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The Trading Post (Lists only)

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Mardion, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Mardion

    Mardion Swell Supporter

    Jan 18, 2010
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    After much deliberation, we decided we'd give those who wish to trade videos amongst themselves the chance to do so in this thread. This is not because we are in favour of using Trading Lists in a forum based on good will and free sharing, far from it, but we do concede that it's the only way that certain videos can be shared, and mainly because it might help a person that actually does want to share videos build up a collection. Do have that in mind before posting your list.

    For now, this thread is experimental, and anyone can post their Trading List, in the future we may restrict entry based on post count and/or post quality, or erase it completely if it proves to be detrimental. Currently, the only rule is that only one post per member is allowed, post more than one and all of them will be deleted. If you want to add something to your list, edit your post. If you want to discuss something with someone who's already posted a list, send him a visitor message or private message.

    DORKSTICK Potential Patron

    Apr 29, 2011
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    *Post moved from Ringdivas thread*

    Anyone who Has Ringdivas videos, who is willing to trade, send me a private message please. This is the list of Ringdivas videos that I have. The Girls of War are not the full videos but are about a third of the full video.
    -Sayuri vs Jagged low blows -Girls of war 1+3 -Gojirah vs destiny -jagged vs Hollie 2 -Jagged vs Mandy -Kati vs Gojirah -Private sessions 1 Lacey von Erich
    -Hazel vs Racquel Ultimate low blows 19 -Racquel vs Tina -Sam Sexton vs Lacey New years 2007 -Kati vs Sam Sexton Coed bikini beatdown -Racquel vs Suicide State of emergency
    -Sam vs Gojirah Ragdoll 10 -Suicide vs Angel vs Jelena -So Cal Val vs Tracy Backstage brawls 5 -So Cal Val vs Sam Sexton belly punching contest -Bra and Thong destuction 2+4+6
    -Tina vs So Cal Val Glory and honor 2008 -Racquel vs Tina Hot oil Bra thong wrestling -Kati vs Hazel Hot oil match -Nip slips and cunt busts 1 -Please knock me out 1
    -So Cal Val vs The grand Yubari -Sam Sexton vs Destiny, Racquel, Taty, Gojirah -Sayuri vs Crystal -So Cal Val vs Amber + Demon 1+2 -So Cal Val vs Jason Jones
    -Suicide vs Jessicka vs Sam Sexton Divamania 2009 -Torture rack of death Sam vs Demon -Destiny vs Sam + Gojirah Ultimate low blows -Sam vs Amber Ultimate low blows 2
    -Vanessa vs Hazel -Violet vs Gojirah superstars 2010 -Ab destruction of Tina lockhart 1+2 -Tina vs Jessicka end of days 08, retribution 2007 - Cali Gi Danger vs Destiny
    - Madison vs Queen Arrianna - Sandy van Buren vs Sam Sexton.
    If you're interested, send me a message of the videos that you have that are not any of these.

    Edit : If anyone has these videos, please message me.
    DT 795 Blood work
    BLOOD WORK: Double Trouble
    DT 533 Bad vibes, the full video.
    Bad Vibes: Double Trouble
    I have plenty of ringdivas, some skw, and dt.

    I am Looking for any x club wrestling videos. If you have any send me message and we will work out a trade. Thanks.
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  3. allhailsabin

    allhailsabin Ryonani Teamster

    Jul 30, 2010
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    *Post moved from Ringdivas thread*

    Here's what I've got. Uploads on trades only. PM me with a list of your stuff. Thanks!

