off my cloak and the attacker along with it.


    Your attempt is successful, sort of. The thwapping of your sword makes the person on top of you squeak in alarm, and as you whip your cloak off, you can feel that this person isn't quite that heavy at all.

    As you toss it to the ground, your attacker goes with it...but not before flailing their legs in mid-air, landing an unintended yet powerful kick to the side of your face.

    As she hits the ground in a slump, she quickly springs back up into action, she quickly springs back up...holding two disproportionate blades-one in each hand.

    "Wow, you're powerful for a lady. You must be old.. don't worry, I'll kill you so you don't have to worry about getting wrinkles!"


    "Gah!" I cry out, more in surprise than pain.

    As the small foot collides with my face, I try to roll with the hit, rubbing my cheek. Unhindered by my cloak, I feel more prepared to do battle.

    "Now then, let's see what you..." I stop my challenge abruptly as I get my first good glimpse of my opponent. A young girl. Pretty too.

    I'm impulsive and always looking to test my skills, but I'm not stupid. "You...you're no bandit."


    The girl starts twirling her blades in her hand effortlessly...either she's good at tricks or knows how to handle them well, which could mean trouble. "Says you! I'm the greatest bandit there is! And I'll show it to you!"

    Without warning, you can see several quick flashes of light as the girl hurls no less than three lightweight knives in your direction!


    With all the sneak attacks and tricks I've had to deal with, a face to face confrontation is an ideal situation at this point.

    She's skilled and fast, but this attack is right up my alley. Nobody ever beat me when it came to dispatching of airborne objects.

    With one swipe of my blade, I deflect all three knives harmlessly. I withhold my attack. The youth of the girl is holding me back.

    "That's your one free shot." I take a couple of steps forward with my blade in both hands now, held in front of me. "I don't want to hurt you. Yield."


    The girl giggles again, pointing at you. "You're really confident of yourself, aren't you? Look again."

    On the ground, you examine the knives you deflected. They all lay around you, pretty close...but more importantly, you can see fuses set upon their handles.

    And the fuse is very close to meeting with the rest of the explosive.


    With blinding speed, I swing my sword in a circular motion around me in an attempt to cut the fuses.

    One goes up in the air, then another...but I've reacted too slowly. The girl's trick proves effective and the last knife explodes just as my blade is about to connect.

    I've never been this close to an explosion before and the impact stuns me. I maintain my grip on my weapon, but my body is flung to the ground and I lay there on my side.

    "Oooh," I moan, trying to get my bearings.


    As if running on air the girl is upon you in seconds, and she delivers a kick to your exposed kidney area, chuckling mockingly as she does so.

    As if to add insult to injury, she also pulls on your ponytail as she dashes by, yanking on it and pulling your head towards her slightly before letting go and disappearing into the wet brush. Thunder strikes again, hiding the sound of her movements.


    As the kick connects with my kidney, my legs start to spasm involuntarily. It's a horrible feeling.

    I start to roll onto my back, but as I do I feel my sexy hair being pulled on and my neck is jerked awkwardly.

    "Agh! You little..." I stop myself. This is what she wants. I have to focus.

    Remembering the training at the academy, I close my eyes and concentrate deeply. I try to block out the falling rain, the crashing thunder, the whistling branches...

    I hold my sword and I wait...and I wait...and I wait for that brief moment of change in my environment.


    The girl does not re-appear for some time... but suddenly, about 20 seconds later, you see a quick flash of movement in a bush to your left!


    I slice through the bush with one clean stroke, but immediately return to a defensive stance. She's a crafty one and I've learned it could be a deadly mistake to underestimate her.


    You hear a gasp and a clattering of metal from the other side..


    Still cautious, I use my blade to create a clear view of just what has happened. Did I hit her?


    You can see the girl lying on the ground, sitting up...and covering her chest. She quickly moves to grab her dagger from the ground and picks it up, covering her chest still with one hand as she does so. "I...can't believe she hit me there."

    Not seeing you, she gets to her feet and scrambles off away from you. She doesn't seem to be aware of your presence.


    I creep up behind her and place my blade against her throat. I'm done playing around.

    "Little one. Take me to your leader."

    (end of part 1)
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    (continuation of part 1...)


    The girl gasps again, dropping her dagger and raising her hands up...as she does so...her top falls off completely. Bra and all.

    "Uh...okay...okay, I'll do whatever you say, old lady...just don't kill me, please..." she keeps her hands up, her cheeks a shade of crimson.

    You hear her gulp as another thunderstrike booms in the distance...


    Even I'm a little embarrassed at her sudden nakedness. Even though I've read a lot of erotic books (smuggled to me secretly), I'm still inexperienced with this sort of thing.

    Keeping the blade to her throat, I walk her over to my cloak and command her to drape it over herself. It's cold and my wet leotard is now clinging to my body, but I can't march her back to her camp with her breasts swinging to and fro.

    I might be the mightiest warrior in the land, but I'm still a lady!

    After she's dressed, I follow her to the camp.


    About a half hour later you come upon the encampment...and posted outside are two sentries who do not notice your presence at first. It probably helps that they have their back turned.

    It is still raining-hard...and the both of you are nearly drenched by the time you arrive. The girl leads you a bit further and says, "If they see you with me, they'll kill us both.. I can go ahead and try to distract them, if you trust me...otherwise you'll have to fight your way through."

    She turns to you and smiles. "What'll it be, old lady?"


    I rub my sword arm, attempting to fight off the wet cold. I look at the state of myself, droplets of rain running down my torso. The leotard is clinging even more now and I can't help but notice my nipples poking through.

    I'm in no mood for seduction and while I'm certain I could take both men, I'm not sure I could do it without having to kill them and the girl. If I can avoid that, it would be preferable.

    I turn to her. "No tricks or that will be the end of you, understand? Do what you must."


    The girl nodded and pointed to a nearby tree. "Stand over there, out of sight...I'll see what I can do about these guards..."

    She ran towards another tree, sneaking behind it so that she could peek over at the two sentries standing watch.


    I follow her orders. She seems to be a trickster by nature, so hopefully the trick will be on her allies this time.

    I hide as best as I can and try to stay warm.


    The girl turns to wink at you, but her gaze lingers...and suddenly she opens her mouth wide and starts to wave her arms at you. Not wanting to yell, she can only hope you get the message...

    But it is too late. The area you stepped on starts to give way...and a few seconds later, you are no longer standing. You can feel your legs fly up as you fall into a pit, about 9 feet deep.

    You make quite a sound and the crash arouses the guards from their stupor...you can also hear other voices gathering as you assume more people are starting to gather...


    "This could actually work in my favour," I think to myself. I take my time to recover, waiting a crowd of people to gather.

    I ready my symbol again, the second time I'll have to use it. I plan to offer myself to them as a replacement for the other women. Surely, they'll jump at the chance to get a ransom paid by the wealthy Beaufort family.

    I look up and address the first person I see.


    The first one you spot... is perhaps one of the most hideous-looking men you've ever seen.

    He looks at you drooling, as plenty of your thigh is showing. "Heh.. purdy woman.."

    You hear more voices as more heads look over, a few of them aiming crossbows at you.


    It's a tricky situation, but I knew what I was getting into. "Gentlemen..." I say, moving my sash out of the way so they can admire my long legs. "Aren't you wondering how such a delicious prize wandered into your camp? It is no accident."

    I look up, making sure to make eye contact with the ugly one. "If you'd be so kind to throw me a rope and help me out of here, I'd love to explain everything to you." I purse my lips. "Pretty please?"


    The ugly one looks to the others- "Pull'er up!"

    Suddenly, you feel a net enclose around you and you are suddenly hoisted into the air...except...

    The net caught your sword, and it falls directly into the hands of one of the brigands.

    You can see them all now, about 8 in total. None of them look particularly threatening...except the ugly one of course.

    They all examine you with hungry eyes...and in the far back of them you can see the little thief girl, teeth-chattering. Perhaps she should have told you about the traps around the place...

    The ugly one now looks at you as you're in an odd position due to the net...and gazes upon your bountiful booty. "This one mine."


