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The hound, the target and the mark

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Oct 6, 2014.

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    Nitika sat restlessly across him on the coffe table, he was still wearing that impeccable suit that he always wore, pressed right down to the last crease. He always sat absolutely straight, with no hint of the natural bend you would expect with people as tall as him. He wore an elegant tie, gold cuff links, a sort of a strange symbol around the shirts left collar, a lantern. His hair was gelled back, neatly ties into ponytail. She swore his eyes were golden, although it could be her imagination. "Let me be frank, there are hundreds of women who want to be part of what we offer.." His voice had this low bass like quality, it boomed across the small room. "Most just buy there way in.." He said in a monotone. "But we do make exceptions, as you might be aware of.." Nitika felt a little hint of sarcasm in his tone, she adjusted her eyebrows downward and stared forward with a stern face. She wore a pair of jeans daisy duke shorts that finished right at the end of her posterior and a red cut off top that flaunted her mid riff. Her curly hair and green eyes meshed with her dusky skin to create an ambience of longing. He let out a small laugh at her sudden peak in interest. "Not that I am implying that we made an error in choosing you.." Nitika sat back down with a sigh of relief. "There are few in the world like you, but our numbers do add up to be substantial" Nitika grew a concerned look on her face. "What I am saying is we need more..and you are going to find them for us..same as Rita found you." Nitika sat up straight with excitement, she knew she couldn't be the only one, but now she had a reason to find them. "Any questions" he said rhetorically "how did you.." Nitika barely finished the question before he replied. "I could tell you the truth but you wouldn't believe it. Let's just say there is a rational scientific explanation to all of this." As if almost on que Nitika retorted with "there is?" With her big puppy green eyes. He stared at her for a while before allowing himself the liberty of a smile. "Nope..it's magic !!" Nitika was embarrassed at the dumb ass expression she made after that, he let out a hearty laugh and stood up. "I think I have wasted enough of your time. You can go now" Nitika got up to leave as she was about to open the door, he turned back for a second and said "oh and I hope you have bought a change of clothes."

    Eve had spent a year obsessing over this man, all the intelligence they had managed to gather on him didn't link him to anything. She stood with her hands on the desk, her shapely ass a sight to behold in that skin tight jeans of hers. She wore a black jacket leather, the one you find at a thrift shop, a pink top completed her Attire, her bright blue eyes glistened under the light and her blond hair was tied back in a neat pony. Her face was sculpted to perfection, she wasn't overly muscle bound but you could make out she was fit, her body rock hard, she had an effect on men, one she often chose to ignore. After working tirelessly she had managed a scant lead, "India eh?" She uttered talking to herself. A woman named Nitika had contacted her about the whereabouts of thee man they simply called Mani, the photograph of him starting her on the desk, he was a giant man, overweight but he was notorious for his strength, every part of his body was rock hard, she couldn't help but think about a hand to hand confrontation with him, he would tear her apart but something in her wanted to fight him, wanted to loose to him. She had decided to go undercover, all she had to do was sign the document on her desk.

    Nitika was still puzzled about what he meant when she walked toward the lift. "Magic..he said" she thought aloud. "But how". She pressed the call button on the elevator. For now she wanted to go back home and relax. The elevator doors opened and she stepped in. She pressed the lobby button, they were 24 floors In the building, enough time for her to muse over what he had said. Just then the the elevator stopped. The lights went out. She tried the emergency phone. No response. She heard sounds outside the elevator door, someone was punching the doors, "I hope you bought a change of clothes" Nitika smiled, she stripped down to her bra and panties. She assumed her fighting stance and got ready.

    Eve got off the plane, the first thing that hit her was the stench, an overbearing sense despair, depression and hope all rolled into one. So many people walking like ants in an antfarm. Eve could feel anger and happiness in equal measures, she got to the exit of the international terminal, she saw a small man holding up a sign with her name spelled wrong "Ebe" it read. "Hi" she said in a polite tone. The short man stared at what was in front of him, not more than 24 he thought, she wore a blue jeans that hugged and accentuated her curves, her shapely legs burning into his mind, she wore a black coat with a striped formal shirt underneath, her firm breasts hugging the shirt, she wore Ray bans on her eyes, her blond hair tied back in a pony. His gaze then shifted to her waist, on her belt was her ID and a holder for her 9mm. He snapped out of his daydream, eve removed her sunglasses and stared at him with her bright blue eyes. "Yeah..so". The man looked embarrassed as he quickly took her luggage from her. "Sorry..madam..myself..jain..me too taking you to hotel". Eve watched the little guy scurry off in front of her and cracked a smile, she put on her ray bans and walked toward the car.