    Gojirah vs Destiny
    Jagged vs Mandy
    Kati vs Gojirah
    Vanessa Kraven vs Sayuri
    Leilani vs Destiny Dumon
    Leilani vs Sam Sexton
    Private Sessions (Lacey Von Erich)
    Sam Sexton vs Lacey
    Kati vs Sam Sexton
    Amy Love vs SoCal Val
    Sayuri vs SoCal Val
    Sayuri vs SoCal Val 2
    Brooke vs Amy Love
    Crystal vs Tina Lockhart
    Jessicka Havoc vs Amber Van Buren
    Sayuri vs Alexa
    Sayuri vs Mandy and Hollie
    Hazel vs Racquel
    Racquel vs Kyle Shillinger
    Racquel vs Tina Lockhart
    Sam Sexton vs Gojirah
    Racquel vs Tatyana
    Kati vs Hazel
    Sayuri vs Crystal
    SoCal Val vs Nicole Franklin
    Tina vs SoCal Val
    Vanessa vs Hazel
    Jagged vs Sayuri

    *Post moved from SKW thread*

    Here's what I've got. Uploads on trades only. PM me with a list of your stuff. Thanks!

    Angelina vs Gia Primo
    Alex vs Fantasia
    Sumiko vs Alex
    Sumiko vs Angelina
    Battle Royal Match
    6 vs 1 Match
    Alex vs Serena
    Angelina Love vs Sleeperkid
    Cali vs Sumiko
    Cali vs Natasha
    Cameron vs Sumiko (Ballad Part 1)
    Sumiko vs Sleeperkid
    Helena vs Rapture
    Lacey vs Sleeperkid
    Lacey vs The Machine
    Sapphire vs Fiorella Fuego
    Rain vs Sleeperkid
    Tara Bush vs Jackson
    Sumiko vs Sapphire
    Jacquelyn Velvets vs Sleeperkid
  4. JackXA

    JackXA Guest

    My list for trading anything is.

    Brooke v Amy Love
    SoCal vs Amy Love
    AbDes of Tina II
    Brooke vs Sayuri
    SoCal vs Grand Yubari
    Kati v Hazel [OIL]
    SoCal vs Tina Lockhart
    Traci Brooks and Socal Backstage Part 1
    Kati vs Sam Sexton

    Torrie vs Reese
    Jamie vs Torrie
    Kelly vs Taylor
    Brooke vs Autumn I

    Hayley vs Kimberly
    Hayley vs Kimberly II
    Itallian Stallion vs Barbara

    Jenna vs Layla Part 1 Only

    Angel Williams vs Jennifer Blake
    Britanny Love vs Christie Ricci
    Angel Williams vs Daffney.. Unger
    Amber O Neal vs Krissy Vaine
    Brandi Wine vs Jessie McKay
    Angela Fong vs Britani Knight
    Amy Love vs Shantelle Taylor
    Alexa Thatcher vs L&R
    Shantelle Taylor vs Trenesha

    Helena vs Orlana
    Gwen vs Kira
  5. hhr

    hhr Guest

  6. lingtong1994

    lingtong1994 Guest

    *Post was deleted as user is apparently a scammer*
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  7. melovewrestling

    melovewrestling Potential Patron

    Dec 6, 2010
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    Hi all, basically I have most of the MIXED VIDEO from [email protected] japan, [email protected], sl33pkld and f3mmix, and i am only interested in trading mixed wrestling video, kindly PM me with what u want and what u have, i can send you preview as well :) Cheers
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  8. shim23

    shim23 Potential Patron

    Jul 2, 2011
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    I'm mainly looking for any Kari vs Alicia stuff from Sleeperkid's World, except for Once and For All (the spy v spy one).

    I have lots of stuff from most companies, way too much to list.

    Contact me for more info.
  9. guyincognito

    guyincognito Potential Patron

    Jul 3, 2011
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    List is available via PM have over ten years worth of trading and collecting. All the top producers and my list is organized by producer, vid number and girls. PM me for my list or what you're looking for. What I want most is listed below. I have TONS to trade.