    As the coarse rope of the net surrounds me, I start to regret my decision. I hate this feeling of being trapped. I hoped they would just send me a rope to climb up, but this is so limiting.

    I reach to secure my sword and my heart sinks as I see it fall out of my sheath and into the arms of my enemies. I wasn't prepared for this. I want to run, but...but these women are counting on me.

    I try to fix my position, but the being in the net is so awkward. I'm all bundled up, my limbs poking out in different directions...and it occurs to me that these slobs are looking at me like a delectable piece of meat.

    As the ugly one makes his claim, I look right at him and try to hide my revulsion.

    "Ooooh...such a big, handsome warrior. Surely, you must be the leader of this impressive band of soldiers. Would you see it fit to release me, so we might enter negotiations?"


    The ugly one laughs, and you can see into his mouth...which sports rotted and missing teeth. "Hauuuh...I am leader...you...you be brought to chamber.."

    He turns to one of the other bringands holding the string you are being hoisted by and says, "Let'er out...club her...bring her to chamber...with others."

    The brigands nod, and you feel yourself pushed forward... the rope holding the next above you is then cut, and you fall to the ground in a heap.

    As you attempt to recover, one of the brigands leans over you with a thick club, a grin on his face. He waivers for a second, staring at your beauty...and then delivers a blow to your head...quick and precise.

    You feel no pain, as you almost instantly black out.


    "Ooof!" I pull myself up onto all fours, inadvertently showing off my rump. My eyes dart about, searching for the bandit who has my weapon, looking sadder and more desperate with every passing second.

    I resign myself to fighting them off by hand, no matter how difficult it may be.

    "Ungh!" I have no idea what hit me, but it made a dull thud inside my skull and I suddenly feel like I'm falling a very great distance...


    You awaken...in bondage! You're in a dank room of what appears to be an abandoned keep dungeon...it's dark, it smells, and it's very humid.

    From outside the cell, you can see a very dim light...and you appear to have no guards around. You've never been in a situation like this...as your vision comes to you more, you notice you are not alone. Several other women are in the cell with you, but they are not bound. It seems that the brigands didn't think them enough of a threat to bind up.

    They seem to be ignoring you for the most part...and seem pretty lethargic. They're filthy and appear miserable. They must've been here a while.

    You spend the next few minutes collecting your thoughts on how you're going to get out of this mess.

    I strain my muscles, testing the limits of the bonds. If the net bothered me before, being imprisoned and bound is driving me crazy!

    My idea of adventuring is exploration and adventure, not being tied up in some decrepit lair.


    You hear someone approaching from afar, though the steps sound light...soon, you see someone come into view.

    And it's the thief girl who you spared earlier!

    She waves to you through the bars and holds up-no way...keys. SHE'S HOLDING THE KEYS!

    "Hey, sorry about this...I could have warned you about that pitfall but I guess I forgot...I hope um...this makes up for it."


    Hope fills my heart again at the sight of the plucky thief who caused me such trouble earlier.

    "Ah, little one. I'm glad to see you." My esteem for the thief grows as I think about how she easily could have abandoned me. I knew that there was honour in this world.

    "Please, unlock the cell and help me out of these ropes."

    I look to the other women and give them a reassuring glance. "I've come to help you, please stay calm."


    The women all gaze upon you, their eyes wide...they seem as if they've just awoken from a nightmare.

    The thief girl giggles, swinging the keys around on her finger. "But...before I let you all out...I want you to do something first, yellow lady."


    "Yellow l...you may address me as Linara, little one. And..." Damn! I should have known there would be a catch. Nothing I can't handle.

    "...and I eagerly await your request. What can I do for you?"


    The girl smiles wide, almost appearing childlike as she does so, even though she couldn't be any older than...13. "I want you to say that I, Lithany, am the Queen of Bandits...and that my breasts are much more glorious than yours will ever be!"

    She continues to grin after her words, keys still swinging.


    I blink my eyes rapidly, my pretty eyelashes flicking up and down.

    "You can't be serious."


    The girl's expression changes and she mockingly places her hand over her mouth. "Oh...then I suppose you would prefer to remain here. That's fine!"

    She then strolls away, out of sight...


    My eyes are locked on the thief girl (and the keys I so desperately need) as she walks away. I rush to the bars.

    "Wait! Wait! Please, come back!"

    It dawns upon me that this is a child playing a child's game. My predicament is deathly serious however, and if I must...subjugate myself for a moment to get out of it, then...

    "Lithany! Lithany..."


    You hear a sweet voice calling back..."Yeeesss?"



    I bite my lip for a moment.

    "Lithany, the illustrious Queen of the Bandits..."

    "...the illustrious and breathtakingly beautiful Queen of the Bandits..."

    I look down at her chest, then my own. "Think of the captured women," I remind myself.

    "...has a pair of magnificent breasts..."

    I lower my head, ashamed.

    "...that are much more glorious than mine will ever be,"


    The girl rushes back within view, grinning wide. "Say it again, I didn't hear you! With passion this time!"


    "Lithany!" I want to berate her, but the image of her sauntering off with my only chance of escape is too much to bear.

    "Sweet, sweet Lithany...you are the Queen of the Bandits. My saggy tits are absolutely unworthy of being in the presence of your bountious busom. You have a pair of magnificent breasts..."

    I pause again, but this time for dramatic effect. If this little pest is going to make me work for this, I may as well give her a show.

    "...that are much, much, MUCH more glorious than mine will ever be."

    I do my best to smile at her as I finish, and look at her with wide, expecting eyes.


    The girl smiles, gazing upon her flat chest with pride. "Wow, you really know how to flatter a young lady!"

    She then begins trying the keys on the lock."You know, I was going to let you out anyways..."

    Once she finds the right key, the lock clicks and she swings the door open. She walks inside and cuts you free of the ropes. As your bonds loosen, you feel great relief as you are free once more.

    She then walks towards the entrance and makes a bowing gesture. "After you!"


    I can only shake my head as Lithany frees me. I've stopped trying to figure her out. I thank her before considering what to do with the hostages.

    First, I consider telling them to run but there's no way they would make it twenty feet before they were dragged back to their cells. I need to secure the camp first.

    "Lithany, you've done me a great kindness and I don't wish to put you in any more danger. I only have two requests."

    I put my hand on her shoulder in a sisterly manner.

    "Can you tell me where my equipment is and point me in the direction of the bandit leader?"


    The thief girl nods fervently, "Yeah, the boss's room is the only one up the stairs. You'll see it's the only one not caved in...but there's guards everywhere, so please be careful."

    "Your equipment...well it's in the room down the hall to the left, but there's a patrol there so please be cautious of that too!"

    "As...for them..." she places her hand on yours, smiling sweetly. "I know of a secret passage out of here...I'll guide them to safety."

    She looks at you for a moment, her eyes twinkling and then begins to rouse the women to action.


    "Lithany...please, help them get back to the town. They'll be expecting me, but just tell them that Linara sent you and that the bandits will trouble them no longer."

    I give her a wink. "I'm sure they'll reward you handsomely."

    Bidding Lithany farewell, I go down the hall to the left, cautiously. I'll need my sword if I'm to have any chance of pulling this off.


    As you leave, you can hear the sounds of the women shuffling and speaking amongst themselves, and soon the sounds are gone from earshot.

    You continue down this corridor for a while, hearing nothing but the echo of movement from throughout the base...the creaking of wood, the occasional squeak of mice... at the end of the corridor you can see a door...left ajar.

    That has to be the place.

    But before you can make another thought, two thick arms squeeze tightly around you, trapping your arms!


    "Nooo! Noo!" I say out loud, as I feel my arms pinned to my sides. I was so close!

    I start to kick my legs frantically, my yellow leggings dancing in the air. I shake my head rapidly, my hair whipping back and forth.

    I know that I musn't panic, but I hate being grabbed like this. I must get free!


    "And where do you think you're going... little miss?"

    You are swung around by the brute, and you can feel his booming laughter against you as you are slammed against one of the walls.

    You are released from his grip, at the cost of this attack and you crumple to the ground. He then kicks you in the side, but it is a light kick, not inflicting pain so much as to roll you over.


    I feel his stinking breath on my throat and I double my efforts to get free.

