The Chronicles of Cassidy Clay #1


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Apr 29, 2011
Dub Inc.'s social media feed went wild as they posted a photo of 22-year-old Cassidy Clay wearing the outfit for tonight's match on the cage. The bout was set to start in five mins and the website soon saw a flurry of traffic from all over the internet.


The Cage was a televised show featuring real combat between a strong female and a male contender. Due to budgetary limitations, the show was filmed out of a small town, featuring only the local talent.
The match began and people from all over the web streamed their support by uploading them cheering on their favorite fighter. The crowd was largely biased toward Cassidy and the fighters heard them cheer through the speakers installed in the huge arena.

The empty warehouse was converted once a week to accommodate the fight. Since there was no seating to take care off since the match went out online, most of the space was taken up by a large steel Cage. It was a designed like a gigantic bird-cage surrounded by merciless steel at all sides.

Cassidy got her first look at her opponent as he entered the cage. This one looked promising, she eyed him up and down seductively, lingering on his huge muscles and fists shaped like boulders. She had been aching for competition for a while now, in over 60 fights in the two years since she began, she hadn't been beaten once.

Both fighters moved forward toward the center and squared each other up. The man moved first unloading his large fist into her gut and was shocked to see she barely winced. She smirked at his expression and responded with a violent left hook that felt like it snapped his head in two. She followed up with a series of tough uppercuts until finally the third one dropped his ass to the ground and knocked him out. He lasted barely five minutes.

It was another disappointment for Cassidy, as she strode off the cage, back to her dressing room. She had fought everyone in this small town but it had nothing left to give her. It was her home but she knew she had to leave to find some real competition.

In the evening she went out for dinner with a few friends, all of them ex fighters from the show. The show had a tradition, the minute the girl looses she is dropped in favor of the next one, the previous record was 40 wins by Brooke Weathershield and Cassidy was miles ahead at 96. The main problem was she lived for the competition, the excitement of a tough opponent, the feeling of being on the receiving end and then coming out on top. When she started she had a few of those but they soon dried up.

One of the fighters suggested she approach the company with an idea and Cassidy ate it up. The idea was that she would retire from Cage, allowing the next generation to come in, meanwhile she would get a solo show, that sees her traveling across the world to find tough opponents and film the fight.

She pitched the idea to Dubs and Competitive TV was born. Her first destination was the island town of Mawa, an ancient town living on the outskirts of society. Where TV was a luxury and internet was relegated to small pockets of spotty connectivity. She would meet up with a guide there, who would allow her to film the local culture and the audition for an opponent.

Before the first day shooting commenced, she uploaded a photo of herself using a barely there cellphone network and promised to reveal the day in her blog, before they could get the official videos out. Soon the blogs started pouring in, detailing her adventure and what she did during the various shoots. There were entries on life over there, the culture and the food. One the fifth day, she wrote a blog called "I Found my dream opponent" and attached a picture of a tribal warrior:


"Meet Kahn, Village chief and town herbalist but also a great warrior. It will be an honor to step in the ring with him. As always support me and send me shout-outs!," She wrote in the blog.

The match was announced for the next day in the morning and her fans had to wait patiently to find out what happened, soon a blog went up in the evening titled:

It had to happen sooner or later, I got my ass kicked hard but won..barely!
by Cassidy Clay, fighter and founder, Competitive TV

First here was my outfit for the match:


Stunning huh? lol, anyway my beautiful body would not dampen the brutality he bestowed upon it for close to two hours. It's my fault really, I underestimated him and I learned to regret that. From the first punch that landed on my left cheek, I knew I was in trouble. The punch snapped my head sideways, ruining my hard work in crafting my hair to look fabulous this morning.

It felt like a brick had smashed across my face, It felt like something I hadn't felt in a long while. Pain is my motivation to get better, to maintain my fitness. While my endurance did not fail me, the pain I felt fresh after a long time. I had grown tired of the weak opponents on the cage, this was different.