    The pounding on the elevator doors grew stronger. The doors were literally bending by the force of the punches, Nitika kept getting turned on more and more as the elevator doors blended until finally they gave way, Nitika saw a large black fist connect with her nose, she flew back into the unrelenting steel back first and landed in a heap on the floor, she saw the huge Titan standing in front of her, he was 7 foot tall, pitch black skin. He wore purple tights shoulder pads and sneakers on his feet. He was built in muscle, he walked towards her as Nitika's anticipation grew. He picked her up by her curly hair, then held her there for a while, she stood with wooziness, her feet moving about all over the place. The man let out a hearty laugh and bought his sledgehammer hand in contact with her abdomen, Nitika bent over on impact and orgasmed furiously. He sent an elbow into her back sending her on all fours, then using one hand to grab her hair and one positioned between her crotch threw her like a rag doll straight up to the elevator ceiling, Nitika crashed back first into the ceiling, on her way down, he kicked her hard in the stomach sending her up again, he did this one more time before smashing his fist into her face sending her to the button panel, her head crashed against the buttons and the elevator went straight down. Once it stopped in the parking floor. The man picked Nitika up, tore her clothes leaving her nude and dragged her by the hair towards her car. Nitika had cum so many times that she was motionless, her nude body was dragged spread eagle. He suddenly stopped a few feet away from her car, like a kid he measured the distance in his head, he picked up her up over his head, then threw her towards the windshield, she landed face-first on the glass and it cracked instantly. The man stood there for a while, then made his way toward the exit, leaving her nude body on top of the car.

    Eve stopped the video, her heart was pounding, she realised that her hand had somehow found its way to her crotch, she sat on the couch with one hand between her legs and one playing with breasts. She realised that she was nude and though she wondered when the clothes came off, she was too far along to care. Sure enough, she came hard, letting out a loud moan. She made her way to the bed, as she lay there, she finally understood why she was here, why she traveled all the way to India to pursue a lead no one cared about. It wasn't the case or the target, it was her desire to experience what women like Nitika were experiencing, she wanted rugged hands to destroy her, she wanted the feel of rock hard muscle tearing her apart. Mani was just an excuse to get her there, she smiled and faded off to sleep, unknown to her, Jain, the little man walked in to her room, he saw her asleep and smiled. He climbed on the bed stood on top of her and waited for her to stir.

    Kriti felt the 16 inch bicep as it collided with her throat. Her body arched backwards as she fell to her knees, her beautiful black hair flew back, her face throwing off sweat as her head snapped back. For a moment, her opponent known simply as Titan admired her young face, youthful and beautiful. Titan picked her up by her hair, and slapped her a few times playfully mocking her, she staggered back and forth and Titan looked at her tall beautiful body decked out in a blue micro mini skirt and a micro bikini top which barely covered her breasts, Titan hadn't seen many Indians as tall as her, she was all about the legs, those long beautiful legs. He playfully undid her top and slammed her headfirst into a turnbuckle. He choked her using her top for a while before going to work on her back, elbows and forearms smashed into the small of her back as kriti let out moan after moan. He turned her around until her hands rested on the top rope and her back on the second turnbuckle, he then parted both her legs on the second rope, leaving her in a sort of sitting position. He admired the view for a while as her red thong peeked out from the barely there skirt. He sent the edge of his boot into her crotch, she moaned loudly as the boot connected with soft tissue of her vagina. He stepped back a few paces before sending a running boot into her crotch, the impact sent her flying upwards and out of the ring where she landed back first on the hard floor. Titan looked at her from the ring as her body lay spread eagle on the floor. He went outside and picked her up then thre her back in, he didn't go back inside with her, he grabbed both of her legs and parted them either side of the cold steel of the ring post, without warning he jerked her body towards the ring post sending her crotch first into the steel, he repeated the dose a few times before grinding her crotch a little longer on the last time. Satisfied he moved back into the ring and turned her over to her back, without her top on, her back looked magnificent, the sweat glistened under the light as he stared at it for a few moments, he mounted her by sitting on her ass, making sure she felt his overbearing bulge then proceeded to send punches down on her back occasionally breaking it up with elbows, he then moved up to her back, he put both her hands on his knees and pulled her head back so that her face came up and faced him, he rested both his palms under her chin locking her into a camel clutch. He held her there for a few moments before letting her fall face first on the mat. He then placed a foot near her tailbone, grabbed both her arms and bent her body backwards with massive force. He admired the way her hair hung downwards covering her face as she stared down at the mat. He let her go and placed his foot on the back of her kneecap and repeated it with his other foot. He grabbed both her arms and in one swift motion lifted her up so that her body arched upwards as he pulled back on her arms and legs locking her in a octopus hold, he admired her erect nipples as sweat ran down her breasts forming an illusion of pearls when the light hit them at right angle. Pre empting a bow motion, he released her with immense as she landed stomach first on the top rope. He let her dangle there for a while as he admired her shapely ass from beneath her skirt. He decided he wanted to see that beautiful apple up close. He went toward her and ripped open her skirt and thong giving him a glimpse of her bare beautiful ass. He slapped it playfully for a while before getting her to her feet, he slammed an elbow on her back sending her down to her knees and then choked her on the second rope with his massive legs. After a while he picked her up and sent her back first into a corner back first into the turnbuckle, he went to work on her tits this time, mauling them, biting her nipples, punching her ample bosoms till they were red. Satisfied he body slammed her back first on the ring, he locked both his legs around her waist and his thick biceps around her throat, as he increased pressure on the sleeper hold, he heard her moans grow louder and louder, he nibbled her ears playfully as she climaxed with a loud messy orgasm, she passed out. He let her slump spread eagle on the floor, she seemed to smiling, he quietly walked away. The scene froze as jain paused the video. He could hear eve stirring, her nude body tied up right behind him. He could see that she was wet, he let out a little laugh "turned on..don't worry..ebe is next..we be having fun..lots..fun."

    To be continued..