    Before I can get any kind of leverage, I feel myself being jerked and jostled around. It's a horrible feeling, but nothing compared to the impact that jars my body as I'm driven into the wall.


    My first instinct is to ball up, pulling my arms and legs inwards towards my body to protect myself. I have no idea if this is the right thing to do, I just want him to stop.

    If only I had my sword...

    His foot pushes me over onto my back and I realize how helpless I am. What do I do in this position? How do I get up? I'm like a turtle on its shell right now.

    I look up at the brute, attempting to get a better look at my destroyer.


    The brute then lifts you up by your underarms, taking your prone status to his advantage...he isn't the ugly one form before, but he's pretty buff...and seems to know what he's doing.

    He then leans over, placing one arm around your leg, and another around your head and then proceeds to lift you up and over until you are spread across his shoulders with him holding you still by your neck and inner-left thigh.

    Though unknown to you, this is what is known...as a TORTURE RACK!

    The brigand grunts and says, "You better be ready for this, girlie."


    "Uh...what..." I feel him lift me up and I start to beat my hands against his biceps. "Let go!"

    My whole world is spinning and...I've never felt so light before. He's completely manhandling me.

    In the rare occasions where I've had to fight with my hands, they were always playful slapfights with my friends. My natural physical talents allowed me to get the better of them, but I'm no match for this brute.

    His hand passes between my thighs and brushes against my crotch, which is only lightly covered. I squeal in reaction to the dreadful sensation.

    "Ah! No..." I feel myself laid across him and I have no idea what to expect. I shut my eyes and prepare for the worst..."


    You feel your helpless body lift into the air briefly...and then as the brute comes down to one knee, he bends you with both arms, pulling you at both sides like you were a ragdoll.

    The pain...oh, the pain...you've never felt anything quite like this before...your back is being bent in ways you didn't even think it could be bent...and you can feel the pain shooting up through your body.

    Before you can recover he stands once more and does it again! Even more excruciating pain is jolted throughout your nerves.

    Thankfully, it is not very long, and he would ungracefully release you to the side, letting you slump to the ground.


    "Aaaaaahhh!" The scream comes effortlessly with only one pull.

    I don't even try to hold back. I scream to ease the suffering and in the vain hope that someone will take pity on me and save me.

    As I'm bent, I can feel his shoulder pressing up between my barely covered butt. It hurts so much and I know he's going to do it again...it can't be worse than the first time.

    But it is! I scream again and my chest jiggles from the power being put into the hold. I'd heard stories of people being stretched on the rack before, but it cannot be anywhere near the torture that I'm feeling now.

    When he drops me gracelessly to the floor, I curl up again. I can't even think of how I got here anymore, I can only whimper.

    I look at him with doe eyes, lips quivering. "No more..."


    "Oh no.. there's much more to be had."

    He chuckles to himself as he grabs you by your beautiful legs. You can feel a hand slide up your bare bottom as he spanks you once.

    "Time to work out those buttcheeks.." He then flips you over so that you're on your stomach and then positions himself over you, facing out towards your legs.

    He then places a leg between your own and pulls both of your feet back over his knee, crossing your feet together and inducing great pain in your legs as they are pulled back, with his weight holding you down, preventing you from giving any ease.

    It would be almost 1000 years before this move is given a proper name...but to those in the know, it would be known as the Sharpshooter.


    My eyes are wide open in pain and surprise. I have no concept of the position I'm in so I can't prepare myself for what comes next.

    As the first waves of pain course through me, tears well up in my eyes and my mouth opens wider, frozen in agony.

    I fall face down to the floor, my right arm reaching out and clawing at the air. My left arm tears at my scalp as if ripping my own hair out might counteract the damage to my spine.

    My gorgeous body is contorted at an impossible angle and I can only lie there and take it. I feel his arms holding my legs in an unnatural position. They refuse to listen to me, completely locked into this sadistic hold.

    There are muscles in my knees that I didn't even know existed until today...and I'm only aware now because they're being stretched to the limit.

    "Please...I beg...I'm begging..."


    "Oh what's that...you want more?!"

    As if on cue he bends your legs back once more. The pain is enough to bring you to tears.

    After letting out a hearty chuckle, he releases your legs and stands up, seeking to gaze upon your painful visage. "Always wanted to try that on a girl."




    After a while, my struggles cease and I try to lay as still as possible. Perhaps he'll become bored and leave me alone...

    His massive backside crushes me as he leans back one more time. I let the tears flow freely.

    When he finally lets go, I allow my legs to slowly fall back down. I'm not even sure they're a part of me anymore.

    "Aaahhuuuh...uuuhhhhnn..." My eyes are nearly shut now, blinking back hot tears. My mouth is open as I continue to make the most miserable sounds.


    The brute smiles, clearly proud of his work...and he then leans down, grabbing you by one hand and dragging you up to your feet, spinning you around effortlessly so that he is now behind you. He reaches around places a hand on your left breast, squeezing it and leaning his head in on the left side of your face...You can feel his hot breath against your neck as he fondles your breast.

    "I bet you've never been fucked...have you, miss noble?"


    I'm a ragdoll as the brute takes me in his arms.

    "Ooooh..." He turns me around and I want to do something, anything to get him off of me, but I can't. I gasp as I feel his hand groping my breast.

    The moisture from his breathing sticks to my neck and I paw at his probing hand, half-heartedly. "Bas...bastard..."


    "Heheheh...I can tell..." he moves his hand down towards your barely-covered crotch, squeezing the soft flesh. "You're tighter than lemon-lips."

    He sets you down on the ground suddenly, stepping past you and looking back. "Your equipment's in that door down the hall. Don't worry, I'm not going to be telling anyone you escaped."

    He smiles, holding up your family seal. "I'm tired of this thief business. It's time I try to start anew."

    He chuckles as he walks further away, saying, "Thanks for the great time, lady," before disappearing down another corridor.

    You are battered, beaten and in pain...but the way to your equipment is just ahead, free of any impairment.


    The brute walks off, but I stay on the ground for a few more moments. I'm afraid he might come back...finish me off...I think about his hands running over my body and I shiver. I can't stop the tears from flowing.

    Every part of my body hurts. I move to massage my back, my breasts, my neck, my groin...nothing makes it better.

    After another minute of feeling sorry for myself, I find some composure and begin to rise. Pride starts to take over and I feel better knowing that the hostages may have escaped.

    I stand and stretch, attempting to alleviate the pain once more before giving up and dealing with it.

    "I should leave, but...these bandits need to be brought to justice. Plus, he's got my family crest! They'd be ashamed enough seeing me running around with it like this, much less knowing it's in the hands of some slobbenly bandit."

    I enter the room and look for my equipment.


    You see everything you need laid out before you..your supplies, your weapon...and the holy water as well.

    You also see something strange on top of one of the barrels...it appears to be a root of some kind.

    It is glowing, however and emanates energy. Just by being near it, you feel a little more energized.

    Perhaps ingesting it would not be a bad idea.


    The first thing I do is grab my sword. I hold it tightly, the flat of the blade touching my forehead. It makes me feel safe again.

    I gather up the other supplies, making sure to keep the holy water someplace secure. "Might not do too much good against that brute, but I have a feeling I will need this."

    I'm just about to leave when my curiosity gets the best of me. That root...mesmerizing.

    I reach my hand out for it. I know a little about plants and potions and this one seems so inviting. Before I can stop myself, I put it in my mouth and begin chewing.


    The root is strangely delicious...as you chew it, you can already feel its effects- invigorating your body starting from your head. Once it is swallowed, you soon feel your wounds begin to go away...and about a minute later, all of your pain has been healed.

    Your hair and clothes still look a bit worse for wear, but you haven't felt this energized since you first arrived in the village when it was still bright and sunny outside. You feel as if you could take on ten of those brutes!

    Reinvigorated, you take a step outside the door and notice a brigand walking away from you, clearly not noticing your presence...


    *aaaahem* I clear my throat loudly, doing my best to get the brigand's attention. I could sneak by or incapacitate him from behind...but what would be the fun in that?

    I jab my sword into the ground, both hands on it like it's a cane and put a haughty look on my face. I wait for the brigand to turn.

