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The Deadliest Hunger Royale (with cheese) -- wherein Katniss eats it.

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Courtmaster, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Courtmaster

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    Oct 28, 2011
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    Scene 1 -- The tree

    It was one of those moments where things happened so quick, one didn't even have time to process the turn of events. One moment, Cato was climbing up after the insufferable bitch from District Twelve, and the next he was on his back, trying to catch the wind that had been knocked out of him. He could see Katniss ascending higher, getting even further out of his reach. The thin branches that had so easily supported her small frame had snapped when Cato had attempted them. He was dimly aware of Glimmer sending a few arrows up at her, but since Katniss wasn't screaming in agony -- or become silent altogether -- he could only assume their blonde archer had missed.

    Cato pushed himself to his feet, shaking his head in an attempt to clear it. None of the other Careers were making an attempt to climb the tree, so Cato guessed he must have destroyed the only path up. They watched as Katniss stopped climbing, finding rest on a wide enough branch. She looked down at them, breathing heavily and gritting her teeth. Cato could tell she was wounded by the way she had run, even though none of them had tagged her.

    "Let's just wait her out," Peeta, the boy from Twelve suggested. "She has to come down eventually or she'll starve, right? It's getting late, so we should just sleep until..." Peeta was interrupted by Cato's swift attack. The edge of his sword sliced through Peeta's throat, severing his jugular. Peeta's hand went up to the wound as he fell to his knees. His blue eyes were wide open in shock for a moment before fading entirely. He fell forward, dead within seconds.

    "Does anyone else have any great ideas that involve not killing this bitch?" Cato demanded. The other careers seemed nonplussed at Peeta's death. In fact, most of them were smirking. "We haven't exactly exhausted our options by shooting a couple of arrows at her."

    Clove hadn't once taken her hateful brown eyes off of Katniss. "I can shake her down," she said gleefully, producing a pair of throwing knives. Knowing that her prey wasn't going anywhere, she took an extra moment to carefully aim.

    "Do it," Cato commanded, watching Katniss tense up, preparing for the attack. "We're going to kill you!" he shouted up helpfully at her. Clove launched the two blades in quick succession. Kat dodged the first one, but didn't dare move too much for fear of falling off the branch. The second knife plunged deep into her shoulder. She screamed, but didn't fall as Clove had promised. She planted herself back down on the branch, removing the blade and gripping it tightly.

    "Th-thanks for the gift!" Katniss called down sarcastically, clearly bluffing through the pain. Blood oozed from her shoulder. "This is m-mine, now!" Clove narrowed her eyes, making a tsk sound. Cato wondered about that. She hadn't brandished any weapons at all up to this point, nor had she shown any remarkable talent during the training. And yet it was she who had been given the highest score by the judges. Even higher than Cato. It made no sense. Unless she had been exceptionally talented at giving Seneca Crane a blowjob. That was a theory he would have to personally test once they got her down.

    "I say we just burn the tree down with her in it," Marvel muttered.

    "The girl who was on fire, burned alive," Glimmer said with a chuckle. "I love it!"

    Cato agreed that hearing her screams while being consumed by flames would be exquisite, but he wanted some up-close and personal attention with her that only a knife could provide. Still, fire was the best idea yet for getting her to jump. "Get it started."

    Within ten minutes, the base of Katniss' temporary sanctuary was catching. Flames licked steadily up the trunk as Katniss watched with horror. "Fan out," Cato commanded the others, "but don't spread too thin. She's going to have to jump, so let's make sure she has nowhere to go." The four Careers surrounded the tree, positioning themselves so Katniss couldn't jump and land behind them. To escape, she would have to go through one of them.

