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The Promotion Chapter 3: The Office Fight

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by trainglec, Sep 25, 2016.

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    The promotion: Chapter 3: The Office Fight

    Justin sat in his new office in just his MMA shorts, working the thigh press he had had installed there in preparation for his fight with Amelia. Looking around, he felt great pride at the mahogany desk and leather reclining chair, sitting at the far end of the wall against the window which afforded a sky-high view of the city.

    Smirking as he compressed his glutes together working the press, he remembered that day several weeks ago when he had secured this position by trapping his rival at the interview, the cocky office hottie-cum-brat Amelia, under the table between his climbing-toned legs while he charmed his way into being given the job.

    That same day, however, the crazy bitch had ambushed him in his own car after work, giving him the proof of her claims to have super strong (and, it has to be said, super hot looking) legs, and forced him to agree to this fight this evening. Anger growing at the memory of this humiliation, Justin pumped the thigh press harder. He had also been taking extra kick-boxing classes this week- after that last encounter, he wasn’t taking any chances with Amelia!

    His musings were interrupted as the private elevator to his office chimed… the bitch was early! Grunting Justin sat up and quickly wiped the sweat from his brow and thighs with a towel, he didn’t want to seem out of breath when she walked in.

    The elevator doors opened and Amelia strode in. Justin rose an eyebrow in surprise… she was wearing a long black coat which went all the way to her feet, her pretty sharp face with tied back-blond hair and those icy, bratish blue eyes emerging from the top.

    “Not very suitable clothing for an ass-kicking, that, is it, subordinate?” he smirked at her, loving the look of entitled fury that burned in her eyes as he taunted her.

    Holding his haze she retorted “No…” and then undid the coat slowly…”but this is..” she slipped the coat off and Justin’s jaw almost hit the floor, she was completely topless, her pert breasts standing erect under the office halogen lights. In fact, the only item she was wearing was a pair of very short pink “TapOut” hot pants, which showed off the whole length of her pale, very toned looking legs

    “Cat got your tongue?” she purred, strolling into the office. “I hope you’ve been enjoying your time in MY office…”

    Justin straitened up and flexed his abs and thighs in response, looking for any sign of intimidation in Amelia's eyes. They did briefly flicker down to his legs and he thought he might have seen a brief widening of the pupils there, but not enough to stop that confident gaze.

    “I think you mean my office…” Justin smirked back, strutting out towards her. “I distinctly remember being given it while you were spluttering between my thighs!”

    Amelia flushed bright red with anger and humiliation, she clearly wasn’t used to being spoken to this way!

    “Well I remember you agreeing to this fight after I KO’d you in your own car! And today, one on one, I’m not only going to take this promotion from you....I’m going to make you worship my legs… in front of everyone! And admit their stronger than yours!”

    Justin actually burst out laughing, it was great to see her this worked up. This proved to be a mistake though, because as he guffawed Amelia leapt forward yelling like a banshee, twisted her fine hips, and sent a perfectly executed roundhouse to Justin’s jaw. He hadn’t realised how close they’d been getting, and he barely managed to get his arm up to block it. Had it connected fully, he was pretty sure he would have lost the fight there and then. As it was, his arm absorbed the impact of the blow and burned with pain, just a little bit more force and it would have broken. He staggered back and got himself into a kickboxer’s stance as Amelia’s leg gracefully arched back down. The fight was on now!

    They circled each other wearily in their respective stances.

    “Weren't ready for that were you, fake boss?” snarled Amelia.

    “Oh I think I handled it alright!” smirked Justin, although the pain in his arm though differently.

    “Yeah? Well try this!” yelled the blond, and suddenly twisted again and sent her right foot straight out at Justin’s abs. He saw this rather predictable kick coming, but rather than block it, he decided to give the girl a surprise… he clenched his gym trained abs hard and absorbed the kick, and in fact it was Amelia who hopped away clutching her foot.

    “Ahh, what the fuck!” yelled the brat.

    “Haha, like kicking a brick wall huh?” laughed Justin. He’d worked on his abs just for that moment, and it was worth it, but he took no time in rubbing it in- while Amelia was still in shock, it was time to take the fight to her. Twisting his own hips he coiled his right leg to the side then extended it violently, aiming his shin for Amelia’s right side as she hobbled that way on her aching foot. Professionally, she caught his foot, pinning it to her right side, and briefly had a defiant look in her eyes.