    What I want to trade for

    All f3mm1x featuring k1mb3rl3y
    Any videos with [email protected]@ losing
    Any videos with H0n3y losing
    Any videos with extended victory pose scenes
    Any videos with Kr1$$y from [email protected]$t3r
    Any videos with JC [email protected] losing
    Any videos with $h3lly [email protected]
    Any videos with Tyl3n3 buck (No WCW stuff please)
    Any videos with [email protected] $umm3r$
    Any videos with [email protected] ([email protected])
    Any f3mm1x videos with victory pose
    Any videos with G0ld1e losing
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  10. danyls76

    danyls76 Guest

    i have 200 video of FataleFighting (lethalfemales) interested exchange ?
  11. Ripper1

    Ripper1 Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 25, 2011
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    ok here goes for those that have tried to contact me & ask for my list, I'm including a link to my latest update, the excel sheet is broken into different catagories,
    for those looking for DT Wrestling simply go to the DT PAge & click on the link to see my latest Master list.

    you'll find that here:
    _Master Wrestling 2011 JULY.xlsx

    PLease contact me directly here: [email protected]

    with specific details & what you might have in trade :have a nice day:

    thank members

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  12. bm218791

    bm218791 Guest

    Looking primarily for DC DT or SKW's newer videos, but open to other offers I guess.

    My list

    [email protected]$ Curve$

    @utumn v. Br00ke 1
    P!per v. Summer
    Torr!e v. [email protected] dc03!
    [email protected]$$a v. [email protected] #3
    [email protected] v. @utumn 1
    @utumn v. Sp!r!t #2
    Torr!e v. @ngel
    Kyl!e v. Torr!e (posted in the [email protected] Curve$ thread, so a freebee for you guys)
    Peyt0n v. Kyl!e
    [email protected] v. @utumn 1
    [email protected] v. M!kayla
    Sp!r!t v. Rox!e
    [email protected]@s v. @utumn oil
    Torr!e v. [email protected]!ley
    @utumn v. Steph!e
    Sp!r!t v. Torr!e #1
    @utumn v. Cal!
    [email protected]@h v. [email protected]!ley
    [email protected]!ley v. @utumn
    @lex!s @ngel v. @utumn
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  13. DavidAlanStern

    DavidAlanStern Potential Patron

    Apr 9, 2011
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    I have large collections of following:

    Ac4demy Wrest1ing
    D4ngerous Curves
    D0uble Tr0uble
    R1ng D1vas

    I also have smaller collections of many other companies. I am mainly looking to trade with DC, DT, or F0xyc0mbat. But I am open to other suggestions.
  14. donbilbo

    donbilbo Potential Patron

    Jul 9, 2011
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    i´m looking foward to trade

    videos i got


    dc016 Alexis vs Jade
    dc007 Brooke vs Mia
    dc020 Vanessa vs Angie
    dc026 Jade vs Vanessa
    dc028 Jennifer vs Reese
    dc033 Karma vs Torrie
    dc034 Jade vs Vanessa 45min fight
    dc035 Kelly vs Taylor
    dc037 Torrie vs Reese
    dc038 Kelly vs Torrie
    dc040 Jamie vs Torrie
    dc050 Roxie vs Autumn
    dc057 Torrie vs Kylie


    keri vs busty
    keri vs tara the belt
    keri vs heather destroying keri
    cali vs danielle the one in thongs

    few femmix

    if this isn´t enough i also have other videos, but i only trade them for dangerousvideo, SAF or femmix ones, because these are the ones i´m interessted in especially dangerousvideo

    all videos from Kickassgirlz
    lots of from knockoutgirlz (partnersite of KAG)

    hope some will trade with me

    PS: sorry for my bad english :)

    kind regards
  15. I have large collections of

    Super action fight
    Wrestling lounge

    PM me if you want to trade videos or for more info about specific vids
  16. wannawrestle

    wannawrestle Guest

    I guess I fell for it. I traded him 2 weeks ago and Haven't seen him Since. I guess I shouldn't Have sent Mine First.
  17. George1