    The brigand jumps at the sound of your voice and turns to face you.

    "What the- how did you..."

    He looks around quickly, to see if there's anyone else around, but there isn't. He draws his dagger, but looks extremely scared of going toe-to-toe with you.


    "Ho ho ho!" I slice the air this way and that way, making my blade dance. "Don't act like you're not impressed."

    With one swift move, I flick my blade at his dagger looking to disarm him.


    The dagger flies out of his hand clangs to the ground...he holds up his hands in desperation, hoping you'll be merciful. "Ey'...I...I like gots a kid and everything!"


    It disturbs me to think that this one would be allowed to breed. "Ha ha ha! If you ever want to see your pups again, you'll take me to your boss. Now!"

    I raise the point of my blade up to his throat. I don't plan to hurt him, but he doesn't need to know that. "Let's get to it. Or daddy is going to have a hard time telling any more fairy tales..."

    I give him a kick in the posterior to get him going.


    "Gyah!" he yelps, scooting forward a bit. He then looks back to you and the right side of his mouth curls back into an incredulous, gaping smirk. "You...want ta see da boss?"

    He chuckles a little, shaking his head. "Well...it's ya funeral then, lady...I hope ya got some grease handy."

    He begins to slowly lead you out of the corridors, into the main hall of the once great keep. There are several other brigands around, but they haven't noticed your presence yet. The brigand you have with you. Fearing for his life makes no attempt to garner their attention...but you don't know how stable this guy is.


    I scoff at his stupid smirk, but his remark about grease concerns me. What the hell could that mean? Doesn't sound good, that's for sure.

    "Cease your chatter," I bark, giving him another kick.

    Taking note of the brigands, I proceed to enter the main hall ready to announce my presence.


    The brigand continues leading you and as you step into the center hall, the other brigands take note of your presence! They rise to their feet and draw their weapons...you even see one wielding a club.

    They waste no time in approaching you, but walk around you cautiously as they see you have one of their friends hostage. They glare at you angrily as you both continue your way...and one of them even gets close enough to prod at your bottom before taking a leap back, out of your reach.

    They want to fight, but they're afraid to engage...


    I shove my hostage away, allowing him to rejoin his buddies. "Oh my, look at the predicament I'm in. All of you hardy bandits and me, just a helpless little girl..."

    I let me wrist go limp and my sword dangle casually by my side, one hand on my hip. "Don't tell me you're afraid of me. Why, I'm sure any one of you could best me if you'd only try..."

    I glare at the man with the club. "...especially this one. What do you say, big boy?"


    The man looks at you, and you can see that one of his eyes is extremely crossed...facing right as his other eye looks upon you. He then yells loudly as he charges at you, club held high!


    Just what I wanted. I wait until the last second before suddenly springing into the air, posting myself on his head and falling behind him.

    As I descend, I bring my blade down behind him. At first, it looks as though I've barely made contact, but then his pants start to split...


    The man looks around in vain...and then behind himself. He looks at you for a second dumbfounded...and then his pants fall down in two.

    He lets out a yelp and retreats as another brigand rushes in, brandishing a sword and swinging it at your mid-section.


    That first display was meant to scare the rest of them off, but it looks like they're dumber than I expected. Might have to get mean here.

    I dive and roll, making myself as compact as possible to go under his blade. As I come out the other side, I slash backwards, looking to open up a small cut on his leg.


    Your attack succeeds, and the man is forced to kneel down, a hand on his leg as he fears the worst. He looks back at you with fear in his eyes. He won't be trying that again.

    You hear something that sounds like a pathetic type of warcry, and then turn to see the last of them running at you, axe flailing about. He suddenly jumps at you with surprisingly agility and swings his axe down at your shoulder.


    "Aaah!" Didn't expect a leaping attack. I fall back to create some distance while positioning my sword to deflect his axe, hopefully towards the floor.

    As he comes down on me, I get my feet in between us, looking to plant them in his stomach and flip him over me.


    Your attack succeeds, and he goes flying into a wall...as he thumps and slumps to the ground, you get a good look of the other brigands.

    They are either incapacitated, or looking at you fearfully while nursing their wounds. You see the pantsless one with the club wave a tiny white flag.

    Meanwhile, the brigand that had been leading you earlier merely shakes his head, looking at his downed comrades. "And we were supposed ta take a town by storm?"


    I put my hand to my lovely mouth, as if to suppress my own amusement. "Don't feel too badly gentlemen. Your defeat was all but assured when you chose to match blades with the invincible Linara! You should be honoured by this encounter."

    I grab one of the brigands by the collar and get in his face. My sweet temperament suddenly turns decidedly sour. "Now! Where is your boss?"


    "UP THE STAAAAIIRS!" he yells fearfully, closing his eyes and turning away from you. These dudes aren't going to be trying to fight you any time soon.

    You look up the stairs and see a single room, lit by a weak candle. You hear a voice yell from beyond, "What's...going on down there?"


    "Bandit leader!" I yell out. "I have freed the women! I have humbled your cronies! Surrender yourself to me and face the law of the land! I cannot promise mercy, but I will make sure that your execution is not prolonged."

    I draw a circle around myself with my sword and await the bandit leader, ready to get my revenge.


    There is only silence...for at least 10 seconds...and then suddenly, you see a blur zoom out of the head brigand's room!

    A loud crash is heard, shaking the ground before you as the large, ugly brute lands only mere feet away from you...he is holding a large battleaxe that most normal people would need to wield with two hands...in one.

    He is more massive than you thought, and is at least 8 ft. tall...bulging muscles, and very stinky.

    Without warning, he swings his axe at you, hurling it downward into the ground with deadly momentum!


    He's a lot faster than I thought, but my quickness has never failed me before. I dive and roll again, in a wider arc than before.

    My goal is to get distance, not strike at him yet.

    In the few seconds I have, I make a quick analysis of the bandit leader. He's enormous and ghastly looking. His form offends my eyes just as his stench offends my nostrils. I wrinke my nose, but try to block it out.


    And his muscles...my goodness...tree trunk like, they look like they could break me in half. I musn't let him touch me, no matter what.

    I dart forward and jab at his shoulder with my blade, hoping to loosen his grip on the axe. I look to strike deep as the time for holding back is over.


    The brute quickly swings his arm at you before you have a chance to land your attack- his forearm smashing into your side.

    The movement is quick and seems to come out of nowhere...he does indeed strike fast for being so large! While it doesn't necessarily inflict a great deal of pain, the force is enough to send you careening into a nearby wall.

    You don't like to think it...but this one might just be out of your league, even with a weapon..


    "Ugh!" Smacked into a wall again. Now I know what it's like to be a mosquito.

    He's strong...maybe too strong...but I can't give up. Besides, if I'm to find my seal I might need information from him.

    "Alright, Mr. Bandit Leader, sir...perhaps if you stand down now," I make a fancy display with my sword, slashing a nearby table in half. "I'll let you keep your head and you'll just be locked in a dungeon for the rest of your days. How does that sound?"


    Your answer..is the ugly brute roaring loudly and charging forward, swinging his axe down on the ground directly before you.

    The impact is so damn strong that it sends rippling waves towards you, causing the ground to shake and come apart.

    Several parts of the floor give way under you, and the force is enough to knock you off balance.

    I fall back on to my cute butt, which cushions my fall enough so that I can maintain my bearings and more importantly, keep my sword handy.

    I'm posted up on my elbows, my legs bent at the knees in front of me, pointing inwards towards each other. He's so much bigger and my tiny, delicate figure is dwarfed by his brutish body.

    Even from my back, I'm deadlier than ten men standing. I take an unorthodox swing at his inner thigh, attempting to chop him down.


    The brute isn't quick enough to guard against this, and he roars in pain as the blow connects, your sword cutting into his flesh.

    But the blow doesn't seem to slow him down at all, only piss him off more as he reaches forward with his free hand and grabs you by the neck. He lifts you into the air effortlessly and sneers, smiling a nearly toothless grin.

    "You...pay for that..."

    He then launches you behind him, sending you flying into the air!


    "Ah ha!" I think as he tastes cold steel...but my enthusiasm drains away when I feel his hand close around my throat. I'm lifted up and my feet kick pathetically below me.