    Katniss continued ascending the tree in a panic as the fire chased her up. "You're gonna die!" Cato taunted her. "There's no use running!" Kat studied the careers for a few brief seconds, planning her next move, then jumped across several branches and leapt to the ground. She landed square on top of Glimmer, who was to Cato's right. He could hear Glimmer grunt, but it was a surprisingly wet sound. "Shit!" he exclaimed, running toward them. Katniss got up groggily, exposing to Cato's sight the knife sticking out of Glimmer's throat. She was already dead in a pool of her own blood. The girl who was on fire saw Cato barreling for her and took off in the opposite direction, but she was weary and injured, and it took Cato but a moment to close the distance. He tackled her, roughly pinning her to the ground. She made some strained sound from the back of her throat as she resisted him, but he was too big and too strong for her. He flipped her over onto her back, relishing the mixture of spite and terror in her large, green eyes.

    Marvel and Clove whooped as they caught up. "Way to go!" Marvel exclaimed, licking his lips as he watched Katniss squirm.

    "Pin her arms," Cato commanded the two of them. Once his temporary allies had her arms under control, Cato was free to use his own for better purposes. The spite in Kat's eyes gave way entirely to fear as he balled his hands into fists and began brutally pummeling the girl. He hit her with a flurry of punches, targeting her face, ribs, gut and tits, loving every moan, squeak and squeal that escaped her lips.

    He was suddenly very aware of a warmth at his back, remembering that the tree was still ablaze, and very likely to catch to the rest of the trees nearby. Of course, the Game Masters would prevent an all out forest fire from burning down the whole arena, but one can never be too careful.

    "Let's just kill her and go," Clove said, watching the fire nervously.

    "N-no! Please...don't! I don't want to...!" Cato silenced Katniss with a fist to her mouth, busting her lip open.

    "No, we're taking her with us," Cato said. "I haven't had a tenth of the fun I was planning with her yet." With a final punch to the head, he knocked Kat unconscious. "C'mon, let's go."

    ---- to be cont'd...
  2. TheCrimsonRisk

    TheCrimsonRisk Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Oh ho ho...this is lookin' good. From the moment Cato took out Peeta, I was just like..."well this is different."

    I remember when the movie came out, I was discussing the idea of Hunger Games ryona with someone and it's awesome that you decided to make it happen Courtmaster! Some parts I really liked:

    - Cato thinking that the only way Katniss could have got a high score is through sexual favours. So misogynistic and spiteful.

    - The girl who was on fire, burned alive Wicked line! The way you described the scenario here, I'm beginning to wonder how she survived the situation in the movie...

    You better finish this story. Don't leave me hangin'!
  3. Courtmaster

    Courtmaster Vivacious Visitor

    Oct 28, 2011
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    Glad you're enjoying it. I'll try to finish it after work today if I have the time.
  4. Ceciliaracia

    Ceciliaracia Guest

    This was really good! While I was reading I was re-imagining the scene from the movie right before she drops the Tracker jackers. But wow... When Katniss jumped down Glimmer it was really difffernt! I cant wait to see this finished, as much as i love The original Hunger Games this is a great plot twist!
  5. sooperhero1

    sooperhero1 Vivacious Visitor

    Nov 15, 2011
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    I like this one! You seem like you're a fan of the ground-and-pound, based on your story with Toph.
    Interested to see where this goes next, although we all know poor Katniss wont be making it out alive :(
  6. Courtmaster

    Courtmaster Vivacious Visitor

    Oct 28, 2011
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    Scene 2 -- Base Camp

    Once the small group moved far enough away from the tree, the familiar sound of the cannon rocked through the forest, and was heard in all corners of the arena. Glimmer's face, name and District number appeared in the sky, projected onto the arena's border like a screen. Cato didn't pay it much mind -- it was just one less person he'd have to kill in the end -- but Marvel seemed somewhat distraught at her death. He had been boning her, after all, and Cato wasn't willing to share Clove with him. Hell no. Now, Katniss on the other hand...