He watched me stand there barely keeping straight and still groggy from the whirlwind punch, He laughed and launched a punch at my abs, it felt like a torpedo coming towards me and it detonated hard and deep. I felt my body flung up in the air for a second, still doubled over from the punch. At the peak of my hop, he was there waiting for me, with an elbow that found the sweet spot between my back.

I crashed to the ground face-first and held onto my back, as if that would make it any better. He picked me up by hair and sent me into a nearby wall head first. Did i mention, there was no cage this time, nothing but our imagination to stop us from hurting each other? Boy did he get creative!

Anyway, there i was grabbing my forehead and seeing stars in front of my eyes, When i felt his knee graze past my inner thighs, it landed on its intended destination right in my crotch. My hands instinctively grabbed onto my private parts but he wasn't done yet. He ripped off my bikini bottom, leaving me butt naked literally, as he proceeded to rain knees on my pussy. Each one connected with violent passion, as he delivered each of them in a fast piston like speed. When he was done, I slumped to the floor holding on to my intimate regions desperately, arching my lower body upward to see if that would relieve the pain.

He began stomping me while i was on the ground, he began with my belly first, his hard feet landing on my abs harder and faster each time. In due time, he changed targets to my tits and i felt each of his quick, violent strikes land smack in the middle of my cleavage. He picked me up, pinned me back-first against a wall and ripped off my top, leaving me nude.

He proceeded to rain down hard chops faster and more violently the more he went on. It reddened my tits as i felt my like they would pop like balloons under the assault.

I hate to admit it but it felt divine, being manhandled was turning me on. This was already the most brutal fight I had ever been in and he was just getting started.

Seemingly bored of the decimation of my chest, he changed tactics and dropped me in a vicious atomic drop, he made sure the very tip of his knee where the bone protruded would meet my pussy as pain rushed through my body. This time he followed up by crumpling me to the floor face first and then straddling me from behind. He got me in a camel clutch and used his height to dangle his pelvis right up against my ass. He slowly began grinding with his large member as he bent my nude body in a vicious clutch.

I felt pain and pleasure rush through my body in equal doses, his rough hands on my chin, bent my upper body as far as it would go while he playfully ran his large member up and down between my ass cheeks.
He let me go and I fell to the floor face first and spread eagle. He picked up nude body and hoisted me up over his head, making sure to squeeze my pussy hard with one hand. He looked at the wall nearby and threw me hard against it. I crumpled to the heap on the floor from the impact and without giving any chance for me to stand up, he began stomping me hard in the stomach.

He picked me up again but only till i was on all fours this time, in a doggy style like position. He fucked my pussy all right, with his hard fists. I felt each one landing with malicious intent and sending shock waves of pain through my body. Slowly at first but gradually bringing it up to speed, a steady rhythm of violent punches aimed at my crotch.

Undoing his clothes, he snapped both of his big quads around my face as he applied a standing headscissor, I was still in that doggy style position and he bought my arms up behind me. I could see his large dick touching my forehead, this wasn't a fight, this was a violent erotic domination, this was a test of my endurance not a chance to prove my skills in combat.

He squeezed hard and my head seemed like it would explode. Without warning, he let go of the hold and watched me slump to the floor. After a few stomach stomps, he picked me up and had me standing. He saw a iron pole set up in one corner, possibly used by an erotic dancer of some sort. He laughed and positioned his hand beneath my left thigh and lifted me up. Like a javelin throw, I was sent flying at least two meters to meet the pole crotch first.

He laughed hard as i squirmed on the floor and picked me up and pinned me against the wall face first, he began dry humping me hard, perhaps lost in the moment or endeared by my sweet butt. This was my chance, all my limbs were free and i took it.

Needless to say he got it hard. I bounced his body across the room and re-payed every single strike he sent upon my body. After a thorough beating, he was out cold and i had won but only because i got lucky.
Anyway I decided to award him for a mighty fine fight, the only way I know how. You will understand when you see the video. Here is a small teaser. The blog concluded with a small video teaser of them fucking like animals on the bed.
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