    I go flying through the air and instinctively move to protect myself. I manage to land without breaking anything, but the wind is still knocked out of me and I roll onto my belly, stunned.

    Getting my wits back, I realize that in order to brace myself I had to let go of my weapon. It lies just out of arms reach...


    The ugly brute turns to face you and beats his chest. "Gonav king of camp...Gonav crush puny lady...then sex her until DEAD!"

    As he bellows another roar, you can see that above him, an old, rickety and massive chandelier is rocking about weakly...as if it's about to fall off at the hinges.

    Your sword isn't too far, perhaps if you were quick enough, you could...


    Rather than dive again, I decide it's time for another tactic. He wants sex, eh?

    I moan and crawl in the general direction of my weapon, swaying my hoops and wiggling my boobs. "Uh...Gonav...you are so strong...who could ever hope to defeat you..."

    I let my long legs drag along the floor behind me. Come on...almost there...

    I reach out to recover my sword.


    Gonav looks at you and ceases his yelling...his gaping hole then turns into another hideous smile.

    "You right...no one ever defeat Gonav...Gonav have his way with you..."

    He looks upon your jiggling breasts, your luscious legs...he lowers his arms and you can swear you see drool forming...

    "Heh...no girl ever appear as pretty as you..." he doesn't even seem to notice you picking up your sword-or he doesn't care.


    "Disgusting," I think to myself. At least this gamble seems to have paid off. I grip the hilt tightly and prepare to...I would never normaly do this, but it might be my only chance. I prepare to throw my weapon.

    Devoid of my usual flare, I bring my arm up and send my sword spinning through the air, looking to free the chandelier from its hinges!


    Your sword spins like a perfectly-aimed boomerang, and the blade hits the point of connection...and bounds back to the ground in a clatter.

    At first, fear sets in as the chandelier makes no noticeable change of movement..

    But just then, you hear a faint squeak...and suddenly, it snaps off of its hinge and falls straight down...

    ...Directly onto the head of the ugly-ass brute!

    It catches him by complete surprise, and the impact upon his thick noggin is heard...THONK!

    He then falls forward to the ground, sprawled out...tongue hanging out of his mouth. He is still conscious...but appears dazed.


    Thrilled with the results, I bounce over to recover my weapon before kneeling next to the bandit leader, my breasts at his eye level, teasing him.

    "Awww...poor widdle bandit weader..." I pat his head in a condescending manner. "Do you yield?" My sword is at my side, ready to strike just in case.


    The bandit leader looks up at you...with puppy dog eyes.

    "I.. s...surrenduh.."

    He heaves a great sigh as he groans in pain. "Uuughh..."


    "Excellent!" I sheathe my weapon and dust my hands off. "Now, before I gather you all up and take you to the authorities...I need some information."

    I describe the bandit who attacked me and took my seal...well, as best as I can remember anyway. "He has something of mine. Where can I find him?"


    The bandit leader twitched, his head shaking. "Uh...you talk...of Ricken...Ricken live...at other encampment...he...visiting...passing along...orders...."

    He looks up at you, groaning once more. "You...get off...pointy heavy thingy...? It hurt...me think...make bleed..."


    I place my palm against my forehead and shake my head. "How the mighty have fallen." Leaning into the chandelier, I give it a hard shove, looking to free this now pitiable creature.

    "Ricken, you say?" I scratch my chin. Unsheathing my sword again, I raise it into the air, ready to make a speech.

    "Here's what's going to happen, dear Gonav. You're going to get the keys and lock your gang up in the dungeon. I'll come back for them later. You and I are going to go on a romantic walk to Ricken's camp?"

    I give him a playful wink. "What do you say?"


    As you shove, the chandelier at first doesn't give...but finally, it gives way and Gonav rises to his feet, still looking like he's in pain.

    He looks to you in surprise...genuine shock on his face.

    "N...no one...ever...kind to Gonav..." he said, his expression quivering...and almost appearing as if he was about to cry. What a massive, yet...pathetic creature.

    He suddenly roars and gives you a lift, hoisting you on his shoulder. It surprises you, but you're thankful that he seems to be on your side now...He looks to the other brigands and they look up at him in abject terror..


    They tremble and yelp, all of them bumping and tripping and scrambling as they head down back into the corridor you came from, bounding for the cells.

    Soon, they are locked up and the two of you are walking out of the dungeon.. You are relieved to finally be able to breathe fresh air again. It's still overcast, and you guess it to be about 3 PM by the position of the sun. Still plenty of time to stop their attack.

    You look down upon your newly gained ally as he bounds towards the next encampment, faster than you were traveling by foot. Suddenly, the stench he carries doesn't seem so bad..


    When Gonav stands, I nearly take a swipe at him on principle. He's just so intimidating. I feel that he's been humbled somehow and I give him a sheepish look, wondering what he's up to.

    I'm shocked when he starts to blubber gratefully. It's so bizarre, I'd almost prefer it if he were still trying to kill me.

    "Whulp!" I'm prepared to stab at him as he puts me stomach first onto his shoulder, but there's a certain tenderness to it and I realize I'm not in danger. The bandits don't get the chance to appreciate my tush bobbing about as Gonav takes charge and puts them in the dungeon.

    It feels good to be outside, not that I ever had any doubt that I'd get out of that. I allow Gonav to transport me, occasionally asking him questions. "So...you treat every lady like this?"

    (end of part 2)
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    (continuation of part 2...)


    Gonav doesn't respond, as he seems entirely focused on getting you to your destination. It seems your charm has managed to turn at least two people from their wayward paths in life.

    In about half an hour, you two reach what you suppose is the bandit camp. There are many more bandits outside this encampment, and the keep they occupy appears to be in much better shape. Gonav isn't the stealthiest ninja in the bunch...and he can be heard approaching from a mile away.

    As he runs towards the entrance, a few really, really stupid brigands decide to block the way...and they are effortless trampled over, making pathetic groans of pain as they're stepped on, kicked and knocked out of the way.

    As more brigands begin to pour out of the keep, Gonav places you down, giving you a quick smirk before rushing into the midst of the brigands.

    It's obvious that all the focus is on Gonav...and you can see that another entrance into the keep is clear of any visible guards.


    I chuckle as my new bodyguard blows through the meager brigands. I was worried that we might be drawing too much attention, but with this guy on my side it doesn't look like it matters.

    Still, this might not work so great if we're surrounded by two dozen armed guards. As he places me down and smirks, I lean in and give him a peck on the cheek. "Thanks, big guy."

    As we separate, I didn't realize how nice it was to have company on a journey like this. But there's no time for sentiment.

    I head towards the lightly guarded entrance, looking to sneak in.


    As you sneak inside, you can see that you are a floor above the main hall in this fort. As such, you can see many, many brigands rushing about and heading towards the entrance. You even see one of them emerge from the side of you, but he takes no notice to you at all as he heads down the stairs.

    And that's when you see him-Ricken! He doesn't seem interested in what's going on and makes his way with a small sack into a small room under one of the stairwells. A minute later, he re-emerges, the sack he was carrying no longer with him.

    He then heads out of the keep in a different direction...and soon, the main hall is deserted as sounds of battle fill from outside.

    It doesn't look like you'd get any better chance than this.


    My deductive skills are nothing to write home about, but it's a safe bet that my seal is in that small room.

    I consider following Ricken to give him what's coming to him, but I remind myself that I'm here for the seal.

    I also can't help but remember what happened before...his arms squeezing me...my body stretched out, powerless...caught in that torture rack.

    "The seal."

    I enter the small room and start to investigate.


    You aren't followed and when you enter the room, you see a stash with different assortments of loot sorted about. Gold, weapons, jewelry, artifacts...

    And hidden in the corner, underneath a large claymore...you see the bag that Ricken was holding!


    I ignore the everything but the bag. I left a life of riches behind and I have no interest in such things anymore. The only weapon I need is on my hip.

    I open the bag excitedly, hoping to see my family emblem.


    Inside are a few gold coins, two strange vials of a red-colored, see-through liquid...and your family emblem.