    “Nice try…” he smirked then through his weight the other way, and brought the left leg up through the air to smack into the side of her face. As he rolled away and back up to his feet he saw the cocky blond spin away like a musical doll before collapsing to her knees, facing away from him.

    “That’s what a real kickboxer can do!” Declared Justin triumphantly, although secretly he was impressed she wasn’t TKO’d- he’d sent opponents twice her size down with that kick before!

    Time to finish her off though, he thought, and walked up behind her, briefly admiring her ass in those pink TapOut hot pants where she was on her knees, dazed. Reaching down, he coiled his arm round her neck and pulled her to her feet in a sleeper hold. “Night night hon!” he whispered in her ear… but suddenly got a shock as she threw an elbow back hard into his ribs! The impact wasn’t that hard, but the surprise made him loosen the sleeper a little, which gave Amelia a chance to grab his wrist, and in an awesome show of unexpected strength, hip-tossed him self-defense style to the floor in front of her!

    Hearing her drop to her ass behind him, Justin suddenly felt and saw her pale, toned thighs hit his shoulders and the crotch of her hotpants against the back of his neck. Justin felt a moment of sheer panic as her saw her ankles heading towards eachother in front of him- if she locked this scissor hold in, it was over right there and then. Thinking quickly, (he had been researching escape methods for this very moment), he through his own ankles up in front of him and hooked his calves around her ankles, preventing her from fully locking in the scissor.

    Amelia squealed audibly in frustration and arched her hips up, propping her self on her hands and trying to force her thighs and ankles together. Justin could feel her powerful inner thigh muscles flex against the sides of his neck and jaw, but although it was painful he was able to use his calves to prevent the pressure from getting to the level he knew she was capable of. As he pulled his legs outwards prizing at her ankles she desperately tried to counter by squeezing her legs in. They were now locked in a deadly battle!

    Justin decided to start taunting again. “You’re not going to get me like that this time, honey!”, although he was panting as he said this from between her flexing legs.

    “Grrrr….let go you asshole! Accept your fate!” yelled Amelia from behind him. However, it was becoming obvious that she wouldn’t finish him in this hold. After making one last effort to bring her legs together, she suddenly released the hold, but lashed out her foot at Justin’s back as she rolled away, knocking him forward onto his front.

    Justin spun onto his back to get up, but realised any relief from the posh girl’s relentless assault would be short lived. She pounced from her crouching position and knocked him back onto his back, pinning his arms with her knees, and started throwing down punches at his face as she did so! Justin started bucking with his legs, thinking she was going for a classic “ground-n-pound” MMA attack, but suddenly Amelia slipped a hand behind his head and started trying to pull it off the ground and up between her pinning thighs! At the same time he felt her calf start to slip behind his head...this girl was really determined to scissor him today! Sure enough she glared down at him, this determined, half crazy look in her blue eyes and growled “I’m going to crush you today, if it’s the last thing I do!”

    Justin suppressed the urge to panic as the blond struggled to drag his head up and started to roll slightly to the side….he’d done some training for this eventuality too! As she slid her left thigh to try and get her calf round the back of his neck his right arm became free and he thrust his palm up under her chin, forcing her head back.

    With her position suddenly compromised, Justin through his legs up behind Amelia and caught her neck with his ankles! Amelia actually squealed at this sudden change of fortune and, in her obvious panic, released Justin’s head and started trying to pry his ankles off her. This left her stomach exposed, and Justin wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. Squeezing his ankles round her neck and pulling his legs down slightly to give the girl an unplanned view of the ceiling, he used his free hand to deliver three rapid punched to Amelia’s gut, enjoying the light grunts she made as he did so, like a female tennis player exerting herself. The poor girl didn’t know what to do with her hands, and seemed to be trying to work out whether to fight his gripping ankles or his fist in her gut! Justin had the sense of mind to know she wouldn’t stay disorientated for long though, and knew that soon she may reattempt her scissor hold (her legs were still dangerously near his head and her calf almost under his neck. )

    “Time to go for a ride, honey!” he yelled, then suddenly through his powerful legs down and backwards, keeping Amelia’s neck trapped until the last second, when he suddenly released her. The result was she was pulled off him and went flying half way across the room and crashing into the desk.