    George1 Guest

    I have a lot of the kimberly vids from f3mmix. If anyone is interested in trading, let me know. I am interested in trading for more of her vids, lingerie vids 3 and 4 (I have 2), addison oil wrestling, etc.
  18. ladyfistfan01

    ladyfistfan01 Potential Patron

    Jun 28, 2011
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    i have a large collection of videos from : Bitchfight Uk, Cali Logan, Catfight Corner, Catfight Fantasy/Pro Catfight Fantasies, Catfight Haven, Catty Fights, Chickfight, DT , FFB, FFFights, Kickassgirlz & Knockoutgirlz, Ladyfist, Office Catfights, Queen of the Hood, Sleeperkidsworld, Trib girls, Ultimate Surrender and Vira's apartment wrestling. I have alot of full length (30 minute or more) from each one. Right now I'm looking for anything with Helena in it from Sleeperkidsworld or Absynthe in Ladyfist. I'm also looking for Maidens of Mayhem, and more...PM me if you want to trade..
    edited: also I wouldn't mind other videos from SKWS or Ladyfist you might have besides Absynthe or Helena ...but those 2 are my favorites. Hope to trade with you all soon!
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  19. hdng_smu

    hdng_smu Guest

    I would like to trade I am looking for ring divas sayuri, skw devon and Alex, honey and erica d'erico. But I am open to other videos

    Part of my list that I have bought and havent seen in the site

    -002KNGT kery vs Honey

    -Brittany Love vs Mary E. Monroe

    -alexa thatcher vs lacy/rain
    -Angel Williams vs Jennifer Blake
    -Cindy Rogers vs Nikki Roxx
    -Portia Perez vs Zach

    -AmyLove vs Sayuri Rematch
    -LeeAnn vs Destiny
    - Nip Slips & Cunt Busts Vol. Lee Ann
    -Sayuri vs. So Cal Val

    -Bigtimebackfire3 Willa vs Helena
    -Mixed Dreams DEVON

    -Honey vs Trixie

    I also have another 155 from trades and downloads PM!!!
  20. rekpe

    rekpe Potential Patron

    Apr 14, 2011
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    Ringdivas Collection

    amber vs jessika
    amber vs sam
    amy love vs tiana ringer
    Backstage Brawls Jagged vs Socal
    Bra & Thong Destruction Vol. 2
    britney vs jessika
    Diva Rumble 2011
    DragonStar vs. Crystal & Amber (Last Stand 2007)
    Gang Violence Vol.5 (Sam vs. Destiny, Tina & Jessicka)
    hollie vs vanessa
    Jagged vs amber
    jagged vs holie
    Jagged vs Mandy
    Jason Jones vs. Angelina
    Jason Jones vs. So Cal Val
    Kati vs Gojirah
    Kati vs Hazel
    kati vs sam
    kyle vs racquel
    Lacey Von Erich vs Jessicka Havoc
    Lacey Von Erich vs. So Cal Val
    lacey von erich PrivateSessions
    leeann vs mpr
    madison vs ariana
    Please Knock Me Out Vol1
    Racquel Bra and Thong Destruction 6
    Racquel vs Sam (TickleStorm)
    racquel vs tatyana
    RagDoll Vol.1 (Vanessa vs. Sayuri)
    RagDoll Vol.3 (Vanessa vs. Sayuri)
    Sam Sexton vs. So Cal Val
    sayuri vs alexa
    sayuri vs brooke
    Sayuri vs Mandi
    Sayuri vs. Socal Val - Backstage Brawls Vol.1
    Sayuri vs. Socal Val
    Sayuri Blood Chronicles
    Socal Val vs. Amber & Demon
    Socal Val vs. Amy Love
    Socal Val vs. Amy Love (ragdoll)
    Socal Val vs. Angelina
    Socal Val vs. Crystal
    Socal Val vs. Nicole Franklin
    Socal Val vs. Sayuri
    Socal Val vs. The Grand Yubari
    Socal Val vs. Tiana Ringer
    Suicide vs. Jelena vs. Angel (New Years Resolution 2009)
    tina vs racquel
    Ultimate Low Blows Vol.9 (Racquel vs Hazel Custom)
    Violet VS Gojirah

    Incomplete (guaranted to be about 10 minutes but unfinished/missing first few minutes)
    hazel vs kyle(nutbuster)
    sayuri vs vanessa (prostyle)
    sayuri vs jagged
    Ultimate Low Blows Vol.6 (Racquel vs. Sam & Jessicka)
    vanessa vs hazel

    note: give me a few days to reply
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