    I leave the gold, but take a closer look at the vials. "Hmm...this was important to him for some reason. Probably best not to drink it, but I'd be foolish to leave it here." I take the vials with me and recover the emblem.

    Now, to make a hasty exit...


    As you turn to step out, you are suddenly tossed to the ground by someone unseen...


    "Faah!" I look around, frantically. "What?"

    I shoot up quickly, ready to arm myself. "Lithany...if that was you, I'm not in the mood for games."


    As you turn to gaze upon your foe...a sense of dread overcomes you, and you feel a knot in your stomach.

    "...So you've come. I didn't expect the constable to send you here by yourself...such a coward."

    It's Hephaen! And he looks even angrier than before...

    "I suppose bringing the oaf here was your doing...and for what purpose...to plunder our stores?"

    He chuckles, shaking his head. "Give it a few days and you dirty nobles are no better than those you oppress...resorting to theft."


    Oh no, not him...

    "Ju...just...getting back what's mine." My mouth doesn't seem to be working properly as I put on a brave face. I tell myself not to be afraid of him, but my mind and my stomach are not agreeing.

    I remember how easily he dispatched me before and I can't think straight. I just want to run!

    I back up against the wall and try to slide over to the exit.

    "I...I'll make you the s...same offer I made your g...goons..." As I make eye contact with him, my resolve nearly disappears. "Turn yourself in. Don't...don't make things...difficult."


    He takes a step forward, snarling. He's very slender, but muscular, and perhaps only 6 inches taller than you. His sudden movement is sure to spook you for sure.

    "Shut the hell up." He draws a dagger from his side, and holds it out as he starts walking towards you. "You...you mentioned Lithany...? I don't know how you got my sister's name...but if you've done anything to her, I'll..."

    His eye glows red once more and you can swear you can see swirls of darkened wind form around him. "...I'll make you beg for death..."


    I shut up when he tells me to. I can barely talk at this point anyway, the fear sinking in.

    What do I do? What do I do, I...wait! I reach into my supplies and pull out the container of holy water! I feel a little bit more confident and I hold it in front of me, warding him off.

    "N...not so cocky now...huh!"


    In an instant, you feel the vial of holy water snatched from your hand. Hephaen is just about up against you, and he tosses the vial to the side.

    It clangs on the stone ground and rolls a bit before stopping. Probably shouldn't have been so open about it.

    Just then you feel his knee grind into your stomach...and as you double over, he slaps you across the face, sending you to the ground.

    "No religious tricks are going to save you now, wench..."


    The vial seems to fall away in slow motion..."Nooooo," I cry in my head. I lunge to recover it, but time seems to stop again...this time due to the knee buried in my belly.

    "Hrrrngh, aah..." My butt shoots up as I'm hung up on his leg.


    I immediately reach to massage my cheek as his slap connects and I fall on my stomach. "N...need to get up..."


    The dark-haired boy rushes forward, lifting you up by grabbing hold of the chest portion your leotard, lifting you up as it begins to ride itself uncomfortably into your joints.

    "You're all the same...get hit once...and you're already groveling."

    He then growls, telegraphing his next attack...and you feel a thunk at your crotch...

    The pain is unimaginable...and he makes sure to twist his fist into your soft private area before removing his fist and releasing you.


    The thin leotard is warped in his hands and it moves awkwardly out of place, causing my breasts to shift uncomfortably.

    The rear part digs right up between my cheeks, giving me a serious wedgie. I want to adjust it, but there's no time for it.

    He's taunting me and he's right...look at me...can't even take one hit. I open my mouth to reply, but there's a sudden, brutal pain between my legs.

    His knuckles knead my private parts and I open my mouth to scream, but it's so high pitched only a dog could hear it.

    I fall back against a desk, massaging my groin. But I won't beg...I refuse to beg.


    You can hear Hephaen's laughter as he strides around you, taking absolute delight in your fallen form. "The great and powerful noble...nothing more than a pile of flesh, before the lowly and common thief...this must be poetic justice..."

    For a thief, he definitely seems to be quite literate. The thought would only briefly cross your mind as his studded boot kicks you over onto your back...and then is stomped painfully into your belly.

    Your sexy belly was hurting before, but this...this brings even more pain. You think your lunch might be coming up soon.

    And it doesn't end there...he then twists his boot into your belly, making sure you'll remember this one. All the while, you can hear his voice...chuckling...getting off on your suffering.

    Where the hell is Gonav when you need him?!


    I moan and groan as the heel of his boot grinds my insides. How is he doing this...

    My fingers scratch at his ankle, but I can tell it's having no effect. With my other hand, I reach up trying to grab onto his mid-section, anything to gain some kind of advantage.


    As your hands draw up close, you can feel something hot and sharp slice through them...

    He has swiped at you with his dagger! You are fearful at first, but luckily, it was a clean swipe and didn't go very deep into the upper portion of your palm. Still, it draws blood...blood that you can see on the end of his dagger...

    Then, you see something that...confuses you greatly. The blood on his blade suddenly begins to shrivel...until soon, it disappears completely.

    You look up to Hephaen and notice he is licking his lips. "Just a taste..." he mutters, leaning towards you and slamming your head to the ground, looking to stun you.

    Do you even notice his cold blade being placed on your breast?


    I cry out as I fear that my hand has been badly injured, but it's just a flesh wound. Still, it stings.

    As the blood from his blade disappears, I can't help but marvel at the odd...transference that seems to occur. I can't even process what is happening before I feel the cold stone floor colliding with the back of my head.

    I'm seeing stars now, but I'm not so out of it that I don't notice the dagger touching my breast.



    "No, you say..." you hear him chide you, his voice becoming noticeably darker in tone." Sounds like something that countless innocents would have muttered as your ancestors put them to the blade...all in the name of what? Power? Glory? Land?! MONEY?!"

    He is absolutely raging now...and as you look up, you can see it in his face. He places a hand on your other breast and squeezes it...oh god, it hurts, it huurts..." I'm going to drain every ounce of blood from your body..."


    "AAAAAHHH! AAAAH! Ahuuhh..." My fleshy mound is just being wrecked by his unforgiving hand. My breaths are coming sporadically now as he torments me.

    Somehow, despite my predicament, my smart mouth emerges again. "Auccch...let me...give you a head start..." I spit blood out of my mouth, aiming for his eyes.


    He is silenced by your action...and as you dare a glance at him, you can see that his face...is now completely devoid of any emotion...except anger.

    With a violent roar, he arises from you and begins kicking you in your side...repeatedly, you can feel his studded boot driving into your side.

    He then lifts up one of your legs while you are still reeling...and draws his dagger.. You feel the terrible blade pressed against your delicate skin as he drives it lightly across your flesh...just enough to draw blood...

    You've made him erratic...you've no idea what is going through his head now...and soon, he is hoisting you up, your body upside down as he hoists you in the air by wrapping his arms around your torso.

    You dangle helplessly...and he begins to squeeze you. You can feel your back popping as he does so.

    And somehow...you feel this is not the end of whatever maneuver he's planning...


    As my spit splatters on his face and he backs off of me, I give him a sly smile. His anger justifies my gross action.

    My victory is short lived as he lays into me with those studded boots. Over and over again I try to defend myself, but I'm hurt by every kick.

    As he gets a grip on my leggings, I wince as my leg is forcefully straightened. It gets worse when his dagger scrapes the inside of my thigh and I have to bite my lip to not cry out again.

    That doesn't last too long as I'm flipped upside down, his arms enveloping me.


    There is a sharp stabbing pain, then numbness in certain sections in my back. If I could cry out I would, but there is no air to draw upon right now.

    My fingers twitch nervously as I await what happens next.


    You can hear him chuckling...you seem to have forgotten that in this position, your crotch is right up against his mouth.

    You feel a warm, wet object flick over your vagina just briefly...it distracts you from what comes next.

    You are lifted higher into the air, and then brought back down onto the ground on your back-hard. It appears you've just been body slammed.

    As you react to the pain, you don't see him wander over towards your legs once more...


    Pointless maneuvers run through my head. "Shift my weight...kick my legs...turn my head, bite his leg..." He adjusts my position, lifting me up slightly higher and then there's a wet sensation between my legs.