    Grinning ear to ear Justin got to his feet. Amelia was staggering to her feet, her back to the desk, rubbing her neck and looking like she was trying to work out what the hell had just happened. She started to push herself away from the desk, but Justin leapt forward towards her in two paces and through his right leg out authoritatively in a front kick that caught her in the solar plexus, knocking her onto her back on the desk!

    “Down girl!” he crowed, and stepped forwards to loom over the stunned blond who was clutching her chest and trying to catch her breath on the desk. HIS desk! Looking down at the gasping girl he thought now was the time to end this, and reached down to place his forearm over her throat. But he had been over hasty in his enthusiasm to put the bitch out, for as he went to do so he stepped between her sprawled legs… which as if waiting to do so suddenly snapped shut round his ribs!

    “Ahhh!” Squealed Justin as he pulled his arm back from Amelias throat and desperately tried to push at her rapidly swelling thighs which were already constricting his waist. Beneath him, Amelia’s eyes suddenly had come alive again. She suddenly sat up and locked her arms round his head, slapped her ankles together behind his back and constricted both holds like a limpet.

    “Fuck you, asshole. I told you I’d crush you today!” She whispered hotly in his ear.

    Justin felt the air being compressed from his lungs as Amelia’s super-strength thighs forced his diaphragm up and started to press against his bottom set of ribs. Staggering in from of the desk he began to feel those ribs creaking… and clearly so did Amelia because tightening the hold even further she whispered his his ear again.

    “What will happen first, you passing out, your ribs breaking between my thighs, or you giving up?” she purred.

    Justin knew that once again he had to do something. He hadn’t prepared any specific techniques for this eventuality as he had imagined she would always go for the headscissor KO, but he had an idea. Using the strength in his legs he powered himself away from the desk and round to the leather chair, his boss chair, with Amelia clinging to him like an industrial vice.

    “What are you doing?” she snarled.

    “Ugh….this!” he groaned back, and at the moment he felt his ribs would surely cave in he dropped to his knees and slammed her down into the chair. For a moment he thought it had worked, as both her arms and legs dropped from him. He took a big breath of air, Amelia now in the chair looking winded, him on his knees in front of her…

    Suddenly she threw her legs up again, this time around his neck. He had no time for a counter, just saw her lock her deathly blue eyes on his, heard her ankles smack together in a secure lock behind his head, and then suddenly her toned, dancer and fighter’s legs straightened and snapped down on his neck.

    The pressure was so intense he almost blacked out immediately. Surely he would lose now. His hands went to her pale thighs and pulled, but to no avail. If he hadn’t gotten than breath in before being recaptured, he would have blacked out already.

    “No, no,no, SUBORDINATE! Growled Amelia from her dominant position in the chair. “Time to get everyone up here to see you in this position!” And she started reaching for the intercom on his desk. Suddenly Justin realised: the reason he wasn’t KO’d yet wasn’t because he’d gotten a breath in, it was because she wasn’t yet applying full thigh strength! Like an evil movie villain, she wanted to humiliate him before putting him out! And if she got to that intercom and summoned their other colleagues up here, she would do it!

    Getting a second wind, or at least enough to avoid that specific fate, Justin kicked his legs out under the chair beneath Amelia. BRAcing his feet against the chair legs, he pulled his torso backwards, dragging her off the chair by her legs around his neck, onto the floor and away from the intercom. But he was still trapped between her constricting thighs…

    “Nice try, loser!” Snarled the posh girl. “But this just means I’ll have to knock you out before I….ughhhhhhhh!” Her last sentence came out a strangled gurgle. Now on the floor, Justin had decided he would not go down without a fight and had thrown his left calf up around the front of Amelia’s neck. Forcing her to the carpet, the back of her neck found his other leg waiting there, and he promptly locked his ankles, locking her in a calf-scissor of his own. Her hold weakened very slightly as she was clearly in shock at this final reversal.

    Despite still being in the pressure of her own thighs, Justin couldn’t suppress a grin. He could feel her breath panting against his right calf where it gripped her throat. That just wouldn’t do. Twisting his hips slightly, he curved that calf in towards his ass, converting his hold to a reverse figure four. Amelia’s breath stopped with a sudden gasp, and she suddenly seemed to realise the seriousness of her situation, because her thighs suddenly slammed back down on Justin’s own neck. This time she wasn’t holding back, this was clearly a life or death situation, and the pressure she applied was at least as bad as that which had KO’s Justin in his car, all those weeks ago. Within seconds he was seeing stars, but he’d never backed down from a fight, and reached out with his hand to grab his ankle, tightening his own hold as hard as he could. Suffering between Amelia’s gorgeous thighs, he tried to imagine her neck was one of the rocks he’s free-climbed in the east, and crushed his curling calves against her neck like his life depended on it! In fact, it may well do.