    Cato glanced back at the hogtied tribute from Twelve, currently being dragged roughly by the hair by Cato's psychotic little squeeze. They didn't bother gagging her, though Marvel did bring it up. Cato was of the same mind as Clove on this one; her screams, protests and squeals were like the grandest symphony. Besides, there was no one left in the arena who would come to save her; no one left who wouldn't see her dead, themselves. At least, so far as Cato knew.

    The boy from District 3 was waiting for the careers under the pavilion of their camp. He cocked his head to the side as he watched them approach. The group had lost two and...gained one since he had last seen them. Clove dropped Katniss once they were in the shade of the pavilion. Kat whimpered in pain from being dragged in such a way, curling up in the leaves, simply waiting for what was to come next. Cato's dick was getting hard just watching her.

    "What...what are you going to do with her?" the boy from 3 asked shakily. He wasn't a career, just a temporary ally. He didn't have the killer instinct possessed by the rest of them. He probably wasn't looking forward to seeing her gutted up close. If he didn't know a useful thing or two about explosives, Cato mused, he would be dead already.

    "What do you think?" Cato snarled back. "We're going to rape her, torture her, and then kill her." Katniss made some primal worried noise at Cato's declaration, but he paid her no mind. "But you need to stand watch and make sure no one interrupts our fun or steals our supplies. Got it?" The boy nodded vigorously, then ran off to guard their mountain of supplies.

    Before Cato turned back to their captive, he noticed something sitting on their little camp table -- a care package marked CATO. He approached the table and picked the thing up. It was wrapped up nicely, but appeared to be a small box. He unwrapped it, opening the box inside. It contained nothing but a scrap of paper. He unfolded it, setting the box down.

    Don't speak a word of this.
    The cameras aren't watching
    you now. We have instructions
    for you. Kill Katniss in the way
    detailed here, and your victory
    is guaranteed.


    Cato read the rest of the instructions with a smirk, wondering what had happened that would cause such a thing. He crumpled the paper up, sticking it in his pocket.

    "Who said you could try to get up?!" he heard Clove say suddenly. He turned to see her kicking Katniss viciously in her fleshy side and ribs. Droplets of blood flew from Kat's lips with each strike. "Internal bleeding? Already? What a delicate little flower!" With each of those last words, Clove delivered a stomp to her backside.

    Katniss cried out. "P-please! Just...kill me already!"

    Cato crouched in front of Kat's face as Clove backed off. He gripped her hair, pulling her head up to look into his eyes. She gasped. "No, we're not going to finish things so quickly," he said coldly. He slid his hand under her body, finding the wound in her shoulder made by the throwing knife. He guided his finger into it like they were merely in foreplay, relishing the scream it caused. "Believe it or not, there's really nothing personal in this," he whispered in her ear, but due to the volume of her screaming, he wasn't positive she'd heard him. He wiggled the finger around, sliding it in and out, grinning helplessly. "This is just something I want to do." He removed his finger, letting her collapse on the ground, panting and drooling. "Marvel."

    Marvel nodded, pulling out his hunting knife. He knelt over Katniss and started cutting through her jacket. She shook and squirmed in protest. "Ah, ah ah,, little Catnip," Marvel taunted her, and she suddenly went very still. "You don't want me to slip, now do you?" Kat took a deep breath, but didn't say anything and stopped moving. Slowly but surely Marvel removed her clothing with his knife, leaving only superficial cuts in her skin. Once naked, and the knife was no longer pressed against her, Katniss struggled mightily against her binds, but Cato quickly pinned her down, pressing his foot down on her back.

    "There's no escaping this, Girl on Fire. This is happening."

    Katniss' screams only got louder as they began to rape her.


    Looks like there'll have to be one more part before this is finished. Sorry this is taking so long, guys.
  7. pirate1466

    pirate1466 Potential Patron

    Feb 11, 2013
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    That part when you said 'no one left who wouldn't see her dead, themselves. At least, so far as Cato knew.' it made me think that someone might try to save Katniss.