    As his tongue touches down, saliva soaking through my leotard, I close my eyes in embarrassment. How dare he...

    I'm pulled up again, his strength must be inhuman to handle me so easily, and as I stare up at the ceiling it suddenly rushes away from me and I'm slammed into the ground.


    My arms and legs go limp and useless. The wind is completely knocked out of me and I arch my back attempting to ease the pain. My body curves, my breasts pointing out, my legs and elbows now bent. One of my feet is involuntarily tapping against the floor.

    My eyes are completely shut and I pray that it is over.


    As you reel from the last attack, you can feel your legs being grabbed. The mere thought of what might come next is almost enough to draw tears.

    You'd give anything to be back in Ricken's arms...as strange as that may sound. At least he wasn't intent on killing you.

    You feel one of your legs being lifted up from the ground...and then bent at the joint sideways, as Hephaen kneels down. Then, suddenly, he traps your leg between his own and grabs your other leg, also placing it under his leg's grip.

    He then rolls to the side, twisting your legs in a very painful fashion, rolling you onto your stomach. As you arch upwards out of pain, he grabs you from behind by the neck...and begins to bend you back, applying a powerful hold.

    Legs, back, neck...you can feel his fingers digging into your skin...and you can do nothing about it.

    The pain is excruciating. You think you'd rather die...will it stop? CAN it stop?!

    Hephaen pulls back more, his face coming level with yours. "The true pain is yet to come."


    I feel like kicking and screaming, but that last slam has taken all of the fight out of me. My legs are dead as he grabs onto them.

    Even though I refused to participate, I remember my unarmed combat instructors warning me of beings who were so sadistic that they could literally twist people into whatever shape they wanted. It sounded awful and I never believed it.

    As I felt my legs being bent, turned and intertwined, those warnings suddenly seem all too relevant.

    "Wuulf!" I grunt as I'm turned on to my stomach and I know that my legs are completely trapped. My leggings rub together as they are brought together in a human knot.

    It reminds me of the leg hold that the bandit used on me in the other camp, but instead of just lying there and taking it I post my palms on the floor and push off, attempting to get him off of me. It hurts so bad, but I won't give up!

    "Hrrraaah!" I yell, loudly. As my body rises, it's too late for me to figure out that I've played right into his hands...literally. Rough fingers join together underneath my chin, smothering me and punishing my neck.

    "Aaahuh...aahuh..." I'm moaning uncontrollably, tears starting to well up once again. Nothing can hurt more than this, nothing could possibly make me feel worse than this...

    I want to beg for release but my mouth is clamped shut. The bones and muscles in my back can't possibly take anymore. My whole body is shivering, causing my ass and chest to jiggle uncontrollably.

    Why can't I just...pass out...he pulls me so far back that I find myself looking up at him...

    I blink back tears and try to express just how sorry I am for crossing him...then he tells me that there's more to come.



    The pain seems to linger for hours...but it's only been mere seconds. You have been released, but you're not really sure if it's a true release from anything at all...perhaps it's only teasing you for what's to come. Making you think that there is an end in sight.

    There's nothing you can do now. He probably could have killed you so very easily by now, but you feel what he said to you is true-he wants to drain you of blood...make you beg for death...

    ...as if trying to inflict pain upon every area on your body, he grabs you by your ponytail and pulls you up by it...a mad cackle escaping his lips. "Tell me, noble pig...have you ever felt your own neck bleed out..?"

    You can tell his blade is close to your neck...it emits coldness...hopelessness. It hungers for your blood.

    "I suppose you're about to find out...lucky you."


    Is it over...I don't feel his terrible touch anymore but everything still hurts...it can't be over yet...

    I cringe as he pulls on my hair..."noble pig", he says. That about sums up how I feel. Just a stuck pig, waiting to be bled out...

    "Forgive me mother, father..." I say in my head as his blade nears my throat. Being an adventurer...it wasn't supposed to be like this...

    My hand drags aimlessly across the ground, searching for something...my sword...something to bash his head with...anything...


    You feel a thumping against the ground... and it makes Hephaen turn around, a bit startled.

    Feeling it might have been thunder, he turns back to his business...and you can feel the pointed end of his dagger against your neck.

    Then, there was another thumping! Much too close together to be thunder. He looks behind him expectantly...as if preparing for something to launch at him...

    And then suddenly, a giant crash is heard as the wall directly beside him is knocked over, stone, masonry and all! He drops you to the ground as whatever caused the cave-in rolls him over, knocking him out of the way and giving you reprieve from his assault...finally.

    Gonav.. .the giant brute has arrived. He looks really beat up, and a few spears and arrows are poking out of his back...but he's alive...somehow...and it seems he somehow managed to crush the wall down.

    The keep is old after all, so it's probably to be expected. As he comes rushing through, another figure comes bounding behind him, and you hear the voice of Lithany! "Wow, I didn't think you'd actually knock the wall over!"

    The girl rushes over to you and helps you up, grabbing you in areas that you react painfully to.. but it's not her fault. She doesn't know what you've been through.


    It feels like the whole world is shaking and I wonder if he's already put the dagger into me. Maybe this is what it feels like when you die...everything coming down around me...

    Stones fall by my side...glass...mortar...what is going on?

    I try to make out the figures who have entered the room and rescued me. "Gonav...Lithany..."

    I worry that my bones will break if I stand, but I know that this is my last chance. I pull myself up with Lithany's assistance. "Lithany...your brother...run..."


    Lithany helps you up and asks, "My mother you say? Huh?"

    As if on cue, you hear an angry roar as Hephaen bursts upwards from the rubble, sending stone flying everywhere. He holds up his dagger and looks towards you, seeing Lithany holding you up. He shakes his head, hardly believing what he is seeing...his sister...being FRIENDLY to this bitch?!

    "Lithany...what...get away from her...GET AWAY FROM HER RIGHT NOW!"

    Lithany gasps, and turns to look at her brother. "......."

    Gonav looks between everyone, entirely confused by what is going on..

    Lithany doesn't say a word, she just stares at her brother with her mouth hanging open...a single tear dropping from her right eye.

    She then reacts, shaking her head. "No...no I won't...you're not my brother. My brother was never this violent. He would never resort to killing innocents just for money...you're not him...you're an IMPOSTOR!"

    This is enough to make Hephaen growl even more...he walks towards Lithany and stops short of her, standing just a few feet away.

    "If you won't move..."

    "I will MAKE you move!" He then backhands her with enough force to knock her away...but his unnaturally heightened powers allows him to send her flying into a pile of rubble.

    You wonder how a brother could be so cruel to his sister in this way.


    I do my best to keep up with the familial drama. There's not much else I can do after the beating I've received.

    I'm somewhat comforted by Lithay's defiance. There's always another layer to her every time I see her.

    As things start to heat up, I use what strength I've recovered to move away from her and stand next to Gonav. I whisper to him, "Take my sword. Whatever you do, do not attack until he makes his move."

    Just as a I finish my instruction, I see Lithany struck by her own brother! It's a shocking site and my heart sinks seeing her laid out in such heartless fashion.

    "Now, Gonav!"


    Gonav wastes no time in rushing towards Hephaen in an angry rage! "You hurt girlies...YOU HORRIBLE LEADER! GONAV NEVER LIKE YOU!"

    Hephaen is frozen in shock..."What is this m-OOGH!!" he is barreled over by the massive oaf and the who begin fighting, with Gonav looking as if he has the advantage.

    Lithany slides down the wall, falling onto her side. She groans, rolling onto her back and hoisting herself up. As she does so, you spot the container of holy water laying next to her.


    I rush over to Lithany, both to check on her and to make a grab for the holy water. "Lithany!" I brush her hair back to get a better look at her face. "Stupid kid," I say, smiling.

    I try to grab the holy water discreetly while yelling at Gonav. "Take the girl! Leave me!" I look into his eyes as softly as I can. "Please..."

    Whether or not Gonav listens to me, I turn to face Hephaen with the vial in hand. Unfortunately, the holy water seems to have spilled out in all the commotion.

    "Oh, no..."


    As if to make things worse...you hear Gonav grunt in pain...and he falls to his side, two huge gaping wounds in his chest.