    The following seconds seemed to last forever for Justin, as the two fighter squirmed and squeezed in this deadly cinch on the carpet of the office. He had her right round the throat, but she’d had him in her straight scissor hold for longer, plus the bodyscissor before. Sure enough, Justin began to see stars...the blood supply to his head was being cut off by this blond brat’s thighs….he was going to pass out...he raised his free hand over her thigh to tap, but for one last effort pulled back on his ankle with the other hand and tightened his calves…..

    Amelia’s hold suddenly went slack. Justin coughed and took in a huge breath of much needed air….and another...and the elation began to run through him…. He had done it! He had...suddenly he realised he was still squeezing Amelia’s neck and throat with his calves. HIs reverse figure four was still on her! Shit, how long had he been squeezing for? He quickly released her and rolled her onto her back. Her face had gone a strange purple colour….shit, had he really squeezed her that hard? He began slapping her face to wake her, a fresh kind of panic setting in…

    However, her face rapidly started to return to an almost health pink, and sure enough she presently coughed and started to sit up.

    “W-w happened?” groaned Amelia, getting to her knees in front of the chair. As she did so, Justin suddenly remembered her plan prior to their final tussle, and any sympathy he’s started to have began to evaporate.

    “Well…” he said, easing himself into his boss's’ chair in front of the dazed girl.

    “I KO’d you using my legs….” he said.

    “Wwhat? No...never!” said Amelia, eyes widening.

    “Oh yes!” Said Justin, and suddenly he shot his legs out like a python attacking his prey, and caught Amelia’s neck again where she was kneeling in front of him.

    “Ahhh….NO! Stop!” She yelled but he’d already locked his ankles and began tightening. He suddenly had memories of their first encounter in the interview room.

    “Yes! We’re right back where we started!” He said, rapidly flexing and unflexing his thighs against her neck as he had done with the thigh press earlier. “And now you’re going to call me boss, and admit who has the…...stronger….legs!” He said, pulsing his thighs to accentuate that final demand.

    Amelia looked like she was on the verge of passing out again, gasping from between his legs on the floor. But that defiant look had returned to her eyes, and she spluttered out “No...never….you...cough….can’t….”. Justin began to increase the pressure again, fully intending to knock her out again. But suddenly he realised what she feared most…..and reached for the intercom.

    “Fine, subordinate. Maybe we’ll get everyone up here and they can see you like this!” And with that he picked up the intercom whilst slamming his thighs down hard again.

    “No…..” Squeaked Amelia, and began rapidly tapping his bulging left thigh. Her eyes were pleading.

    Putting the intercom to the side temporarily Justin eased the pressure just slightly.

    “No? Did you change your mind?”

    Amelia squeaked “Yes! I...I give up! Your legs are stronger boss!” Justin looked at this previously cocky brat in front of him, and saw something in her eyes...yes pleading, but also perhaps an admiration. He had mastered her where so many others had not.

    “Very well.” He said, gently flexing his inner thigh muscles. “I’ll spare you that humiliation...for now. But….I think we should meet again. Perhaps for dinner?”

    Amelia looked up from between his legs. “OK….just….can..we….keep this...a cough...secret?”

    “We can, but by rights I should KO you right here again and get everyone up to see it!”

    Amelia’s eyes wondered in horror.

    “It’s just there’s something about you quite...fascinating.” continued Justin. “Dinner at mine, next Wednesday. You know where I live.” and with that he released the hold and pushed her away, gently.

    Amelia staggered to her feet, looking very red and off balance. However, she made it to the door, picked up her coat and put it on. As she was waiting for the elevator she turned back round to face Justin, who was reclining his his boss's chair looking thoughtful in his victory.

    “We’ll meet for dinner…” she said. “But when we get to the bedroom after...we’re doing this again… with added stakes.”

    “Bring it on.” said Justin, his interest very much piqued.

    She stepped into the elevator.
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    Nicely done trainglec, the pace of the action was good and the description of the action is well thought out and detailed without bogging down the story.

    Keep up the good work.