    When you look up at Hephaen...you notice...he's changed...drastically. His black hair seems to have grown longer...and his eye glows crimson...more red than it ever has.

    His face now looks so indescribably evil that he ceases to look even human and the daggers he is holding have dark energy swirling around them.

    You fully understand what is wrong with this boy...somehow, somewhere...he gave himself over to demons in exchange for power.

    And now, he is wielding that power...and staring directly at you.

    Lithany moans again, struggling to keep conscious...but this is something she may not want to see...

    Hephaen begins his slow advance towards you...he seems tired-perhaps Gonav was more a challenge than he expected...but whatever shape he is in, you don't think you can stand up to his power-injured or not.


    I blink my eyes, as if I'm looking into the sun even though the figure standing before me is almost the complete opposite. Still, his darkness is almost suffocating.

    Whatever he has done to acquire these dark powers...I don't envy him. Finally, I understand what I must do.

    I walk towards him, unarmed, in a passive stance. I'll need to use my looks again, but this time I'm not looking to charm him.

    I look innocent, vulnerable, ready to be devoured. I get as close as he allows and kneel down before him, seemingly resigned to my fate.


    Hephaen stops short, standing only about 8 feet away from you. You hear no laughter, no grunting... when you look up at him, you can see that he is holding something in his hand...

    Upon closer look, you see that he is charging some sort of...energy projectile. Apparently, the time for pleading has long since past.

    You didn't imagine you'd die in such a terrible way...a blast of dark energy being driven through your chest...

    With a terrible cry of fury, Hephaen heads straight for you, ready to slam the dark orb directly into your chest...

    But before he can make it, you suddenly hear someone cry out, "NO, DON'T!!" and your vision is obscured-A giant wave of force makes you fall backwards suddenly, and you are sent sliding back a few feet. You aren't hurt any more, just...flung.

    And when you look up...you see that Hephaen has hit with his projectile...but his sister had jumped in the way at the last second to protect you...

    ...And she now has a large hole in her chest, her own brother's arm sticking out.

    As this terrible image sets in...you hear Hephaen utter a horrible shriek. Whatever has happened to him...there is still enough left of his old self to tell that something terrible has happened.

    Your sword was knocked away in the process, and is now at your side.


    "Lithany, nooooooo!" I cry out, though I realize there's no point. Her tiny body doesn't stand a chance against a blast of that magnitude.

    I waited too long...I shouldn't have hesitated...I...I have to make him pay.

    Ignoring the blade at my side, I rush towards him. I'm certain that my lack of a weapon will catch him off-guard, especially when my attack is nothing more than a shove to his chest.

    I aim my palms right for his heart...my palms that are dripping with holy water.


    As you hit his chest, a blinding white light emits from your palms! The light engulfs his form and he cries out...in pain!

    He falls backwards and the force of the two elements reacting violently to each other causes a shockwave to occur, rocking the entire fortress to its core.

    As unstable as this place is, it begins to rock and shake...it doesn't have much life left in it. Staying here would be a very bad idea!

    Hephaen rolls around on the ground, the holy water and pain of loss too much for him to bear. The sounds he utters are quite possibly the most hideous sounds you've ever heard anything make in your life. You wonder if the old Hephaen that Lithany spoke of is still in there...at all.

    You glance to Gonav...he hasn't moved in some time and his eyes are glazed over. The wounds on his chest are deep, and blood has formed a small puddle around him.

    And Lithany...the wounds she has sustained are irrecoverable. She is hardly conscious now...and when her gaze lands on you, she does her best to smile, her face muscles contracting. It's painful to look at her, big gaping hole in her chest and all.

    She coughs up blood and tries to speak to you, but her life is fading quick.


    What do I do what do I do what do I do...such devastation...of course I've read stories of people dying but this is so...so real!

    I want to just sit and cry, mourn the loss of my friends...but...that is not what a great heroine would do in this situation, is it?

    Blinking back my tears, I pick up the vials from the bag where my seal was kept. These were clearly valuable, but what were they for? I want to believe that they have some healing properties and if they don't...well, Lithany and Gonav couldn't be much worse off.

    I take the vials out and pour the contents down their throats, Lithany first, then Gonav. I don't expect it to make much of a difference but I have to try. Their kindness has left a permanent mark on me.


    At first, what you do seems to have no effect...but suddenly, Gonav begins to stir. He groans and sits up, looking around confusedly.

    And Lithany, the poor girl...the vial's contents should leak out of her, with that large of a hole...but you soon see her open her eyes fully...her breaths are quick and short...but you don't think she is dying. In fact, you think she is shocked that she's just been brought back from the brink of death. She sits up as well and looks at you, wondering what the hell you just did to make her feel better.

    And that's when the large columns of the keep begin to topple over. This place is going to -drop-.


    "Please, wake up, please."

    I rest my head against Gonav's chest and say a quiet prayer. "I shouldn't have asked you to help me. I'm so sorry."

    At the first signs of life, I smile happily and give him a big hug. "Oh, thank you thank you thank you."

    My revelry is halted as I turn to check on Lithany. The damage seems unbelivably severe and I have to put my hand on my mouth so as not to vomit.

    Then...a breath. Could it be? I must be mistaken. No...she is moving. She's alive! I give her a hug as well, but let her go quickly as I feel the keep beginning to collapse.

    "Let's get the hell out of here!"


    The other two readily agree with you and Gonav scoops the two of you up.

    As he bounds out of the keep, Lithany looks back on her brother once more...before falling ruble blocks her view.

    As you are carried outside, you can see that Gonav took care of at least 20 brigands on his own...and was still going strong. You wonder if he's possessed by any demons as well.

    It's about night time when you exit, and rain is falling heavily...as the three of you make it outside, Gonav places the two of you down to catch his breath. It seems the potion was enough to restore him from near-death.. but hadn't restored all of his strength.

    As you turn to face Lithany, you notice her breathing is still labored. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get her to a healer of some sort.

    You also expect that the planned bandit raid will never happen now, with their muscle and leadership being taken out. Your primary mission was successful...and you even managed to free their captive women.

    You look upon your two new friends...they've rescinded their evil ways...but...what place do they have in this world now?

    As the three of you make your way back to the village, these thoughts run through your mind...all the while, Lithany seems utterly depressed and somber...and it's not hard to see why.


    When we get back to town, I put my hand on Lithany's shoulder and pull her close. "Lithany, I'm...I'm so, so sorry about everything that happened. If there were any other way, I..."

    I pause, unable to think up any words that could possibly comfort her. "I'm here for you should you ever need anything." I frame her face with my hands and kiss her forehead. "We are not alone out here."

    I turn to Gonav. I found him so repellent before, but now his missing teeth and deformed chin are oddly endearing. "Gonav. My dear Gonav...I need to ask something of you."

    I beckon him to come closer and do my best to give the giant a hug. "Look after Lithany, okay? I can take care of myself, but...but you two need to take care of each other," I whisper to him.

    I wave a fond farewell and leave them to rest at the inn. I ask the innkeeper to call in a doctor for them and I leave some gold that the mayor gave me earlier. Speaking of which, I decide it would be a good idea to go see him.


    As you come onto the mayor's office, you can see that he is already standing outside waiting for you, next to the constable. He opens his arms and smiles wide, giving a great laugh as you approach him.

    "And here she is, the woman who single-handedly saved this town... Miss, we owe our lives to you...every single one of us."

    He goes on to tell you how the women of the village that returned to them told of your bravery and how you freed them from their prison, and how you fought bandits and...well.

    At this point, you're pretty much just ROLLING in the glory and self-satisfaction...your head is probably inflating to the size of a beach ball.

    The entire town gathers around to cheer for you and offer gifts...and during a lull of activity, the constable approaches you, a genuine smile on his face. He, among all others appears to be the most proud of you here.

    He leans in close to your ear and whispers softly, "You're an amazing fighter, Linara Beaufort. You've been trained well."

    He then draws back and winks at you before walking out of sight.

    Your adventure had its up and downs...quite literally. You've had victories, embarrassing losses...humiliating defeats...and have been brought to the brink of death more than once.

    The whole experience has left you wondering...and thinking...

    ...You think you want more.